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One of my favourite things to do on LJ is looking at random journals or going right back in new and old LJ friends' archives.
I guess, random journals are my fave because they're allowing me to get to know them. I have always loved reading about different people's lives, and have appreciated so much that people leave their LJ public, or the majority of their entries. So, I did the same. I loved sharing my story with the world.
But, as I've gotten older, I have come to respect more and more that some people I speak about need their privacy. Furthermore, there seem to be more and more individuals that like to troll the net for information so they can gossip amongst their friends; That's what the net is coming too. Work is also a big reason; sometimes, i need to vent about work where I won't be afraid of anyone finding it, not that I think it would happen, but, as the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Over the eight years of my LJ life, I have noticed more and more people locking down their journals, and it is sad, but I understand why they do it. And now, it's my turn. I have thought about this for sometime now. I will not be going back to lock past entries, mainly because it would take too long; Lol
In addition to locking the majority of my entries now, I will be doing a bit of a cleanout of my friends list; I'd say the cleanout won't be huge, may not even need to happen at all, as I have done a bit behind the sceens lately so am therefore quite happy with everyone. I will prob use my filters a tad more too; I only have a couple set up which I have used pretty infrequently.
I need to be able to trust everyone.
So, unless an entry is entirely about me, consider these LJ entries "friends only" from now on.
Catch ya in the next post.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Before, I was feeling quite angry at the world; I know; it has been my mood for sometime now; this is for obvious reasons and if people can't deal with that, it is not my problem.
As I explained once before in here, at the end of last year, my life seemed like it was all of a sudden picking up; except for getting my Joy, all the other promises once again proved wrong when everything else fell back down again.
As I think i also mentioned in the past, this LJ will probably become more friends only, and I do publically apologize to those who can't benefit from that, but it's my journal; the only one i use and I need to be able to vent more without knowing some people can read it hence feeling humiliated
The other week, I did a minny friends cut, saying I may extend this; I just have. And I'm serious this time; no going back (as i have in the past with a couple of people. (Indeed K and I made up, so I added him back, because apart from our grumbles with each other sometimes, he is one of my true friends). As has become an LJ cliche with these things, I haven't cut to be mean. Neither have I actually done it for any power-trip reasons (which i admit, may have been reason/s in the past). Moreover, I have cut a couple of people I consider good friends; there's a good reason why I did it though; As this LJ is becoming more of a place I'm going to feel comfortable confiding everything to at a protected level, said people do not update their LJs much or at all, and I don't think it's fair they get access to my life like an open book.
Others though, claim they are friends, but they are not.
And others I of course haven't clicked with, or have stopped clicking with.
Moreover, there may be just one or two LJs still there that I very much enjoy reading, even though we may not talk often.

OK enough with that crap.
I am thinking now that it's mid-week, the chances of me getting this job are getting slim, and that makes me angry; angry because I have spent hours volunteering for this organization, but no, the manager wouldn't be aware of this, because, as usual with the head ones there these days, they come and go at such a rapid rate and consequently, wouldn't even have had the chance of meeting us and seeing what we've done in the past. -- i shall make this known if they have the courtesy to get back to me and let me know I didn't get the job.
I have started worksheet one of ITE1. I've delt with one job description; I will do the others later.
Might go and give the dogs a run outside now. Then after Doctor Phil, I go and do some shopping. Was thinking, may still go to the gym tomorrow regardless of my hoping to go overseas.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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It's forecast 35 today, so I'm up early in hopes of taking Joy for a longish walk before it gets hot!
Maybe it's my iron defficiency, but I notice lately that if I try and go to safeway or something first thing, I feel really faint, so if this walk is going to happen, i will have to sit a bit and drink some water before I actually go.
I am apologetic if it seemed like I was generalizing blind people last night, but I just get sick of the power trips some of them like to go on, and it's been said before, I'll always be a part of the blind community, whether I like it or not, (try not) but sometimes I find it hard to deal with.
I've got a few really good blind friends though, and hey, they can't help it if they're blind, Lol!
nah seriously, I'm over it.
But the reason that I made that minor friends cut (and may expand on it later simply for the fact that some people hardly write, yet they get all my protected ramblings; hardly seems fair), is because my so-called friend, showed me a large amount of disrespect last night, humiliated me on the list (which is a big no no) and then attacked me privately for defending myself with him. I do not tolerate that.
But anyway, enough of that; it wasn't my intention to discuss that stuff today.
Neighbours is going to be interesting tonight; oh yes it is! Ringo discovers that Donna has been cheating on him! Can't wait for that one! :) -- It still must be said that the earlier the eppisode, the better the show was. Not that I'm complaining or anything; After 30 years, it's no wonder the writers run out of good storylines that haven't been delt with before.
in Loser news )
K that's about all for now. I hope to go for our walk soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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On tuesday i updated my userbio; thought it was about time. Everything is still there, i just added to it and modified it to reflect what has already happened as oppose to what "is" going to happen.
I just went through and did a small friends cut; mostly ppl who have cut me, but a couple who I no longer talk too.
Heartly is seeing the vet tomorrow morning; left it too late for today.
last nights dreams )
til next time, RdFreak
:edit: P.S. Keep forgetting to mention that I got my aus sim card back last friday. I left it in germany as I was giving B some of my left over yuros, and me sim was in between. So she kindly sent it back to me. It came in a tictack box and was wondering why I was being sent one tictack (I had obviously only shaken it at that stage! Lol
So, the plan is that I will be sending my U.K. sim back to Lou for when I visit again next year. they de-activate after six month of non-use, so have to do this.
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just letting readers know )
As i always restate, it's natural that in life, ppl are gunna come and go, but it's just interesting with LJ because sometimes someone is going to consciously make a decision! lol it just changes the whole perspective pretty much!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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most recent friends cut )
In other news, well there's not much since I wrote in here last night. The only people I had an email from who I knew were respondents to my LJ, a few mailing lists and heaps and heaps of spam! yes, it never ever ends! Am not sure what I'm gunna do when I'm away as even though I'll be able to check it, I fear it will still overwhelm my inbox.
I must take Heartly for a walk today.
OK last night I was trying that astral technique and as per usual, not much happened. However, something kinda odd may have just before I woke this morning. in other words, I can garantee it was happening just before the end of my final sleep of the night - so about maybe 6 .. before i woke up completely to remain for the day! I am not sure, can't recall if I was dreaming or not, but I kinda all of a sudden felt a floating sensation (maybe? it's kinda a bit hazy) then next thing I knew my arms were outstretched and I was trying to get up, but i couldn't. My arms were totally outstretched and I tried a few times to lift up with them but then I was all of a sudden awake.
At first I thought that maybe my physical arms were outstretched, but dunno .. I don't think I could outstretch them without my wall, or the doonah stopping me.
anyway that was just what I remember happened. When I woke up (I think a second later) I was on my side I believe as I never ever sleep on my back if I can help it. I actually thought I had been aware what was going on but the same time I thought I must have been asleep. it's very confusing.
OK bout all for now. will probably book my flight today. I have been really trying to calculatew how much I'll have my July, adding and subtracting rent, bills and pension every fortnight or when I know i should be. Will give me an approx. anyway. need to do it again cos I keep loosing track. it's hard to keep things in my head! *grrr
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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mmm I thought I could trust every little person on my LJ - how wrong I was! so I did another friends cut. indeed, all the people that are associated with Sugar (who's deciding to be a trouble maker who will not leave me alone now it will seem.). I didn't filter my entry, no, and I knew I'd be risking this. on the other hand i was up to testing my so-called friends trustworthiness. obviously there are some people around I can not trust and until I find out who that person is, everyone that knows this Sugar is out of my private life.
and just for the record apart from anyone who thinks they can actually proove their point to me that it was not them, I will not be causing myself or this person any more trouble by replying to anyone who wants to reply with pathetic messages on my LJ that I remain the comment option.
some people are so sad and have nothing better to do than be go-betweens and gossip. same as people that go around seeking LJ entries they can make nasty comments on which, incidently have nothing to do with the topic. I swear some people need lives.
So to this idiot/s, I will find you don't you worry! and to this idiot/s, when I do, I won't approach you again, you can trust me on that.
In other news I had a great day yesterday. I was was happy, and no-one except myself is going to take my happiness away from me! 23 days til christmas! second day of summer (and it's still quite cold here for now - but think it will warm up by the weekend. Not that I did a great deal. was on ventrilo with people who made me laugh! man I've got some crazy ventrilo friends! .. I just can not stop laughing with some of the ongoing sound affects some people like to play in the channel! Lol! Then I went out to Michael angelos for tea with dad and A. that was nice. then they came back here and dad and I was attempting a duette on the piano. Lol
Dad has really changed lately. he's so nice now. he even said he's made a conscious decision to keep his work stuff at work and I am not use to it. he will never understand or accept me saying that but I am just not use to having him actually always so bubbly any more on a consistent basis.
Well I am off for breakfast, then for the all-important zone chat just before I have to leave for music.
Just you idiots remember that I don't care if you're trying to plot against me and do the wrong thing by me. I am not taking part in this any more, what so ever. but I will find the bad guys and you will be out of my life fast!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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My Journal is *not, under any circumstances, to be spread to anyone outside my circle of trust, (kinda sniggers as I think of the classic movie "meet the parents".
attention all blindies )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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This will not happen again - friends cut! )
I didn't want to ever have to do this in my LJ, but why should I let people read my personal journal if they are going to carry it over to the person - in some way?!
*sigh* I feel a little better now, and I am seriously thinking of calling tomorrow and sorting it all out! Was thinking about it for a few days but after tonight .. still, I think whatever it needs to be done!
Til next time, RdFreak


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