Apr. 21st, 2010 09:54 am
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So a few days ago, I decided to go back to the start of [livejournal.com profile] 65redroses journal and read through to the sad recent entries; it's been such an emotional yet educational ride for me. i wished I knew her; she sounded so lovely and loving. -- I got up to the exciting news of when she got her double lung transplant and was so so excited to be able to live again. Leading up to this, especially towards the end, she was so so sick!
Of course, sadly we know these lungs eventually started rejecting, but I guess at the very least, she got to do everything she could before hand. I'm currently up to new year's 2007, so we have a bit over a year of fun, happy, exciting times before the dreaded downhill slide. :( -- It would seem that she has a number of "friends only" posts which is certainly understandable, but she does obviously leave all her medical updates plus a few extra posts talking about other aspects of her life, public, which is how/why i feel i already know her so well.
I know I said this last time, but it's just so inspirational how she stayed so positive the whole time, even when she was so so so sick before her lung transplant; it's truly something for us all to live by. I was listening to one of her youtube clips and as a result of who she'd explained she was through the documentaries, I can just imagine her reading my LJ and thinking "and why are you so negative?" Lol! (mostly I'm not, but I realize sometimes I certainly can seem that way if I'm having a bad few months etc).
Oh some bits I have laughed at, as she would have expected people would at the time, as she always had a sense of humour, again, even at her lowest moments. What I found really amusing and laughed out loud was during the update after her transplant. she was excitedly talking about everything she can now do. she says something like, "I can now blow candles out, I can blow everything - get your minds out the gutter" Lol!
Anyway as I read about the transplant currently being a success and that she's full of life, it's so extremely sad to know that it is short lived. I just wonder what the medical explanation is? ah well I may find out when i get up to that sad point.

In other news, I seem to be feeling a lot better now; I'm back to myself fortunately; even getting up at reasonable hours.
Again I'm waiting for sean from VA to get back to me about an appointment time for when I can start my hopefully new-and-improved job searching.
I'm hoping i may get out and take Joy for a spin today; I feel bad when I don't have a lot of work for them, especially as she's such a young dog and just loves her work so much! -- Indeed, I'm going to continue on at the gym eventually, but I don't know if I'm quite up to that yet. I do want to change gyms as well to one nearer to me. There's one at ForestHill and I believe I can walk to it, giving myself and Joy even more exercise, yet still being close to my bus line if I need it.
Today is the final day to RSVP to my get together, so after 5, I shall be booking for Sat night; it's going to be a lot of fun; can't wait! :)
OK I'm off to continue reading, and shall have me some breakfast soon as well.
Til Next Time, RdFreak

still tired

Mar. 8th, 2010 07:34 am
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Well this puter is set at the right time now, so the LJ will be updated accordingly.
As subject says, still pretty tired. I went to bed last night at like 8, had a pretty good sleep but woke at 5 and though I was still pretty tired, couldn't sleep so got up, and dad did soon after to go to the gym, then he came back and we had breakfast.
I will start going to the gym prob tomorrow. I'm still really tired so may go back to bed with his puter and listen to something on my Western digital.
Last night while chatting on MSN, the batteries went flat on this thing, and then I discovered to my utter annoyance, I hadn't packed the power supply; I was sure I did though. anyway fortunately one of dad's friends over here has an acer which he wasn't using so has been able to borrow the supply of that; I was soo annoyed at myself; brought the other chord to it! *grrr*
I plan to hopefully catch up on cisco work later on this afo but it will depend on if I'm feeling OK enough to concentrate. I am behind and I don't want to get any more so. We can go at our own pace, but I do want to try and keep up with the lectures if I can.
Ah well, all for now I guess; all I can be bothered typing anyway; will def be back to talk about my flight/s soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak

so ..

Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:52 am
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Scott arrived Monday at about 9.30 in the end.
Yesterday we caught up with [livejournal.com profile] lauren_kh at timeout and they went back to her place while I went home; I needed a break; I find it hard to live with people; not intending to sound mean, but I'm just so use to being on my own and doing my own thing whenever i want and doing things my way. anyway more on that later.
I just came home yesterday and played some monopoly and stuff; I'd planned to get a few things done but it didn't happen, Lol! I want to try and do my module 2 exam today. I am a tad behind on the worksheets/labs, but I'm not too worried as I know I'll be able to catch up in Dubai when dad is at work and i'm bored, etc.
Dad got the internet connected there last week simply so I can continue my course; otherwise i certainly wouldn't have been bothered.
Scott showed me his mak last night; it's cool! he was playing around with the different voices, and there's one that just sings everything instead of speaks, it's sooo funny; "chelos" it's called! I want one just for that, Lol!
Today i was going to the gym but I'm not now. yesterday my left leg cramped up and ever since then, the muscle has been pretty painful to walk on and do much with. prob about 55% of my gym exercises are for my legs so thought I better give it a miss today; I certainly wanted to try and go three times a week, which I guess I will do when my body gets more use to it again.
Oh, today while looking on the chair (I use as a dumping place when I first get in my front door) for my iriver, I found my good old faithful memory stick; I thought I lost it, seriously! i was relieved and will use it later to transfer my cisco folder to my acer. of course I'll be taking my external hard drive though that is a mirror of this internal one, (or will be more completely when I do some final copying later).
so when my iriver charges, I will go to the rockbox site myself and follow the instructions, and if I have trouble, i'll get advice from scott; like to try and do it all myself first.
Tonight we're meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat for dinner in Glenwaverly.
Before this Dean and Dave are coming over for a while.
Tomorrow we're going to VA and meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] jordina for lunch, and I want to buy a pen friend from vistech if they have them.
Also got to go to the doctors before I leave to get my ears cleaned out.
so much to do!
Til Next time, RdFreak


Mar. 1st, 2010 09:51 am
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Well I'm off, in about an hour, to Kooyong to be interviewed on "Get About With Guide Dogs" for Vision Australia radio. will def be updating on when it's on, of course! I don't know what I'll be exactly talking about as she didn't give me a lot to go on, but, was thinking will talk about my more positive experience than most about transitioning from first to second dog.
Then, i'm thinking i'll have lunch at their CAFE before I leave to go back to the gym.
Scott E (serichsen) is arriving tonight at about 8 for four nights. will make him useful, Lol! he, being much more of an expert than me, has agreed to help me with my rockbox issues on my iriver so I will have music to listen to on my long flight to Dubai; I am so not looking forward to the long flight btw, but I always looove the food, especially on Emirates; yeah! :)
Malaysian was good too; we had prefitta rolls for disert one time; clearly the best disert I've ever had on a flight! :)
Right, all for now I guess.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, I have had the bestest ever fun this afternoon!
I heard a review on BCT for the accessible online multi-player game Monopoly. it was mentioned a while ago on ventrilo by a few others but didn't bother with it.
Anyway after a lot of fiddling around, i got the game installed on my Acer. i had never played games live with people online before so it was exciting for me. First I played with this guy who was very patient since I was so new to the short cuts and all. Then I lost him somehow, and after dinner found this other lovely gal from England to play with.
I'd never played the game before except with bots so I learnt heaps in terms of strategy so I was happy. And I was honestly going so so so so well; I had the most same coloured groups so I bought heaps of houses, but then, San, who had one same group bought a couple of houses and a hotel, and I of course landed on that, and it sent me broke; I had to mortgage all my properties and sell my houses. Then i started to pick-up but then I landed on the hotel again and heard the sound of death! Lol! I can't believe it; I was actually doing so so so so well at first; had heaps of houses and money and stuff! wow!
There's a text chat option, allowing us to chat to each other throughout.
Even though I'm usually a sore loser, this time, I was laughing along with her. -- the game is just so addicting though, and it's so much better playing it with live people other than bots.
A difference between the Jim kitchen version and this one I noticed straight away is that we have to wait til we're broke before we mortgage a property. with the other version, we could mortgage a property to buy another, which may be a bit strange I guess, Lol!
The game has awesome sound affects; I love it! -- goodbye homework! :) Lol
San was a good sport though! :)

Went to gym yesterday of course. didn't work upper arms as much cos they were still tender; feeling slightly better today; think they should be OK by Monday.
Nan came over today as it would be the last time she sees me before i leave.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I just read the second module of the course in time for the lecture tomorrow morning; it was much much easier to read and understand than the first; we were told this.
Still haven't done my components work sheet, but that shall get done.
Went to the gym today and did my program that was worked out for me; wasn't too bad; it was challenging but I felt good afterwoods. And it's going to make it so much easier for me to walk and function in general.
Anyway not really much else to report; short and sweet but I decided I will update every day with at least something.
Of course, still watching the Biggest Loser but guess I don't feel inclined to update the goings on; will just enjoy it in silence. It's taught me a lot though and I still very much enjoy all the little twists and turns.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I think Joy is quite happy to rest now after the day we've had.
This morning I called flight Centre and booked my Dubai trip.
Then we went to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] peterchayward in the city. He declined my offer of lunch, saying it would break the rules. He didn't even feel right when I said it could be paid back through donations.
But we had a lovely chat and it was all good.
After this I went to the flight centre in St Kilda to pay for my trip! am leaving on the 7th of March at 3AM, Lol! my most recent few overseas trips have started at stupid o'clock in the morning, Lol!
I'll be there for three weeks; just enough to hopefully clear the head a bit.
I kinda half wish i could go on to u.K, but it's too early to leave Joy for that long I'm thinking. Got to call GDV tomorrow and book her in.
Well, bout all for now!
Am going to listen to part1 and 2 of the lectures again and am thinking I'll then attempt to do the exam tomorrow before gym, *shudders*
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well I finally made my way to the gym in Glenwaverly yesterday afo; it was very friendly. The pool was flooded with young schoolkids taking a lesson I'd assumed but the gym was quiet. The woman there showed me around the equipment and showed me how it all worked.
Afterwoods I booked in a time for an assessment for a program. I will go Tuesday, allowing time to think about it properly, but it seems very accessable. There's like one exercise bike where i may have trouble using the computer as the pannel is hard to feel but all the other machines seem pretty tactile.
It will be interesting to see the program they come up with for me.
As I walk a lot, I'm not as fussed about getting more strength in my legs as I am arms. It'd be so nice to get some muscles happening there as I hardly have the need to use my arms any more.
Right, methinks I should continue my first worksheet now, and there's a social chat taking place on ventrilo at 12 for the cisco students which i may join as i wasn't able to last friday due to my being out with me awesome new friends, Mon and Salix. :)
Sunday after Nan's gbirthday, I am going to the Twilight show at the zoo with a group of clients from GDV; should be a lot of fun! :) And unlike previously, apparently now we can take our guide dogs to the zoo; wonder what changed?
So should get done with my worksheet damnit! I just don't get this one because we are meant to find three job adds and write down the job details that interest us. thing is, the other day, as I said to E, nothing about such jobs interest me yet as I'm only at the start of the course so can't really see myself in those "CompTIA’s A+" Certification type jobs. And anyway most of us doing these courses don't know if we want to work in the feild afterwoods, so it's a bit weird, but just kinda trying to imagine if I was applying for those jobs. But another thing is that when i look at a position description, I don't necessarily think about what interests me personally; the skills and qualifications are either essential or desirable, so if I have them, great; if I don't have them, well, I can't do much about it. -- bla bla bla; ah well.
Also, I was listening to the part of the lecture I missed and freaking out thinking "how on earth am I going to remember all this stuff for the module exam?" I swear, so so so much to remember! I mean there's all the common components, but then they go into the sub-components, many of them especially RAM. there's so so so many different types of RAM; how am I going to remember all that? *whine*
I may go get a drink, eat, then tackle the continuation of the first sheet the best I can.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I guess my subject line has a double meaning as far as this entry is concerned.
First of all, since I seemed to be giving my LJ a bit of a facelift and I've now gotit to a place where I can feel comfortable, i just changed my password. This is because myself and a few people use to highjack LJs occasionally, and, well, it's a precaution cos you never know with said people who randomly decide not to have anything to do with you just because you help them out and give them a place to board for months at a time while they get settled in a new state; yep all that; anyway, am well and truly over that now but I have learnt a lesson from it; never again Josephine! :)
Anyway I got up late this morning; seems unlike the olden days, I have to set alarms. I joined the lecture halfway through; they were talking about hard drives, so will look forward to being able to download said lecture so I can hear the first part. And my "to do" list for the week as far as cisco is concerned is:
A. Finish my job hunt work sheet (got two more positions to find and blab about).
B. Complete the second worksheet on building computers, (haven't even seen that one yet so hope I can make sense of it. :)
C. Do the first module exam (which they've all been activated for the week, *shudders*
D. Read the second module before next lecture.
But, i'm not too worried about that amount because I will spread the tasks out evenly to hopefully put my best into them.
I decided that I am going to walk two dogs up to the bakery in a min to buy myself a ham and salad roll and eat that while watching Doc Phil. Then i'm finally going to the gym in the afo and get myself assessed for a program, and hopefully even make a start.
Then I will come back, complete the first worksheet and chill. Tomorrow and Sat I can attempt the second.
Sunday we're celebrating nan's 80th birthday at the Crown so will be good to catch up with the family again; has been a while. -- Nan's real birthday is Monday.
Til Next time, RdFreak


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