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So today was so nice and relaxing. Nan left about 8 in time for church, but I was awake anyway; i got up when she left; had a bit of a RS game of uno as well as skype conferencing with them all; twas fun but very hard to get a word in with all those people. They were my newish internet friend Kelly as well as a whole heap of others I didn't know, but they all seemed nice.
Then I had a breakfast of four hot holemeal English muffins with heaps of butter; quite nice and attempting to be healthy hence the holemeal.
I then heard half a podcast on the android phone and the screen reader but fell asleep in the middle; ah well.
Got up about 12.45 and started to chop the vegetables; I cooked some spagheti sauce, and man it was nice as! am improving more each time. It gave me three containers which I put in the freezer and a bowl tonight for tea with some pasta and cheese of course.
I used )
Iso need to cook more again; had a break when I wasn't too well.
About to watch 60 minutes; well a bit of it anyway as I heard about a story that was going to be on about this virus that only allows one to remember things for a few minutes, or something; sounds bad.
Normal working day for me tomorrow but not the majority of other Victorians; but we get a free lunch.
til Next time, RdFreak

quiet spot

Feb. 24th, 2011 10:01 am
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It's a quiet spot at work ATM, so I thought I'd relate an accident that happened on the escorlators yesterday which I forgot to write about last night.
Joy wasn't hurt at all; she just got a fright.
I'd just taken her to toilet at the church and we went to the entrance of Melb central, and Joy went to her usual middle escrlator, but "they" had decided to have that one going down instead of up. So we discovered this when it was too late so we reversed but Joy must have got a fright as she felt it catch too close to her foot, and she half yelped; I was worried but she seemed OK.
When we got back up to the office, the ladies checked her out and she was fine. She actually started walking faster after it happened.
Anyway it's taught me a lesson; not to just assume the escorlator will always be going the same way. So I must let her follow me on.
In other news, I was on to Optus for about an hour yesterday, and after being transferred to about four people, I finally have my USB wireless dongle issue sorted out; will be getting a new SIM card tomorrow and then will be able to use it on the move again; yeah! :) Also, I will be going on a cheaper plan with TPG and moving my mobile across there; this will save some dosh.
Michael W is here sorting out my new server computer which will be dedicated to me and jaws.
Anyway that's about all I's think. :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak

Movin on up

Feb. 9th, 2011 02:15 pm
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News flash: I can't seem to use facebook. The mobile version is dodgy. Jaws seems to be pronouncing each link as "same page link" and when i click on them, it just takes me back to the mobile home page,weirdness; ah well.
But on to my subject; the lifts here are brilliant; they not only have the standard braille on the buttons, but they talk and announce each floor.
Like most lifts, they beep when they get to each floor, but I do wish they were louder especially on the ground floor. This building has 40 floors so there are quite a few banks of lifts. I get confused as to which ones are dinging; but I mannage alright.
We have to swipe our pass to get to the 18th floor (my floor) which makes it a bit weird too, and it doesn't beep when it's registered; it'd be nice if it did. ah well; we have it all, well kinda but we always need more. I just want as much access as the sighties, that's all. ah well.
*end of rant* .. for now. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Where is my love of writing in my LJ going?
It's not that I don't love it, i jus don't have time these days; what with my work that I'm there 8.5 hours a day and at B's for the weekends etc. And when i do get home to blacky, I am zonked and will listen to Neighbours online that I've missed, eat dinner and crash.Occasionally I have been able to catch neighbours live on my new set-top box I bought a few weeks ago.
Also got a digital radio in Paky a few weeks ago. idea is to see if I can use it at work but haven't had a chance to ask M about it yet.
Everyone here is still lovely.
My technology is almost all there but there is one aspect which isn't quite working yet. i can use everything else, just not the pulse call cue thing; jaws goes a bit spaz when i switch between my remote desktop and that program.
So Michael W has been here prob about half a dozen times since my first and only entry (up til now) for the year.
George from VA has also been here to help me click on unlabeled buttons on the elearning thinggy. By next year, the outsourced company will be required to have it sorted.
Since it's the end of the FBT year, Maxxia have rewarded us with plenty of fun things like popcorn, games with fun prizes and today, a free lunch of a subway meal; they are good to us and I can't complain.
I am also no longer the newest kid on the block as of yesterday. Sophy seems shy, but that's how i was; now I'm not; lol
I am having to drink heaps more water than i use to to prevent headaches; it's weird; I get them so easy now.
I will write in here more often as I use too.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I keep up to date with LJ friends page between calls, though this takes me a very long time since it's so busy.
My individual record so far is 501 calls in a day!
P.P.S My health is better in general since B insisted we visit this health food shop so I have better iron tablets, and they do seem stronger.
in saying all this, i think i have a minny cold; not one to hold me down at all, but just one to give me more sneezing fits than my usual annoying alergies, and now, a sore dripping nose.
P.P.P.S. I keep remembering things to add. It's was Miss joy's 3rd birthday yesterday. I will write an entry later about the adventure Joy and her mate had Sunday; not happy Jann!
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OK so this week will be my first full week at Maxxia and this is because there were public holidays contained in last week and the one before.
Friday was the first day I actually took calls on my own with Fran listening, and today I was completely on my own for most of the afternoon and will be this way from now on, except for when Michael W makes a few corrections to the jaws scripts in the program which give me the full access to it all in which case, Fran will prob just sit with me until I get them right. For now I have to just settle with putting callers through to a couple of numbers without asking them for their car registration numbers.
I went on some new iron tablets mid-way through last week and man they have made a difference; I think that combined with actually working as oppose to just listening all day.
Friday morning Donna (from GDV) came out to give me some O& M to a few chosen food places at Melb central so am feeling very confident about it now.
And I stayed over at B's on the weekend as I did for New year's. We went out for Chinese then went back home and just basically waited up for the new year then went to bed.
Happy new year btw.
I am still trying to get to bed early each work night so I can be assured of as much sleep as possible.
Michael W is still working on perfecting jaws so I can actually use my computer to its full potential (at the moment, due to authorisation issues, I haven't been able to use the ult key in conjuncction with any other key; in other words, can't switch programs which has sucked; no email for me though I certainly have an account set up and will have stacks waiting when it all gets sorted out; should be all sorted by the end of this week we're told.
Tomorrow glen H is coming out to do my work place assessment; I want a focus blue braille display; how awesome would that be, but whether we could convince him of that, who knows.
I got told today by Matt that another client of VA is being interviewed wednesday for the other switchboard position that's been advertized. Apparently "they" are so impressed with me, they called up to give someone else a go, so that's nice. Was just thinking before though, it may have been all my fault as I did happen to mention to M (team leader) in passing conversation that a lot of employers get scared off by blindies; woops. ah well.
More as it happens.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, my first day with Maxxia went quite well.
When I arrived, I went up to HR as instructed and met my teamleader (M) up there. Then we went down to my floor where Michael W from vA was working at my desk with jaws. Turns out he was there much of last friday afternoon and he spent much of today there. He had to write scripts, but jaws does work pretty well with the program; still not perfect yet unfortunately but it's good enough for me to make a start. As the I.T. people weren't all there, there are still some authorization issues but there are ways around them for now.
Everyone is so so nice; M (team leader) is lovely and I still find it hard to believe I will no longer be having the bullying issues I did with Lorraine at ANZ. it's just such a relief to know I don't have to feel nervous at all with every move i make.
S bought a bed for Joy, as well as a water bowl; she told me they'd be happy to provide that last week.
I spent much of today listening to calls Fran took; it all makes a lot more sense.
Fran and I went and got a lovely pizza at Melb central at lunch. I told her she was just perfect at explaining everything that was around; all the shops we passed etc. -- I am going to get GDV to come out though and give me some orientation around the food court though cos I think i'd have trouble on my own.
Well, that's about it. am rather tired so an early night for me I think.
I am def feeling heaps better than last week and almost back to normal but I just got to remember to take my tablets and eat healthier than what I have been lately.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I have the job! got called Friday but I've still got this annoying .. virus .. whatever it is so been a bit too tired to write.
They want me to start ASAP but the techies have to go in and work out jaws first, which I since decided i'd like to be there for, as they said I didn't have too, but I think it's important I am. So second job, first fulltime; amazing!
Also if there's a cansilation at the doctor/natrapath, I'll be going there tomorrow or Tuesday.
Six days til christmas!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I'm still bad at updating this thing, really bad now. It's not that I don't want to update. Mostly, I have been feeling very tired with all my medical conditions that have seemed to be plagueing me of late. As I put it to someone yesterday, I feel like my body is slowly crapping up; feel like an old fart. there are so many issues with me medically atm that it is starting to overwhelm me. I'm going to make an appointment soon with a doctor/natrapath as my dad says an old work friend of his came down from Sydney to see him due to multiple problems, and apparently he feels great now.
The latest is that i finally got my kidney results back. They are scarred and permanently dammaged due to an unknown infection I must have had. It just means that kidney function will never be as good as it was, and that does scare me to an extent, but I don't need medication now, just have them monitored.
And since Monday I've been extremely tired and have no energy so am thinking it's a virus of some sort. I feel like I have what I did in Dubai in March.
I use to be so proud of my overall health and immune system; now I pick up anything; no idea.
Anyway in more positive news, Matt (the marketter from VA) found me this position at Maxxia on the switchboard. He accompanied me to the job interview Tuesday which I appreciated because he can really support me behind the sceens whereas I have had trouble in the past explaining about jaws and so forth to an extent where they feel happy and confident. anyway, they were really pleased with my answers. And I met up with fran who's one of the people on the board and was listening to her take some calls. Unlike my past interviews, I feel so so positive about this. Once I fill out this online assessment, I think i'll hear from them soon, possibly tomorrow. The assessment is flash based unfortunatley which makes it impossible for jaws to read, but I'd asked if Dad can come and help me with it. I was told I wasn't to stress if I couldn't do it, but I of course want to make the best impression I can.
I can't begin to express how excited I am about this job prospect; definitely more details when they come to me; won't leave this LJ hanging like I have done lately.
It's christmas here in nine days; it's pretty amazing actually! Of course everyone is going to parents place this year for christmas lunch, then I am having Michelle over that night.
Dad and I will be driving to vA later so we can drive my completed outdoor bench seat home and so I can show him around the workshop; as my LJ would recall, i'd been wanting to do that for so long.
OK all for now.
Til Next time, RdFreak


Sep. 30th, 2010 01:45 pm
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So I'm going to the specialist at 10.30 Monday; still don't know much else but I'm very tired.
Last night I had my second group interview and in a couple of hours I will be heading off to the Crown Casino for my third interview this week!
I am very positive about tuesday's one though as they're talking about what project I could work on due to the Jaws factor, so I know they'd have me if they possibly could, so will hear from them later on too.
Well bout all for now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. Just found out a bit of info; there's a substance it my kidneys that shouldn't be there. hmm
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I not long ago got back from colingwood where i had the interview; It went quite well. Not just because of my usual confidence factor but they were talking in front of me about possibilities of projects that would hopefully be more accessable with jaws; This was of course after our group interview and then my showing them how jaws works with my Acer.
Man i'm hopeful; hopeful hopeful hopeful!
The others will hear back by the end of the week, but as my project could be different, I could possibly hear back later on.
Now for another group interview tomorrow evening; at least it's not as far.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I know that my past three public LJ entries have had a subject beginning with the words "wow' ..
Anyway I will not be going to vA tomorrow but to yet another job interview instead. I had a phone one this afo and the guy was pretty impressed so asked if I'd like to go in tomorrow. Turns out that software may be an issue again but I am still going in case I could possibly be recruitted to another of their projects.
But as I've told so many people lately, it's like the only thing holding me back from being perhaps more successful is the stupid software conflicts with Jaws. :( Anyway am going to take my acer tomorrow so I can demonstrate jaws. The idea was to do an individual assessment skills test after our group interview, but not sure how successful that will be without jaws.
So another group one wednesday; which reminds me, I haven't called them either to disclose my blindness; will do that tomorrow morning.
Nan stayed over last night and I went to the Doctors this morning. Had my ears cleaned and my blood tested for a few things; should get the results back next week.
Well off I go to play another game of Moles No more, a new game I bought from klango last night after reading the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fleurette67's entry on her LJ about it.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. I am minding Miss Heartly for a few days while parents are taking new TV to rye; love having both my dogs. It does of course mean I have to leave her here while I go out with Joy; it's hard but she's use to it now and is fine; I usually leave the radio or TV on for her to listen too, in case she cares.
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They were the words I uttered on Thursday when I got back from my job interview in Abbidsford. It wwent reasonably well, but as usual, the only concern is that they use stupid Miob which doesn't work too well with jaws i'm told. However, I must actually get someone to run through why it doesn't; or maybe I can get a demo from somewhere and find out myself since I've had mixed answers on it and that is no good when I'm trying to sell Jaws. Anyway.
When i got back, I had an email inviting me to a group interview on Wednesday; I was overwhelmed I must admit. -- I'd also had a call from a recruitment agency Monday who seemed pretty happy with me and was going to pass my info on to the company and they'd get back to me with an interview time, but they never did, so I presume that fell through for some reason.
So I have been applying for heaps and heaps of work and been rewarded by hearing back from a lot of people.
In other news, off to the docs Monday. I've been feeling very very tired again a lot of the time; sleeping in on the days I'm able but still feeling tired when I get up. Going to have some blood tests again even though I've been taking my pills.
Also, lately I've been very conscious of my weight. As I keep assuring people, I am not going anorexic; Our family has been through enough of it and i just know it's a path I'd never ever go down; it's just simply being conscious for once that I am eating more than I'm currently burning off, so I reluctantly went up a size. I'm always smacking my belly; i feel like I'm pregnant. -- I know I'm not obese; I'm still 59 kilos on the scales, but i just know that unlike when I was younger, my metabolism may not be as good as it use to be so I have to be careful and exercise more. --I need to start walking everywhere again seriously. I also need to learn where that gym is at foresthill which is much closer to the one I was going to in Glen waverly.
I'll ask the Doc Monday what a good healthy weight is for someone my hight.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Go The Pies!! :) -- again, not that I'm into footy but I must keep up my silly tradition. :)


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:36 am
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So I'm not very good at sticking to my days of this meme; I will do day 05 later on today, and then day 06.
Yesterday I felt rather depressed; it'd been leading up for a few days; not sure what triggered it off; I'd been doing so well. Guess the unavoidable change of weekend plans for so long but especially having no job just got to a bit of a head. But thanks to Dad I feel stronger again now. I ended up breaking down to him yesterday afo and it made me feel a lot better to talk to someone. -- I'd been so bored as well. I'd thought about going out but it was pretty rainy yesterday.
Dad just came over to drop Heartly here for a few days and try and uninstall tripple-talk again but we couldn't find anything in device manager; will consult my expert friends again today as Dad's coming back tomorrow to help with that but also prob go to Forest Hill with me just to have a drink and catch up; it's been forth coming since he's been in Dubai for so long.
Anyway, the vet tells me that Heartly is overdue for her seniour cit checkup so off I go to make an appointment for Monday.
Oh also, Nan called me yesterday to inform me Great uncle Lindsay passed away Thursday from pancreas cancer (what Carol had). He was diagnosed with it a few years ago and was unfortunately told there was nothing that could be done. He was 72. His late wife Joy (believe it or not re the name) passed away in 89 from a massive stroke so at least they're together again (re my beliefs as oppose to the exact seventh day Adventist beliefs).
R.I.P Uncle Lindsay. I hadn't seen you for a while but will again when my time comes.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well yesterday the chopping boards were finally finished and we took them home.
I just used an Orditor (may be the wrong spelling) to sand the face and the edges down and that was it; boy did it make a difference, it's all now so so smooth.
Then we did some machine compidencies which we all passed and had a look at our next project which is an outdoor seat. We made our own cutting list by using the talking tape Measures to measure the 17 pieces of wood to make up the seat. So as Eddie wrote them down, he'll email them to me today and I'll braille them for next week. -- We'll be of course introduced to even more machines which will be very good indeed. We'll be still using the drop-saw from last time but not the thicknesser as the timber will be at the right thickness by default.
So brett wrapped our boards up in bubble-wrap for easier transportation and I was making them laugh by already starting to pop the bubbles, and they were saying that I would have poppped all of them by the time I got home; I did make a good effort at this i have to say! Lol! .. but the board was pretty heavy so I was glad to finally get home.
Chele came over tuesday as she is interested in buying my sofa bed; I am getting a double one that was in the spare room of Dad's apartment in dubai. It will take about a month for all his furniture to be out here though; some is by frate, most by ship.
I also set up Chelle's Seek profile and job mail. We then went to greek for dinner again; so so nice. :)
Last night I updated my seek job mail as I finally found out how to use multi-select listviews in Jaws; I had tried everything except the correct combination (shift F8 to get into them). So now at least I've been able to expand on my current employment interests and I may even create another profile to put mentoring/teaching aid intoo eventually.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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day 03 )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So yes, everyone is doing it, so I decided I might give it a go. i use to be an awesome writer, but unfortunately I have lapsed so much, mostly due to the fact I am unable to sit down and read a good braille novil as i use to so enjoy doing. So, following is the meme. Read more... )
Day 01 )
In other news, dad was just here and we both worked on reinstalling the Trippletalk drivers but that hasn't done anything. It's not the card itself as Dad took it out, cleaned it and put it back in. So I'll have to research this annoying problem further.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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Let me tell you about my night of last. I went to my parents; that was great; we had a roast chicken, meatloaf and vegies; thanks Mum! I gave dad 50 bucks for fathers day (I use to think money was a cop out, but they prefer that than something they really don't want so this makes them happy).
But then Nan gave me a lift home and that's when all the trouble started; well, initially it was good as I was playing a uno game with Edward A from the "Blind double Trouble" podcasd; so we finally met officially and spoke while we were playing, but then, I decided I might try and switch to eloquence to try and read something he said as unfortunately there's still no option to be able to review text in this client, as I had suggested to them prior but anyway; I'm use to being ignored, Lol (poor me! :) haha)
Anyway, so I did that, and then when I reloaded tripple-talk, it spewed out some random numbers and then died; in fact, I couldn't get anything to work, so i was forced to reboot puter. Trippletalk was no better so I uninstalled and reinstalled jaws; still no better from trippletalk, so I repeated the uninstall and reinstall of jaws, this time removing all my user settings as I did hear eloquence announce that it could not open my ini file, so I'd thought something was wrong with that file. -- Oh, I might add that NVDA was very useful during this time; lucky I had it on this puter finally.
Anyway trippletalk still behaves the same, so now I just have eloquence as my primary synth and as dad is coming later, i shall get him to read the error message that comes up when I try and load trippletalk. Fun times for sure. I do love eloquence really, but I'm use to trippletalk being there and I hate it when I don't know why things aren't working. :( -- Anyway I'm sure dad will be able to help me with this; thank goodness it decided to wait to happen when he arrived home. -- I am not sure what could have happened to it; I didn't do anything out of the ordanary.
At any rate, I need to get in touch with edward and tell him it wasn't anything he said, lol
Til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: I love it; "pissed off" is now an official mood theme on LJ; classic! I don't remember it being there in the past; but it suits my mood hence my selecting it obviously. :)
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So Friday night I discovered a probable splinter in my thumb, but I made the mistake of not doing anything about it for fear of pushing it in further. By Sat morning however, my thumb had swollen and it was very painful and I could not feel the splinter. -- I did go to the chemist though and was let in before it opened. the pharmacist had a look and suggested I salt water it to see if that draws it out first as he didn't want to dig around in there if he could avoid it.
So yesterday when I came home I put my thumb in hot salt water, and Nan (who was here for a while) went and got some Vase ointment for me; so I then put some of that on a bandaid and put it around said thumb.
This morning, much to my relief, I hope, the swelling seems to have gone down and it doesn't seem painful at all. But I shall take myself off to the chemist soon to get someone to make sure, preferably said pharmacist again as he knew how it looked yesterday.
Apart from that drama, I went to VA's technology expo Friday, and then for a bit yesterday as I didn't get around to everything I'd wanted Friday. It was very good! I saw heaps of people there I hadn't seen for years; old friends, acquaintances and teachers; was so good catching up with everyone. But I guess the most interesting bit of technology I saw was the new generation of Perkins brailler; I'd heard about this before on a C-Sun pod cast years ago so was delighted to be able to finally look at one. It was entirely made of plastic so therefore, a lot lighter. It was smaller and the carriage and margins were in a different place. Also, it was interesting to note the carriage had an erase button on it which obviously just rubbed unwanted characters out; that was pretty cool! :)
Friday afo I did that experiment for the PHD student on tactile drawings. It's a concept which I heard of in the past in terms of a possibility for us, at least in the case of having vibrations feedback to our fingers when feeling the screen with pictures.
There was basically a touch screen and Chatai used both sound (musical notes) and tactile (the vibrations) to show me shapes on the touch screen. -- For the tactile part I had a wire attached to each index finger, and for the audio, I had headphones. -- After his demonstrating each for about half an hour, I was then asked to try and distinguish the shapes using first the audio option and then the tactile one. I wasn't very good as I knew I wouldn't be but apparently I did get a few shapes though; it was more of a fluke though. -- In the end, I told him that although the audio was good in that the different notes helped me to differentiate between the shapes, I thought the tactile was a tad more readable, but not much by any means. -- I certainly couldn't rely on this technology and I don't think I'd care too. I'm blind, I’m use to my world that doesn't involve pictures; have never known any different anyway. -- I was just thinking then however, i guess where I may benefit from it is if I was wanting to do I.T work and having to learn what the Windows environment looks like on the screen; cos I still have absolutely no idea at all.
Anyway I got 20 bucks so that was worth it. -- Got a free ride home with Matt and Mick so that was nice.
OK think I ought to wander up to chemist now.
Til Next time, RdFreak


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