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Meme stolen from the Space Fem herself.
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In other news, I downloaded the new RS games client the other day and found a brand new game on there called Battleship, and man it was addicting; I played with some bots for a while until I was familiar enough with it and then I played with a few others.
Yesterday I went back there to play another game of battleship and discovered they had put yet another game up called 1000 Miles which I learnt how to play half from instructions and half myself as I do find the game instructions a tad vague on that site, or maybe it's just me I dunno. I don't always seem good at following documentation for some reason. anyway, regardless it was such a fun game; I likewise played with a few bots at first and then an actual person "KD6K" who is a mutual friend of a few of my LJ friends but I don't really know him personally. anyway it is such a good game, maybe even better than Battleship; and they're made even more awesome by the sounds!
I was also listening to the footy in the background, not that I had a choice or anything; Lol but I am getting more and more into it, it's kinda freaky actually; I'm surprising everyone. :)
OK it's clicked over to my lunchtime so now I's go. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've played against Nick and her b/f a few times and he takes us out all the time!
In other news, we didn't end up going out again last night after dinner except on the balcony where Dad showed me all the lights over the marina; he's always curious to see what I can see, especially from up so high! I don't mind; in fact, I love looking at lights and am impressed when I can see them from greater distances.
Then he showed me where the pool was down stairs but didn't end up going there today; may tomorrow though.
I did a module 2 work sheet for cisco, go me! .. it was actually easy to find the info; I was pleased! -- was going to get through some module exams today but I got to install jaws 10 first for IE 8 to work with the site.
Joy is still being loved and taken care of; bless her! I so miss her though!
When dad gets home from work, we are off to the marina wall for some prishetta for dinner! I just looved it last year at the TGI's (Dubai has a lot of the same American food chains).
So now I go!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Just finished about a five hour game of monopoly with a woman from California; man it wouldn't end! We got to a time when the bank had no-more houses it could give us so we were both selling our cheaper ones and buying hotels on the more expensive ones. Then more became available. But I was getting so carried away with that, i didn't check how much I had as I thought it would take ages to get through what i did. So alas, I ended up with not much money, landing on all her hotels, so having to then sell my hotels/houses and mortgage my properties. So I went bankrupt but if I was concentrating it prob wouldn't have happened the way it did.
But as I told her, i learnt so much through playing that game, so am greatful for that! At one stage I thought she got annoyed at me as she'd wanted to do a trade with conditions and i'd forgotten those conditions. anyway she seemed OK again after a while and we were chatting and joking around again.
Before this game started, her and I were in another game briefly with five other people; it was mad, but then they all left, including one who didn't quit properly so it meant the game was stuck on his turn and no-one could do much about it! Lol
But the amount of socializing and meeting new people is awesome, and of course the conversation doesn't need to be awkward as we are all aiming for one goal; it's cool! though five hours may be indeed a bit much; could have been more; didn't check the time we started.
So right now, i am cooking a chicken kiev and roast potatoes and onions for dinner, and will enjoy that while I'm watching Loser and 60 minutes which starts again tonight.
I obviously didn't make church; I will start again properly when I get back from trip, though now I am contemplating going to perth to see [livejournal.com profile] tibiania and other such people while I'm there, but don't know for sure yet! I'd have to come back here first as it'd be cheaper than changing it now, plus I'd want to take Joy since it's only interstate, and she'd be such a help! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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man i'm tired; I'm off to bed now, but i thought, after I wrote my previous LJ entry, I would have a go at one more game, but as I thought I may very well quit halfway through to get to bed, and also to attempt to better my skills, i played with a bot and won.
Even with Kitchens inc games, I never actually finished them so haven't known exactly that one must go bankrupt in order to be out/lose the game.
so I's won! I know, but this may mean there's hope for me with an actual person! Lol!
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Whatever i did, was right, but see it's just the luck of the individual as to how many houses we get the chance of buying! :)

Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Wow, I have had the bestest ever fun this afternoon!
I heard a review on BCT for the accessible online multi-player game Monopoly. it was mentioned a while ago on ventrilo by a few others but didn't bother with it.
Anyway after a lot of fiddling around, i got the game installed on my Acer. i had never played games live with people online before so it was exciting for me. First I played with this guy who was very patient since I was so new to the short cuts and all. Then I lost him somehow, and after dinner found this other lovely gal from England to play with.
I'd never played the game before except with bots so I learnt heaps in terms of strategy so I was happy. And I was honestly going so so so so well; I had the most same coloured groups so I bought heaps of houses, but then, San, who had one same group bought a couple of houses and a hotel, and I of course landed on that, and it sent me broke; I had to mortgage all my properties and sell my houses. Then i started to pick-up but then I landed on the hotel again and heard the sound of death! Lol! I can't believe it; I was actually doing so so so so well at first; had heaps of houses and money and stuff! wow!
There's a text chat option, allowing us to chat to each other throughout.
Even though I'm usually a sore loser, this time, I was laughing along with her. -- the game is just so addicting though, and it's so much better playing it with live people other than bots.
A difference between the Jim kitchen version and this one I noticed straight away is that we have to wait til we're broke before we mortgage a property. with the other version, we could mortgage a property to buy another, which may be a bit strange I guess, Lol!
The game has awesome sound affects; I love it! -- goodbye homework! :) Lol
San was a good sport though! :)

Went to gym yesterday of course. didn't work upper arms as much cos they were still tender; feeling slightly better today; think they should be OK by Monday.
Nan came over today as it would be the last time she sees me before i leave.
Til Next time, RdFreak


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