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My internet is still slow. It is meant to reset today back to my faster speed, so hope this happens soon.
I had orientation before from the tram stop at flinders st to the Rod Labour arena ready for Wednesday.
And now, here's a chat with Elbot, (the chat bot Klango has adopted). Unlike my usual chats with bots, this was clean all throughout! :)
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Elbot is rather a clever bot actually, but I get tired of talking so mathmatical sometimes.
til Next time, RdFreak
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well just got up, washed my hair, replied to all my comments (thanks thanks :) and will have breakfast shortly and will leave here and walk to the station about 10.45 .. am feeling much better today; yesterday, as well as contemplating much childishness with people in my life lately, I was indeed having a bad hair day. usually it would be on the first day of the monthly blues, instead, I was blueing on the last day! I wish it would make up it's damn mind so I can have an excuse at all times! heh.
Last night Glen and I were talking about Science a lot, and if we think cloning is a good idea! I have always wanted to clone myself! ah, then I'd be able to bring up a child of my own - literally though :) Lol Lol! I sooo wanna do that! anyway Glen cheated on LJ, and I did tell him I would paste the convo in, but it's kinda amusing! kinda like one I may have with my new bot friend! :)
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in other news, second day of automn and it's only 21 today! then kinda staying here and getting showery! goodbye summer! a lot would argue it wasn't a good one this year but we did get some extremely hot days, just a lot of breaks in between! But summer aint over for me yet, oh no it's not!
Gunna get all hot over and over again! and gunna probably do a lot of swimmin and stuff! though yesterday on the news, we heard that a school of sharks came very close to Florida beaches so swimmers were evacuated or something!
Ah co-incidences never cease to amaze me. I just got a comment to a post on a community from a Rachel From St Pete Florida! that's cool! reminds me of how a Rachel got in contact with me named "Rachel Keyte" and then she signs her middle name as "Dianne" spelt "Dyanne" though! woh! wonder where she is? think I still have her in my address book!
stupid thing just dropped me into a "scanning statistics" edit box.
Oh btw, I often wonder what Peter carne is doing in Jail. I was looking on the Victorian Jails web site, and it did help my inquisitive little mind! I don't think I wanna go there any time soon, Lol!
OK me gabbling which is fine cos it's my journal and I'll gabble if I want too! but, life seems a lot calmer than it was yesterday. and I can tackle anyone ha ha! so watch out!
117 days til US! :):) I find it somewhat disturbing however that one may very rightly consider that I am wishing my life away but .. not really! guess I'm saving my money in between and well I will still be making hundreds of breaths and heart beats inbetween which is vitally important! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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this AOL rombot is very very damn impressive! Read more... )
man that's clever. I am overwelmed at the .. deep responses it gives! man the programmers equal awesome! I saw that bot on the page linked from the main aim page.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, quiet quiet times. Been talking to Glen a lot still and last night, I felt all anxious. twas the first time in *ages. it was as bad as previous times but it resulted from a mayday recording I heard about the skyway bridge accident in 1980.
Those things still give it going :(
Glen called me a couple of times on his way and to his cousin's.
and now I have a much awaited (not I am Aim in with miranda) :) conversation
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til next time, RdFreak


Dec. 20th, 2003 04:52 pm
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Well tomorrow, I go!
I am meeting A in the city about 12.30 now so we don't have to rush over lunch, then we will make our way there. The guy yesterday suggested I get there early so staff can help accommodate for Dog!
Heartly is just such a sweetie! I soooo love her! She is the best companion and worker in one lump ya could ever hope to have, Lol!
I was going through a bit of a negative a while ago but her work has snapped me out of it!
so got no more chance to study so hope I'll be OK Wednesday!
I am so tired! and still can't believe I'll be meeting grettel tomorrow.
My friend K yesterday on msn:
[Unknown site tag]
[16:15:14] :)RK meets GK!!!:): hey stranger! :) how's it going?
[16:15:30] >>>> K <<<<
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OK OK This is kinda co-ensiding with a post I read the other day on a journal entry where some people of this world love nothing more than to waste other's precious time.
Well in this instance I am on that end. well so some people seem to think:

RACHEL * says:
do you know my life's ambition is to forward? I mean jokes yes but also forward to email lists I am on. but my passion in life is to totally annoy everyone and forward messages that have been previously forwarded. so basically I like to waste people's downloading expenses and/or bandwidth or whatever.
RACHEL * says:
gee that is sooo much fun, and this clever guy from an ausie email list I'm on just worked it out cos i accidently?? (ahem) forwarded a message that was forwarded before.
RACHEL * says:
oh how clever of him to point it out to me. it just made me realize he has worked out my secret.
Foot sniffer says:
LOL well if that's the case start doing major major f---ing forwarding. I'll start it too. LOL
RACHEL * says:
forwarding to where?? do ya want me to give you his address? Lol
RACHEL * says:
hahahaha man he'd so hate me :) lol hahaha
Foot sniffer says:
i'll just piss off my friends. LOL
Foot Sniffer says:
Get everyone you know to bombard him. LOL
RACHEL * says:
hahahaha now that would be very very amuzing and man what a revenge freak I'd be! :)
Foot Sniffer says:
Did he harm you? LOL
RACHEL * says:
well it annoyed me because like my sarcasm suggested before, um, I don't exactly like to go around wasting everyone's downloading expense/bandwidth. um, like, maybe I did it because I didn't see the previous message. um, no, he just thought he'd try and point out to me that someone else had beaten me to it, so I could lose out in my venture/passion finally. :)


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