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so I sMS'd singing teacher last evening to see if she'd recovered for today; I kinda said "how are you going? you OK for tomorrow?" to which she replied "you bet baby!" hahahaha! so yeh, am leaving for that shortly.
and tonight I am having a DVD night with a Tim who offered to pick up some pizzas on his way here, so that should be fun!
I decided that since tomorrow is my LJ's fifth birthday, I will introduce a new aspect then.
When I come back from singing, I am going to do a meme which I will be snagging from my friends page, which I actually found quite hilarious.
oh my gosh last night's dreams )
So a lot of dreams to occupy my little mind last night; well at least, ones I do so remember.
My lover could have well been Julie Andrews, but of course it wasn't her that was being threatened.
now I should go.
til next time, RdFreak
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I was actually hoping for the next couple of days off, but no. I've been working, filling in for t. I hate it there now. When I ask questions of L, like I was told to if I needed, i get snapped at, yet if I don't, I just assume, and still get snapped at for taking too long to try and find the info myself! *grrr* I actually want to go back to SY now. I shouldn't be feeling this stressed. I'm fine when I have no-one beside me, but when i do, it makes me nervous. Today was cqalled "l having headache; therefore, L takes it all out on me".
In better news, Mum brought over the chicken kievs she'd bought for me ages ago from foresthill, and have had in her freezer; yeah! I was going to try one tonight but Mum said chicken shouldn't be booked from frozen, so will ahve it tomorrow; but my butcher meet also comes tomorrow; that'll be fun, cos food is fun!
I was going to start something new and exciting in my LJ today, but I haven't got the energy to think about it, so will do it on the weekend.
i had this poor old lady call me this morning, wanting the telephone number of a branch, and this stupid guy (am assuming her hubby) was yelling out all sorts of curse words about the ANZ; it was sooo loud and abusive! I felt sorry for her. he was even taking it out on her.
She then called me back later with him still going on in her ear; man, unbelievable; poor lady!
I miss BigBrother. i watch "THE BEST OF BONDAE" IN place of the daily show, which is very interesting!
til next time, RdFreak
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sniff )
In earlier news, I did end up with another casio bargain - the Casio MT520! And work tomorrow; don't really want to go.
til next time, rdFreak


Jul. 21st, 2008 10:41 am
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Read more... )
so what will I watch now that BigBro is almost over? bondai Rescue will be on at 7 i hear (though I did think it was on 9). maybe I heard wrong.
Not a lot else to report. Making sure I will still be the top bidder on a casio MT-520 when it ends in a few hours, and will be doing the same with the SK-60 on thursday.
Work tomorrow.
Heartly got so many b/day wishes on LJ, Facebook and msn yesterrday; she's a very special dog.
til next time, RdFreak
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Happy 10th birthday my Heartly girl!
what an amazing guide dog you are! Your work in the city over the past few months has prooved that you can still do it extremely well! I know you still love your work, and you can work as long as you love doing so!
You're still very very healthy for your age; no aches and pains of any description, and for that, I am so greatful! in fact, you still act very much like your silly young self, and I still can't believe you were born ten whole years ago! -- 70 in dog years, woh!
It certainly took a while to bond 100% in the beginning, and, perhaps to have to completely enjoy working for me, but over the past, five years or so, all you've wanted to do is impress me; thank you!
and apart from that, you've been the most awesome pet and companion, and I'd never swap you for the world! It's been a match made in Heaven! and you know I wish every day that I never have to see you go; but when your retiring time does come, you'll be going to your grandparents, whom I know you also love with all your heart, and I'll still play a big role in your life!
You are perfect for me Miss Heartly, I love you with all my heart, and you will always be special!
Again, happy birthday, and may you have many many more! -- I won't hug you on here, cos you complain I hug you way too much in real life anyway! :)

in BigBrother news )
I know I did have something else to mention in here, but it's escaped me for now, so no doubt, I'll be back when I think of it.
til next time, RdFreak
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mmm, well that news I posted about bigBrother previously is certainly promising! it will be different, a lot to get use too, but, there's hope yet! at least not everyone is tired of it yet!
OK tonight's update )
Work was OK today; still training. lunch was at the odd time of 1.30 but guess I've got to get use to that for this week. It was such a nice day today as i wandered off at 1.30 to Heartly's relieving area, then, to get my sushi from the place in Flinders Lane.
computer users tomorrow.
Til next time, RdFreak
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In an update to our earlier post, Behindbigbrother has learnt that executives at Network Seven have been busy this morning holding internal discussions into the possibility of taking on the show.

We’re told that executives at the network are extremely interested in negotiating with Southern Star Endemol the possibility of locking in the show for 2009 and/or beyond. The meetings this morning included discussions on the highest possible price the network could bid for the show, potential hosts and producers, possible audience loss/gain and other minor details.

Possible hosts for the show include those currently featured on the show but not contracted to Ten, such as Fitzy and Bree. Hosts such as Mike Goldman have contracts with Ten, not SSE.

If Seven were to take over the show their current planning would see the compound remain at Dreamworld along with all evictions and live content. All shows would be split across Seven’s three channels - 7 Digital, 7HD, and 7SD2. The daily shows would be situated at 7:30pm following the network’s flagship Home & Away.

Official discussions between SSE and Seven cannot occur until at least July 22 - when BB08 wraps up.

The Seven Network and Network Nine both declined to give Behindbigbrother any official comment.

I'm OK!

Jul. 14th, 2008 08:32 am
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I'm feeling a lot better today actually. Same things won't change for a while, but I'm not feeling as bad about life!
In BigBrother news )
I woke up a bit later than I normally would, and thought "stupid work" but then i retracted that with, "well I'm lucky I have a job!" Just can't get up in the mornings though.
I'll be wearing my coat today; it's freezing!
til next time, RdFreak
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OK, people may start to think I'm bordering on obsessive about this, but I honestly feel so sad about the news. And, really, it's not just that I wanted the opportunity of getting on there, (though it certainly does play a large large role), but, ya know, I really started to notice an identity about the show, (if that makes sense). Of course, as with all the different BigBrothers around the world, this was very Australian; It represented much of the Australian society today, and by that I mean more with how the Aussie youth interact. I dunno, i just thought each series brought something different, and everyone could identify to the different HMs.
Obviously I could never say i know the HMs as much as they know each other, but, by watching TV footage each day, and having 24 hour access to the live streams, we feel we do get to know the people. We may hate them, (I don't hate anyone though but we know what I mean), or love them, it's all part of it that even the HMs themselves realize and accept.
Not only that and so much more, but what other humour have I got in my life? TV-wise, I've got neighbours, but that's of course ficticious. I've got Doctor Phil and Judge Judy, but, they're not meant to be humerous! -- the other shows are too visual!
Reality TV is my friend. I'm not a big fan of Idol because the judges make me cringe, and also there's only one style of music that "they" want. Also, contestents ahve to do so much more than sing. If ya can't dance, forget it, if the looks aren't all there, you're out.
Yes, I am very sad! I love people - my good friends know this! If I can't have my friends 24/7 (and who would want that :) I look forward to observing other people interact and this is as close to reality as ever!
I suggested on the BigBrother comm before, what about a channel (probably subscription only) which is a Reality show channel? face it, we have enough of them these days! I have no idea if it would work out in terms of proffits, marketing, etc, but I think it could get the ratings!
OK OK i'll face it; I was sad because I wanted an opportunity to get on there! I really did! I'd do anything.
I'm bored! If my job here is the best I can do, it's pretty bad, seriously! I need something exciting to happen!
til next time, RdFreak
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shattering news about BigBrother ... )
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cut for BigBrother ramblings )
til next time, RdFreak


Jul. 11th, 2008 12:37 pm
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mmmmm poptarts! man these are devine! i did have brunch first!
I just went to my friends page, and as soon as it loaded, I got the fright of my life, as the audio from the other night where eric was talking about brigitte blared at me; not sure why that happened and happens every time I load my friends page, weird!
speaking of "frights of my life", I had another last night. I decided to take the batteries out of my PT-50 and plug the power supply into it! hmm it played for a while, then faded. then all I could smell was awful smoke and I realized what I did, dropped the thing off my knee, and quickly turned off and unplugged power supply. I was so upset as I thought I'd blown my old original childhood baby up!
Then, I called J later, and through her own experience, she suggested I may have just blown up the power supply, and she was right! I put the batteries back in PT-80, and worked like a charm! thank god! stupid me!
I have decided I probably will talk to boss next week about taking holidays next March so I can meet dad in dubai for a weekend, then go on to the U.K. It will be warmer and we can do more! so yeah! that will be much awesomeness! already looking forward to seeing more than just the Airport at dubai! :)
Was also talking to rB before about bigBrother, my auditioning and my passions relating to going on there.
did I mention poptarts are sooooooo damn nice? I think I did! Lol
Til next time, RdFreak
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BigBrother goodness )
I was intending on going to bed early tonight since I kinda had this ongoing headache resulting from tiredness not having slept too well last night. Fortunately though, I finally seem to have recovered from that, so might go and fiddle around with the SK-8 some more, then will still go to bed early.
til next time, RdFreak
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First of all, I got my package! yeahness!
I heard this car pull up, and wondered but then just assumed it was a normal every-day resident coming in. but then Heartly jumped off me bed, and barked, so I knew, in fact, it was the fed-express van, (at least, I'm assuming it's still called that out here!) I just opened the door in time, because he said he didn't think I was home, even though my tV is blaring "READY STEADY COOK" right now. -- seriously, they don't wait too long, man! anyway .. so got the box, and am about to try and tackle it after this entry, yeah! :)
Before this, I was browsing this awesome Australian BigBrother information site, thanks to a fello BigBrother fan and me awesome new LJ bud [livejournal.com profile] onlylisa who pointed it out on the community! I had no idea it existed, but, it's so awesome! I was browsing the past housemates from the previous years, and I swear, I had totally forgotten about some of them, even though I've been an extremely dedicated fan from BigBrother1! some of the names, I just could not place though.
anyway off I go to .. gee I wonder what?! ... :)
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. This builds my casio collection up to 3, and ROM packs up to ten! :)
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Read more... )
Off to cook me some tea now.
btw, bianca got evicted last night, as I had predicted! it's nominations tonight! :)
til next time, RdFreak
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First of all, I reckon bianca is going to be evicted from BigBro tonight. I liked her for a while; thought she was quite mature for her age, but her recent outbursts will get her out the house me thinks!
Second, I will be, very soon, the proud owner of yet another casio - the SK-8 which I was alerted to by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] loscha. so I bid high and I won. I will also be getting five extra rom packs so my collection will be doubled to ten, yeahness! rom packs are soooo much fun! I am so looking forward to playing them all on the sK-8, cos even though the PT-50 was always my original baby and my fave passtime when young was always to listen and be in such ore of the music, it is a cheaper sounding synth than the SK series I was to later discover! So, I'm hoping to get it sometime this week, and since I paid fed-express, I'd hope to get it soon! -- actually really, the guy originally told me he charges $6.99 for international packaging and stuff, but, I guess he thought I was good to deal with so he told me he'd instead use the money for the fed-express fee, so that was nice of him!
For some reason, work dragged on last week; wasn't really too stressful til the end. always the ongoing super-visor issues, and when I do something wrong, all eyes are on me I can't help feeling. Not sure if I want to stay after last week; I thought I'd be OK, but I dunno. RB and i had a mis-communication on friday relating to an issue regarding the braille consol, which did make me stressed; he doesn't know how I'm feeling about it as yet, but I guess he will soon enough. He's such a good friend, that I wouldn't want to lose that; I know he feels the same way, so no doubt we'll sort it out soon enough.
It's very important to note that I now have lots of good quality chocolates that I bought at forestHill after my singing lesson! These chocolates from sweet B, are the same as the ones that I use to get in Myer, so I spent up big on them! man, they're the best! -- all the fillings I love, and love some more!
Singing was much the same as last week. We worked on exercise and technique, then worked on a bit of "MY HEART WILL GO ON", with emphasis on pronounciation etc. -- Nan showed me where the bus pulls up etc, and we waited over an hour for the one at toronga station as a driver told Nan the wrong times, *grrr! but we got there, and afterwoods, drove from Syndal station to Foresthill, where we had some lunch and I got my huuuge chocky supplies. I also got a couple of tobblarones for my nightly dessert while watching me TV! I need a break from the usual safeway cadbury sessions!
I met up with P last night (who is a new reader to this blog apparently, so lucky for him! :) We enjoyed some lovely Indian and chat at Ghenesh (and I probably spelt that wrong.) Came home to a phone call from J who wanted to let me know she was back in town, oh no! Lol .. just kidding! Lol Always good to have me "oldest and dearest friend" back!
I still can't find my braillenote. I can't understand it; it doesn't seem like it's here, but I don't think I would ahve taken it anywhere since it was half dead!
and now I updated, so now I go. (another private word later).
til next time, RdFreak
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in BigBrother news ... )
Mum came over this morning to help me hunt for my BN; we still can't find it, so am totally stumped. I was sure I knew where it was! *grrr! I'm so cut about that!
work was pretty good; doing most on my own but still officially training. This week may be my last week of that.
til next time, RdFreak
:edit: P.S. by the way, the ebay auction for the SK-8 ends tomorrow at 12.58 PM my time, sucky, I'll be at work! so going to make a high bid before I leave tomorrow, yeah! me wants! :)
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Well I had a mate come over today, in the form of a Miss [livejournal.com profile] jordina. Since she is off tomorrow, on her great musical adventure around the countryside, well, kinda, Lol .. we thought lunch and a stuff-around was in order.
Yeh so we had lunch, swapped some audio, she convinced me to get a "sexy" little hard drive as well; we didn't think it would take much convincing, even I don't have faith in myself, Lol!
-- I've got some more audio to last me a good long while, yeahness! new audio is fun, not that I have yet listened to over half the audio on my puter as it stands!
Then I ordered an M-power as i decided I'd take advantage of that trade-in. My old deadish braille note will do well as spare parts! so, um, yeh, it was great but see ya later! Hope you're reincarnated soon!
Off to singing tomorrow. found out there's no busses that go that way directly from boxhill, which sucks the biggest one I say! -- ah well, whatever! one bus, one train and two trams each way for me tomorrow; brilliant stuff! *grrr* I'm going to have to ask to swap my lesson times tomorrow me thinks.
Work next week; back to queens, double yeah! -- nah I like it really, except for a few famous aspects.
I've also been downloading stacks and stacks of Casio demos from Synth Mania and a few other awesome sites; yeah!
I am participating in yet another E-bay auction for an SK-5.
Just found out that Cherri won FNL; good for him I guess!
til next time, RdFreak
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I just called dad in Dubai before. As I only had his mobile number, I used skypeout to call that, and consequently, ran out of skype creddit quite quickly. Before that though, I did get his desk number, so called him again on that from my normal phone, and will get some more skype creddit soon. Was good to talk to him, since it's been almost two months, not that we don't email, but it's not the same as talking. He suggested I set skype and skypeout up for Mum, so I might go and do that soon!
I went out for dinner with new friend T before. we went to timeout in fed square. It was great and we clicked really well!
Then i came home in time for BigBro noms, Read more... )
another thing is, this morning I set an account up on Loud twitter so this LJ will now be updated with my tweets. i hopefully have set it up so it will LJ cut them. I also have set it so it will not include my private replies to and from people because they don't generally make sense to LJ readers.
This means that because I tweet about more minute to minute, hour to hour stuff, I will not have to update that stuff here (for my own records). It also means that I will be able to update my LJ when I'm away from my puter as Twitter has the option to SMS tweets. so, I'm all set, hopefully!
For some reason, I fell very tired on train back tonight and could have dropped off to sleep there and then, so guess will be an early night for me tonight.
Been playing a lot of annagrams today, so maybe that's why my brain is so tired! it's fun though, but frustrating when I see so many words can be made but can not think of any more at all. often, I will discover words just by trying some combinations for the heck of it!
I have told my tweets to appear at 11 PM, so that's what hopefully will happen.
til next time, RdFreak
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Well spent the day with [livejournal.com profile] loscha having lunch with him and a couple of his old work friends at the footscray pub.
after eating we decided to have a bit of fun with the pokies. I lost two bucks. I actually won a bit but then I just used that for more betting and lost the whole lot! I would be hopeless! but it was good; I finally know how the machines work and how to do it on me own. I knew when I'd won something as there'd be a tune; the longer and brighter the tune, the more I won. No tune meant I lost that round!
Then we went back to L's place and jammed on the keyboards a bit. After the two girls left, L copied some stuff off his puter on to my memory stick, then I pretty much left. Got home just before the BigBro eviction started at 7.30. Read more... )
Now the eviction is over, I flicked to channel 9 where I've been watching the documentary entitled "THE TRUTH ABOUT CHAPPELL CORBY". -- I dunno, I feel so sorry for her! She doesn't think she'll survive in there. I know I probably wouldn't myself.
Today I've been downloading a DVS movie called "JUNO". It's gem is comedy/drama/romance, and those movies appeal to me. it's 99% complete atm, so will curl up in bed and listen to that soon; it's cold and I was waiting for a damn bus for over half an hour tonight! busses are hopeless on weekends!
til next time, RdFreak


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