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"Belated" because good old livejournal was down all yesterday and half the day before; so I had written the following birthday message yesterday morning but couldn't post it. (note it's the longest time in my LJ history LJ has been down.)

26th July: 8.45 AM
It's my Livejournal's 8th birthday today! A lot can happen in eight years; on some levels I have achieved a lot, but on other levels, I don't know if I have. Of course the highlights have been the overseas travels, all of which have been documented in here; so that's one reason to be proud of this here LJ. -- The only overseas travel I haven't documented in here were my trips to New Zealand as a baby, and the trip our family made in 94, though I have got a lot of recordings on tape which I'm sure I'll find again one of these days.
Of course LJ has seen me through my first job and now, my second which is proving to be a huge huge success. Unlike the previous time, my boss is fantastic, not to mention my increasing amount of friends!
I only moved into my unit a little over a year before this LJ began and soon, just short of the ten-year mark, I'll be moving again; that will be a huge change for me.
of course some of my low lights throughout this LJ was obsessing/loving people who couldn't give a damn about me, but .. ya know .. I guess I wouldn't have been human if I didn't experience that crap.
After a lot of heart-ache and disappointment, I'm now in a very stable committed relationship and I definitely couldn't be happier there.
Health of course is starting to prove a challenge but I can only remain positive and it won't stop me from completing my lifelong goals and dreams.
I have, and continue to make some great friends through this LJ, who have prooved very surportive of me. I have likewise lost a few along the way (generally online and real life), but .. hey .. that's OK; The ones that stay are the ones that really matter at the end of the day.
As mentioned in my recent bio update, this LJ went from being mostly public to mostly protected from the beginning of this year but regardless, I am proud of most entries; speaking of which, more news coming soon.
So happy birthday to RdFreak's LJ, and let's hope it's around for many many more years!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
2541 entries up to date.
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Happy 13th birthday darling Heartly! Hope you have a great day with Nan and Grand-pa.
Mummy is so sorry you are going through all these health problems now but unfortunately, we all have to get old sometime. :(
Mummy got you something on the weekend; a natural product which will hopefully help you with your stiff joints. Will give it to Nan when i next see her; either that or will start giving it to you myself if we are minding you at my place on the weekend.
Wishing you a continued happy retirement.

Your loving Mum, Dad, little sis Joy, Nan, Pa, Great-Nan, and Ruby. xox
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Well, I guess I lied about yesterday's entry being the final one of my being 31.
I want to copy Fran's farewell email here because it was very very clever. Speaking of fran, her morning tea was absolutely amazing yesterday; she's the best-ever cook I know of; sausage rolls, pies, cheesecakes, slices; there was nothing that wasn't there. and she tells us it only took about a week! amazing!
Anyway, Fran left about 3 yesterday, and not before she presented me with a birthday cake that she'd made (an orrange one) with candles and the group singing happy birthday to me.
As everyone was so full from the earlier morning tea, it was decided that I would take the cake home, and I thought we'd all have it today.
I was in very good spirits last night after dad had been around to give me my injection (not so fun but he did it well) and he went shopping with me to get the party stuff for today.
Mum and her friend sue had been around earlier and tidied the remainder of my house I hadn't got to from the night before, so, it all left me in a very grateful mood with everyone last night; my partner, friends, family and the awesome people at work that made the day before my birthday so special as well. :)
Actually L had joked that I must have been injected with some kind of happy drug yesterday.
Just before I paste fran's excellent email in here, I had forgotten to mention yesterday that unfortunately poor Heartly has been bleeding internally. She got some tests done but they were, for the most part, inconclusive; she'd have to have more which will cost up to $2000 I'm told. They think one of the many lumps now on her back is sadly cancer. Still deciding what to do. they also guess that her kidneys might be not working properly; poor dog. but she's not in pain I'm told. Think I'll pay for the tests but I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.
Anyway, here is Fran's email (Note that though this is public now, I may change it to friends only in a few days for privacy reasons.)
Read more... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, it's 6.22 on a Saturday morning and yes, I'm up; I'm awake. I feel a headache coming on so I got to be careful it doesn't.
Thursday I had one all day; a real shocker, and two lots of panadol didn't even help; It finally subsided when I arrived home at the end of the day.
I ended up taking Wednesday off work to try and give my body a chance to fight that lingering thing I had. Felt fine in the afo so kinda felt guilty but it was worth staying home resting in the morning and not rushing around.
Tuesday wasn't a good day; I left my ciprinal at home (when will I learn)? so wasn't happy at all, especially when Issobella (next to me) has told me a few times now I talk too loud when she can be heard all over the place; i told her as such and then later on regretted it; just cop it and shut up; but we were fine in the end. I was cheered up with some pop corn so that was good.
Yesterday was a better day; i was headache free and remained rather cheerful throughout. --- We all got a packet of fairry floss; then Sophie (the new girl who's starting to make friends with me) gave me hers as she can't eat the stuff; Lol!
A few days ago, we all got an email to say that there will be social drinks on Fridays after our shifts in the kitchen; So of course not being interested as soon as the word "drinks" are mentioned, I'd already decided to give it a miss, but right at the end, Judith talked me into it; that and of course "nibblies" always gets me interested. and I thought, since I was going home that night, I didn't have to rush or anything, so when my shift finished at 5.30, I joined them; it was fun. I spoke to a group of people, getting to know Libby and co better; it's good to be social. i left at about 6 though. It was good to have a chat to Megan too. Oh speaking of her, I had my first of the monthly meetings with her and that went well; she seems pleased with me.
We get 20 random calls a month listened to for quality asurance purposes, and this is what we go over in the meetings. How it works is, they get randomly listened too, and if there's an issue, they get passed on to Megan to then hear.
Man, writing from home with no distractions every ten seconds is sure nice; Lol -- as I've mentioned though in the past, I usually don't have much energy when I get home on a week night.
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. We're celebrating Nan's birthday today at Angie's; should be fun. :)
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Where is my love of writing in my LJ going?
It's not that I don't love it, i jus don't have time these days; what with my work that I'm there 8.5 hours a day and at B's for the weekends etc. And when i do get home to blacky, I am zonked and will listen to Neighbours online that I've missed, eat dinner and crash.Occasionally I have been able to catch neighbours live on my new set-top box I bought a few weeks ago.
Also got a digital radio in Paky a few weeks ago. idea is to see if I can use it at work but haven't had a chance to ask M about it yet.
Everyone here is still lovely.
My technology is almost all there but there is one aspect which isn't quite working yet. i can use everything else, just not the pulse call cue thing; jaws goes a bit spaz when i switch between my remote desktop and that program.
So Michael W has been here prob about half a dozen times since my first and only entry (up til now) for the year.
George from VA has also been here to help me click on unlabeled buttons on the elearning thinggy. By next year, the outsourced company will be required to have it sorted.
Since it's the end of the FBT year, Maxxia have rewarded us with plenty of fun things like popcorn, games with fun prizes and today, a free lunch of a subway meal; they are good to us and I can't complain.
I am also no longer the newest kid on the block as of yesterday. Sophy seems shy, but that's how i was; now I'm not; lol
I am having to drink heaps more water than i use to to prevent headaches; it's weird; I get them so easy now.
I will write in here more often as I use too.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I keep up to date with LJ friends page between calls, though this takes me a very long time since it's so busy.
My individual record so far is 501 calls in a day!
P.P.S My health is better in general since B insisted we visit this health food shop so I have better iron tablets, and they do seem stronger.
in saying all this, i think i have a minny cold; not one to hold me down at all, but just one to give me more sneezing fits than my usual annoying alergies, and now, a sore dripping nose.
P.P.P.S. I keep remembering things to add. It's was Miss joy's 3rd birthday yesterday. I will write an entry later about the adventure Joy and her mate had Sunday; not happy Jann!


Oct. 5th, 2010 04:16 pm
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Well this morning I went and had an ultrasound of a full bladder, an empty bladder and each Kidney. I then went to have a huge blood test and collected bottles for my urine collection; over a 24 hour period, a mid-stream and a few other random ones for the smaller bottles; good times, Lol
Dad and I then went to forest Hill where we had lunch (well I did; he wasn't hungry so just had a coffee). He then did some shopping for Mum. Then we went to a few places to try and find a funnel and jug for the previously-mentioned test. We were successfull and it's a lot easier to .. ahem .. do it all now.
I'm not going to woodwork tomorrow as I have to be here to finish carrying out the tests. He told me I'll be right as our class is ahead of their regular schedule anyway. Eddie also won't be there tomorrow so we can catch up together on whatever the following week.
I'm not worried now; just trying to stay positive til i know what my results conclude; Then I will worry if I have too, but i am pretty sure it must be just an infection in which case, it can prob be fixed by tablets.
I've got some of Dad's home-made lental potato pie to try for dinner tonight.
Also Sunday of course was dad's birthday. We have our moments but he seriously is always there and will do anything for me. He's always been so supportive and for that, I am eternally grateful. I do love him to death!
As it's also ang' birthday on the 9th, we'll be having a family dinner Friday night for them both. - Despite our sisterly conflicts, she has always been there for me too and I shall elaborate on her actual day.
I was meant to be starting up the tennis program but will be there the following week.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well I guess i shouldn't call her old since I'm 17 months older than her, and i'll hit 30 first *shudders* and .. according to ourselves when we were little "I'll die before her!" .. ahem! .. anyway, just got back from parents. We had Ang's choice, lasanya (excuse spelling). Trent was there as well and it was nice! Ever since she has been with him, her humour has really sparked through. Sometimes I still don't get it or find it too funny but most times, she comes out with this random stuff that cracks all of us up - even though sometimes I may seem jealous that they laugh at her most of the time .. ahem). anyway, most of it I couldn't do justice if I put in here but an example that would do was: over dinner someone asked what the weather was tomorrow. and I'm like, all knowledgable "28 tomorrow, 31 Wednesday and 32 Thursday" and Ang said "thanks Rob Jell! Lol I thought that was funny!
Then course I'll say something I won't think is funny and they'll crack up. ah well!
Parents were gentle on me today; guess cos of my being a bit down.
I'm not long out of bed tonight. am rather tired; still way too early for my own good but ah well!
Spent a lot of time on skype with my new bud [livejournal.com profile] irish_glitter lately. We seem to have a bit in common so yeah, we have a lot to yabber about.
ah and on neighbourrs tonight (which I watched in ang's room as dad had for some reason taken the arial up stairs), Skye told Dill the baby was stingray's, and course he went nuts and took Stingray out to a club (or something) where he will eventually break the news - probably tomorrow - stupid soapies. Lol! but he had been treating him very normal up til the end (where he started to illude to his feelings.) Now, I know some people in RL can do that; they can hold their anger in until the right moment where they will explode on their un-suspecting victom. this, is course better for revenge purposes in the end, but I absolutely couldn't do that. when I get angry, it's always straight up and out front! hmmm
Til next time, RdFreak
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no I'm not 26. I just feel the same. totally the same as I did! anyway yesterday evening was great. the Tea was *fab as usual! as I knew it would be (Mum why didn't you become a sheff I swear) then it was kinda late cos it takes a while to make, and after we all went in the loundge and actually spoke and had fun! haha am just still not use to that kinda interaction with parents. and yes, I was having a great time! then Mum cut up the marsbar and we had some, greatness and stuff! :) then Nan and i came back here and went to bed.
I still get round the institute tapes so was listening to one of them but didn't hear the end of the first side! weird huh?!
and my friends and family are the greatest! my LJ friends show me so much love! :)
well yesterday morning SugarSugar added me to msn so I confirmed but she wasn't on. this morning she was and we started speakin again! Lol I said to her "how long this time?" Lol hahaha but after much talking and clarifying we worked out that it could be :) so now she will be comin to meet me in Melbourne when she gets to Aus and when I get back from US! I get back bout eight days before she leaves. unfortunately it was too late to change any flights/deals but that's cool! and I will have to get use to a new LJ name! It took me to be the last straw for talking her into LJ land again! :)
I got lots of chocolate and money and clothes for me b/day! went well and at some point may think bout having a few ppl over at my house as I haven't seen some of em for quite a while. Actually we could probably go to Poppies! :)
well two days til astral course! and I have been doing my homework! and 70 days til US! :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Yeah OK so am listening to the Beatles so early in the morning. I am downloading their anthologies. even though I have most of them already - there's one I haven't got!
Now I can say I am a huuuuuge Beatles fan - like am collecting everything they have - well hopefully! John Lennon could have been mine any day baby! :( What more could a girl want?? -- lovely sexy talking and singing voice, lovely fingering with his guitar, --- but maybe I should have been in his generation. To the person who shot him, there is no words, only .. hope he's still in Jail! Hope they never let him out!
Anyway not much new has happened really! It's the first day of our easter holidays today, wohooo! I've got quite a busy schedule -- well today I have D comin over (hello Furball - the nosey freak who only has an LJ account to spy on me -- and Bigbrother will die btw! :)
Tomorrow J is comin round and we're doing easter shopping together at my SAFEWAY, Wednesday am doing an around the institute interview with A and J (about study group) Thursday t and I are catchin up (hi and welcome if ya decide to read this :) Friday good one! and I will probably try doing my work then and over the weekend oh and I have Monday. Tuesday S comes over! and ya know, it's not nice to bore people, Lol! they may never come back again Lol! Wednesday S (confusing but I'll know what I mean :) wants to catch up with us both in the city. thursday am not sure, maybe dinner and Swish. Friday is my birthday! and also my party night :)! that will be awesome as! Then I am guessing sleepiness or much tiredness wil entail saturday - we'll see how we go!
So there's my holidays in a nutshell! incase I don't write, we have the rundown! Lol
Oh and I won't even begin to mention the problems I am having at Swinburn at the moment and how my teachers are trying to force me to have a note-taker just because they only are employed part time and can't be bothered going to that little extra effort to make material available to me. Am I asking them to learn braille? no! Am I asking them to purchase a braille embosser and transcribe my work via that? No! All I'm asking is that I can either have the handouts emailed or scanned for me earlier?! Anyway looks like that will be happening thanks to me, myself and I for now! After the holidays I'll start that. I can go to the library when i get them in class and get help to scan!
Well I had been sooo soo upset about all that so I won't go into it more. but damnit, an intergration aid is the last thing I need/want!
I went to parents for tea on friday as Mum got back from NZ Thursday night.
OK, am off to see who that email is from!
Til Next time, RdFreak


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