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Sep. 11th, 2010 11:36 am
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So I'm not very good at sticking to my days of this meme; I will do day 05 later on today, and then day 06.
Yesterday I felt rather depressed; it'd been leading up for a few days; not sure what triggered it off; I'd been doing so well. Guess the unavoidable change of weekend plans for so long but especially having no job just got to a bit of a head. But thanks to Dad I feel stronger again now. I ended up breaking down to him yesterday afo and it made me feel a lot better to talk to someone. -- I'd been so bored as well. I'd thought about going out but it was pretty rainy yesterday.
Dad just came over to drop Heartly here for a few days and try and uninstall tripple-talk again but we couldn't find anything in device manager; will consult my expert friends again today as Dad's coming back tomorrow to help with that but also prob go to Forest Hill with me just to have a drink and catch up; it's been forth coming since he's been in Dubai for so long.
Anyway, the vet tells me that Heartly is overdue for her seniour cit checkup so off I go to make an appointment for Monday.
Oh also, Nan called me yesterday to inform me Great uncle Lindsay passed away Thursday from pancreas cancer (what Carol had). He was diagnosed with it a few years ago and was unfortunately told there was nothing that could be done. He was 72. His late wife Joy (believe it or not re the name) passed away in 89 from a massive stroke so at least they're together again (re my beliefs as oppose to the exact seventh day Adventist beliefs).
R.I.P Uncle Lindsay. I hadn't seen you for a while but will again when my time comes.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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OK so I was going to write this entry last night obviously after I'd eaten everything for the day so I can enlighten the curious, but, it slipped my mind, so I will reflect on that now and do today's entry tonight as it requires a bit more brain power than I currently have since i not long ago got up, (yes, that's right).
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So yes, everyone is doing it, so I decided I might give it a go. i use to be an awesome writer, but unfortunately I have lapsed so much, mostly due to the fact I am unable to sit down and read a good braille novil as i use to so enjoy doing. So, following is the meme. Read more... )
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In other news, dad was just here and we both worked on reinstalling the Trippletalk drivers but that hasn't done anything. It's not the card itself as Dad took it out, cleaned it and put it back in. So I'll have to research this annoying problem further.
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