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Meme stolen from the Space Fem herself.

I am 165 centimeters tall.
This makes me taller than 6.8% of men and 54.8% of women.


In other news, I downloaded the new RS games client the other day and found a brand new game on there called Battleship, and man it was addicting; I played with some bots for a while until I was familiar enough with it and then I played with a few others.
Yesterday I went back there to play another game of battleship and discovered they had put yet another game up called 1000 Miles which I learnt how to play half from instructions and half myself as I do find the game instructions a tad vague on that site, or maybe it's just me I dunno. I don't always seem good at following documentation for some reason. anyway, regardless it was such a fun game; I likewise played with a few bots at first and then an actual person "KD6K" who is a mutual friend of a few of my LJ friends but I don't really know him personally. anyway it is such a good game, maybe even better than Battleship; and they're made even more awesome by the sounds!
I was also listening to the footy in the background, not that I had a choice or anything; Lol but I am getting more and more into it, it's kinda freaky actually; I'm surprising everyone. :)
OK it's clicked over to my lunchtime so now I's go. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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