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Happy 13th birthday darling Heartly! Hope you have a great day with Nan and Grand-pa.
Mummy is so sorry you are going through all these health problems now but unfortunately, we all have to get old sometime. :(
Mummy got you something on the weekend; a natural product which will hopefully help you with your stiff joints. Will give it to Nan when i next see her; either that or will start giving it to you myself if we are minding you at my place on the weekend.
Wishing you a continued happy retirement.

Your loving Mum, Dad, little sis Joy, Nan, Pa, Great-Nan, and Ruby. xox
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Today is the 1st of July in Melbourne Australia; what I've started to call my "lucky month". It's sixxteen years from the 12th since I met Celine dion, Heartly's 13th birthday on the 20th and my LJ's 8th birthday on the 26th. It's winter though; that is unlucky.
Tomorrow I have Trudi's party and I'm really looking forward to it; getting back into it all after so long and putting trust into people again feels good. :)
Oh, and I haven't got a cold like i thought I did; yeah! it must have been alergies or something; had been sneezing for like three hours from the time I got up.
Lol before:
me: We're now into the second half of the year.
C: Yes it goes so quick.
Me: Goes way too quick these days; soon enough i'll be 85 and in a nursing home.
C: Lol you're thinking very far into the future there (friendly laughs from others around us).
me: And all I'll want is my computer and a good internet connection (laughing from around again); so I can chat to other people in nursing homes far and wide.
Yes I'm mad.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, tomorrow is the final day of the three-day week.
Yesterday seemed to drag a little more than today for some reason.
This Saturday, we shall be going up to get my Mackbook if they have my particular one in stock; can't wait!
Not much to report really from since I last wrote in here. A pretty quiet mood greeted me as I walked into work yesterday; think everyone had been wishing the same as me; that we could have gotten the five days off; ah well.
Heartly is still very active and happy, so at the moment, we're just taking it day by day; if she gets too bad, we'll obviously be doing something but until then, if she's happy, we're happy; it's sad; I am still deciding what to do; still wondering if I should get her those further tests; i almost think I might despite my reluctance before.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, I guess I lied about yesterday's entry being the final one of my being 31.
I want to copy Fran's farewell email here because it was very very clever. Speaking of fran, her morning tea was absolutely amazing yesterday; she's the best-ever cook I know of; sausage rolls, pies, cheesecakes, slices; there was nothing that wasn't there. and she tells us it only took about a week! amazing!
Anyway, Fran left about 3 yesterday, and not before she presented me with a birthday cake that she'd made (an orrange one) with candles and the group singing happy birthday to me.
As everyone was so full from the earlier morning tea, it was decided that I would take the cake home, and I thought we'd all have it today.
I was in very good spirits last night after dad had been around to give me my injection (not so fun but he did it well) and he went shopping with me to get the party stuff for today.
Mum and her friend sue had been around earlier and tidied the remainder of my house I hadn't got to from the night before, so, it all left me in a very grateful mood with everyone last night; my partner, friends, family and the awesome people at work that made the day before my birthday so special as well. :)
Actually L had joked that I must have been injected with some kind of happy drug yesterday.
Just before I paste fran's excellent email in here, I had forgotten to mention yesterday that unfortunately poor Heartly has been bleeding internally. She got some tests done but they were, for the most part, inconclusive; she'd have to have more which will cost up to $2000 I'm told. They think one of the many lumps now on her back is sadly cancer. Still deciding what to do. they also guess that her kidneys might be not working properly; poor dog. but she's not in pain I'm told. Think I'll pay for the tests but I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.
Anyway, here is Fran's email (Note that though this is public now, I may change it to friends only in a few days for privacy reasons.)
Read more... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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By the way, as of today, i have decided to change Joy's feeding times. Have decided to stop split feeding her and just feed her at nights; This didn't work for Heartly of course, but Joy is definitely not thinking about her food 24/7. It will give me more time in the mornings to get ready in my still-half-asleep state.
til Next Time, RdFreak

Good night

Feb. 11th, 2011 11:17 am
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Had a great night last evening, but first:
As mentioned in here a couple of days ago, last week we had a game here at work as part of the end of FBT-year where we had to fish for badges. we had a pretend fishing rod with a magnet on the end of the line. I won a slinky for catching a pretend fish.
Yesterday we had to shoot three small balls up into a minny basketball ring, and I mannaged to get my first one in; I won four Jaw Breakers (otherwise known as Gob stoppers). they were chosen from a lucky dip.
Last night, A, T, Nan and I went over to parents for dinner where Christine and Jack had been staying; in fact, they all got back from a two-night stay at rye.
It was awesome seeing Christine and Jack again after a couple of years.
Parents cooked Lasanga, garlic/herb bread and salad; was lovely. They gave me some left-overs for lunch today which I totally can't wait for; mum's Lasanya is just the best.
So had a lovely chat to them last night and they met Joy of course and loved her. Theyd enjoyed walking Heartly and Ruby along the beach at Rye that morning!
Nan stayed over last night in the new bed dad had set up (finally got rid of the sofa!) She followed me in as far as work just to see where it is, then went on her way.
So glad it's Friday; usual weekend!
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. It seems I can now use facebook again; yeah! It wasn't just me that had the problems; all jaws users did thanks to "them" constantly fiddling with the mobile site; we're all getting frustrated with this! *grrr
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So I can't even remember when i last wrote in here. It's not like me, i know. guess I just have felt not up to writing lately.
But I think since I wrote last, i've done three shows for Mojo Radio which have all had their various teething problems, but I am getting better. The Mic on my headset is partly to blame. I will eventually buy myself another one. I've gotten good at uploading my archives as soon as I finish my show; these being at http://mojoradio.us/archives/rachelk,
So yeh apart from that, I've just been hanging out, going to woodwork, been lazy on the job front, but will get back into that.
Last Wednesday I went for my followup appointment at the kidney specialist after I'd had the required blood test. the results weren't good; still much the same as before. so he organized me to have a biopsy at Boxhill Hospital which i had last Monday.
Man the local annasthetic stung so so bad, but I know why they do that now. they tell us to hold our breath as they're doing it, so they don't puncture or kinda scratch the kidney or anything around it; makes sense, but geeze, i was a wimp. But, all went well and i was wheeled out to recovery where I had to stay practically laying still for four hours, of course to prevent any risk of internal bleeding starting etc. I watched Channel 10 and listened to everything else going on around me. The nurses were so so nice, as only I've ever experienced; they were so busy though, run off their feet.
Anyway, dad picked me up about 2.30 and took me back there for the night. ang came for dinner so that was good. I had my acer to keep me occupied where i was mainly chatting on twitter.
Dad dropped me home yesterday afo. I was meant to go out yesterday and today to my various commitments, but I am taking it easy. Even now, the kidney is still tender, certainly not as bad as Monday but still; I will take it easy all week to be on the safe side. I will call the specialist tomorrow as instructed to see if he has the results and we'll go from there i guess; only thing to do right?
Oh, almost forgot, not use to having to remember back so far. Sunday the 7th was our graduation at gDV. I was in the second and final ceromony for the day. dad and Nan came with me, then we went back to Mum's for a roast. The day was rainy with patches of sun here and there, but the ceromony remained dry.
After lunch, we went to Ang and Trent's place; I hadn't seen it before, and it was nice. Ang made a lovely chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Jan was there too which was lovely. Love big get-togethers.
Now I can't wait til christmas. :) We're having it at parents house this year since the kitchen has been done finally.
Anyway about all for now. Hopefully I won't have any more absences from writing in here.
til Next time, RdFreak
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wow, this has to be the record when it comes to the length in which I haven't written in here. Therefore, I am not going to do a daily lookback, I will just be more general.
In the past few weeks, I've been to my woodwork class, and as of yesterday, I've finished my outdoor bench seat. i just need to lacker it next week and the one after, then it will be mine to take home.
I am afraid to say, i haven't done much with job applications but I need to start again. I've got the marketter at VA on my case, and apparently positive things have happened there, so no doubt I'll get an interview as a result of him soon.
I did some O&M with donna last week from the tram stop to the entrance of the tennis courts so that was cool; getting another session tomorrow, and sunday is the graduation! Unfortunately Joy's puppy raisers won't be attending. M called me last saturday; they double booked their interstate trip but will catch up with us for coffee another time.
I've had heartly here for the past week though she went home yesterday.
Been to my parents for dinner a couple of times; Volley vonts are so nice; ang' favourite.
Last Monday I did a test for Mojo radio and was immediately accepted on to their staff, so that was a great thrill for me. When I remember nine years ago thinking I'd never be able to do it! Oh, i'd bought Station playlist studio pro last week and it is damn awesome; so easy to use; not sure why I didn't get it ages ago.
So, after much frustration with working out time zones, I decided my shows are going to be each Saturday mornings my time. This week, it will be from 9 AM to 12, but it will change after this to 10 AM til 1 because the clocks go back in the states. That is Fridays at 4 PM Eastern American time and this week only, 8 PM GMT, but will be 9PM from next week. So yea; I get to show off my colection! :) Everyone seems to be as impressed as I am with my music variety! :) so all that, I shall be playing, plus a novelty hour inbetween where I'm starting out by playing Yes what, as well as other random comedy skits on my puter and anything else i think might go in there. Also, will be taking requests of course, as all good stations do.
So yeh, will be interested to see how the first show goes.
I even recorded a show promo; hadn't done anything like that before, so I must say, I was proud of my first attempt, but shall continue to improve. [livejournal.com profile] wesderby has been very open to the more beginners, and is very accepting. Can't believe I've known him for twelve years; even though we lost touch for a lot of that time. yeah to facebook for reconnecting us again. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've noticed lately that things will happen which link to my contemplations of late. OK I know that sentence didn't make sense.
I'd forgotten to mention in here, that by about last Tuesday, I started contemplating seriously becoming a Vegetarian. Dad had given me some of his home-made lentil potato pie for dinner which I had two nights in a row, and I just felt more physically there. Meat products seem to, more often than not these days, make me feel bloated and pass wind (sorry bout the TMI but seriously.) -- And of course, that wasn't the first time I'd experience vegetarian cooking.
Last year while in cairnes with the lovely Cole family, I went Vegetarian the whole week (as they have been for years) and I honestly didn't miss meat at all as I totally thought I would. They cooked such yummy meals, and I didn't even object to their Tuna dishes. -- And I love marinated fried tofu.
Anyway, as my LJ suggests, my health, for some unknown reason, as seemed to take a bit of a decline in recent years, with the most recent concern being my Kidney issues (which will hopefully be diagnosed tomorrow.)
When I eat a meal of meat, I can't eat any chocolate afterwards without feeling bloated and windy. Last week I found, I could quite happily enjoy a bit of chocolate afterwards without feeling anything at all.
Of course, my being iron deficient much of the time these days, I'd have to consult with the doctor on iron supplement guarantees, but if all promises to be OK there, the lifestyle may be one to really consider. Like dad, I would go off at Christmas and special occasions, so I wouldn't totally be sticking to it; but 99% of the year, I'd expect too for sure.
I'd also need to learn to cook very very creatively; this brings me to the above-mentioned coincidence; On the front page of LJ today, there's a spotlighted community called [livejournal.com profile] vegetarians, and the description offers people who may be considering the lifestyle an opportunity to learn, so seriously things talk to me sometimes.
Also, going Vegetarian much of the time, would have an added bonus as it would make me feel better about the whole animal rights thing, not that I judge anyone, or even myself when eating meat, but still, it's hard to think properly about what we're really eating.
In other news, I was supposed to meet Peter for breakfast at 10.30 but totally slept in. I got to sleep at about 1 this morning after having two lovely new friends over; Nina and Chrissy! Nina cooked; Chrissy and I combined the mixture and stuffed the cannelloni, and surprise surprise .. that was vegetarian. Nina had planned to cook that before she even knew of my contemplations there, so that was pretty impressive.
We gossed, we laughed and we cried (at least, I thought Nina was crying at one stage, but she was really only laughing too hard, which was good). Joy was a hit, as usual. -- I should be getting photos soon of her as Nina took a few. I have only got my darling Heartly here.
Might go for a walk today. Walked to the station yesterday to meet Nina, and I so must keep this up daily.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I know that my past three public LJ entries have had a subject beginning with the words "wow' ..
Anyway I will not be going to vA tomorrow but to yet another job interview instead. I had a phone one this afo and the guy was pretty impressed so asked if I'd like to go in tomorrow. Turns out that software may be an issue again but I am still going in case I could possibly be recruitted to another of their projects.
But as I've told so many people lately, it's like the only thing holding me back from being perhaps more successful is the stupid software conflicts with Jaws. :( Anyway am going to take my acer tomorrow so I can demonstrate jaws. The idea was to do an individual assessment skills test after our group interview, but not sure how successful that will be without jaws.
So another group one wednesday; which reminds me, I haven't called them either to disclose my blindness; will do that tomorrow morning.
Nan stayed over last night and I went to the Doctors this morning. Had my ears cleaned and my blood tested for a few things; should get the results back next week.
Well off I go to play another game of Moles No more, a new game I bought from klango last night after reading the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fleurette67's entry on her LJ about it.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. I am minding Miss Heartly for a few days while parents are taking new TV to rye; love having both my dogs. It does of course mean I have to leave her here while I go out with Joy; it's hard but she's use to it now and is fine; I usually leave the radio or TV on for her to listen too, in case she cares.
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Wow, so the other day in the community [livejournal.com profile] sexybitches which had been renamed from Australians, there was this post about curing the hiccups. One of them was to tickle the nose until you sneezed and then your diaphram resets. But the past two times I've had the hiccups (including just a few minutes ago) I riggled my nose and they stopped; seriously; so that's a fast and affective method of getting rid of hiccups.
I am no longer on that community just really because I wasn't reading many of the posts.
OK so would i know it? I went over to the parents last night to get my hair cut and Mum and dad (both who have never followed football) had the grand Final on and was shouting at it. "Go the Pies!" I exclaimed, "No No, the saints" they replied; OMG.
Anyway, there was much excitement as there was only five minutes of the game left to go. -- It was a draw, so we get to put up with another game next week; what? ah well.
So we had a lovely roast meatloaf and vegies for tea; mmm. and Mum cut my hair to far above my shoulders where it seems to belong these days. -- She also gave me some fish oil tablets to try (since I don't do fish). So now I'm on to 24 tablets a day; "Rattly Rachel" is what they'll call me. :)
In other news, though I knew where my Maestro was, I'd misplaced the GPS receiver, but Dad found it here last week, so going to use that again. I will prob have to perform a bit of maintanence to it as the firmwear and trekker maps will be out of date. :( Hate doing that.
And also Mum has been introduced to the firminator and loves it. She's going to try and purchase one for Heartly but in the meantime, she's got mine.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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So not long after I wrote the previous entry, Mum called to give me a Heartly update. She's fine. She had her tablets this morning and is content now. She wasn't happy last night though. she wouldn't even come near Mum. Think she was wondering why they put her there. If she has to blame anyone it's me, why no? Lol - ah well, I felt i had no choice as the vet advised it'd be better in the long run if this lump was out. still, I won't be putting her through it again unless it's absolutely necessary.
I asked Mum for the sausage roll recipe. She feared that it may be still packed away from the renovations but said Ang may remember it so I texted her before.
OK, I got this forward before. Some of these facts have been circulating for years and others sound new to me; very new. :)
little facts )
Til next time, RdFreak
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Heartly is safe at home with the parents. Didn't get much info as they were just about to have dinner when I rang but was talking to ang as she was there last night, most probably while Trent was at the football. But she's home and seemed to be doing well. She was walking around and all but I dare say that was the pain meds. Still, hope it didn't get too painful for her later on. She's such a little darling. Sure, she's not as affectionate as Joy; more aloof, but I know she definitely loves life, me and her current family; she always has. I love her! Love both my dogs to death; absolute death.
OK in other news, I got another job interview next Thursday. Got a call on that wretched mobile while Dean and David were here yesterday. But, stupid me didn't catch the name of the woman I was talking too. Usually they will send an email to me with all the details but I didn't ask for that as I didn't know how appropriate it was; upon reflection though, I just should have.
So I will call on Monday and try and find out. I also thought I'd take the recruitment guys advice from last Tuesday and didn't even mention my blindness or my dog. But I now feel like I need to be honest in my call Monday and not just show up on Thursday unannounced. My resume sure eludes to blindness, but just because I've volunteered in blindness agencies, might not mean the obvious I guess. So, I don't think its right to take this approach; but that's just me.
In other unrelated news, no plans again this weekend, and I had the biggest urge to make sausage rolls last night; not just any sausage rolls however; my sister's ones, (at least I think it was sister who originally made them in hour household). I haven't made them before, but think now that I've got more confidence, don't think I'll have any problems. I did just look at a recipe on taste.com.au to get a specific description on how I go about cutting and folding the pastry for these and now I know, when I call for the recipe at home, I should be totally right. I know it's got Worcestershire sauce in them which give them a lovely flavour. And these are bite size, so I can just snack on them. -- I'll give them a sleep in though so will call them later. -- Then I will have to go down the shops and get them; prob the butcher for the sausage mince.
til Next time, RdFreak
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First up, I called the Vet about an hour ago, and Miss Heartly came out of surgery OK but she's still pretty dopy and on the pain meds; poor thing. we'll pick her up tonight. Yeah.
OK I've had the following song in my head all week. I have all the albumns from steps and just love the majority of their stuff; but this is prob my favourite song, hence not being able to get it out my head all week as I was listening to it last Sunday. :)
Steps - Love's Got a Hold On My Heart )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I applied for over 20 jobs yesterday; that is like a record for me. And putting myself out there is totally being rewarded; I am hearing back from at least one job a day; at least since wednesday anyway, Lol!
So I am now just giving them my mobile number on the cover letter (though my home number is on my resume). The idea of doing that is that I'm out a lot these days, but, the down side unfortunately is that Blackburn has bad reception, and talking to a guy about a job at the crown casino this morning that I'd applied for, was like pulling teeth. I kept having to ask him to repeat himself, and that is so not a good look when having phone interviews. :( Anyway yeah to feeling good again; something has got to come up soon. :)
In other news, heartly is having the surgery today. Dad dropped her in this morning then came to make me breakfast. i'm worried but they will call me at lunch time; if not, I will certainly call them, oh yes I will.
David and dean are coming over this afo. I didn't want to go out anywhere because of Heartly.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I forgot to mention a couple of Joy related matters in my phone post yesterday, (which btw, even though it lasts for the standard five minute time, is not the best quality; it's a bit muffled; anyway).
My family and I will be attending the graduation ceremony at GDV in November. I'm very much looking forward to this as they didn't do such an event when I got Heartly. So the formal details will involve me and Joy getting a certificate; after a whole year of working her mind you. But there's only one graduation a year and our class was unfortunate enough to be the first one after last year's ceremony. So I look forward to meeting Joy's puppy raisers there as well as spending time with family and friends at a picnic style event. (As my faithful LJ readers may recall, I did speak to Joy's raisers on the phone earlier this year but still haven't met them).
Also, I've decided from now on, by hook and by crook, I am going to be very strict with Joy while she's working. In the past, I have found it very hard to deny good-intentioned members of the public pats of Joy and Heartly, but, I had a good talk with myself last night after Joy did a very non-Joyish thing and ate something off the floor of charkhole chicken. Yes, that's a sign of her basic training already slipping, and it won't happen again; in fact, she will get back to the high standard of class and remain that way.
In other news, heartly is going in to have a couple of lumps removed tomorrow. I had a couple checked out Monday and the vet is especially worried about one under her tail. It is benign but the vet thought it'd be better if it gets taken out now rather than later when it's a lot bigger and makes things hard for her.
Iljin had a malignant lump removed Tuesday and fortunately he came through OK. Obviously [livejournal.com profile] jordina was rather worried, and I was too. Was very grateful to receive the text from her telling me he'd pulled through OK. -- Heartly is twelve; fortunately though she's very healthy despite her deteriorating hearing and eye sight, but to say I won't be worried tomorrow is a complete under statement. I shall be calling up (as per my usual tradition when she goes under) at mid-day to make sure everything is going OK still.
So more stitches for poor Heartly I guess. I'm unsure how she'll toilet but it's something I'll call the vet about today as I forgot to ask that the other day.
til Next time, RdFreak

P.S. I was doing a spellcheck in MS word, and i hadn't noticed the sounds before; I didn't think there was any when a word not in the dictionary came up. :)
On that note, i just learnt something new; If there's a grammar problem it picks up, there's a button that says "explain" and, it does just that when we click on it. My grammar has totally slipped unfortunately. :(
P.P.S. After I'd created a new job seek profile last week, i was no longer getting the emails; they just started coming through again yesterday; yeh; time to apply for even more jobs.
I did get a call from a recruitment agency yesterday but unfortunately, though she actually seemed quite interested in me, the place was not near public transport at all. :(


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:36 am
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So I'm not very good at sticking to my days of this meme; I will do day 05 later on today, and then day 06.
Yesterday I felt rather depressed; it'd been leading up for a few days; not sure what triggered it off; I'd been doing so well. Guess the unavoidable change of weekend plans for so long but especially having no job just got to a bit of a head. But thanks to Dad I feel stronger again now. I ended up breaking down to him yesterday afo and it made me feel a lot better to talk to someone. -- I'd been so bored as well. I'd thought about going out but it was pretty rainy yesterday.
Dad just came over to drop Heartly here for a few days and try and uninstall tripple-talk again but we couldn't find anything in device manager; will consult my expert friends again today as Dad's coming back tomorrow to help with that but also prob go to Forest Hill with me just to have a drink and catch up; it's been forth coming since he's been in Dubai for so long.
Anyway, the vet tells me that Heartly is overdue for her seniour cit checkup so off I go to make an appointment for Monday.
Oh also, Nan called me yesterday to inform me Great uncle Lindsay passed away Thursday from pancreas cancer (what Carol had). He was diagnosed with it a few years ago and was unfortunately told there was nothing that could be done. He was 72. His late wife Joy (believe it or not re the name) passed away in 89 from a massive stroke so at least they're together again (re my beliefs as oppose to the exact seventh day Adventist beliefs).
R.I.P Uncle Lindsay. I hadn't seen you for a while but will again when my time comes.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So yes, everyone is doing it, so I decided I might give it a go. i use to be an awesome writer, but unfortunately I have lapsed so much, mostly due to the fact I am unable to sit down and read a good braille novil as i use to so enjoy doing. So, following is the meme. Read more... )
Day 01 )
In other news, dad was just here and we both worked on reinstalling the Trippletalk drivers but that hasn't done anything. It's not the card itself as Dad took it out, cleaned it and put it back in. So I'll have to research this annoying problem further.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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This is the interview I mentioned in my LJ some time ago that I was going off to do for vision Australia radio about Joy and Heartly: http://www.guidedogsvictoria.com.au/guide-dogs-on-air
alternatively, here it is! :)


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