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Happy 13th birthday darling Heartly! Hope you have a great day with Nan and Grand-pa.
Mummy is so sorry you are going through all these health problems now but unfortunately, we all have to get old sometime. :(
Mummy got you something on the weekend; a natural product which will hopefully help you with your stiff joints. Will give it to Nan when i next see her; either that or will start giving it to you myself if we are minding you at my place on the weekend.
Wishing you a continued happy retirement.

Your loving Mum, Dad, little sis Joy, Nan, Pa, Great-Nan, and Ruby. xox


May. 30th, 2011 03:14 pm
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Poor Joy was sick under the desk before; Megan kindly cleaned it up though I felt bad about it.
I am having my regular blood test Thursday (have to swap shifts), a renal ultrasound (different from the one of last year; how I don't know yet) and my kidney specialist appointment the following Wednesday where he will read my results and give them to me in English; just sayin
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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By the way, as of today, i have decided to change Joy's feeding times. Have decided to stop split feeding her and just feed her at nights; This didn't work for Heartly of course, but Joy is definitely not thinking about her food 24/7. It will give me more time in the mornings to get ready in my still-half-asleep state.
til Next Time, RdFreak

quiet spot

Feb. 24th, 2011 10:01 am
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It's a quiet spot at work ATM, so I thought I'd relate an accident that happened on the escorlators yesterday which I forgot to write about last night.
Joy wasn't hurt at all; she just got a fright.
I'd just taken her to toilet at the church and we went to the entrance of Melb central, and Joy went to her usual middle escrlator, but "they" had decided to have that one going down instead of up. So we discovered this when it was too late so we reversed but Joy must have got a fright as she felt it catch too close to her foot, and she half yelped; I was worried but she seemed OK.
When we got back up to the office, the ladies checked her out and she was fine. She actually started walking faster after it happened.
Anyway it's taught me a lesson; not to just assume the escorlator will always be going the same way. So I must let her follow me on.
In other news, I was on to Optus for about an hour yesterday, and after being transferred to about four people, I finally have my USB wireless dongle issue sorted out; will be getting a new SIM card tomorrow and then will be able to use it on the move again; yeah! :) Also, I will be going on a cheaper plan with TPG and moving my mobile across there; this will save some dosh.
Michael W is here sorting out my new server computer which will be dedicated to me and jaws.
Anyway that's about all I's think. :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak

Good night

Feb. 11th, 2011 11:17 am
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Had a great night last evening, but first:
As mentioned in here a couple of days ago, last week we had a game here at work as part of the end of FBT-year where we had to fish for badges. we had a pretend fishing rod with a magnet on the end of the line. I won a slinky for catching a pretend fish.
Yesterday we had to shoot three small balls up into a minny basketball ring, and I mannaged to get my first one in; I won four Jaw Breakers (otherwise known as Gob stoppers). they were chosen from a lucky dip.
Last night, A, T, Nan and I went over to parents for dinner where Christine and Jack had been staying; in fact, they all got back from a two-night stay at rye.
It was awesome seeing Christine and Jack again after a couple of years.
Parents cooked Lasanga, garlic/herb bread and salad; was lovely. They gave me some left-overs for lunch today which I totally can't wait for; mum's Lasanya is just the best.
So had a lovely chat to them last night and they met Joy of course and loved her. Theyd enjoyed walking Heartly and Ruby along the beach at Rye that morning!
Nan stayed over last night in the new bed dad had set up (finally got rid of the sofa!) She followed me in as far as work just to see where it is, then went on her way.
So glad it's Friday; usual weekend!
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. It seems I can now use facebook again; yeah! It wasn't just me that had the problems; all jaws users did thanks to "them" constantly fiddling with the mobile site; we're all getting frustrated with this! *grrr
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Well my Joy has redeemed herself! we had our anual follow-up this morning; walked to the station with Donna watching from her car, occasionally testing Joy's traffic skills, and she was great; Joy was i mean; go Joy!
I had been a bit concerned with Joy's speed lately; it had appeared that she had slowed down a bit from how she use to walk but I've just put it down to when we're in the city and she's a bit more cautious.
So Joy was speeding along this morning; I am so getting back into my walking. have even decided to start walking from B's to the station. I need to get fit again and remain that way.
In other news, Donna gave us O&M to the food court in Melb Central a few weeks ago and we go there all the time now. I discovered a German bakery a few days ago and I'm addicted. The ladies were talking about it and, just by accident, i found it that very same day. Their meat and salad rolls are awesome not to mention their pastries which I need to be better and not have every day; maybe just a treat for fridays.
That's all my news for now.
Oh, I am getting rid of all my casios i bought from ebay as I don't use them. I am only keeping my original PT50 and all the cartridges I'd collected over the years, including the ebay ones. Even though loscha and i no longer talk (am not even sure what happened still but anyway ..) I decided to write to him to give him the first option of buying them since he still collects them, i'd assumed, and i was right.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So Im here again. Just started work not long ago actually, and it's fairly quiet compared to usual, so I thought I may use this time to write something else in here.
My work here is extremely different to aNZ. I was never so busy there, even when I was in the head office.
I still had bad memories of Lorraine and still wish I can write to her and say "ha ha, I have a job now where they appreciate me" but I know i just need to get over it and just accept it was one bad experience and move on.
Only last week, M was telling me what a great job I'm doing; so refreshing to be at a place where I am so appreciated.
Anyway, to last weekend: Melbourne has sure had some strange weather; in fact all of australia has really. Queensland had major flooding, as in the worst on record where a few people actually died, and then they experienced their worst Cite Clone where fortunately no-one died.
Then on the weekend, we got the edge of it which just meant flooding in Melbourne; never experienced anything like it. B and I were wading through water up to our knees in the station carpark of Paky; we were sopping. Then it was so bad Saturday that no-one could get in or out for most of the day.
Anyway, i'm wondering if that's why I have this minny coldy thing.
Then Sunday Joy and jarve had decided to have a bit of an adventure without us. We were letting them rompse in the yard when they took off; they'd never done that before; very unusual. They wouldn't even come back to our calls.
We ended up wandering up the street and they had been seen running to golf courses, playing with kids at the bus stop, you name it. A kind neighbour who we spoke to ended up driving them home to us, not before I started imagining every bad thing possible.
Joy was certainly in my bad books all day; she was made to sit by me and not move for a few hours; think she did realize what she did wrong.
Well, that's all for now. even though it is quiet, it is quite a bit harder riting at work because constant interuptions too sometimes make me forget my streams of consciousness, but I def want to keep up to date with this cos I love my LJ, so I shall find the time for sure, even if it means smaller updates because, I do use the internet inbetween times, as the other team members do. They are often glued to the age site whereas for me, it's LJ all the way! Lol
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Where is my love of writing in my LJ going?
It's not that I don't love it, i jus don't have time these days; what with my work that I'm there 8.5 hours a day and at B's for the weekends etc. And when i do get home to blacky, I am zonked and will listen to Neighbours online that I've missed, eat dinner and crash.Occasionally I have been able to catch neighbours live on my new set-top box I bought a few weeks ago.
Also got a digital radio in Paky a few weeks ago. idea is to see if I can use it at work but haven't had a chance to ask M about it yet.
Everyone here is still lovely.
My technology is almost all there but there is one aspect which isn't quite working yet. i can use everything else, just not the pulse call cue thing; jaws goes a bit spaz when i switch between my remote desktop and that program.
So Michael W has been here prob about half a dozen times since my first and only entry (up til now) for the year.
George from VA has also been here to help me click on unlabeled buttons on the elearning thinggy. By next year, the outsourced company will be required to have it sorted.
Since it's the end of the FBT year, Maxxia have rewarded us with plenty of fun things like popcorn, games with fun prizes and today, a free lunch of a subway meal; they are good to us and I can't complain.
I am also no longer the newest kid on the block as of yesterday. Sophy seems shy, but that's how i was; now I'm not; lol
I am having to drink heaps more water than i use to to prevent headaches; it's weird; I get them so easy now.
I will write in here more often as I use too.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I keep up to date with LJ friends page between calls, though this takes me a very long time since it's so busy.
My individual record so far is 501 calls in a day!
P.P.S My health is better in general since B insisted we visit this health food shop so I have better iron tablets, and they do seem stronger.
in saying all this, i think i have a minny cold; not one to hold me down at all, but just one to give me more sneezing fits than my usual annoying alergies, and now, a sore dripping nose.
P.P.P.S. I keep remembering things to add. It's was Miss joy's 3rd birthday yesterday. I will write an entry later about the adventure Joy and her mate had Sunday; not happy Jann!
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OK so this week will be my first full week at Maxxia and this is because there were public holidays contained in last week and the one before.
Friday was the first day I actually took calls on my own with Fran listening, and today I was completely on my own for most of the afternoon and will be this way from now on, except for when Michael W makes a few corrections to the jaws scripts in the program which give me the full access to it all in which case, Fran will prob just sit with me until I get them right. For now I have to just settle with putting callers through to a couple of numbers without asking them for their car registration numbers.
I went on some new iron tablets mid-way through last week and man they have made a difference; I think that combined with actually working as oppose to just listening all day.
Friday morning Donna (from GDV) came out to give me some O& M to a few chosen food places at Melb central so am feeling very confident about it now.
And I stayed over at B's on the weekend as I did for New year's. We went out for Chinese then went back home and just basically waited up for the new year then went to bed.
Happy new year btw.
I am still trying to get to bed early each work night so I can be assured of as much sleep as possible.
Michael W is still working on perfecting jaws so I can actually use my computer to its full potential (at the moment, due to authorisation issues, I haven't been able to use the ult key in conjuncction with any other key; in other words, can't switch programs which has sucked; no email for me though I certainly have an account set up and will have stacks waiting when it all gets sorted out; should be all sorted by the end of this week we're told.
Tomorrow glen H is coming out to do my work place assessment; I want a focus blue braille display; how awesome would that be, but whether we could convince him of that, who knows.
I got told today by Matt that another client of VA is being interviewed wednesday for the other switchboard position that's been advertized. Apparently "they" are so impressed with me, they called up to give someone else a go, so that's nice. Was just thinking before though, it may have been all my fault as I did happen to mention to M (team leader) in passing conversation that a lot of employers get scared off by blindies; woops. ah well.
More as it happens.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, my first day with Maxxia went quite well.
When I arrived, I went up to HR as instructed and met my teamleader (M) up there. Then we went down to my floor where Michael W from vA was working at my desk with jaws. Turns out he was there much of last friday afternoon and he spent much of today there. He had to write scripts, but jaws does work pretty well with the program; still not perfect yet unfortunately but it's good enough for me to make a start. As the I.T. people weren't all there, there are still some authorization issues but there are ways around them for now.
Everyone is so so nice; M (team leader) is lovely and I still find it hard to believe I will no longer be having the bullying issues I did with Lorraine at ANZ. it's just such a relief to know I don't have to feel nervous at all with every move i make.
S bought a bed for Joy, as well as a water bowl; she told me they'd be happy to provide that last week.
I spent much of today listening to calls Fran took; it all makes a lot more sense.
Fran and I went and got a lovely pizza at Melb central at lunch. I told her she was just perfect at explaining everything that was around; all the shops we passed etc. -- I am going to get GDV to come out though and give me some orientation around the food court though cos I think i'd have trouble on my own.
Well, that's about it. am rather tired so an early night for me I think.
I am def feeling heaps better than last week and almost back to normal but I just got to remember to take my tablets and eat healthier than what I have been lately.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So had no-one over yesterday; slept for a couple of hours and am starting to be good about taking my tablets again, even taking multi-vitamins.
I want to be all fit for work so just taking it easy til wednesday when I start.
At this stage, thinking of declining both my new year's invitations as I can't afford to stay up til all hours at the moment considering I'm trying to recover from this thing.
Joy loves her christmas present; cute! :)
anyway, here's a borderline personality meme: Read more... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I can't even remember when i last wrote in here. It's not like me, i know. guess I just have felt not up to writing lately.
But I think since I wrote last, i've done three shows for Mojo Radio which have all had their various teething problems, but I am getting better. The Mic on my headset is partly to blame. I will eventually buy myself another one. I've gotten good at uploading my archives as soon as I finish my show; these being at http://mojoradio.us/archives/rachelk,
So yeh apart from that, I've just been hanging out, going to woodwork, been lazy on the job front, but will get back into that.
Last Wednesday I went for my followup appointment at the kidney specialist after I'd had the required blood test. the results weren't good; still much the same as before. so he organized me to have a biopsy at Boxhill Hospital which i had last Monday.
Man the local annasthetic stung so so bad, but I know why they do that now. they tell us to hold our breath as they're doing it, so they don't puncture or kinda scratch the kidney or anything around it; makes sense, but geeze, i was a wimp. But, all went well and i was wheeled out to recovery where I had to stay practically laying still for four hours, of course to prevent any risk of internal bleeding starting etc. I watched Channel 10 and listened to everything else going on around me. The nurses were so so nice, as only I've ever experienced; they were so busy though, run off their feet.
Anyway, dad picked me up about 2.30 and took me back there for the night. ang came for dinner so that was good. I had my acer to keep me occupied where i was mainly chatting on twitter.
Dad dropped me home yesterday afo. I was meant to go out yesterday and today to my various commitments, but I am taking it easy. Even now, the kidney is still tender, certainly not as bad as Monday but still; I will take it easy all week to be on the safe side. I will call the specialist tomorrow as instructed to see if he has the results and we'll go from there i guess; only thing to do right?
Oh, almost forgot, not use to having to remember back so far. Sunday the 7th was our graduation at gDV. I was in the second and final ceromony for the day. dad and Nan came with me, then we went back to Mum's for a roast. The day was rainy with patches of sun here and there, but the ceromony remained dry.
After lunch, we went to Ang and Trent's place; I hadn't seen it before, and it was nice. Ang made a lovely chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Jan was there too which was lovely. Love big get-togethers.
Now I can't wait til christmas. :) We're having it at parents house this year since the kitchen has been done finally.
Anyway about all for now. Hopefully I won't have any more absences from writing in here.
til Next time, RdFreak
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wow, this has to be the record when it comes to the length in which I haven't written in here. Therefore, I am not going to do a daily lookback, I will just be more general.
In the past few weeks, I've been to my woodwork class, and as of yesterday, I've finished my outdoor bench seat. i just need to lacker it next week and the one after, then it will be mine to take home.
I am afraid to say, i haven't done much with job applications but I need to start again. I've got the marketter at VA on my case, and apparently positive things have happened there, so no doubt I'll get an interview as a result of him soon.
I did some O&M with donna last week from the tram stop to the entrance of the tennis courts so that was cool; getting another session tomorrow, and sunday is the graduation! Unfortunately Joy's puppy raisers won't be attending. M called me last saturday; they double booked their interstate trip but will catch up with us for coffee another time.
I've had heartly here for the past week though she went home yesterday.
Been to my parents for dinner a couple of times; Volley vonts are so nice; ang' favourite.
Last Monday I did a test for Mojo radio and was immediately accepted on to their staff, so that was a great thrill for me. When I remember nine years ago thinking I'd never be able to do it! Oh, i'd bought Station playlist studio pro last week and it is damn awesome; so easy to use; not sure why I didn't get it ages ago.
So, after much frustration with working out time zones, I decided my shows are going to be each Saturday mornings my time. This week, it will be from 9 AM to 12, but it will change after this to 10 AM til 1 because the clocks go back in the states. That is Fridays at 4 PM Eastern American time and this week only, 8 PM GMT, but will be 9PM from next week. So yea; I get to show off my colection! :) Everyone seems to be as impressed as I am with my music variety! :) so all that, I shall be playing, plus a novelty hour inbetween where I'm starting out by playing Yes what, as well as other random comedy skits on my puter and anything else i think might go in there. Also, will be taking requests of course, as all good stations do.
So yeh, will be interested to see how the first show goes.
I even recorded a show promo; hadn't done anything like that before, so I must say, I was proud of my first attempt, but shall continue to improve. [livejournal.com profile] wesderby has been very open to the more beginners, and is very accepting. Can't believe I've known him for twelve years; even though we lost touch for a lot of that time. yeah to facebook for reconnecting us again. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak


Oct. 14th, 2010 11:42 am
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My darling Joy, I can't express how much I love her, already. Haven't even had her for twelve months, yet we couldn't be bonded more; I mean, i suppose it will get stronger, and that already amazes me, as we're well on the way already.
She does have an ear infection though so is on ear drops. For the first few days, the vet nurses offered to help me put it in, so until I am confident with doing it myself, I will gladly and gratefully take them up on it.
This afo, I plan to walk down to Gormae Girl and have an early dinner of spinich and Recotta triangles to keep up my vegetarian diet. Speaking of which, here's an Audio post I recorded for twitterland explaining how my diet is going. :)
I updated to Qwitter 4.5 and they have an audio feature where one can record and listen to audio files on a server which is specifically there for the purpose, so that's a lot of fun and where the above "fake phone post" is located.
There were a few things I'd thought of that I should have mentioned in last nights entry, but they've slipped my mind, so will have to be written later.
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, I just got back from woodwork; gee my feet are always so sore after these days as I'm on them for most of it.
Yesterday was an OK one; just went to VA for my employment appointment and then called into boxhill to get some fruit ssalad; I'm getting better around there navigation-wise.
Was so good to get back to woodwork today. (The horizontal boarer is the machine I was trying to think of in my phone post of a few weeks ago). It was only Eddy and myself there today so we had a touch-up lesson on how to use it, and we basically spent all day boaring holes, marking and measuring; woodwork involves a bit of brain work. Mine gets overwhelmed with figures sometimes; *sigh*
But, to get to my subject. I couldn't remember when I bought the Thai chicken soup that was in my fridge, so I took it along in my bag anyway but decided to buy a pie and roll from the bakery for lunch in case said soup was out of date.
I got the courage to ask someone next to me in the train when the use-by-date was on my soup, and as she kindly told me it was the 4th, I thought since it was chicken, I might not eat it; didn't want to risk it.
Also, at lunch, I bit the bullet and spoke to Mel (who I hadn't spoken to in eight or so years due to that major falling out over the cooking when she was staying here) Man I surprised myself. Up til today I'd been quite bitter when I heard her around the place; I don't know what made me start talking to her; I think she was just as surprised as I was.
I've been so bitter towards a number of people lately and I just can't be bothered feeling this way any more. :( I think I'm too old to continue being petty after so many years! -- anyway ..
Also, there's new automated Metro announcements; they've got rid of the guy who served Connex so well and replaced him with a female; think the same one they've got doing the announcements inside the actual trains. I prefer the guy; he's a lot louder and clearer.
Taking Joy to the vet tomorrow for a general checkup.
That's all; I'm tired.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've noticed lately that things will happen which link to my contemplations of late. OK I know that sentence didn't make sense.
I'd forgotten to mention in here, that by about last Tuesday, I started contemplating seriously becoming a Vegetarian. Dad had given me some of his home-made lentil potato pie for dinner which I had two nights in a row, and I just felt more physically there. Meat products seem to, more often than not these days, make me feel bloated and pass wind (sorry bout the TMI but seriously.) -- And of course, that wasn't the first time I'd experience vegetarian cooking.
Last year while in cairnes with the lovely Cole family, I went Vegetarian the whole week (as they have been for years) and I honestly didn't miss meat at all as I totally thought I would. They cooked such yummy meals, and I didn't even object to their Tuna dishes. -- And I love marinated fried tofu.
Anyway, as my LJ suggests, my health, for some unknown reason, as seemed to take a bit of a decline in recent years, with the most recent concern being my Kidney issues (which will hopefully be diagnosed tomorrow.)
When I eat a meal of meat, I can't eat any chocolate afterwards without feeling bloated and windy. Last week I found, I could quite happily enjoy a bit of chocolate afterwards without feeling anything at all.
Of course, my being iron deficient much of the time these days, I'd have to consult with the doctor on iron supplement guarantees, but if all promises to be OK there, the lifestyle may be one to really consider. Like dad, I would go off at Christmas and special occasions, so I wouldn't totally be sticking to it; but 99% of the year, I'd expect too for sure.
I'd also need to learn to cook very very creatively; this brings me to the above-mentioned coincidence; On the front page of LJ today, there's a spotlighted community called [livejournal.com profile] vegetarians, and the description offers people who may be considering the lifestyle an opportunity to learn, so seriously things talk to me sometimes.
Also, going Vegetarian much of the time, would have an added bonus as it would make me feel better about the whole animal rights thing, not that I judge anyone, or even myself when eating meat, but still, it's hard to think properly about what we're really eating.
In other news, I was supposed to meet Peter for breakfast at 10.30 but totally slept in. I got to sleep at about 1 this morning after having two lovely new friends over; Nina and Chrissy! Nina cooked; Chrissy and I combined the mixture and stuffed the cannelloni, and surprise surprise .. that was vegetarian. Nina had planned to cook that before she even knew of my contemplations there, so that was pretty impressive.
We gossed, we laughed and we cried (at least, I thought Nina was crying at one stage, but she was really only laughing too hard, which was good). Joy was a hit, as usual. -- I should be getting photos soon of her as Nina took a few. I have only got my darling Heartly here.
Might go for a walk today. Walked to the station yesterday to meet Nina, and I so must keep this up daily.
Til Next time, RdFreak


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