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So today I'm attending the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lauren_kh's belated birthday party, and instead of presents, she had requested us to cook something beginning with any letter of her full name!
I originally thought i would cook honey Joys (since I always loved them as a kid) but then I didn't think they'd spread far enough, so I decided on Anzac biscuits; namely the first recipe on taste.com.au that had a rating of 5; here.
also under the cut )
So I went out and bought all the ingredients yesterday, as well as doing my usual weekly shop while there.
I then made them and they turned out perfect for a first attempt; I was sooo happy with myself, but alas; While taking the tray over to the oven, my oven mits got caught in the baking paper, tip went the tray and off flew the anzacs, everywhere! :( I was so so so so so angry and upset, I admit, more than I should have been, but these were perfect; and I hadn't attempted them before.
As Mum had said she'd come to cut my fringe, she assisted me to clean out the oven as some crumbled in there. and it turned out that two of the anzacs ended up cooking somewhere on the bottom of the oven, so I ate them! They were good, but I think I needed to press them down more.
I was thinking of making them again this morning, but I have no more plain flower. I could duck out and get some, but I'd be pushing time.
Loz understood as I told her I'd prob just bring chips, but it wasn't what I wanted to do. :(
Anyway, I have natcho cheese which does start with a letter in her name, so I'm almost there. Lol! also sweet chili, honey soy, bonus!
I will make some more anzacs tomorrow and then give them to her as a peace offering; she'll prob say "don't be silly" but it's the least I can do.
Ah well.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, seven years, (that's 2370 LJ entries later) I'm still goin and plan to for a while.
Some people say I take LJ very seriously; this is correct; by gosh it's correct. I don't write in any other journals; this is it, so yes, I will take it seriously when my trust is betrayed. It has still made me a lot more cautious though; I do make a lot more private entries now-a-days that absolutely no-one but me ever sees.
This LJ has seen many things happen, many many things. It's with me where-ever on this globe I happen to be.
It's seen friends come and go, many of them in fact. But I have also equally made many good friends who have stuck by me through all these years, and for that, I am truely greatful. :)
Happy birthday to the LJ of RdFreak and may LJ itself be around for many many more years as I couldn't think of a better blogging community. :)
In other news, today I was semi-productive. I didn't call up about any more jobs though it was one of the things on the "to do" list; ah well. I compiled my list of work experience places as more information was needed.
Steph's huuuge lie finally came out today in Neighbours. We have to wait tomorrow to get the fallout; it's gonna be sooo good man. :)
That's about all for now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Oh btw, before I get started, the meatloaf turned out OK. It was nice (haven't finished it obviously) but i don't think it cooked right. It just seemed a bit too moist and crumbly; but I did all the right things so am thinking maybe I had my oven rack too high or something. anyway, it was actually in for a lot longer than the recipe said as i knew it didn't feel right when I checked it. ah well; maybe next time, but yeh, it tastes pretty good so that's the main thing I guess.
OK I'm constantly surprising myself. When asked the question last night "would I be watching the Great Debate" tonight, I replied "Look i'm thinking of it." -- I'm just amazed that I have all of a sudden become more interested in learning about it, taking it in and figuring out who's the good verses the not-so-good verses the bad.
I know a bit of my interest grew when electronic voting became available, but I have noticed more since Julia Gillard got in, that I'm even more interested. -- maybe cos she's the first female PM? who knows! Lol
Not sure if I mentioned in here that the day she became PM, I had turned the TV on for Doctor Phil and got her speech instead. but I found myself continuing to listen; that was totally out of character for me.
But I think it's good that I am showing more of an interest. I should know what makes our country tick.
Anyway in other news, it's my LJs seventh birthday tomorrow; yeah! I'll come up with a reflective entry for then as per tradition, i'm sure. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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So over the past two weeks when using Metro, I haven't had any problems at all; it's all been smooth sailing. I've changed at Melb central and life has been good there. :)
Yesterday I started my woodwork course at assist. I think I will enjoy it much more this time around and get much more out of it. Unlike last time, the trainer is very good and not condescending in any way as I perceived my prior one to be.
Tuesday was also quite productive as usual. I'm building my confidence with calling up about jobs with the help of emilie. Spoke to one person from Tru Energy, and although they had nothing suited to me, she complimented me on the fact that I called up. She said it shows how keen I am which is of course a good thing.
I have a few other leads for work experience placements so that's positive!
Then I went to Kooyong for the Computer Users Group. There were problems with the new audio mixer; I'm now starting to get discouraged with it all. I don't know why it can't be simple.
Jim P came and showed us his iPad. I was having a play with it before the meeting and he joked that he hoped there'd still be enough battery life for the demonstration by the time I'd finished with it, Lol! -- of course, I'm not going to rush out and buy one as I made the mistake of doing with the iPhone, but it was pretty impressive; still, I got the same negative vibe with the touch screen. He also had a little Bluetooth apple keyboard which he can type text into; it's sooo cute! :)
John M has also put together audio archives of most of the meetings of when the branch began in 1988. Unfortunately only a few recordings were lost; but it's such a good history! Quite a number of members from back then have since passed on which will make this even more special! They're $10 each for the club. -- John presented these copies really well. He and his wife had five DVDs and one CD (containing the minutes and annual reports) in soft CD covers inside a paper folder; nicely done.
I copied them all to my puter last night and started listening to the first couple in 88 where Bill Jolley was chairman. Back then, we only have highlights rather than the entire meeting. -- I love history and audio archives so I will have so much fun listening to these.
Heartly went home Monday. Joy is just continuing to amaze me with her work. And the workshop was freezing yesterday (no heaters though I think they plan to rectify this soon) and Joy didn't complain at all; I did though. It felt a lot warmer after lunch though thank god!
Oh, it was Heartly's birthday Tuesday and I had forgotten to come on and mention it before I left; She's 12 now! Happy birthday to my darling Heartly and I hope she has many more years! Joy myself and family love her heaps!
Think that's about all I had to mention. -- It's fast approaching my LJ's seventh birthday! Everything happens in July!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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no, i don't think I was. however, I was very disappointed with a few people, a couple actually at my own birthday celebration no less. I still feel I'm being too generous lately. Indeed, I love Karen, Mon and Troy; they are awesome awesome people and honestly made my night worth-while; Jordie tried hard to talk to all of us but from where she was sitting, it wasn't too easy in the end, Belinda and alice made the effort to come back and make up for the fact they couldn't talk as they were right at the other end of the table; Peter and Steve were good, but as for the others, ha, they didn't even bother trying, even to talk to me; how humiliated I felt at my own birthday. Even when I spoke to them, they'd give me a half-hearted smart-ass answer and then, actually go back to their -obviously-so-important private conversations. (obviously the previous "we're all good" msn chat that was had meant absolutely nothing).
I was pretty upset as I entered the restaurant as I'd mannaged to get myself and a few of them lost; however, they all said they understood this. i'd felt awful for it, and I even made the effort to go up to them to try and smooth things out, but apparently that wasn't good enough. They spoke among themselves the whole night; I tried. Just who invited you here anyway? .. um .. It was totally as if they were just there for any old get together, never mind that it was actually mine. They showed nothing for it at all; just an excuse to come out and catch up with each other and get a bit wasted.
I guess when I say "close nit" celebration, I need to be more careful. There's no excuse for how I was treated.
However, in other news, [livejournal.com profile] jordina encouraged me to try a margarita, I mannaged half of it but gave the rest to her. It was nice except for the alcohol which I can taste in everything. And now because my body aint use to it, my headache is back; oh dear.
She was over here yesterday before the restaurant and we had heaps of fun. gave her the USB drive and we were both spending a while trying to figure out the WD smart essentials softwear that had us in a spot of bother for a while, but even I mannaged to get mine done; I guess it's pretty cool in a way as you're able to password protect the drive, but we both are going to get to disabling it cos we don't want to install it with every computer we plug it intoo. ah well. It was good to catch up with her.
So despite most of my day and most of the people being a lot of fun, because of the couple that really disappointed and upset me, I feel I need to arrange a catchup with Mon and Kaz this week if they are up for it; they cheer me up. Ah, I got a JB voutcher from them, and like a kilo worth of cadbury roses; seriously; I'd never received so much chocolate before in one package; it's going to take a while even for me to get through it! --
blind people can be so clicky.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So unfortunately today was a bit of a headache day which meant I didn't have a lot of energy to do much. But Sean from VA got back to me and will basically be calling Intergrated for me to organize my transfer as they are being difficult; so he'll get back to me in about a week (due to public holiday Monday and him being away Tues), so yeah, I'll soon have the better support again. I may start applying for jobs again on my own; just hadn't had the energy or motivation since I'd been back.
Yesterday was a quiet one. wednesday I did end up taking Joy for a lovely long walk. we walked to Gormae Girl where i had lunch with Peter S; i had the best prishetta; even better than the one I loved at TGI's in Dubai; mmm was going to go back today actually but it had forecast heavy rain which we did get some of earlier. Anyway on Wednesday, I went back to his place afterwards for a while, then, as I had run out of energy (still recovering a little) i ended up catching the train back all of one station, then bussing it back. Lol .. but it was good as I got to see Laburnum station since it had been re-built.
Then once home I booked Ponchos for tomorrow evening, so that shall be really good. J is coming over early tomorrow so I can give her her USB drive and just to catchup basically before the get together. yeah!
Heather called before too; was cool to hear from her again as I'd meant to get in touch with her myself.
I've got a chicken pie in the oven which i took out the freezer earlier. I'd bought it from the butcher last time round but had forgotten bout it.
I had another lot of meat arrive yesterday so all is right with the world again.
Til Next time, RdFreak


Apr. 21st, 2010 09:54 am
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So a few days ago, I decided to go back to the start of [livejournal.com profile] 65redroses journal and read through to the sad recent entries; it's been such an emotional yet educational ride for me. i wished I knew her; she sounded so lovely and loving. -- I got up to the exciting news of when she got her double lung transplant and was so so excited to be able to live again. Leading up to this, especially towards the end, she was so so sick!
Of course, sadly we know these lungs eventually started rejecting, but I guess at the very least, she got to do everything she could before hand. I'm currently up to new year's 2007, so we have a bit over a year of fun, happy, exciting times before the dreaded downhill slide. :( -- It would seem that she has a number of "friends only" posts which is certainly understandable, but she does obviously leave all her medical updates plus a few extra posts talking about other aspects of her life, public, which is how/why i feel i already know her so well.
I know I said this last time, but it's just so inspirational how she stayed so positive the whole time, even when she was so so so sick before her lung transplant; it's truly something for us all to live by. I was listening to one of her youtube clips and as a result of who she'd explained she was through the documentaries, I can just imagine her reading my LJ and thinking "and why are you so negative?" Lol! (mostly I'm not, but I realize sometimes I certainly can seem that way if I'm having a bad few months etc).
Oh some bits I have laughed at, as she would have expected people would at the time, as she always had a sense of humour, again, even at her lowest moments. What I found really amusing and laughed out loud was during the update after her transplant. she was excitedly talking about everything she can now do. she says something like, "I can now blow candles out, I can blow everything - get your minds out the gutter" Lol!
Anyway as I read about the transplant currently being a success and that she's full of life, it's so extremely sad to know that it is short lived. I just wonder what the medical explanation is? ah well I may find out when i get up to that sad point.

In other news, I seem to be feeling a lot better now; I'm back to myself fortunately; even getting up at reasonable hours.
Again I'm waiting for sean from VA to get back to me about an appointment time for when I can start my hopefully new-and-improved job searching.
I'm hoping i may get out and take Joy for a spin today; I feel bad when I don't have a lot of work for them, especially as she's such a young dog and just loves her work so much! -- Indeed, I'm going to continue on at the gym eventually, but I don't know if I'm quite up to that yet. I do want to change gyms as well to one nearer to me. There's one at ForestHill and I believe I can walk to it, giving myself and Joy even more exercise, yet still being close to my bus line if I need it.
Today is the final day to RSVP to my get together, so after 5, I shall be booking for Sat night; it's going to be a lot of fun; can't wait! :)
OK I'm off to continue reading, and shall have me some breakfast soon as well.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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This is my birthday card I got from Mum and dad! :)

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I'm off to mum's shortly to have my fave dinner with her, Nan, ang and Trent; pity dad can't be there; a roast; chicken loaf, potatoes and vegies. And the invites have been sent out to a few friends for next week.
this is a great track )
Let's dance; I'm getting food very soon; lot's of it! food is good for me, especially vegies, as the lack of them this week in me has contributed to my tiredness I'd say.
As per every year, I am so greatful for all the birthday wishes by phone, sms, facebook, email and twitter; I feel loved! :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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So tomorrow we're having a dinner with the family, and I just decided last night that I may do a tiny get-together with me little friends as well; thought mexican but I have to try and consult google as i can't remember the name of the one near here; so as soon as I find out, I shall create me a facebook event and email the ones that don't have it! yeah!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I got the following notification emailed to me from livejournal, Lol hahaha;
Read more... )
Gee I'm a dag!
Til next time, RdFreak
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Dotpoints, yo!
This is officially the 2200th journal entry in my LJ; yeah! :)
My throat is a tad sore; I find starbursts seem to do it for some reason.
My arms are sore from gym yesterday; think that's a good thing. going there again tomorrow!
Had ITE1 chapter 2 lecture this morning which I was on time for; go me!
And finally I mannaged to score going out for Mexican with A and T tonight; weird how that came about. I emailed her to ask if she knew exactly where taco Bills was on colins Street, as I randomly felt like trying out their nachos, so she asked if I would like to come out with them to the one in forest Hill. Then may go with them to T's dad's place for a birthday visit; I love T's parents; they're so cool; A is so lucky, as I pointed out to them both, but they reminded me that I'm kinda related to them too now as I'm their outlaw! confusing but cool! Hope my future partner's parents are that good! :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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In that order:
Last night I went out for dinner with J at Moccajo's; was good to catch up, though we didn't like the particular meal (calamari) as much as we use too; they must have modified it a bit.
When i got home i spoke to dad about my visit. It will have to happen soon as he is not entirely sure when he'll be finished there; then he'll have to rent his apartment out etc. He won't bother selling it until the economy stuff gets better.
I was thinking this time around I might just visit Dubai and not worry about travelling to Europe as well; this is mainly because of Joy and I don't want to leave her for too long; also I do still want to find a job without too much delay. This trip, as I say, is enough to just hopefully clear my head after the unhappy time I've had lately. -- so got to call flight centre Monday; I called them before when they were just closing.
Before I called Joy's puppy raisers. GDV told us to give it a couple of months, which I did, but I was curious, and I wanted to thank them, so did that. They, (mostly spoke to marg though) was very nice. Despite the older names, they sounded about mid to late 40's. So I told her how lovely Joy is and a bit about her confident work etc. She explained how much they loved her and a bit about what she was like as a baby etc. I told them that since I never had Heartly's raiser contact information, it was cool to have theirs. they were greatful that I called and I gave her my number for when she's next in the area and we may meet for a coffee.
I explained about that puppy raiser we saw in class and like that situation, I was the only one who had gotten in touch; granted, out of about four or five they'd raised, Joy was the second to pass, Lol! they've had one other for a week called delia; so she'd be soooo small and cute! Maybe we could go and see them sometime! :)
She was telling me Joy's toiletting use to be a bit messy but then she came clean; so I told her that she never likes to go on the walks and instead she will hold on but really slow down.
anyway I definitely wanted to get in touch before graduation which is not til November. Our class was the week after the last one so we just misssed out. Of course, we never had them back in the days I trained with Heartly so it's a different concept for me, even though I did go with Ross D a few years ago.
Mum picked up Heartly before, and Nan dropped in with some big bags of dog food for the dogs where the guy gives me a discount which is sooo nice!
My dogs are expensive!
Finally I was just listening to a BCT review of last.fm. It seems very popular lately, so it might be fun to check out; think i'll do that!
Tomorrow of course is Nan's 80th followed by the zoo visit so they should be good.
Well all for now I guess! Let's see about making my very own radio station; it will be a mixture of country, oldies, rock, pop, and a touch dance but mostly full of the awesome 80's; just my style! cool! :) Yeah, music rules! :)
Til next time, RdFreak
P.S. chicken kiev, baked potatoes and onions for me tonight; mmmmm!
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Well I finally made my way to the gym in Glenwaverly yesterday afo; it was very friendly. The pool was flooded with young schoolkids taking a lesson I'd assumed but the gym was quiet. The woman there showed me around the equipment and showed me how it all worked.
Afterwoods I booked in a time for an assessment for a program. I will go Tuesday, allowing time to think about it properly, but it seems very accessable. There's like one exercise bike where i may have trouble using the computer as the pannel is hard to feel but all the other machines seem pretty tactile.
It will be interesting to see the program they come up with for me.
As I walk a lot, I'm not as fussed about getting more strength in my legs as I am arms. It'd be so nice to get some muscles happening there as I hardly have the need to use my arms any more.
Right, methinks I should continue my first worksheet now, and there's a social chat taking place on ventrilo at 12 for the cisco students which i may join as i wasn't able to last friday due to my being out with me awesome new friends, Mon and Salix. :)
Sunday after Nan's gbirthday, I am going to the Twilight show at the zoo with a group of clients from GDV; should be a lot of fun! :) And unlike previously, apparently now we can take our guide dogs to the zoo; wonder what changed?
So should get done with my worksheet damnit! I just don't get this one because we are meant to find three job adds and write down the job details that interest us. thing is, the other day, as I said to E, nothing about such jobs interest me yet as I'm only at the start of the course so can't really see myself in those "CompTIA’s A+" Certification type jobs. And anyway most of us doing these courses don't know if we want to work in the feild afterwoods, so it's a bit weird, but just kinda trying to imagine if I was applying for those jobs. But another thing is that when i look at a position description, I don't necessarily think about what interests me personally; the skills and qualifications are either essential or desirable, so if I have them, great; if I don't have them, well, I can't do much about it. -- bla bla bla; ah well.
Also, I was listening to the part of the lecture I missed and freaking out thinking "how on earth am I going to remember all this stuff for the module exam?" I swear, so so so much to remember! I mean there's all the common components, but then they go into the sub-components, many of them especially RAM. there's so so so many different types of RAM; how am I going to remember all that? *whine*
I may go get a drink, eat, then tackle the continuation of the first sheet the best I can.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I guess my subject line has a double meaning as far as this entry is concerned.
First of all, since I seemed to be giving my LJ a bit of a facelift and I've now gotit to a place where I can feel comfortable, i just changed my password. This is because myself and a few people use to highjack LJs occasionally, and, well, it's a precaution cos you never know with said people who randomly decide not to have anything to do with you just because you help them out and give them a place to board for months at a time while they get settled in a new state; yep all that; anyway, am well and truly over that now but I have learnt a lesson from it; never again Josephine! :)
Anyway I got up late this morning; seems unlike the olden days, I have to set alarms. I joined the lecture halfway through; they were talking about hard drives, so will look forward to being able to download said lecture so I can hear the first part. And my "to do" list for the week as far as cisco is concerned is:
A. Finish my job hunt work sheet (got two more positions to find and blab about).
B. Complete the second worksheet on building computers, (haven't even seen that one yet so hope I can make sense of it. :)
C. Do the first module exam (which they've all been activated for the week, *shudders*
D. Read the second module before next lecture.
But, i'm not too worried about that amount because I will spread the tasks out evenly to hopefully put my best into them.
I decided that I am going to walk two dogs up to the bakery in a min to buy myself a ham and salad roll and eat that while watching Doc Phil. Then i'm finally going to the gym in the afo and get myself assessed for a program, and hopefully even make a start.
Then I will come back, complete the first worksheet and chill. Tomorrow and Sat I can attempt the second.
Sunday we're celebrating nan's 80th birthday at the Crown so will be good to catch up with the family again; has been a while. -- Nan's real birthday is Monday.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Today, the 7th of february, is my little Joy's 2nd birthday! she's still only a little puppy!
And who's here to help her celebrate? her adopted sister Heartly, and myself, her loving mother.
And we'll be still off to the city today I think; don't see why not; even if I don't exactly know where the big screen is in fed Square!
Can't seem to get in touch with Mum, so prob will just leave Heartly here when i go, and Nan called to say she wanted to come around later to finish getting rid of that jungle in me backyard.
So happy birthday dearest Joy! Looking forward to years and years of amazing work that you've promised me so far; not to mention being my constant amazing companion and pet!
I love you Miss Joy!
don't forget you have to share my love around because your dearest sister Heartly was here before you and I love her just as much also! :)
Impressions of city and my meeting when I get back; should be interesting to say the least.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I forgot to mention in here yesterday, it was Dad's birthday, so Nan (who visited with me) and I called him in the afo which he appreciated.
We went to Day Lite Savings time last night, but my puter didn't go forward; I guess because Vic can never seem to make up its mind when it starts and finishes.
Yesterday, Nan came up with a brilliant suggestion for a new name for Joy if she'll be my dog. This one isn't taking away from her original name she'd use too, but to me it sounds better; it's Joybelle. Her late sister was always nicknamed that.
I was so excited, I called Mum to tell her, but alas she didn't like it. of course she said, she's my dog, I decide, but I's aim to please everyone; so for something completely different, here's a poll under the cut )
That poll took me a while to do actually, and now I's go.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Five days to Cairnes. Heather called me yesterday and asked me what sort of food I like! :)
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Happy 11th birthday Miss Heartly!
We have been so blessed that you have absolutely no arthritus, and that you are still the for-ever bouncy little thing you always have been.
As i said yesterday, your work may be a bit slower now, but off harness, you still go like the clappers!
You're still very cheaky, yet have become much more timid and wary around other guide dogs, with whom you actually use to raz up.
I want you to stay my working partner forever, but, you deserve a good long retirement which you will begin when i hear about my next dog. But you will always and forever be my special little sweet Heartly!
I looooove my first doglet! <333 xoxoxoxoxo

In other completely unrelated news, sorting stuff out with B remains impossible; i've tried and tried.
I am sick to death of putting all my trust in people, only to have it shattered not long afterwards. So, however depressing my life may be at times, I will just stay single and try to be happy with my lot alone; not that I was looking for B or anything, but I am *not going to try any more. If it comes to me, great, but I won't go looking for it again; don't have the energy any more.
I guess if I'm meant to have kids, it will be, if not, I guess it's not meant to be.
Til next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I just had a guy from next-door over here, asking me if I was OK cos he heard me coughing. He said he was over staying at his parents place for a while. So with his Chinese accent, and the fact he reaked of alcohol, I struggled to understand him. But, I couldn't get rid of him; he was wasted me thinks!
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Well last night was great!
Yesterday afternoon, as they were early, [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat and [livejournal.com profile] alice320 came over here for a while, along with Curt who arrived a little later.
We just chatted and stuff, until it was time to bus it back to the station to meet a couple more people and then get to the restaurant to be there for when everyone arrived, of course!
So we picked up [livejournal.com profile] lauren_kh and Christopher s from the station and then made our way to the restaurant.
We were shown into a separate room where there were three tables. turns out we only needed the two tables as a few didn't show up, as I had expected!
Anyway, I wager there was about 25 people there all up and it was awesome!
I got a Western digital four hundred gig external hard drive from the awesome [livejournal.com profile] jordina, [livejournal.com profile] sjtaylor and [livejournal.com profile] serichsen (who couldn't unfortunately make it in the end).
Got some other lovely things; smelly things, chocolates (including yet more lint balls; mmmm :) and gift vouchers; I did very well! :)
everyone loved the food; a few of us ordered the banquet.
Then, the other table initiated the "happy birthday" tune, and I felt so overwhelmed hearing so many great voices!
So party equaled success!
Afterwoods at about 10.30, Curt, Loz, J, S and i walked back to my house. We chatted on for a while longer; then L and Curt went home while J and S stayed here the night.
we all then went to have a big breakfast with Peter S at Pumkins, then we made our way back home.
S went on to the city to meet up with some people, J is going out, and I will just look forward to doing not a lot today!
I already copied all my D drive to my external one for backup purposes, as well as being able to finally have my entire audio library where-ever I choose to go.
No more copying files of where I'm up to of Neighbours to my thumb drive; I will now have it all with me! yeah! :)
Being 30, as I said yesterday, has been made out to be quite grand so far.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, i'm 30, obviously as of Thursday the 16th of April! I've actually been too busy to find the time to write in here since then!
Life being 30 is OK so far; not much different to be honest, but when I think about it, I feel kinda sad! I know I shouldn't feel sad; I should look upon this as the next stage of my life, but change is hard!
To be honest, I expect to be a lot further on in my life! but, one's got no control over that, so I think I should just be happy with what I have!
I have a lot of friends who have definitely made the transition such a positive one, and for that, i am eternally greatful; all my twitter and facebook messages; not to mention the sMS's and phone calls! I just looove my friends globally! :)
I am so blessed to have soooo many amazing friends from everywhere, I really am; even a whole heap that can't make tonight! I feel so loved!
I have been doing 7.5 hour shifts, working from 8 aM all this week! -- I had the pleasure of Terry's company Tuesday and Thursday, while RB joined me Wednesday and yesterday, of course!
Thursday nnight I went to Mum's for tea with Nan, a and T. Twas a brilliant night!
tonight I've got my party at jumbos, and am so looking forward to that! Got about 30 going, give or take a few since some people still don't seem to know what an rSVP date is for! Lol!
Bec is home from hospital now. Can't wait to see baby Ike! Didn't see him Monday with Mum and A cos of my coldsores!
Oh, as usual, my entry is all over the place, but, we got new Del puters at work. i got mine yesterday and have already installed jaws and all! RB also got his a while ago, but Dean's lease isn't up yet!
Well, as the americans say, later! going to record tonight, and intend to put the highlights up here. Recorded family, but they're not too happy about it going up online, so I shall respect their wishes.
Til next time, RdFreak


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