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I know that my past three public LJ entries have had a subject beginning with the words "wow' ..
Anyway I will not be going to vA tomorrow but to yet another job interview instead. I had a phone one this afo and the guy was pretty impressed so asked if I'd like to go in tomorrow. Turns out that software may be an issue again but I am still going in case I could possibly be recruitted to another of their projects.
But as I've told so many people lately, it's like the only thing holding me back from being perhaps more successful is the stupid software conflicts with Jaws. :( Anyway am going to take my acer tomorrow so I can demonstrate jaws. The idea was to do an individual assessment skills test after our group interview, but not sure how successful that will be without jaws.
So another group one wednesday; which reminds me, I haven't called them either to disclose my blindness; will do that tomorrow morning.
Nan stayed over last night and I went to the Doctors this morning. Had my ears cleaned and my blood tested for a few things; should get the results back next week.
Well off I go to play another game of Moles No more, a new game I bought from klango last night after reading the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fleurette67's entry on her LJ about it.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. I am minding Miss Heartly for a few days while parents are taking new TV to rye; love having both my dogs. It does of course mean I have to leave her here while I go out with Joy; it's hard but she's use to it now and is fine; I usually leave the radio or TV on for her to listen too, in case she cares.
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Let me tell you about my night of last. I went to my parents; that was great; we had a roast chicken, meatloaf and vegies; thanks Mum! I gave dad 50 bucks for fathers day (I use to think money was a cop out, but they prefer that than something they really don't want so this makes them happy).
But then Nan gave me a lift home and that's when all the trouble started; well, initially it was good as I was playing a uno game with Edward A from the "Blind double Trouble" podcasd; so we finally met officially and spoke while we were playing, but then, I decided I might try and switch to eloquence to try and read something he said as unfortunately there's still no option to be able to review text in this client, as I had suggested to them prior but anyway; I'm use to being ignored, Lol (poor me! :) haha)
Anyway, so I did that, and then when I reloaded tripple-talk, it spewed out some random numbers and then died; in fact, I couldn't get anything to work, so i was forced to reboot puter. Trippletalk was no better so I uninstalled and reinstalled jaws; still no better from trippletalk, so I repeated the uninstall and reinstall of jaws, this time removing all my user settings as I did hear eloquence announce that it could not open my ini file, so I'd thought something was wrong with that file. -- Oh, I might add that NVDA was very useful during this time; lucky I had it on this puter finally.
Anyway trippletalk still behaves the same, so now I just have eloquence as my primary synth and as dad is coming later, i shall get him to read the error message that comes up when I try and load trippletalk. Fun times for sure. I do love eloquence really, but I'm use to trippletalk being there and I hate it when I don't know why things aren't working. :( -- Anyway I'm sure dad will be able to help me with this; thank goodness it decided to wait to happen when he arrived home. -- I am not sure what could have happened to it; I didn't do anything out of the ordanary.
At any rate, I need to get in touch with edward and tell him it wasn't anything he said, lol
Til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: I love it; "pissed off" is now an official mood theme on LJ; classic! I don't remember it being there in the past; but it suits my mood hence my selecting it obviously. :)
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I am angry; Just wrote a huge-ass entry on LJ and something happened and I lost it all; *grrrrrr "damn it all to heck" as I've been known to say. *grrr *grrr and damn double *grr all at once!
First off, RS Games has released a brand new client, and I downloaded that Thursday. Uno has also been released with it and have been playing it obsessively yesterday and Thursday; my job applications had taken a back seat, but I do plan to apply for some today to make up for it. -- I applied for more than ten Monday; was so proud of myself!
Tuesday I went to see afet where she gave me a couple of job adds she'd found, and she also updated me on the work experience progress; something should come up soon which will be good; fingers crossed.
Wednesday was of course my woodwork day. I spent the first little while feeding my board through the wide belt Sander again to get some glue off that we'd used the week before to fill in a small dent. then brett helped us all route out a handle and also use another router to round off the corners and edges. we then were introduced to another kind of electric sander to smooth off the edges. We shall be finishing the board next week.
We all then had a late lunch and the others went home. Myself and Eddie however were asked to do a photo shoot for Assist, so we got our makeup and hair done and then pictures got taken of Brett demonstrating to us how certain tools worked, like the router. Then one was taken where I was holding a philips head screwdriver above a screw on a jewelry box (that we all get to make as our final project for level 1; can't wait for that! :) -- Am told these photos will prob be published in some popular magazines like "New Idea", "Woman's day", 'Gardening Australia" etc etc next year.
Dad finally got home Thursday evening. Think it will take a while for him to believe that he's home for good. Right now it's like the previous three-week holidays he's had out here, Lol! -- Myself and ang went over for dinner last night; dad cooked his vegetable spaghetti; it was really nice and I brought some leftovers home for dinner tonight. But we'll all go over for fathers day tomorrow as well as Nan who was going to visit me anyway.
So about all the news for now and I shall post this before I lose it again. I used notepad this time.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. There was a pretty severe earthquake in Christchurch NZ this morning measuring 7. Buildings have gone down and everything. :( No deaths thankfully but reports of a few injuries. My relies and friends are all OK which is a good thing.
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OK I'm bad; bab bad bad I say! I did start playing Q9 properly right, then I thought I'd use some cheatcodes to get to the end, just to see how it sounds cos I'm too curious, but then I'd try and complete it the proper way. So yesterday, I went on to google (who is a good friend of mine btw) and I found the document containing all the codes, so I used a couple from then on. I have no idea how I'll ever complete it the normal way though cos it gets so so hard, but anyway, I beat the boss using said cheatcodes, and instead of getting rewarded, i got the following sniggered in my ears: "ha ha you don't think you're going to get a good ending by cheating do you; ha ha ha; by the way, I'm not really dead; cos you cheated"' classic! -- can't remember the exact words but they were something to that affect! -- i love these games. -- I am not sure how I'm going to complete it without the cheats; I will need to accumilate stacks of lives and weapon amo and strength! --
In other news, I'm taking it easy today and looking for work on my own. was meant to go into VA but I think my time would be better spent applying for more jobs and calling places.
I had a pretty bad experience yesterday. I went out and met Sharon and GinaMaree with joy's bro Jypsey which was good but I ate something which didn't agree with me (which isn't too hard sadly). anyway, I'd felt a bit funny all day but I pushed on. It resulted in my bowel really chucking a spaz, and I also nearly fainted on the train; I felt awful. My ears got to the stage where everything sounded compressed, I was so light-headed and dizzy and I was scared i was going to upchuck. I wanted to be home in my bed, but instead I was on a train, not even at camberwell station as yet. I had contemplated trying to get out at that station to see if fresh air would help, but I also really badly needed to go to the toilet didn't I; and I didn't know where the heck they would be at said station. -- anyway to cut the dramatics short, after a lot of heavy breathing, taking my coat off and feeling sorry for myself (as no-one came to my aid) I began to feel a bit better. -- I mannaged to get to Blackburn, rushed off the train and into the female toilets. -- that was done.
I felt a bit funny again while waiting for the bus so I sat down. -- I did catch the bus home and I felt OK after that, but figure I will stay put today and do some job stuff from home. -- Tomorrow is woodwork and I aint gunna miss that, oh no I'm not.
Still haven't heard back from Fire Solutions yet; I can hope that possibly she's been in further consultation with VA about jaws and so on. -- But we also got along very well so she may be dreading giving me bad news. But like I say, I won't be too upset. I think I'd prefer a busier office environment when it comes down to it; i love more action (whatever, take that how you will dear reader).
til Next time, RdFreak


Aug. 22nd, 2010 04:53 pm
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I haven't played an audio game in ages, but i should, since I have so many high quality ones! I love audio games, and there's only a couple I've ever mannaged to complete on the easy level.
But through taking a read of a former LJ friends LJ (Lou's to be exact), i stumbled across this great audio game called Q9! -- The demo version enabled us to play the first two levels; I successfully completed the first, not the second yet but I decided I would buy the game to unlock it! The music and the quality of the sounds are just magnificent! -- So I now have three side scrollers in my growing game collection. -- we are just so lucky to have such great quality games being made for us; I've never taken that fact for granted. I think, when it comes to gaming, we are honestly just as well-off as the sighted folk. it is clear that these game programmers believe in blind people having their share of fun, Lol (that sounds cheesy probably but it's true! :)
I'm so glad I was introduced to this game because, it's been ages since I've been to any game sites. And as I say, I haven't even clicked on any of the games on my puter for a while; wow I've now got heaps of them, mostly bought, some freebies.
Now I can't remember how I've tagged my audio games in the past, but I really need to take some time and clean up my tags as some of them were never meant to be created and others are kinda inconsistent.
I've already gone back a number of times to the beginning of my LJ and have tagged entries (since the tagging system wasn't available in 2003), but I still have a bit to go as I've recently added a few more tags; how confusing!
So off i go to play this game again. :)
til next time, RdFreak
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So in my public post of the other day I forgot to mention one tool I had a look at in the woodwork class wednesday. It was a sander, (not a belt sander; again, i forget what it's called; will have to ask), but it runs on compressed air. I had never seen that particular technology before so it interested me very much. I vaguely knew that it is used for nail guns etc, but I'd never actually been told how it worked. It was amazing; once I'd plugged the hose into the outlet (there's pipes hanging on chains above each work bench), I just connected it to sander and pressed down on the top and away it went in circular motions around the timber. When I was first trying to plug the hose into the pipe, it came out and gave me a heck of a fright as the air pushing it out was extremely loud; I jumped half a mile; Lol! -- anyway so yeh, it's so much fun and am looking forward to making our first project next week. :)
OK I was starting to play RS Monopoly with this guy yesterday afternoon, and he got all nasty with me because I wouldn't trade with him; he called me selfish and unfair; I couldn't believe it. Last I checked, one wasn't obligated to trade, so how is that unfair? Second of all, some people just need to win all the time. I left the game; seriously, i just have to shake my head sometimes. -- Yes, i did use to have a bit of a "sore loser" attitude but it's stupid; it's only a game; No-one actually gains anything from it, except maybe a bit of pride that lasts all of like two minutes!
I'm off soon to meet Michelle (new friend) at boxhill where we'll do lunch then maybe a bit of a shop.
This week, i must call up about more potential jobs, oh yes I must!
And think that's about all for now.
til Next Time, RdFreak


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