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Well, subject says it all; I am back; as of 4.45 Eastern daylite savings time.
Anyone miss me? thought not, oh well! Lol!
Apart from this cold, I had a great time, and I just can't really believe I'm back. For some reason, in a strange way, it seems like I've been away forever! But, I must say, I've had the heater on tonight; whoever would have thought, since I was sweltering in Cairnes!
Had a great convention weekend. Wasn't overly entertained by the discussions yesterday; today sounded a lot more interesting, but as I was leaving early afo, I didn't bother registering for today.
The dinner last night was great though, and of course the socializing throughout was awesome!
Anyway, as I'd promised myself I was going to get to bed early, I will go for now, but write properly about it all tomorrow.
It is good to be back I must say, but will take me a while to get use to being back home.
Mum will drop Heartly in tomorrow on her way to her dentist appointment; I have definitely missed them!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well this is the record. I haven't posted in here for so long, and I can pretty much only blame it on twitter. I do love it, but I never intended to neglect my LJ!
I also couldn't write at a good speed for a while cos of my poor hand. I was having it dressed every second day for about one and a half weeks, then Mum was helping me with it on our own, then I started doing it. It's still very scabby but haven't had anything on it yesterday and today.
Guess nothing much has happened though.
My internet speed had been throttled back once again; second time I used all my download bandwidth on my own. :( It's so slow now.
I finally downloaded the Sendspace wizard on Sunday, and I think that finished it off. It's great though, when it works. for some reason, I discovered that it doesn't auto resume like it should until about half an hour after I've opened it.
I downloaded, installed and am now using Quitter.It's based on Jawter, and it's quite fun to use.
Christopher S started talking to me about his job again and how they're hiring, so, after a bit of thought, I applied. I so don't want to go into Queens Street.
Yesterday I had my required O&M, even though, surprise surprise, I didn't need too. Heartly and I remembered everything!
I'm off to Cairnes in two and a half weeks, and I so can't wait; I need a break, oh yes I do!
Then, despite a bit of a stage of reservation, I am looking forward to convention; just meeting new people will be fun!
If I've left anything out, I'll be sure to update again.
I just tweeted this morning that I'm glad to be awake, though I still feel tired and weird. I had a strange dream this morning, and it concerns Kay D and liam E; both of which I don't talk to a lot, though starting to talk to Liam again a bit more on twitter, and occasionally on msn when timezones permit.
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very weird and strange. While a lot of events don't make sense at all, when I'm awake, I can try and piece it together, like a jigsaw puzzle.
As i say though, I'm feeling worn out from it. stupid dreams. *grrr
OK guess that's about all. I promised I'd write about the above dream in here since twitter would be obviously difficult. -- yes, I know I'm strange!
Oh, btw, I expressed my interested in doing a weekly radio show on The Global Voice. So in talks with the mannager about that now as I hadn't broadcasted for a long while, so can't remember exactly what I need.
But before I didn't have my entire albumn collection on here. now I do plus additional stuff I'd bought and things.
Because I'm into such a wide variety of music, it'd have to be from the 60's to today, playing a bit of everything from country, to rock, to balads etc; idealy with a bit of humour chucked in, but I still need to talk about the specifics, but it sounds like they're pretty flexible on that, so that's good. I was wondering about a good title. I straight away thought of "bits and pieces" but realized why that did come to me so soon; as that was the name of an interactive show on ACB radio so I then came up with "bits and bobs".
Anyway, that's about all. perhaps breakfast may help this worn-out feeling.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, this happiness meme is going around, and I've been tagged by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lauren_kh so decided to get on the band wagon.
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Last night I went to Mum's for the promissed Roast; was just sooooo nice; mmm! Mum's roasts will always be 2die4! :) We had the Turkey Load this time!
Mum had bought me some chocolates that I really loved from chrissy, so that was good!
Only two days til half the year is gone; that's kinda scarey!
And, as I was mentioning it in my phone post of Monday, my leave has been approved, so Cairnes and Brisbane, here I come! I so can't wait!
Tomorrow is my re-assessment with AA from guide dogs. It will be so sad in a way, cos i know from then, i'll be officially on the list for another dog.
I'm yet to take Heartly to the Vet, but I am beginning to be a bit suss about her eye sight, especially at night. She seems to be confused with shadows of late too; nothing to really worry about though; it's just an observation.
Oh, and last night when I got home from Mum's, while sitting here at my puter, I thought I heard a bbit of commotion coming from somewhere under this desk, followed by a squeaking sound. I paused to listen properly but I didn't hear any more. Then, a few mins later, i heard a bit of movement again; then nothing else. Hope it's not a mouse, else I will be pretty worried! It may have been coming from next-door though; who knows!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I arrived back here not too long ago.
had Mackers for tea and started unpacking. It was great. didn't want to come home actually in a lot of ways, but I am extremely tired. I didn't sleep that well friday night but last night was great, even though I accidently broke the loo (though I didn't really, but I guess it's old, and when I flushed it, it wouldn't stop running. reception were no longer there so we had to put up with it til morning).
I went for a swim Friday and it was just great! --
I did record some stuff, though not too much of others, mainly myself with a little bit from Frank and Brendan on the way up. -- so I will edit it and upload it!
Last night, during the convention dinner, L, K, J, M and myself performed a little bit for the others. F came to join our final number "HAPPY DAY". It all started because someone asked J to sing, and as she didn't want too, I nagged her and K to get up and all do a number. They eventually agreed! -- man it was hard to convince them. I was soba; I had fun! :) The others were hoping no-one else was soba as they hadn't prepared for anything. -- yeh, it was fun fun!
I will write more of the detail when I'm with it.
til next time, RdFreak
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Well well, sugar does dammage! finally, have I worked it out??
Once it was claimed by my parents that sugar must put me in a bad mood, but I didn't want to believe it. Now it's right.
Apart from all the other hormone crap going on in my life, today, I had heaps of junk food (am still going) and I have literally felt up and down from even one second to the next. I can not describe how I was.
I was talking on the phone to M today (along with a) and first I was happy to talk then I got all ajatated all of a sudden. like a switch in me.
I don't know what to think any more. also with my bizarre mood swings comes my ability to change my mind from one sec to the next. I tell ya, it gets a lot of peeps confused and angry.
I think M is finally mad at me! anyway, I might be going to convention if he can talk to this guy from a branch of bCA in charge of reinbursement, etc.
Me?? at convention?? who-ever thought. I swear that was only tonight I finalized my answer to the group (YBCV) of really wanting to go.
OK when I first started eating the sugar stuffs, I was in such a high. I was on msn saying the strangest things to A! I felt like the world was all mine to do crazy things within. :) Lol
so yeah that was my emotional roller-coaster kind of day. am feeling OK now.
A (sister) was here before. I was talking to her for a bit.
nanna came over to help me with some cleaning up of the joint and washing. she also came with me to forest Hill. we had lunch and bought some stuff.
Yesterday I had A (friend) here. we had a lovely lunch. We went to sAfeway and got a few things like a chicken and a packet mix salad.
We then, once again, found ourselves in a D & M about, well heaps of stuff. Her and I can not avoid it it seems.
Well tomorrow I must study! I am doing my SAC from home on Friday and I have a little bit of hope yet, so I will try afterall.
random: M is once again pasting stuff into my window - this time it's my damn msn profile! *grrrrrrr*
Well what a boring entry!
Til next time ... RdFreak

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