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I do not know how to explain what I'm about to write, but I shall try the best I can for my future.
I think I mentioned in here briefly a while ago about the night terrors I experience perhaps about three nights a week sometimes; other times, I'll be lucky if it's once a month. (It always occurs not long after I've fallen asleep for the first time that night; I wake up with a start and I feel really terrified, for what reason, i do not know. I use to turn the radio on for comfort, but more often than not now, I just ignore it and go back to sleep. Though sometimes the radio or the puter is in fact still on from earlier and that confuses me as I wonder WTF the noise is, and it scares me just as much).
Well, just then i experienced something I haven't for a long time. I was looking at a friends status on Facebook, and another friend of hers had replied. The name scared me as soon as I looked at it (Jaws pronounced it); indeed, it was an unusual name "Vic Plant" to be exact, but even so, why should it scare me? I've no idea but I certainly recall it happening before where I'll read some words, strange names or phrases and feel really scared by them. I wonder if it matters that i'm using a screen reader? IE, if I were able to read these names with my eyes or fingers, would I feel the same?
Now I come to think of it, i wonder if it could possibly be related to the Synesthesia I use too, and occasionally still do have bouts of; It sounds to me like there may be a bit of a link, though the night terrors definitely don't at all; no idea why they occur.-- freaky times.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I hardly ever have reoccurring dreams; not that I can think of, but I am about to write about one of them, in the hope that perhaps it will go away for good; as it's more like a nightmare.
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Now, as I say, hopefully writing about it has somehow nipped it in the bud. *shudders*
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've just taken the dogs out and fed them.
Parents are coming later on their way to the airport so dad can say his final goodbye until he gets back in december. :(
As soon as I have my breakfast, I'm going to start chopping the vegies; I am going to cook today.
I've also started adding to my Neighbours collection with the episodes from October 2009 to the latest.
Last night I dreamed about RVIB Burwood; prob cos we were talking about it last evening! I was just walking along the big pool (which no longer exists as with the entire rest of the building. :(
Anyway, I woke up from one of my many sleeps last night, and was regretting, as one of the only things I've regretted a few times lately, going to work at the ANZ. I had worked so hard to get into primary teaching at deakin, even having to apply for an extra time as I stuffed up my Vtac offer which I'd successfully got intoo. -- As previously mentioned, most of my time at ANZ was miserable anyway because of certain people .. ahem .. so if I didn't defer my course and then later on, withdrawing from it completely to stay with ANZ, I'd probably be almost finished my degree now, (not sure how long primary teaching went for). Despite what everyone said at the time, I certainly would of had a much better chance of finding work afterwards than the situation I'm currently in; Thanks Lorraine. :(
I know I was over study, but since it's something I wanted to do, I probably would have some how done myself very proud; of course teaching rounds would have thrilled me.
Of course, I wouldn't have as much overseas experience under my belt, but that really doesn't matter; I still would have been twice on my own anyway.
Now, the best and closest possible way of working with kids is if I can become a receptionist at a school, (something I will be looking intoo).
We can't turn back time, but I just wish that I stayed at deakin. Of course, the only downfall of that is, I wouldn't have met RB; at least, not had the close friendship with him i did, (we've drifted a bit now).
So yeh, not much I can do, I know; *sigh* but at least I wouldn't be stuck in this rut now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Last night, I kept having reoccurring dreams about fanfic.net. I think it's cos I was thinking of writing some fanfic on Neighbours. As I know that show like the back of my hand (especially from the last decade) I may have heaps and heaps of fun with it! :) -- I need some fun in my life.
Also, a few weeks ago, dad and I were discussing the possibility of my visiting him again when I was all down and out. I thought it was a great idea but I shouldn't escape my problems by escaping. But, I don't care; whatever makes me happy. And I see nothing wrong with making the most of my opportunities.
Therefore, I have been really thinking lately (as in only for about twelve or so hours) that if I don't get this job that I really want, I might escape to Dubai for a while; for how long? i don't know. It would be nice to be there until Dad finishes in May. he is then going to England to stay with C and J in Cornwall (where i was last year) so ideally, i could go there as well the same as I did last year, and then naturally, catch up with everyone (the Londonites etc) again. Also it'd be nice to do some touring around with dad. .. but .. I mustn't get too carried away .. this is again, if I only don't get this job.
The thing is, I’d feel bad for having to leave Joy so soon after I got her, *sigh*
I'm thinking of introducing myself to her puppy raisers soon, so either they may be an option or another trusted person in my life; with all the renos going on, Mum won't be able to have the two dogs; I'd possibly end up boarding her at guide dogs since they know the correct way to walk her to keep up her skills etc.
Also, I'll need a good solid internet connection to still do my IT courses if I go.
It's really a good opportunity, since the English gang are asking when I'll next be there, and since I won't be guaranteed of holidays for at least twelve months when I get a job, and it's nearly twelve whole months since I was there last time, it sounds like it could be a go'er!
So, one or the other can happen; this job or trip! squeee!
In Ite1 news, we have to do this assignment which will contribute to 5% of our grade; easy 5% as the task is only for those people who have been asking repetitively on the list where things are located on the cucat site. I don't know why they do that since it's been told to us many times that we need to explore the site; it's not that hard to find things. I'm of course more worried about the course content; I can find everything I need too. *sigh* ah well; having this as a prac that goes towards our grades won't be a problem for me then.
last nights loser episode )
After loser, I watched Bondai rescue; funniest quote ever to come out of that; the life guards are so funny! :)
Sadly this nine year-old boy was dragged from the surf having got into a bit of trouble with his dad out swimming; he'd swallowed a large amount of water. The light-hearted life guards asked him "do you feel like a spew?" he replied softly "no", to which funny life guard asked "do you feel like spewing when you see Nick?" (obviously pointing to another life guard; (I can't remember what his real name was.
OK that's it from me. Unfortunately I got up too late which means it may be now too hot to go out for a walk with the dogs. I'll just go and check and if it's not, I will go and get a drink from Pumkins. -- did I mention in here I hated summer? *sigh*
til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. I made another tag; never before have I published the fact that I did so, but when I write about a topic more than a few times, I think another tag becomes necessary. :)
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Yes, my readers did read right! I had this extremely random dream last night; ie. I've never had a dream about the Royal family before. In fact, they hardly cross my mind, and certainly not last night, but Prince William featured in my dream )
So weird-much.
Heartly is also here tonight because Mum thought it'd be best not to have to endure the noise of the jack-hammer going on from today at their place. Joy is a jealous pooch!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well this is the record. I haven't posted in here for so long, and I can pretty much only blame it on twitter. I do love it, but I never intended to neglect my LJ!
I also couldn't write at a good speed for a while cos of my poor hand. I was having it dressed every second day for about one and a half weeks, then Mum was helping me with it on our own, then I started doing it. It's still very scabby but haven't had anything on it yesterday and today.
Guess nothing much has happened though.
My internet speed had been throttled back once again; second time I used all my download bandwidth on my own. :( It's so slow now.
I finally downloaded the Sendspace wizard on Sunday, and I think that finished it off. It's great though, when it works. for some reason, I discovered that it doesn't auto resume like it should until about half an hour after I've opened it.
I downloaded, installed and am now using Quitter.It's based on Jawter, and it's quite fun to use.
Christopher S started talking to me about his job again and how they're hiring, so, after a bit of thought, I applied. I so don't want to go into Queens Street.
Yesterday I had my required O&M, even though, surprise surprise, I didn't need too. Heartly and I remembered everything!
I'm off to Cairnes in two and a half weeks, and I so can't wait; I need a break, oh yes I do!
Then, despite a bit of a stage of reservation, I am looking forward to convention; just meeting new people will be fun!
If I've left anything out, I'll be sure to update again.
I just tweeted this morning that I'm glad to be awake, though I still feel tired and weird. I had a strange dream this morning, and it concerns Kay D and liam E; both of which I don't talk to a lot, though starting to talk to Liam again a bit more on twitter, and occasionally on msn when timezones permit.
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very weird and strange. While a lot of events don't make sense at all, when I'm awake, I can try and piece it together, like a jigsaw puzzle.
As i say though, I'm feeling worn out from it. stupid dreams. *grrr
OK guess that's about all. I promised I'd write about the above dream in here since twitter would be obviously difficult. -- yes, I know I'm strange!
Oh, btw, I expressed my interested in doing a weekly radio show on The Global Voice. So in talks with the mannager about that now as I hadn't broadcasted for a long while, so can't remember exactly what I need.
But before I didn't have my entire albumn collection on here. now I do plus additional stuff I'd bought and things.
Because I'm into such a wide variety of music, it'd have to be from the 60's to today, playing a bit of everything from country, to rock, to balads etc; idealy with a bit of humour chucked in, but I still need to talk about the specifics, but it sounds like they're pretty flexible on that, so that's good. I was wondering about a good title. I straight away thought of "bits and pieces" but realized why that did come to me so soon; as that was the name of an interactive show on ACB radio so I then came up with "bits and bobs".
Anyway, that's about all. perhaps breakfast may help this worn-out feeling.
Til Next Time, RdFreak

pinch punch

Feb. 1st, 2009 09:18 am
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] loscha's latest entry, I discovered that our recent heat wave has made it on the front page of wikipedia; go us! :):)
i had some very weird dreams last night, mainly this morning. Read more... )
I have been on msn a bit lately, catching up with old and new contacts, and making much more of an effort, but it pays! I have made so many supportive new friends of late! -- I love friends! I just find it hard sometimes to be tied to the puter these days! but once i get a skype phone, I should be right, and I can have more skype calls with these people, instead of msn.
Writers block entry coming.
til next time, RdFreak
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It was Wednesday night when I last left this thing, and i mentioned that I'd be lunching With W, R and co; well yes I did that. it was as yummy as tuesday; with my duck rolls. I even tried some quaile, (I hate to admit that i like trying new meats; I feel bad!)
I had a pizza for main and chocolate slice for dessert.
good food, good company and good weather equaled great time!
I then went back to Mum's. didn't eat though as I'd had so much for lunch, but it was nice chatting to Heather again. we were chatting a bit about my trip up there next July or august.
Yesterday I went to J's. we had lunch at the CAFE near her place, off the book store, then went to get ourselves some sugary goodness from the seven-eleven before returning back to her house while being unlucky enough to cop a minny downpore; we timed that one extremely terribly.
M then dropped me home later on and i pretty much crashed out not long after I got back.
Mum picked Nan up last night after dropping Heather at airport, so she came with me on my journey to singing this morning.
singing went well! I've made a new friend, (one of her other students) which is always nice! -- G got caught on the phone, so Jenny (who was there when i rocked up) and I were chatting. we'd met a number of times before, and we had the chance to swap email addis.
This morning I couldn't sleep. I checked the time, and it was 2. I realized that fortunately it was still dad's b/day in dubai. I'd meant to call, but then it slipped my mind before bed. so I called him right there and then! -- at least I didn't miss it entirely! Lol!
Now reading some topic two [livejournal.com profile] thebrenljidol entries and started to vote on them. I copied the rest into my idol notes and sent them to work, so I will be able to finish reading and commenting Monday while bored at work. will then come home and just vote and add my comments into LJ.
have had some very strange dreams that I was saving up to document, but now it's come to the crunch, I only remember the crazy one I had Wednesday night about Izzy (aka Natalie Bassingthwaighte.
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I am off to see a miss [livejournal.com profile] rickybuchanan tomorrow. it's been literally years since I visitted her, so it will be good. she is having a bit of a get-together which will be nice.
OK now I go!
til next time, RdFreak
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so I sMS'd singing teacher last evening to see if she'd recovered for today; I kinda said "how are you going? you OK for tomorrow?" to which she replied "you bet baby!" hahahaha! so yeh, am leaving for that shortly.
and tonight I am having a DVD night with a Tim who offered to pick up some pizzas on his way here, so that should be fun!
I decided that since tomorrow is my LJ's fifth birthday, I will introduce a new aspect then.
When I come back from singing, I am going to do a meme which I will be snagging from my friends page, which I actually found quite hilarious.
oh my gosh last night's dreams )
So a lot of dreams to occupy my little mind last night; well at least, ones I do so remember.
My lover could have well been Julie Andrews, but of course it wasn't her that was being threatened.
now I should go.
til next time, RdFreak
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There's a pattern in our family when it comes to birthdays; we get a lot in the beginning of the year, (Jan, feb, March, April), then due to family deaths, there's now a rather long break til September, when the birthdays start up again, several each month til christmas!
But July is a significant month for me! I don't think a lot of people would understand the significance of some of these things.
But, today, thirteen years ago, I met celine Dion; I was shy, I was a different person to what I am now, but, I met her on a Wednesday, (I was going to link to an entry I wrote on the day in 04 where I related every detail in a diary I'd written not long after the event, but, unfortunately, some unrelated drama entailed in the comments, so I shell keep it quiet for now, but it's in here of course, as all my entries are that I've written since I began this LJ in 03).
Heartly's birthday is on the 20th, and she turns the big 10 this year! I'm actually contemplating maybe a bit of a celebration where I invite some humans, and maybe some dogs along to mark the occasion.
Then, my LJ's birthday is on the 27th of this month, and it turns five years old! :)
In other news, it's absolutely freezing outside. i went to singing this morning, where I was pretty pleased with my efforts, and Glenda was as well! Did the usual scales and sung all of "MY HEART WILL GO ON" and she was quite happy with the progress! man I love that song though; it's so pretty! So yeh, was all happy that she was so happy about it, and even my warmup scales were at such a high standard compared to other weeks.
We then went back on bus and train (I can safely say thanks to Nan, I finally know the way now!) We went to foresthill where we had that lovely mushroom pizza, and I stocked up on some more quality chocolates.
last nights dreams )
I've decided to take the plundge and get a plumber in here to reinstall a bath in place of the massive shower! I miss baths way too much, so I am going to do it once and for all! can prob have the smaller shower over the bath.
I wrote to [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac for plummer recommendations, but then I remembered Anita had a plummer there for a while, so am about to call and ask her about it.
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, the chest thing was said to be most probably something with a big long name that escaped me as soon as she said it, Lol! it's inflammation of the chest walls which can be caused by stress (tick), exersise (um, extremely crossed) or a viral infection (probably crossed).
I was going to go back to work friday but boss told me to take it easy for the rest of the day, cos they'd already done the payroll and didn't think I was coming in. I will, in future speak to boss and/or supervisor instead of my coleague training me; words kinda got twisted. I told her it was prob cos of stress, but I wasn't expecting her to tell them that.
anyway it's prob lucky that I stayed home because i was in quite a bit of pain whenever i moved.
However, since I've been taking the anti-inflammatories, I have felt a lot better, and in much much less pain.
week off this week. Queens birthday holiday tomorrow, and if it were my week on, I would be required to go in as the public holiday tomorrow doesn't cover all states; last Monday perth had theirs. that's the lovely downfall about working in head office!
I had a pretty relaxing day yesterday; spending a lot of the afo and evening tuned into the BigBrother streams.
last night i dreampt )
speaking of that time of night known as sleep, I go through these phazes where the thought of sleep scares me; I dunno, i just can't think about sleep because, I have no control over what happens, and what if something does happen and I don't wake up? Nothing ever does happen; I always wake up in the morning and wonder what I was so scared of.
Sleep looks after me, it never causes me harm, so I'm greatful for that, but can't think about the point to which I would all of a sudden lose control, when I'm actually drifting off. It happens though, somehow. Somehow I transition into sleep without being aware of it at all.
til next time, RdFreak
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I should be at work as we speak. but I'm not. I'm going in later today to Southyarra because RB has had to go into Queens today to help with e-train. Budget hasn't got enough money to pay me for the 7.5 hours so I'm still doing five but need to do late shift. I hope this will change considering I was always promised of the 7.5 hour shift anyway.
Before I get to the subject, last nights dreams before I forget )
um, speaking of gretel, not sure if I really offended her, but that's the risk I took. for goodness sakes, it was nothing bad, but ah well! shite happens, as they say!
Probably not going to go to BACC no more, as I preferr to do singing Saturday, and transport is better then; more busses etc. I will probably check out the church near me for Sunday's. it's not seventh day adventice; think it's baptist, but that's alright.
and now to the subject. M made J and I wonderful pizzas saturday. previously, M and I had gone up to safeway and bought up the storm, and as she had wanted to be let loose in the kitchen for so long, she insisted that she was OK to not need help, so I just chilled and talked to her!
My new oven proved very successful! :)
J and I enjoyed our pizzas imensly, and I am definitely going to make them again, very soon, oh yeah baby! :) We also enjoyed minny magnums, M&M choc chip cookies, tea and playing with the sampling function on my SK-1 - just to name the highlights! (some of this was recorded, and when I get time, I'm going to put the highlights up here, cos the sampling was very amusing! :)
yesterday I made choc chip cookies (to enjoy the benefits of my finally having my full-sized oven, for the second time. M helped as I hadn't baked much on my own before, but I will be right as I get more confident.
OK I was trying to find a canister to put my brown sugar in, that I had bought. In doing this, I came across one with a bit of old coffee stuck in the bottom. who knows how long it'd been there as I couldn't get it out.
so M filled the jar up with boiling water, and exclaimed with a laugh "the world's biggest cup of coffee; who wants it?" This was sooo funny, considering there prob would have been about a cup or two of coffee in there.
anyway, I am finding canisters and jars for all my ingredients, and it seems I've got it mostly sorted, though I think I will get a few more for my uncanny amount of sugar and flower I seem to have accumulated for some reason.
anyway, cookies turned out very good, though quite rich.
in bigBrother news )
right, hiho, hiho, it's off to work I go in a bit. will have some breakfast though first.
til next time, RdFreak
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I keep forgetting how to do bullet points in HTML, so, until such a time as some kind soul may enlighten me, or, my memory serves me correctly:
1. I'm going to dean's b/day tonight at the pub known as "THE RISING SUN". It's opposite Burnley station which is good. I may meet people at station though, or I may feel like rising to the challenge of seeing if I can find it myself; thereby, giving myself the thrill of success.
2. I downloaded and installed jaws 9 yesterday. For some reason, unlike previous times I upgrade, only half my settings were saved. my rate was saved, but not the fact that I like jaws to appear only in system tray. and, my key echo was on, whereas, i have it completely turned off! and, my usual control F to find text didn't appear to work, but it seems to be today.
I've got a couple of previous jaws versions still installed, so I'm thinking I will go and uninstall them, to give myself more room.
I fell asleep listening to jaws training material last night! what a fun thing to have as a bed-time story, I am told.
I had upgraded to ie7 a while ago, so was listening to the daisy tutorial about that.
3. I can't wait for pizzas tomorrow.
update =A miss [livejournal.com profile] jordina is now going to join us, which means, we will do a base without olives, cos we're nice, or something. Lol
4. Strange dreams yet again, Read more... )
til next time, RdFreak
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I just remembered another dream I had besides those extremely vivid yet extremely disturbing others I wrote about in the private post.
BigBrother was over, after only two weeks! no way! -- indeed, it's said to be a shorter season this year, but not that short! I'd go insane man! :)
In other nnews, happy happy mothers day! :) As parents are at rye, we're doing a dinner tomorrow night instead! so may give Mum a call now, but good chance of that being she won't have her mobile on, and course since dad is in-between jobs, he doesn't have one, cos for some reason, he always relied on his work mobiles, so does not have a personal mobile!
Speaking of dad, I am really not wanting him to go to Dubai. Having gotten use to him going off to sydney was OK, but the other side of the world for twelve months or more, and only seeing him hopefully at six month intervals, I won't be use to that. :( ah well, he's doing it for good reason I know, but it just won't be the same.
til next time, RdFreak
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So on tonight's daily show, terry (who got evicted from the backyard) got to choose one person (Nobi) to go live in a van parked outside the house, until further notice. he was told he wasn't allowed into the house.
The thing that cracked me up is, because he can't enter the house, he can't enter the diary room, so whenever he wants to talk to bigBrother, he activates a horn, a mobile phone is sent out to him, and BigBrother calls him, (I noticed the ring tone was the 2008 BigBrother theme music! :) -- so poor Nobi out there by himself. I've got a feeling that maybe in the future things will change there. maybe the van will be the rewards room used after friday night Games, or maybe he'll get to go back in the house as a reward; dunno!
what I found really interesting is, at the end of the show, Terry came back! She was told to take her blind fold off and as she was in the diary room, BigBrother informed her that he will make her an offer on Sunday that she shouldn't refuse. he then asked if she'd mind going back into lockdown; she didn't.
i love this so far! I was listening to the streams for quite a while before; completely unaware that Nobi was no longer able to enter the house. However, I could only assume that he is allowed to hang out with the other HMs only when they are outside.
Til next time, RdFreak
P.S. I am doing a lot of BigBrother posts lately that, maybe some people will be skipping over. It occurred to me before, that, I could put "bigbrother" in the subject line, but, though I will gladly do it for memes, I think I will pass on this; just because it's my journal and I'm writing in this for me. Memes aren't the real me, so therefore, I reserve the right to warn my future self they're.
P.P.S. One of the reasons I was feeling sad this morning was from a stupid dream I had about b.
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So, ever since I saw the Casio SK-5 at [livejournal.com profile] loscha 's, I wanted one! I mainly fell in love with the sampling option. One could speak into it, and then it would pitch it according to the notes played!
I can't quite remember what else it did cos I was too wrapped up in the above, but I think it played the cartriges (as my casio P50 does), and other cool casio kinda stuff! but, E assured me I was not going to have his!
On my b/day, I sold him my MT65 as, I certainly didn't want it in the end; so much for bringing it home from Overseas .. but anyway, it's gone to a good cause; I think Lol (can just imagine him and his bud B pulling it apart and using it for keyboard-experimenting :) Lol Lol!
I kept talking to E about how I wanted an SK-5 and asking him to look out for one for me, no matter how expensive it was! -- and I checked on ebay before and found nothing.
Quite surprisingly, just then, I checked again, under the categry of "electronic instruments", and, i found one! I couldn't believe it! I was the only bidder and it was then at 49; max bid I entered was 100; yes I want it! :) and the oction ends one day, eleven hours I think.) -- He's got a pretty good range of feedback too, which helps to assure me his items will hopefully be OK, since i can't see pics. yeah! I'm quite excited about this! -- I know one can do sampling with puter programs and all, but hey, this sort of old-fashoned technology will always, always be so much fun to play with!
and the cartriges will be also cool to compare sound quality to my P50. - not to mention the other keyboard stuff I love!
So, given the oction status and the amount I bidded, I can pretty safely bet I'll win the oction, Lol
dream last night )
It is so not a fluke as I often have dreams about something from my near future! -- all that astral stuff i guess! I don't mind it now!
til next time, Rdfreak
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Was parents 32nd wedding anniversary on Thursday (31st of Jan) go them!
Well, wasn't planning on typing this now, but since I just kinda detailed last night's vivid dream, I thought why not? especially as I had others to detail, though i guess I can't remember them now; I had kept them in my head to write in here, but, I should have written them down straight away.To nights ago though, i think I had a bit of an astral experience, only in that once I'd kinda woken from a dream, I think I felt vibrations, but I'm always too scared to let them go on! I definitely aim to one day succeed.
the other day I was reading that online astral book from Robert Peterson so maybe that got my subconscious working again!
I sooo wanted to write those dreams down though.
oh yes )
that's when i felt vibrations, from memory.
OK this house sharing is getting a bit trying. I like my own space, and Michael just thinks I'm a convenient Melb halfway place! *grrr, he makes me angry beyond belief! how dare anyone treat me like this! yet he's as nice as pie when I talk to him, so me being the stupid pushover that I am (as B has rightly said) I give-in don't I? when will I learn? when on earth will i learn not to be as two-faced as other people? (my situation in a nice way though?)
got next week off, finally! am looking forward to it actually since I've been on the go for weeks now! still expect to become fulltime by the end of the year; I'm sick of only being used when someone is away. they're happy for me to be fulltime then.
L apparently wants me to get the "professionals" out to give me O&M to queens, but I know the way, so guess will need to try and persuade her of that! - occupational health and safety standards? - crap we put up with while at work, cos some idiots like to sue the wrong people at the wrong time! crap!
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. I discovered the audio of a book we had to read in year 8, by Robyn Klein "CAME BACK TO SHOW YOU I COULD FLY" so am listening to it now!


Jan. 8th, 2008 07:39 am
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Am sposed to be getting ready for work, but have just discovered that I am not hungry for breakfast; I am usually this way at 4 AM, but that's not appropriate enough for me to get up to eat!
I had a pretty good sleep last night though it could have been better if my darling borders didn't feel the need to talk really loud every time they woke. That's why I will never share a house; I can't cope with it, and i get really mad. (I love these people - friends, but I've got to be honest, and honest I will even in my LJ they have access too.)
had a nightmare about P last night! I was a real bitch to her, saying really nasty things. am always dreaming about B; it's not fair! The way he's treated me is so very low, yet I still love and miss him! why? I've been meaning to call him, think i will tonight; and we'll be fine and dandy on safe subjects, otherwise for another fight probably! apparently I'm good at them! yes, I am told by everyone this; it's always my fault! .. in reality it's not.
.. but i didn't mean this entry to be all negative actually. There was, in fact, a purpose only I forget what it is.
Yesterday morning I was late for work as i got my ears syringed so I can now hear again (but maybe that's not such a good thing living here right now.) but everything sounds a lot louder yo!
Sunday was spent here but then Nan and I went to parents for a BBQ tea, and Mum gave me a bobcut. it was so overdue. hair had grown quite long.
have to share this convo )
a few other funny things were added but forget now.
right, i've got the sneezes so think I'm off.
til next time, RdFreak
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OK so it's about time I join the [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck community me thinks! I had looked at some entries years ago but never joined. fortunately I wouldn't appear to have a whole lot to contribute as most customers/clients/callers (whatever ya wanna call them) are quite pleasant to deal with, but occasionally we get the odd impatient idiot! Today, I got a very angry man who decided to take it all out on me because he was obviously trying to get to the complaints department regarding another issue, and upon him asking me for a certain name and my putting him through to the extension on our directory, he called back and snarled "Rachel" (unfortunately we were all asked to announce our names when answering the phone which mostly is OK when lovely people address us by name, but bad when these aggressive idiots use it cos it makes the bitching sound a lot worse) "that number does not belong to her."
me: Well it may have changed; one moment please." So i ask RB if he may know the new number. he gave me another one to try so I connect him to that.
Get a call back. "Rachel, that number doesn't belong to her either."
me: I'm sorry, we don't have her updated extension in our directory.
him: "Well get the number. She's not new."
me: "What department is she in sir?" but no, in the middle of that question, he hung up.
Then RB tried the number and got her voicemail! -- duh!
idiots! why do people have to be so impatient, and take their aggression out on us opperators who had nothing to do with their situation they're complaining about. As RB says, us opperators cop it all! I just don't get some people! I felt like screaming at the guy "patience goes a long way idiot!" As it was, I had the switch on handset released (so he couldn't hear me) and was saying 'idiot"! I dunno! so many stupid people!
apart from that, day went smoothly. Was reading WCP's LJ today and getting to know her a bit! -- Reading LJs is just so cool to fill in my time.
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Yesterday afo after work I went shopping as I needed more apples and bannanas, and cornflakes and wetones (as on Monday I put my hand in all this yucky sticky stuff on the train; fun) and some chocolate scotch fingers.
Those rude callers do get me down for a time, but then I got to remember that I didn't do anything wrong, and they're only so mad cos of a prior situation not to do with me at all. As I say though, I wonder why people have to be so nasty! oh well!
til next time, RdFreak
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On tuesday i updated my userbio; thought it was about time. Everything is still there, i just added to it and modified it to reflect what has already happened as oppose to what "is" going to happen.
I just went through and did a small friends cut; mostly ppl who have cut me, but a couple who I no longer talk too.
Heartly is seeing the vet tomorrow morning; left it too late for today.
last nights dreams )
til next time, RdFreak
:edit: P.S. Keep forgetting to mention that I got my aus sim card back last friday. I left it in germany as I was giving B some of my left over yuros, and me sim was in between. So she kindly sent it back to me. It came in a tictack box and was wondering why I was being sent one tictack (I had obviously only shaken it at that stage! Lol
So, the plan is that I will be sending my U.K. sim back to Lou for when I visit again next year. they de-activate after six month of non-use, so have to do this.


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