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If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!!
If you are under 30, learn a lesson and count your blessings!
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I wasn't planning on posting so soon, but the funniest conversation was had before between myself and dad and I want to document it so I don't forget.
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We both went out for dinner to the Greens mal where we went to an Arabian restaurant called "meshaw" or something like that; we shared some bread, dips, salad and a mix grill meat platter.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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The funniest short dialog was had on Judge Judy before:
Judge to defendant: are you on drugs:
def: no, just tired; jetlag I think.
Judge: I've got jetlag too but I don't look as tired as that.
def: you look beautiful.
Judge: me?
def: yes.
Judge: God help you.
def: I know!

Lol classic! talk about sucking up!
certainly made my afternoon since minutes before I was having a melt-down about life, or the lack there of lately.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I rarely post humour in here, only if I think it's really really good, and this is one such occasion.
My friend scott D posted the following to the Zone sometime ago, and they're just funny and clever!
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I'm thinking of walking the dogs soon; not too hot, not too cold.
And I must do that first assignment today too! Lol
Til Next time, RdFreak
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As well as the quarterly addition of "Dog Tails", the newsletter that Guide Dogs Victoria put out for all clients, they just started up a new magazine purely for the guide dog clients called "Local wag". Both magazines are emailed to me.
I'm currently reading issue two (as I'd been deleting these magazines a bit lately, I didn't realize they started producing this new magazine, so must go back in my trash and find the first issue). Anyway, they had the following musing, and I wanted to share it here cos I thought it was funny!
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In other news, I just introduced joy and Heartly. I wasn't planning to do this til next week, but Mum called to say she was in Blackburn, and she had Heartly in the car if I wanted to see her. So I suggested that as Joy isn't stressed or anxious in any way, we could introduce them, so we did. Of course Heartly was her usual timid self, but Joy was gentle with her, and I am pleased to say, i think they'll become firm friends in future.
I do plan to take Joy for a walk later.
I just mainly wanted to share that musing; I thought it was clever, Lol!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I don't normally post forwards in here, less forward through email any more, but this made me laugh, and is sooo true! :)
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til next time, rdFreak
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I remembered what I had wanted to mention saturday but first amusing convo ) I've been listening to a series called "THE DEMON HEADMASTER" THAT i GOT FROM l'S SITE. iT'S DEFINITELY UP MY ALLEY (IN TERMS OF MYSTORIES) BUT IT'S THE WEIRDEST BOOK. Read more... ) and cos I should go now, an amusing joke I got yesterday. Read more... ) til next time, RdFreak
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mmmm so the blind guy came this morning to put up my sunblinds that were made for my windows during summer! (I knew that sentence started out in a dodgy manner, but couldn't be bothered going back to modify it as I knew it would be OK :)
And he came at like 7.45 on the day I can sleep in?!?! ah what on earth is up with that one?!?! Anyway Heartly cracked me up soo much! she gave one little agressive bark, as she does, but remained on her bed as she knew I'd get mad if she tried to bound up. (she is learning :) but the whole thing got me curious, so i looked up "how do dogs bark?" on the net, and it came up with all these "why" answers! aaah, but it answered my questions. Poor little Heartly aims to take control of the puppies.
I forgot to mention a while ago that while Nan and I were at Mitcham station, someone walked by us with a small puppy. Heartly barked and the poor puppy started whimpering! ah what a bully Heartly is! Lol but my questioning to the Wise and wonderful google explained it all!
A is coming to pick up some sheets to scan, and then i have to finish my essay and .. those extended bibs! If I have to do them all through uni, I will need to call for insanity, really! they are just extremely pointless, and it's my theory that the teachers/lecturers love to see students suffer! suffer suffer suffer! anyway!
I don't normally like to paste jokes in here, but this really made me chuckle so early in the morning )
Til next time, RdFreak


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