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Someone on [community profile] datinandrelatin posed the question of what guidelines warrents a friendship and a deletion on Facebook, so here's my response; just for the record as it stands to date:

I find a lot of "friends of friends" add me and I may or may not have heard of them. I usually add them back but if they don't talk to me in the following month or so, I will remove them.
I tend to have various rules for adding people to my list and I can't quite work them out yet. I mostly don't add just acquaintences but occasionally I do if I feel I want to get to know them better or if we use to be pretty good friends. However, as with the above, if they don't talk to me, or if I try commenting and they never ever reply back I remove them again.
I use to have a whole heap of school people on my list and I noticed a lot of them were never replying to my comments, so I've removed a lot of them. Furthermore, a lot of "friends of friends" like to add me to beef numbers on their list; I'm on to it!
However, there's a couple of people from school I now click with better than i ever did at school; in other words, we've established a much more stable friendship as a result of facebook.
I do like to network and also try and get to know people from my work places etc. So I added a few people from work recently and don't regret most of them as I've become good friends with them in real life.

Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. Am writing this on Dreamwidth as I'm not able to get to the "post" page on LJ at the moment. :(
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"Belated" because good old livejournal was down all yesterday and half the day before; so I had written the following birthday message yesterday morning but couldn't post it. (note it's the longest time in my LJ history LJ has been down.)

26th July: 8.45 AM
It's my Livejournal's 8th birthday today! A lot can happen in eight years; on some levels I have achieved a lot, but on other levels, I don't know if I have. Of course the highlights have been the overseas travels, all of which have been documented in here; so that's one reason to be proud of this here LJ. -- The only overseas travel I haven't documented in here were my trips to New Zealand as a baby, and the trip our family made in 94, though I have got a lot of recordings on tape which I'm sure I'll find again one of these days.
Of course LJ has seen me through my first job and now, my second which is proving to be a huge huge success. Unlike the previous time, my boss is fantastic, not to mention my increasing amount of friends!
I only moved into my unit a little over a year before this LJ began and soon, just short of the ten-year mark, I'll be moving again; that will be a huge change for me.
of course some of my low lights throughout this LJ was obsessing/loving people who couldn't give a damn about me, but .. ya know .. I guess I wouldn't have been human if I didn't experience that crap.
After a lot of heart-ache and disappointment, I'm now in a very stable committed relationship and I definitely couldn't be happier there.
Health of course is starting to prove a challenge but I can only remain positive and it won't stop me from completing my lifelong goals and dreams.
I have, and continue to make some great friends through this LJ, who have prooved very surportive of me. I have likewise lost a few along the way (generally online and real life), but .. hey .. that's OK; The ones that stay are the ones that really matter at the end of the day.
As mentioned in my recent bio update, this LJ went from being mostly public to mostly protected from the beginning of this year but regardless, I am proud of most entries; speaking of which, more news coming soon.
So happy birthday to RdFreak's LJ, and let's hope it's around for many many more years!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
2541 entries up to date.
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One of my favourite things to do on LJ is looking at random journals or going right back in new and old LJ friends' archives.
I guess, random journals are my fave because they're allowing me to get to know them. I have always loved reading about different people's lives, and have appreciated so much that people leave their LJ public, or the majority of their entries. So, I did the same. I loved sharing my story with the world.
But, as I've gotten older, I have come to respect more and more that some people I speak about need their privacy. Furthermore, there seem to be more and more individuals that like to troll the net for information so they can gossip amongst their friends; That's what the net is coming too. Work is also a big reason; sometimes, i need to vent about work where I won't be afraid of anyone finding it, not that I think it would happen, but, as the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Over the eight years of my LJ life, I have noticed more and more people locking down their journals, and it is sad, but I understand why they do it. And now, it's my turn. I have thought about this for sometime now. I will not be going back to lock past entries, mainly because it would take too long; Lol
In addition to locking the majority of my entries now, I will be doing a bit of a cleanout of my friends list; I'd say the cleanout won't be huge, may not even need to happen at all, as I have done a bit behind the sceens lately so am therefore quite happy with everyone. I will prob use my filters a tad more too; I only have a couple set up which I have used pretty infrequently.
I need to be able to trust everyone.
So, unless an entry is entirely about me, consider these LJ entries "friends only" from now on.
Catch ya in the next post.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well my Joy has redeemed herself! we had our anual follow-up this morning; walked to the station with Donna watching from her car, occasionally testing Joy's traffic skills, and she was great; Joy was i mean; go Joy!
I had been a bit concerned with Joy's speed lately; it had appeared that she had slowed down a bit from how she use to walk but I've just put it down to when we're in the city and she's a bit more cautious.
So Joy was speeding along this morning; I am so getting back into my walking. have even decided to start walking from B's to the station. I need to get fit again and remain that way.
In other news, Donna gave us O&M to the food court in Melb Central a few weeks ago and we go there all the time now. I discovered a German bakery a few days ago and I'm addicted. The ladies were talking about it and, just by accident, i found it that very same day. Their meat and salad rolls are awesome not to mention their pastries which I need to be better and not have every day; maybe just a treat for fridays.
That's all my news for now.
Oh, I am getting rid of all my casios i bought from ebay as I don't use them. I am only keeping my original PT50 and all the cartridges I'd collected over the years, including the ebay ones. Even though loscha and i no longer talk (am not even sure what happened still but anyway ..) I decided to write to him to give him the first option of buying them since he still collects them, i'd assumed, and i was right.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, I know I always say something to that affect after christmas day, but wow, it's over for another year! -- i did have a good time, and as per usual when my parents hoast it, they put on a good deal; went to heaps of work!
As I write this, i am saving my recording. Unfortunately it's not the best quality as for some strange reason, I've lost my voice guide for the olympus. It vanished along with some of the sounds, so whether I accidently deleted them (something which I didn't think one could do), who knows. so, it's set to the lower quality setting but it's not too bad; just not the high quality sound I would have liked but it is certainly better than what I had it set to a few years ago.
Anyway I stayed at parents last night, slept in only to be woken up by B on phone at about 9.
Everyone started arriving about 12. We had lunch a while later, popped bonbons and were merry as always! Ike can run now; he's such a good little boy!
After lunch we open presents; I got money, chocolate and clothes pretty much; was good stuff!
Then we had the sweets.
Poor Nan has a cold so she didn't stay long. The others left too as they had their other families to go too.
I stayed at parents for a while with a and T, then Dad dropped me back here.
I asked Chelle if we could leave our catchup til tomorrow as I'm quite tired and will go to bed early tonight. She'll prob come tomorrow and we may go on mojo for a while.
But now I plan to add some icecast settings to my sam encoder and maybe go on for a test or something, and play a few songs or somethin. :)
As always, when christmas file is saved, I shall upload it as a protected entry.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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day 02 )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So yes, everyone is doing it, so I decided I might give it a go. i use to be an awesome writer, but unfortunately I have lapsed so much, mostly due to the fact I am unable to sit down and read a good braille novil as i use to so enjoy doing. So, following is the meme. Read more... )
Day 01 )
In other news, dad was just here and we both worked on reinstalling the Trippletalk drivers but that hasn't done anything. It's not the card itself as Dad took it out, cleaned it and put it back in. So I'll have to research this annoying problem further.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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So, like I haven't had a lot of luck in the past, but, well, i got another offer yesterday; job offer that is! :) -- I got an offer for some shifts working at Silvertop last night. I'm yet to call her back but I don't think i'll be able to take them up as they're afternoon/evening shifts. I wouldn't mind if some of the rotating shifts ended at like 8 or something at the latest, but nothing after that. -- Ah well, at least I'm being rewarded for putting myself out there again, yeah! :)
Am off to Mystys later with Chelle. She hasn't been there before so thought I'd do that since I'm no longer going out tonight; my choice though.
I've decided I really, really want to be strict about walking everywhere again. It was a bit disappointing for me to find that some of my old work clothes are getting too small for me; evil chocolate; it shouldn't be there making my clothes shrink. Lol
Monday is the day Joy meets her brother again as we're all catching up. Hopefully the weather is nice and then we can find somewhere to let the siblings play. :)
Today is election day. Even though I'm still mostly anti-political, I'll be curious about who gets in and will listen to the coverage tonight on 3AW.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, seven years, (that's 2370 LJ entries later) I'm still goin and plan to for a while.
Some people say I take LJ very seriously; this is correct; by gosh it's correct. I don't write in any other journals; this is it, so yes, I will take it seriously when my trust is betrayed. It has still made me a lot more cautious though; I do make a lot more private entries now-a-days that absolutely no-one but me ever sees.
This LJ has seen many things happen, many many things. It's with me where-ever on this globe I happen to be.
It's seen friends come and go, many of them in fact. But I have also equally made many good friends who have stuck by me through all these years, and for that, I am truely greatful. :)
Happy birthday to the LJ of RdFreak and may LJ itself be around for many many more years as I couldn't think of a better blogging community. :)
In other news, today I was semi-productive. I didn't call up about any more jobs though it was one of the things on the "to do" list; ah well. I compiled my list of work experience places as more information was needed.
Steph's huuuge lie finally came out today in Neighbours. We have to wait tomorrow to get the fallout; it's gonna be sooo good man. :)
That's about all for now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, before the sad news of Sunday, i had a great few days with good friends and food which I didn't write about Sat, as I wasn't in a writing mood, then after sunday, i wasn't either, but now I am.
First of all, though the funeral arrangements weren't obviously made as of yesterday morning when I was talking to Mum, it's going to be next Monday as M wanted Dad there for it, so this will be my fourth funeral; my great grand-mother's in 2000, Ian B's in 05, then followed by Milos same year and now Carrol G's :( far too many funerals; far too many deaths. :(

Thursday's events led to my intending to title the post "the Westall experience", but since I mentioned what I did in the above paragraph, i didn't think it was appropriate somehow, but man, was it a shocker.
I had lunch with J (as well as other friends who we met up with) in the canteen and then my appointment with Affette; day went very well, and I even successfully made my way back to the station after i'd walked from there with J the first time just hours before, so of course, this made me happy! I ended up chatting to this lovely woman who usually works at kooyong but had come down to Kensington for something; it was great to have the distraction while waiting so long in the cold for the train; she agreed.
Once at Flinders station on the Pakenham/cranburn platform, there was an announcement that trains were terminating at westall and buses will be replacing them to dandy due to an accident at Springvale; that was Ok (not accident though of course); I'd called [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 and her and Mon had kindly agreed to pick me up. Kaz had said so often to me that if I needed a lift anywhere, i'd only have to ask, so, i thought it would be easy enough since I was meeting them anyway, but alas, i was wrong, so wrong. :(
Train trip out there was pretty uneventful, but then .. we reached our destination and I got off train and attempted to walk to the exit, but it was nearly impossible; I'd never been in amongst such a crowd in my entire life; I could hardly move and every step i walked I would be excusing myself (trying to make way) and also apologizing. There was a complete blockage once I finally did get to the exit, so I just had to wait, all the time thinking "oh dear, they're going to wonder where I am".
Eventually, there was movement at the station (ha! :) and I was forced to walk in the crowd down to the gate; I was even feeling slightly claustrophobic at this stage as I wasn't able to take in where I was going, but all I could do was bbe carried (so to speak) along with the crowd.
We got to the gate, and I wondered how on earth Mon and Kaz would be able to find me in amongst the literally thousands of people, so i called them; they were stuck in traffic; that was OK, as in, at least they weren't waiting for me.
I spoke to a number of people who asked if I needed a bus. It was bad; the buses were only like one every ten mins and still trains were terminating even more people at the station.
It was just the worst thing ever; I was trying to keep Joy from being knocked; she was very patient though.
Anyway, after what seemed like eternity (note it wasn't their fault, but it just seemed that long due to the stress), Mon rescued me and she also was wondering how she was going to find me.
So after a while, i was back at Mon's feeling so glad it was all over!
We three went out to a lovely thai restaurant that night; so so good; we had lots of laughs as only we do best.
The next day we went to Southland to meet up with Mon's friend L from tasmania; she was lovely; she had a lovely dalmation as her assistence dog.
We had a lovely brunch there, and Kaz met up with us for afternoon tea after Mon had finished giving some training tips to L. Mon then went to an appointment she had while I went back to Karen's place for the first time!
I ended up staying that night at Mon's since by the time we met up with her again, it was getting late and cold, and of course, we love each other's company anyway. We had pizza since we couldn't be asked cooking tea; it was a lovely meal actually.
The next morning, i went along with Mon and Kaz to a bead shop and then Kaz had offered to drive me home. Mon went back to get ready for her afternoon at school while we went and had a lovely lunch at Parkmore shopping centre. Oh, i had bought some more chai tea at coles.
Then she drove me home and we had another cuppa and chat. -- good times!
Again, going back to the sad news, Mum had called me that morning and said that Carrol was nearing the end, and of course, that made me very sad. Sunday morning Mum told me that she had been taken to hospital on the saturday and they were all going over there as her breathing had changed; so Carrol was surrounded by her husband and everyone that loved her.

So that was my mixture of a week.
Til next time, RdFreak
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Well, it pains me to write this; Carrol passed away at lunch time today in hospital with Mum, M (husband) and the rest of them. She was admitted again yesterday. Ever since she was told a few weeks ago there was nothing more that could be done for her, she really deteriorated; poor thing; she was so young; only 53.
As mentioned in my previous post, A and I had known her all our lives and would often go up there with parents. This is all so uncomprehendable.
Dad had changed his flights for this Thursday so he could try and see her, but he was sadly too late; maybe he'll be able to at least go to the funeral though obviously those plans haven't been worked out yet.
I was hoping and praying for you carrol, but obviously it was your time to go; God needed you now.
R.I.P Carrol; you will be missed by myself and so so so many others; life won't be the same. :(
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, I just went to the docs this morning and got my first flu injection (that also contains the swine flue vaccine) and also a blood test for the iron and vitamin D.
The doc agreed with me that having the flu injection would be a good idea as my imune system is crap with all my defficiencies now, also the fact that I'm often on public transport with people coughing and spluttering. For both needles, i lay down as is usual for these days.
I also got my ears cleaned out and whilst getting that done, an 8th month old baby came into the nurses room who couldn't breathe, was placed on oxygen and had an ambulence called; poor little guy, I hope he's OK; some kind of virus, I didn't find out what it was. --
Then we went to foresthill where i tried to find some canisters I can keep cooking ingredients in; didn't find any really.
But we did go to coles, and I found me some vanilla chy tea; nice, so cool! :) going to make some soon.
Also, Mum told me some sad news that Carrol was told yesterday nothing more can be done for her. :( The evil evil cancer has spread to her liver. :( I just didn't know what to say. Carol has always been a family friend. When I'd go up there with sister and parents as a youngster, we'd go and sleep in their bed when we got tired until parents decided to leave for home. I've known Carrol all my life; I don't know what I'm going to do; the "gaggle" (the group of friends parents are in, including her and her husband) don't know what they'll do; it won't be the same.
She's been such a positive person through all this and all she wants is to live. she's only 53; same age as my two grandparents when they passed away.
I feel I want to do something but i don't know what. I don't see them often these days as obviously gone are the days us kids have to trail after our parents, but I just want to, at the least, let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers. I may call Mum later and ask her if she'd mind a phone call from me. She's one of these people that is very sensative with talking about it. She knows I know but as to how much, I don't know.
I'm sure I mentioned in here that I hate cancer; it needs to die itself; so so so many people I know, or have known of have died from it. :( -- anyway guess all we can do now is cherish the time we have with her and viceversa. :(
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So in the midst of the long and damn complicated transition to the VA job agency, I have taken up internet broadcasting again.
I bought myself a server at ultrahoast and am practicing there; it suits me down to the ground, and unlike before, the basic streamer is even a stereo one. I bought it Tuesday and have so far broadcasted six times to some lovely listeners, only from my twitter and msn lists so far, but they have all given me great feedback and encouragment.
When I was doing this years ago, I was using the winamp shoutcast DSP plug in, but now I installed and am using the sam encoders from spacial audio.
With a suggestion from shane C (who I finally met on skype a few days ago) I also downloaded and installed Station playlis studio which sounds really good and it's basically everything in one package; it will normalize everything, cross fade if I want, and a whole lot of other stuff which will make it sound really professional! The playlist feature sounds just wonderful, and I'll be able to keep track of all the songs I've put in there.
I will be getting myself a USB headset combo though, probably Monday now.
I am getting the hang of it all rather quickly. I listen to the archive after each broadcast which helps me determine any of the little issues I'm still having, such as the mic being too loud and/or the music clipping.
Of course I'm aiming to join a network very soon but I'm still figuring out which one; there is a lot to choose from, but I only really know of ones with blindies on, not that it matters of course but just saying. I'm looking forward to getting on a network and being able to broadcast to an even larger audience. I have heaps and heaps of music and comedy; am into such a wide variety that I don't think my listeners would ever get bored. I may still keep my server even then.
(the above link will take people to my server page if I'm broadcasting.)
In other news, I am off to Mons tomorrow with Karen, and we will be baking biscuits, brownies, Lemon Marrangue pie and a roast for dinner; mmm. Joy and I will be staying over as it'd be a bit dodge training it home so late.
Well that's about all; may broadcast for a bit now.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I think Joy is quite happy to rest now after the day we've had.
This morning I called flight Centre and booked my Dubai trip.
Then we went to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] peterchayward in the city. He declined my offer of lunch, saying it would break the rules. He didn't even feel right when I said it could be paid back through donations.
But we had a lovely chat and it was all good.
After this I went to the flight centre in St Kilda to pay for my trip! am leaving on the 7th of March at 3AM, Lol! my most recent few overseas trips have started at stupid o'clock in the morning, Lol!
I'll be there for three weeks; just enough to hopefully clear the head a bit.
I kinda half wish i could go on to u.K, but it's too early to leave Joy for that long I'm thinking. Got to call GDV tomorrow and book her in.
Well, bout all for now!
Am going to listen to part1 and 2 of the lectures again and am thinking I'll then attempt to do the exam tomorrow before gym, *shudders*
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I just feel i could scream at the world right about now! But this is probably largely because I've been a bit lapse with my meds for a few days for some unknown reason that I am angry myself about.
Despite this, yesterday, valentines day when I happened to be single once more and was scared I'd be at home all depressed, I had an ironically full day; infact, I was out the door at 8.30 AM and didn't open it again til about 11 PM.
After practically jogging to Blacky station yesterday morning to make the Glenwaverly bus, I was full on dripping with the humidity! woh it was bad.
I met up with [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat on the 850 bus, and we went to our new church in dandenong. Was totally awesome and practically as soon as we walked in the door, we were met and made to feel welcome.
We spoke to the pasta's wife who immediately invited us to their Young adults group who meet once a fortnight on a Tuesday. Unfortunately I can't make tomorrow cos of the puter group; it sucks. If I wasn't doing the final bit of my audio games presentation, i'd skip it as I'm no longer secretary, not sure if I mentioned that in here.)
Anyway the church service we went to that started at 11 was extremely busy! The music is very modern played by a live band; drumkit, keyboard etc. We liked that aspect.
Once it was over, we spoke to another girl from the Young adults group before one of the head deakins kindly walked with us out to the bus stop just to confirm where it was. -- Church is so easy to get too.
We're told a lot of the young ones attend the 6 PM service so think we're both going to try that one next sunday.
Once back at Glenwaverly, Brat and I went to Moccajoes for lunch, then I caught a train back to Syndel to go back that way; by that time, it was four, so by the time I got back, headed into safeway to get nibblies for that night, I don't know why I didn't just stay in Glenwaverly or go back to J's place. Anyway, I bought some nibblies then waited a while at the bus stop and met up with J on bus when we made our way to E's!
We had an absolute fab night, and she let me feel the inside of a puter while she went over all the components that we were currently studying. she also showed me a power supply and pointed out the Molex, Berg and all the other conectors that are also currently being studied. So it makes much more sense to me.
I'm starting to think now that building a puter in my future, may not seem like a fantasy afterall.
We then had a lovely dinner over great conversation and heaps of laughs!
J and I caught a cab at about 11, when it finally decided to show up, Lol! Both E and J were falling asleep and I, who always usually is the first to fall tired at such get-togethers, felt wide awake.
I consequently didn't end up hitting the hay til 12.30; was checking email and all that jazz.
So, thanks to some cool friends of mine, I didn't end up spending an ounce of valentines day pining and alone. In fact, Brat and I were joking that as we were dining together on the day, we were each other's valentine! :) Lol hahaha! -- I looove my friends!
Though I'm still annoyed at the whole situation with the ex, again; again again again. *grits teeth*
OK all for now I guess. Ah, I got 100% on assignment 1, but as it was more to help the others who were having trouble finding things on the site and no actual course content, let's hope I can still keep up the top marks with the actual course content.
That's about all for now I think!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've still got my old lovable Heartly here. I told Mum I didn't mind keeping her another night to give her a complete break; plus, of course, I naturally love having both my pups here, though I didn't have any food for her. So this morning was weird; after toiletting them both, I had to make them wait for their breakfasts; didn't think it was fair to feed one without the other, so, I saddled Joy up and we went to get some more supercoat for Heartly at safeway. Before this, since I'd just got up, I took a big drink of water to hopefully prevent any fainting feelings; it worked I'm pleased to say, plus the deep breathing that I did, Lol!
So when I got back, I fed them both.
I do have my employment appointment soon, but I have decided to cab it there, and then walk/train it back as I don't want to leave Heartly for too long; prob would have done that anyway though. Don't really feel like going as up til now, they haven't done a lot for me; all she does is talk to me and set goals; um, I have started to wonder what sort of disability agency they are? Wise (my old agency) market for their clients etc. I'll talk to her about that today. When I come back, I'll be applying for that job I really really want; told the gang jokingly that I'd give em cookies if they succeed in putting in a good word for me; however, I don't see why it has to be a joke if they do! This will be ideal! :)
I didn't end up going into the city yesterday; ended up a bit tired instead but there's always another time. [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat and I have been talking about both attending church together; since I have wanted to go back, and she read about that, she has been talking about churches she's found. She told me she went to a modern-style one in dandinong, and that it was easy to get too on the bus, so next week, we'll go together; squee! As I said to her, it'd be so nice to go with a friend; never done that before. unfortunately due to my shyness in my younger days, I never really made friends in my sabbath school youth group years ago. Brat says there's people from her age to mine, so I'm very excited about that as I am pleased to say, i can make friends so much easier now! :) I kinda like the idea of branching out as well, instead of sticking to my local area.
Also, yesterday I found the remainder of the neighbours eppisodes from that english chap. they were in a different folder as they're better quality now. since I don't need the video and just the audio, I'll need to find a way of converting a whole decades worth quickly; into ogg or something. So I've been downloading months at a time with freedownload mannager. It is an awesome program, as I don't need to constantly set up the downloads after each file! :)
After I finish my job application today and am happy with it, i will continue reading chapter one of Ite 1. People seem to be racing ahead already, but there's no way I'm going to do that. I want to be able to at least wait til the lectures and ask anything I don't know first.
So, am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jordina Wednesday night, Friday brunch with [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 and [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak (if she's feeling better; sounds like she has got what I had during training with Joy sadly; it's a bitch of a thing; Had never been in so much pain with my glands in all my life.)
finally in loser news )
OK since i feel i've typed the house down, I'm off for now.
til Next time, RdFreak
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I'm writing a lot lately I know, but i forgot to mention something funny I heard last night; It's not all about doom and gloom, even though I did just lose a friend. But as said previously, I'm not worried; I honestly don't need people in my life who seem to have anger problems and will go on the attack just because they don't agree with me.
Anyway, to the happy subject. I was laying in bed listening to 3AW. I heard an add that began "This program is rated M.A. -- Multiple add breaks"! Lol and guess what it was advertizing? well I guessed straight away; foxtell! :)
OK Joy and I went for a lovely walk before it got too hot. We walked to station where I sat in the cool Cafe with a hot chocolate, then I caught the bus home as it was really heating up by then, but I went back to the bakery to get another ham and salad roll for lunch. I idealy would love to walk again today but it'd prob be too hot; unless the vet calls to say my furminator is there, then I'll see.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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It's forecast 35 today, so I'm up early in hopes of taking Joy for a longish walk before it gets hot!
Maybe it's my iron defficiency, but I notice lately that if I try and go to safeway or something first thing, I feel really faint, so if this walk is going to happen, i will have to sit a bit and drink some water before I actually go.
I am apologetic if it seemed like I was generalizing blind people last night, but I just get sick of the power trips some of them like to go on, and it's been said before, I'll always be a part of the blind community, whether I like it or not, (try not) but sometimes I find it hard to deal with.
I've got a few really good blind friends though, and hey, they can't help it if they're blind, Lol!
nah seriously, I'm over it.
But the reason that I made that minor friends cut (and may expand on it later simply for the fact that some people hardly write, yet they get all my protected ramblings; hardly seems fair), is because my so-called friend, showed me a large amount of disrespect last night, humiliated me on the list (which is a big no no) and then attacked me privately for defending myself with him. I do not tolerate that.
But anyway, enough of that; it wasn't my intention to discuss that stuff today.
Neighbours is going to be interesting tonight; oh yes it is! Ringo discovers that Donna has been cheating on him! Can't wait for that one! :) -- It still must be said that the earlier the eppisode, the better the show was. Not that I'm complaining or anything; After 30 years, it's no wonder the writers run out of good storylines that haven't been delt with before.
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K that's about all for now. I hope to go for our walk soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Seriously, how long does it take to ship an item from America? The status on Usps.com is still the same as that one I copied in here the other day, *grrr* me=impatient.
But I had a good day Tuesday afo and yesterday so I'm thinking I shouldn't be complaining. At least yesterday got my mind off my parcel!
Tuesday afo, [livejournal.com profile] jordina ended up coming over, and we took our dogs down the park for a little free-running, and they came back to us nicely whenever we called them.
Yesterday i had a nice day; Went into the city and met up with [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak, [livejournal.com profile] harmonybear and [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 (for the first time), as well as a few other non-LJ'ers. Hadn't seen kat for so long, so was surprised and pleased to catch up with her!
We went to timeout and had a lovely meal over heaps of laughs and great conversation. Then we started working on a vidio about service dogs, Mon decided would be a nice idea to raise public awareness.
Today I need to stay home because my broadband wireless dongle is meant to be delivered from Optus; and, of course, i was hoping the other parcel as well, but since it's obviously still somewhere it the middle of the deep blue sea, i kinda doubt it. So I really ought to use this day to catch up on some washing and a whole heap more job applications.
And someone is now calling me on skype. I am just so skype anti-social lately; guess I shouldn't even be signed in. I am away but some people ignore that. ah well.
All for now i guess.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, a lot has happened and it's only the 3rd of January! wow wow wow!
Working backwards. It turns out basically Ang and T's engagement yesterday turned out to be a surprise wedding; they sprung this upon us during the celebration yesterday, so we all went outside, and a registered wedding celebrant married them in the ritunda. And the rest of the time, before this and after was spent chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and having photos taken.
So me little sis is married! didn't obviously see it happening so soon, but it was a very creative way of doing it i thought.
New year's was spent with B, as I mentioned in here before; dinner and back to his; was a great and extremely amusing one. Didn't end up taking my Acer like I had also mentioned in here as I didn't think i'd need it; may take it when I go over tomorrow though. I start orientation to the new school wednesday.
Because i had such a good time new year's, I didn't get as emotional as I usually do; just another year; 2010, which will just keep getting better and better.
Oh, Joy hurt her tail unfortunately; the top of it is pretty swollen so will take her to the vet tomorrow; she has trouble sitting down. Think she did it on Friday when chasing her mate around the yard, *grrr* anyway that's about all; shall go and update myself on the friends page now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. I shall not let internet drama affect me; unfortunately I'm finding it a bit hard at the mo which is funny cos it didn't for a time there. This stupid girl Shea on the Zone has always thought she was so high and mightty; above the rest of us; so she patronizes forum posts she doesn't agree with; real ego-tisticle. I view this as a real shame since I use to be friends with her husband (who wasn't at the time). He was a lot of fun, but from looking at his interactions, it seems she's brainwashed him; such a shame; ah well; if people want to be like that, they can, I guess. some people will never grow up it would seem, *sigh*


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