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audio demonstration of me losing as many lives as possible in shortest amount of time. Lol

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I went to visit [livejournal.com profile] rickybuchanan today. yes, my first ever LJ friend from Ausie I know in real life! how cool! Well, it was an adventure but Heartly and i had heaps of fun and now we're both tired - tis what ya get for walking all over the streets of st. Keilda - exaggerating slightly! well of course I caught the train alright then it was time to remember and follow verbal directions. We had a slight misunderstanding. I kinda mis-interpretted them a bit which is kinda not that hard to do in those busy cityish streets. anyway after asking about ten or so people if I was heading in the right direction of (-----" street, i found it. then it was trying to find her driveway. this other lady helped me out after Heartly and i walked up and down about six times Lol! anyway, I got there! and it was awesome to finally meet! We had a lovely chat then she kicked me out Lol! hahaha! nah! Through the help of someone who showed me where the first lot of lights were, I found walking on the same side and then crossing over both the lights at the other end. I didn't really know if I was going to end up at the station but I was calm and thought "well I am gunna get there eventually". busy place, heaps of people around. anyway, after walking a while and hoping I wasn't getting myself even more lost, I came to familiar shops from where I'd come earlier. so I found the lights, crossed there, then again and walked down and eventually came to the station! yeah! go me! I was on familiar ground from then to home.
But today taught me a lot. I didn't get uptight like I normally would when in a kinda unfamiliar area and I think that's largely thanks to Zoloft. I was able to well .. at times I was frustrated but i never got angry and/or tearly. I simply knew everything would work right in the end - it always does!
And most ppl are really lovely and will go out of their way to help! so I think I can safely say that I got more confidence for going places I haven't learnt!
and of course, meeting Ricky was most awesome! Heartly and her Tommy cat didn't seem to like each other much Lol! but then Heartly is scared of cats, and cats are scared of her! Lol!
ah before I left, I played my bestest game of Pipe2 yet. no I didn't win but .. the closest I've come!
The troop gets back from camp tomorrow, and back to school for me Monday! not looking forward to it! Looks like we're getting the same teachers, and that is the best news as far as O is concerned, but ... only exception!
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