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So had no-one over yesterday; slept for a couple of hours and am starting to be good about taking my tablets again, even taking multi-vitamins.
I want to be all fit for work so just taking it easy til wednesday when I start.
At this stage, thinking of declining both my new year's invitations as I can't afford to stay up til all hours at the moment considering I'm trying to recover from this thing.
Joy loves her christmas present; cute! :)
anyway, here's a borderline personality meme: Read more... )
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Well, I know I always say something to that affect after christmas day, but wow, it's over for another year! -- i did have a good time, and as per usual when my parents hoast it, they put on a good deal; went to heaps of work!
As I write this, i am saving my recording. Unfortunately it's not the best quality as for some strange reason, I've lost my voice guide for the olympus. It vanished along with some of the sounds, so whether I accidently deleted them (something which I didn't think one could do), who knows. so, it's set to the lower quality setting but it's not too bad; just not the high quality sound I would have liked but it is certainly better than what I had it set to a few years ago.
Anyway I stayed at parents last night, slept in only to be woken up by B on phone at about 9.
Everyone started arriving about 12. We had lunch a while later, popped bonbons and were merry as always! Ike can run now; he's such a good little boy!
After lunch we open presents; I got money, chocolate and clothes pretty much; was good stuff!
Then we had the sweets.
Poor Nan has a cold so she didn't stay long. The others left too as they had their other families to go too.
I stayed at parents for a while with a and T, then Dad dropped me back here.
I asked Chelle if we could leave our catchup til tomorrow as I'm quite tired and will go to bed early tonight. She'll prob come tomorrow and we may go on mojo for a while.
But now I plan to add some icecast settings to my sam encoder and maybe go on for a test or something, and play a few songs or somethin. :)
As always, when christmas file is saved, I shall upload it as a protected entry.
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Celine Dion: Christmas eve )
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wow, two posts in two days? what's going on here? :)
Anyway, last night, I hooked up my m-power to use as a braille display for the first time, and it worked; can't believe it! -- only thing is, I fail to find some of the options I want to configure; like I'm now using grade 2, but I don't want dots 7 and 8 used at all. I turned that option off, plus the highlighting, but it hasn't worked. Also, so far, it's not showing an entire line of text, just a few words; may write to [livejournal.com profile] blindpeople about it.
Going to the shops later to get some last minute christmas stuff, then prob back here before I go to parents. decided I now won't do a show til tomorrow night as Chelle is coming here when I get back from parents. She has no family which is kinda sad.
Now I'm going to call Bret to inform him that I unfortunately won't be able to continue level 2 of woodwork next year, and also to see if I can talk to Michael and find out how he went with the jaws installation yesterday at work.
In case I don't get to it, merry christmas everyone! And as usual, I will be recording the family festivities.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I had some O&M from the platform of Melb Central to the new office yesterday - to my desk in fact - yes, I've got a desk already and, it went so well. I feel very confident about it all.
Everyone is just so nice and easy-going. i'm amazed still as I will have such a positive experience there as oppose to with ANZ and stupid boss who hated me.
Can't believe it's christmas eve tomorrow.
Got some blood test results back today from Monday; I am still bordering on anemia.
My official start day of work is the 29th so spent half today in bed trying to get over this latest bout of tiredness and lack of energy, dragging myself up occasionally to throw nasty messages back and forth with [livejournal.com profile] wesderby but, it will be sorted fully soon; fighting at christmas is not good but I guess I was to blame for this one; ah well. Hopefully we'll talk it all out tomorrow.
So yeh, tomorrow i plan to do a christmas eve special on Mojoradio before I leave for the parents place; yeah; will be heaps of fun. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I have the job! got called Friday but I've still got this annoying .. virus .. whatever it is so been a bit too tired to write.
They want me to start ASAP but the techies have to go in and work out jaws first, which I since decided i'd like to be there for, as they said I didn't have too, but I think it's important I am. So second job, first fulltime; amazing!
Also if there's a cansilation at the doctor/natrapath, I'll be going there tomorrow or Tuesday.
Six days til christmas!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So just reading some tagged christmas entries on my LJ and came across the letter meme from last year;
again I was naughty )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I'm still bad at updating this thing, really bad now. It's not that I don't want to update. Mostly, I have been feeling very tired with all my medical conditions that have seemed to be plagueing me of late. As I put it to someone yesterday, I feel like my body is slowly crapping up; feel like an old fart. there are so many issues with me medically atm that it is starting to overwhelm me. I'm going to make an appointment soon with a doctor/natrapath as my dad says an old work friend of his came down from Sydney to see him due to multiple problems, and apparently he feels great now.
The latest is that i finally got my kidney results back. They are scarred and permanently dammaged due to an unknown infection I must have had. It just means that kidney function will never be as good as it was, and that does scare me to an extent, but I don't need medication now, just have them monitored.
And since Monday I've been extremely tired and have no energy so am thinking it's a virus of some sort. I feel like I have what I did in Dubai in March.
I use to be so proud of my overall health and immune system; now I pick up anything; no idea.
Anyway in more positive news, Matt (the marketter from VA) found me this position at Maxxia on the switchboard. He accompanied me to the job interview Tuesday which I appreciated because he can really support me behind the sceens whereas I have had trouble in the past explaining about jaws and so forth to an extent where they feel happy and confident. anyway, they were really pleased with my answers. And I met up with fran who's one of the people on the board and was listening to her take some calls. Unlike my past interviews, I feel so so positive about this. Once I fill out this online assessment, I think i'll hear from them soon, possibly tomorrow. The assessment is flash based unfortunatley which makes it impossible for jaws to read, but I'd asked if Dad can come and help me with it. I was told I wasn't to stress if I couldn't do it, but I of course want to make the best impression I can.
I can't begin to express how excited I am about this job prospect; definitely more details when they come to me; won't leave this LJ hanging like I have done lately.
It's christmas here in nine days; it's pretty amazing actually! Of course everyone is going to parents place this year for christmas lunch, then I am having Michelle over that night.
Dad and I will be driving to vA later so we can drive my completed outdoor bench seat home and so I can show him around the workshop; as my LJ would recall, i'd been wanting to do that for so long.
OK all for now.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I can't even remember when i last wrote in here. It's not like me, i know. guess I just have felt not up to writing lately.
But I think since I wrote last, i've done three shows for Mojo Radio which have all had their various teething problems, but I am getting better. The Mic on my headset is partly to blame. I will eventually buy myself another one. I've gotten good at uploading my archives as soon as I finish my show; these being at http://mojoradio.us/archives/rachelk,
So yeh apart from that, I've just been hanging out, going to woodwork, been lazy on the job front, but will get back into that.
Last Wednesday I went for my followup appointment at the kidney specialist after I'd had the required blood test. the results weren't good; still much the same as before. so he organized me to have a biopsy at Boxhill Hospital which i had last Monday.
Man the local annasthetic stung so so bad, but I know why they do that now. they tell us to hold our breath as they're doing it, so they don't puncture or kinda scratch the kidney or anything around it; makes sense, but geeze, i was a wimp. But, all went well and i was wheeled out to recovery where I had to stay practically laying still for four hours, of course to prevent any risk of internal bleeding starting etc. I watched Channel 10 and listened to everything else going on around me. The nurses were so so nice, as only I've ever experienced; they were so busy though, run off their feet.
Anyway, dad picked me up about 2.30 and took me back there for the night. ang came for dinner so that was good. I had my acer to keep me occupied where i was mainly chatting on twitter.
Dad dropped me home yesterday afo. I was meant to go out yesterday and today to my various commitments, but I am taking it easy. Even now, the kidney is still tender, certainly not as bad as Monday but still; I will take it easy all week to be on the safe side. I will call the specialist tomorrow as instructed to see if he has the results and we'll go from there i guess; only thing to do right?
Oh, almost forgot, not use to having to remember back so far. Sunday the 7th was our graduation at gDV. I was in the second and final ceromony for the day. dad and Nan came with me, then we went back to Mum's for a roast. The day was rainy with patches of sun here and there, but the ceromony remained dry.
After lunch, we went to Ang and Trent's place; I hadn't seen it before, and it was nice. Ang made a lovely chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Jan was there too which was lovely. Love big get-togethers.
Now I can't wait til christmas. :) We're having it at parents house this year since the kitchen has been done finally.
Anyway about all for now. Hopefully I won't have any more absences from writing in here.
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, I just feel like i've been shot down. Just called the good help desk at Vision Australia, and was told that Miob isn't accessable with jaws at all. :( Should have told him about that guy who obviously just fobbed me off yesterday by trying to tell me the later versions were, or maybe they are and Nick didn't know about them. At any rate, Nick said the only accounting program that is accessable is cash management, so guess will mention that, as well as being told that the later version of Miob is. On a more positive note though, while I was talking to Proo last night, she just casually asked me if I was thinking of taking my netbook? I said that I was thinking of taking a demo version of jaws on a CD and then I could demonstrate it if the interviewers agreed to it. Might still do that, but the netbook is a brilliant idea because obviously Jaws is already on there. only disadvantage to relying on that is the keys are too small so I'd usually use a USB keyboard but that's huge. I need a smaller bluetooth one methinks; christmas is coming hey!
Ah well, I can only do my best and I'll be as confident as I can be; that's definitely my aim.
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. 30 plus comments on facebook, replies on twitter and Livejournal; I've got such lovely friends and acquaintance's. :)


Aug. 14th, 2010 08:33 pm
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It's really weird for me to post this now considering it's not christmas, but I just found it on YouTube. I looooved this last year when i heard it on the repeat of Carrols By Candle-light on christmas day while with the family; it made me smile. :)
the Jersey Boys - santaClause Is Coming to Town )
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Well, it all started last Saturday when John M made mention of the Blind Cool tech review of a minny synthesizer; so a couple of days later, I decided to take a listen before bed, not really thinking much of it. But, i was soon extremely hooked. No, it's not like the iPhone where I'll lose interest; this is different because it seems amazing what one could achieve with these things. I'm talking about Mathew Bullis (who I have heard of on the email lists for years) doing an awesome review on the Korg Kaossilator. I was blown away by this machine and wondered if, like the iPhone, M-power and N82, it would be a stupid idea to rush out and get one? but i guess i didn't think it was by the following day when I found them at a reasonable price brand new on ebay.
Even though there exists the touch pad, I would still not think there'd be much of an issue for us at all. In fact, after a bit of practice, I'm even sure we could figure out where the notes are for playing recorded loops to our exact wanting. I honestly can't wait to receive this now. I ordered it Tuesday but it was only shipped my time yesterday and they say seven to ten working days; that's too long! *whine*
So I've been on youtube because Mathew was saying in his review that there's a vidio which demonstrates all 100 sounds, whereas he skipped a few of them.
I have found many many very clever creations, but the following was just really special! :)

There have actually been entire albumns made with this thing; totally awesome!
In other news, something else I'll be waiting on next week to arrive here is a wireless broadband dongle from Optus.

The other days of this week have been pretty quiet. I did do some O&M Tuesday morning to the school again with Marita (from guide dogs). She just thought Joy was a great worker and said it looked as though we'd been together for six months or more, not one. We do work well together though.
Then i went to computer group that night, stopping off for dinner at MoccaJoes in glenwaverly before hand.
I've also been applying for more jobs as we're kinda disheartened at the lack of communication there.
I'm going to be going to Nan's today and will meet B from there Saturday.
Til Next Time, RdFreak


Dec. 27th, 2009 10:41 am
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I forgot to say two things; one important, one not-so important but more random.
The important thing I left out is my new friend Caz, (well, I've known her for simply yonks but we've just started talking more now; she will also be working with me) gave me some shortbreads that she made; She's a great cook and does a lot of it! Since J saw her last Monday, she gave them to her to give to me yesterday. They are sooo niiiice! :) Just wrote her an email to thank her for them!
The random fact is that my next-door neighbours (the big house behind our units) must have got their grandkids a trampaline for christmas, as I heard them jumping on it yesterday while taking the pups out. This is the house with the yappy dogs though fortunately they've been pretty quiet of late, (touch wood). It's also the house with a big swimming pool, and they certainly do not hide that fact on the boiling days where all I want to do is jump the fence and dive into it; if only they knew me! Lol!
Dad has since picked Heartly up, so I will go shopping later.
And I just got an SMS on the mobile so off I go to check it like the curious sod i am. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well [livejournal.com profile] jordina came over yesterday for our traditional boxing day; twas a good day. And I saw her tripple E PC, as well as finding out that my Acer's wifi still works. It wasn't connecting to Dad's, and as he had no trouble with other puters, we were keen to see whether it would work with mine, so dunno; maybe it's a setting with Dad's wifi.
I also had the two dogs here last night which has been a lot of fun; I looove my dogs! Mum and Dad thought, since they would be out all day with no Ruby at home to at least provide Heartly with some dog company if nothing else, she may be better off here, so they dropped her off on their way out yesterday, and of course with j and her dog here, there were three! Rob and Joy were very playful together; Heartly was a bit unsure.
J gave me an audio book and some honneycombe from Haigh's and I gave her a lush voutcher, (didn't hide that one too well since I wrote about visitting Lush last week). I of course finished my favourite chocolate first, the lint balls; sad times. :( but I've got quite a bit of other good quality chocolate to go which is comforting.
These dogs of mine are very competative of my attention, but they both mannaged to sleep in my room fine. but this morning, I shut Joy in while I toiletted and fed Heartly, and then I let Joy out and got her organized. Now they're both quiet; think Heartly's laying on one of the beds in the lounge, and Joy is in here. I may give Joy a run in the park today if Heartly gets picked up early enough. I've heard of some people being able to walk their retired guide on leash while working their current one, but don't know how it's done since they always crave to be on the left side even on leash. J may come with me to the park.
Now to my subject line; including today, there's only five days of 2009 to go, and I'm wanting to make the most of them. There's been so much positive change in my life lately that I'm thinking I won't be as emotional as other years about the transition into the new year, but still, I just want to see this year off in style as it's been one of my better years (having got my boy back, permanently it seems; yeay); as well as getting my new bundle of Joy and finally kissing my old job and evil boss goodbye for good! :) I don't mean actually on new year's eve as I'll be with my boy, but I mean this week leading up to it. B will be working, and I just don't want to spend the final days doing nothing. Me thinks I should and could get in touch with some friends and hang out a bit. It's funny, I've never felt that way before, but I guess for the reasons mentioned above, I feel I want to honour this year not by being a TV couch potatoe in the final few days. Weird? I know.
And next year promises to continue seeing change in my life, starting off with my new job where I already know I'll be appreciated.
So, how to start ending my year in style? I know I do need to do housework today; vaccuming after the three dogs yesterday, washing me clothes and shopping as I haven't got a lot of stuff here except for turkey (which is good stuff), chips and biscuits. Then, if I have time I will give Joy the run in the park, or maybe I can do that tomorrow with J and Rob, and contact other old friends to possibly get together Tues, Wed and/or Thurs.
So this has been my contemplative entry for the weekend; God bless us all! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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.. For another year; I keep saying that at the end of each christmas day, I know! But i just got back from Aunty Julie's, and had one of my best christmas celebrations; A few of them have been up there; some aren't as good, more so because I can still be even shy around the family, but this year I wasn't. And my Aunty Mich (not who's house it was) spoke to me a bit this time which is certainly different from the other years; maybe Nan said something; i dunno.
Anyway as I speak I'm saving the 2009 christmas recording which I did on the olympus. We did things a bit different this year, but I spose I should go from the start.
I had planned to bus it over to the parentals last night, but it started raining, so being the wimp that I am, I called and nicely asked Dad what he was doing; so he picked me up. Ang and T came for dinner, and dad made pizzas, complete with his own base; they were sooo nice; we got to choose the toppings! I had most of the standard but chillies which i stay away from.
We had a nice night; we had chocolate after that, and i went up to play on my Acer and stuff around online a little bit; and I did watch some of the anual carrols before going to bed in my old room. Joy of course stayed in my old room with me.
This morning Mum got up early to put the turkey on; this year, she thought she'd try some turkey rolls stuffed with the shop's stuffing; it did go down well, but I think Mum had decided to go back to the traditional way next year.
A and T came over and we all unwrapped the presents from each other before we left for Julie's. I did quite well just from them. I got various chocolate and bubblegum from Ang and T, chocolate from mum and dad, as well as a 500 gig USB drive from Dubai, a casserole dish (it was heavy, so it must be a good one), a rice cooker and some sharp knives (as I'd said the other day I was in need of them as all my current knives were blunt and made it hard to chop things. Apparently Mum was quite reluctant to give them to me though cos of how sharp they were.)
Then when turkey was ready, Heartly and Ruby were left behind (I felt bad) and we drove over to Julie's! As said, it was a great day! Lunch was great, consisting of vegetables, lamb, chicken and turkey with stuffing. Then we randomly popped the bonbons (which will be heard in the recording) and as happens every year, took turns at reading the corney jokes within, but not as much emphasis was placed on that this year, as Aunty Julie, who's usually the most liveliest was concentrating on her first little eight-month old grandson Ike.
After dinner, we just chilled and then hopped into the sweets; so nice! there was choc-ripple cake, chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, chocolate moose (white and dark), various slices and a few other things.
Then the kids unwrapped their presents as we decided on that this year plus a Chris-Kringle with the adults that never ended up happening. I did ended up getting some extra money and lint chocolate though; mmm!
Then we spoke some more and that was that.
Providing the file doesn't go over the limit my audioblog account can handle, i shall upload it in a friends only post.
I am minding Heartly tomorrow while parents go out again for the day, and also J will be here as per our usual boxing day tradition.
Good times!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well today is christmas Eve and I can hardly believe it's come around again so soon! I will be getting ready soon to go around to the parent's place where ang and t will also be having dinner with us; dad's cooking non-vegan pizzas.
Then tomorrow, we're off to Aunty Julie's place with the rest of the gang for the christmas lunch. As said before, family is going to be up by one member; little Ike.
I am feeling really festive; that's got part to do with the many changes that are taking place in my life right now! :)
So the rest of the family will meet Joy, and they can't wait. I'll feel sad leaving my Heartly behind this year though. :( I'm going to take my zoom groom and dog combe and spend some nice quality time grooming them tonight!
Then no doubt the anual Carrols By candle Light will be on the family tV. And i dare say Dad will want to fit him and my music-listening in up in the attick at some stage.
So it's all ahappenin baby! :)
Merry christmas to all and to all a good day/night! :) Lol!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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How could i forget this; I do it every year, i think, but was reminded when i saw it on [livejournal.com profile] alice320's LJ entry:
Read more... )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, I read in [livejournal.com profile] news the other day that we now have access to a page where it shows the 100 most recent visittors to our LJ. Only problem is, of course LJ users can decide whether they want to be shown or not when viewing another journal.
I find it interesting to note when I went to my page, quite a few randoms had visitted my LJ. I also noticed that unfortunately, quite a few guests had changed their privacy setting to invisible, so I wasn't able to find out who they were. I bet I can think of at least one person who did this; fail. They don't want me to know they're still highly infactuated with my LJ, Lol! admit it! hahaha! oh well; whatever! ..
In other news, today Jane, (who had a cold) came with Joy and I to parents place so she could see what I meant when i was talking about the lack of footpath in the street; but she was fine with Joy and I walking on road and walking to side when we heard cars. Mum put on a lovely lunch for us when we got there. dad was out at shops when we arrived but came back a short time later.
I then went back with Jane on the bus and she left to go back. Today was the final one for our follow-up class training.
Tomorrow I plan to venture into the city as I thought I could get some gifts from the shops there, (not going to disclose much more info as it's a public entry) but let's just say I haven't done any christmas shopping yet; shame on me. -- so I will do that, then might do lunch at timeOut. i think Jane would probably object to me going in three days before christmas cos of the likely crowds, but I shall see how we go. I guess if it's too bad, i'll just come home.
So there's that. Tatita for now!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've got chocolate! this is good stuff; swiss chocolate Dad bought me back from Dubai; it's just sooooooo niiice! :) Anyway hop to my week of last.
Last weekend was great. B came over and it was the first time him and dog met Joy; they all got along very well!
Monday Joy and i met Jane at Flinders, and we went over some of my leisure routes; to Hayges, to that Flinders Street station subway entrance i use in degrave street, to Timeout (in fed square). Joy just blew me away with her city work; just absolutely awesome stuff!
Jane and I shared a plate of chips at timeout and I had a smarty cookie and a lovely chat. Then I went home and just relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon I thought I venture to Boxhill on my own to see if we could do our routes OK; we did I'm pleased to say and it was a great feeling since I'd never really been able to get from A to B in shopping centres before. But on our way back from DickSmith's we ran into problems; silly thing was, it was just one little area; I simply couldn't find this slope I used as my landmark. Fortunately a juice Bar is a good landmark, but from there on, I'd lost our slope. Anyway, I persisted, but it only led to my getting awfully teary as I got so upset and frustrated. Someone ended up walking me back to the station, and I went home feeling sad and sorry for myself.
I did call Jane though and she told me not to bee to hard on myself as Joy and I have done so so well with everything else, and Boxhill is so hard.
Wednesday though, Jane took me and my cane only back to Boxhill and walked me over everything again. She helped me discover where I was going wrong, so I am happy now. will prob attempt it again sometime next week. Anyway as it was 39 that day, I didn't do much else for the remainder of that day.
Thursday was a nothing day. It was a lot cooler; in fact I got caught in a storm in the afo. I was halfway to the shops when it pelted down, so decided in the end I should probably just turn around and go home. Joy was racing; bless her! a lot different from Heartly who just walked very slowly in rain, Lol!
Yesterday morning Dad landed back here after leaving Dubai wednesday. Nan ended up coming over for the day as we would be meeting them for a family dinner that night. So Nan helped me out with some housework, including my shopping which was very handy, as usual.
Yesterday afo at about 4, Nan drove us over to parents place where we met up with heartly and Joy met Ruby for the first time. they appeared to be playing quite well, but Ruby being the typical cautious Chihuahua would snap (noise only) when Joy got too close. Anyway during the meal, Ang went to feed Ruby some spaghetti (that dad made) as she doesn't eat normal dog food, and Joy got a bit close and got bitten on the nose. she let out a huge yelp which had me extremely concerned and cursing at Ruby. But Joy was fine and even got a lick on the nose after that by Ruby and they started really playing again and now they're best friends.
Heartly was the old wise one watching fromn the corner.
Joy had been wandering off outside and really exploring her Grandparents home.
I was told last night that Heartly has a sore eye, but I made an appointment for the Vet this morning which Mum will take her too. I had insisted that I would still be responsible for Heartly's vet bills (maybe even her food); it's the least I can do. I do hope she's OK.
Dad gave me my little acer back last night, which is working brilliantly again.
And later on, Joy and I will be off to B's; first time for Joy.
So I've written a novel and that's about all.
I feel really christmasy now and at peace with the world, and I must say .. finally. Everything is going well in my life for once, and once i find out more about my new job, even better.
Good and fun times! yeah, and did I mention I have swiss chocolate? :)
Til Next time, RdFreak


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