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Well, I guess I lied about yesterday's entry being the final one of my being 31.
I want to copy Fran's farewell email here because it was very very clever. Speaking of fran, her morning tea was absolutely amazing yesterday; she's the best-ever cook I know of; sausage rolls, pies, cheesecakes, slices; there was nothing that wasn't there. and she tells us it only took about a week! amazing!
Anyway, Fran left about 3 yesterday, and not before she presented me with a birthday cake that she'd made (an orrange one) with candles and the group singing happy birthday to me.
As everyone was so full from the earlier morning tea, it was decided that I would take the cake home, and I thought we'd all have it today.
I was in very good spirits last night after dad had been around to give me my injection (not so fun but he did it well) and he went shopping with me to get the party stuff for today.
Mum and her friend sue had been around earlier and tidied the remainder of my house I hadn't got to from the night before, so, it all left me in a very grateful mood with everyone last night; my partner, friends, family and the awesome people at work that made the day before my birthday so special as well. :)
Actually L had joked that I must have been injected with some kind of happy drug yesterday.
Just before I paste fran's excellent email in here, I had forgotten to mention yesterday that unfortunately poor Heartly has been bleeding internally. She got some tests done but they were, for the most part, inconclusive; she'd have to have more which will cost up to $2000 I'm told. They think one of the many lumps now on her back is sadly cancer. Still deciding what to do. they also guess that her kidneys might be not working properly; poor dog. but she's not in pain I'm told. Think I'll pay for the tests but I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.
Anyway, here is Fran's email (Note that though this is public now, I may change it to friends only in a few days for privacy reasons.)

Good Afternoon People

As you are no doubt aware by now (the sign above my desk each day is a dead giveaway), this old Switchchick is going to hang up her headset tomorrow and join the ever growing band of grey nomads who are taking to the roads in their hundreds, exploring every nook and cranny of this great land of ours before they fall off the perch and are assigned to the fading pages of a rarely looked at family photo album.

As my parting gift to you all, I am inviting you to an old fashioned, homemade morning tea tomorrow morning, Friday 15th, in the Level 18 Switchboard area commencing at 10.30am. This is my way of saying thank you to all of the people who have in some small way, consciously or unconsciously, made it easier for me to get these old bones up each morning and make the trek from Sunbury to the big smoke.

My dear old Mum used to say that “kindness is contagious and it also has no boundaries” and from many of you it has been a warm, welcoming smile or a hearty “gday” that has been enough to boost the sometimes flagging spirits of this weary old switch operator.

The transition from a retired Nanna to “a fully fledged member of the working fraternity”, who’s contact with the outside world consisted mainly of “Kinder Duty” and Canteen Assistant at my Grandchildren’s Kindergarten and School and sharing a weekly joke with my local butcher, baker and candlestick maker, would have been a much more daunting task had it not been for all of you taking the time to get to know, not only me, but the other switchboard ladies as well and including us in the Maxxia family.

The introduction of a “real person” answering the hundreds of phone calls which come through to the Melbourne office on a daily basis was a very brave and innovative move by the powers that be in Maxxia, but one which I am sure most of you will agree has been a resounding success. Yes we stuff up sometimes, but I tend to put that down, on my part at least, to a slight rearrangement of the “grey cells” and a momentary “grey memory lapse” quite common in persons of my vintage, or so I am told by my children. On the whole though, I think we have managed to gather together a great band of dedicated “Switchchicks” to perform this very important assignment.

As the saying goes, “all things must come to an end” and my time with you all, though short, has run its course. There are many individuals to whom I owe a great deal for their patience and understanding, especially over the last couple of months, and I will make sure before I leave that I speak to everyone of you. I will take away with me many wonderful memories of the laughter we have shared, the tears we have shed together and the team challenges we have attempted, not always successfully, but always with plenty of gusto and determination.

Before I sign off, I would also like to thank all those who contributed to the weekly “Take 5/That’s Life” Quizzes. These have been of considerable assistance in helping ward off the effects of my own “grey cell disintegration” and I am sure also of the more mature members of staff who have been involved in solving these weekly puzzles.

In the meantime, thank you all for your friendship, your counsel, your good humour and your loyalty, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you all over the last 23 months. I would like to wish you all every success and happiness for the remainder of 2011 and beyond.


Yours sincerely,

Fran B ...
Switchboard Operator
The Tower, Melbourne Central
Level 19, 360 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Direct: 1300 123 123
Facsimile: 1300 733 444


A McMillan Shakespeare Company ABN: 39 082 449 036
Authorised Representative (No.278683) of McMillan Shakespeare Limited (AFSL No. 299054),
Australian Reliance Pty Ltd (AFSL 227041) and AVEA Insurance Limited (AFSL 238279

This email (which includes any attachments) is confidential. If this email has been sent to you by mistake, please inform the sender by reply email and then delete the email, destroy any printed copy and do not disclose or use the information in it. There is no warranty that this email is error or virus free. If this is a private communication it does not represent the views of Maxxia. This email is copyright. Maxxia is not liable if an attachment is altered without its written consent. To unsubscribe from receiving further commercial electronic messages from the sender, please email unsubscribe@maxxia.com.au, insert the word "unsubscribe" and your full email address as the subject field.

Til Next time, RdFreak
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