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Well today in my happy july month, it's the 12th; sixteen years since I met Celine dion. Even though I am def not obsessed with her like I was back then, it is still a day that will always stand out. (Read my diary six years ago today that I'd written; some unrelated drama insued after this entry but we won't go there now. :)
In other news, Can of Worms was highly amusing last night. We didn't watch the first episode but last night it was a crackup; go Don Bourke!
OK off I go now but shall come back tonight with the rest of me goings on; cos there's a lot to update on; I've been slack or something.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Today is the 1st of July in Melbourne Australia; what I've started to call my "lucky month". It's sixxteen years from the 12th since I met Celine dion, Heartly's 13th birthday on the 20th and my LJ's 8th birthday on the 26th. It's winter though; that is unlucky.
Tomorrow I have Trudi's party and I'm really looking forward to it; getting back into it all after so long and putting trust into people again feels good. :)
Oh, and I haven't got a cold like i thought I did; yeah! it must have been alergies or something; had been sneezing for like three hours from the time I got up.
Lol before:
me: We're now into the second half of the year.
C: Yes it goes so quick.
Me: Goes way too quick these days; soon enough i'll be 85 and in a nursing home.
C: Lol you're thinking very far into the future there (friendly laughs from others around us).
me: And all I'll want is my computer and a good internet connection (laughing from around again); so I can chat to other people in nursing homes far and wide.
Yes I'm mad.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Oh btw, before I get started, the meatloaf turned out OK. It was nice (haven't finished it obviously) but i don't think it cooked right. It just seemed a bit too moist and crumbly; but I did all the right things so am thinking maybe I had my oven rack too high or something. anyway, it was actually in for a lot longer than the recipe said as i knew it didn't feel right when I checked it. ah well; maybe next time, but yeh, it tastes pretty good so that's the main thing I guess.
OK I'm constantly surprising myself. When asked the question last night "would I be watching the Great Debate" tonight, I replied "Look i'm thinking of it." -- I'm just amazed that I have all of a sudden become more interested in learning about it, taking it in and figuring out who's the good verses the not-so-good verses the bad.
I know a bit of my interest grew when electronic voting became available, but I have noticed more since Julia Gillard got in, that I'm even more interested. -- maybe cos she's the first female PM? who knows! Lol
Not sure if I mentioned in here that the day she became PM, I had turned the TV on for Doctor Phil and got her speech instead. but I found myself continuing to listen; that was totally out of character for me.
But I think it's good that I am showing more of an interest. I should know what makes our country tick.
Anyway in other news, it's my LJs seventh birthday tomorrow; yeah! I'll come up with a reflective entry for then as per tradition, i'm sure. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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So over the past two weeks when using Metro, I haven't had any problems at all; it's all been smooth sailing. I've changed at Melb central and life has been good there. :)
Yesterday I started my woodwork course at assist. I think I will enjoy it much more this time around and get much more out of it. Unlike last time, the trainer is very good and not condescending in any way as I perceived my prior one to be.
Tuesday was also quite productive as usual. I'm building my confidence with calling up about jobs with the help of emilie. Spoke to one person from Tru Energy, and although they had nothing suited to me, she complimented me on the fact that I called up. She said it shows how keen I am which is of course a good thing.
I have a few other leads for work experience placements so that's positive!
Then I went to Kooyong for the Computer Users Group. There were problems with the new audio mixer; I'm now starting to get discouraged with it all. I don't know why it can't be simple.
Jim P came and showed us his iPad. I was having a play with it before the meeting and he joked that he hoped there'd still be enough battery life for the demonstration by the time I'd finished with it, Lol! -- of course, I'm not going to rush out and buy one as I made the mistake of doing with the iPhone, but it was pretty impressive; still, I got the same negative vibe with the touch screen. He also had a little Bluetooth apple keyboard which he can type text into; it's sooo cute! :)
John M has also put together audio archives of most of the meetings of when the branch began in 1988. Unfortunately only a few recordings were lost; but it's such a good history! Quite a number of members from back then have since passed on which will make this even more special! They're $10 each for the club. -- John presented these copies really well. He and his wife had five DVDs and one CD (containing the minutes and annual reports) in soft CD covers inside a paper folder; nicely done.
I copied them all to my puter last night and started listening to the first couple in 88 where Bill Jolley was chairman. Back then, we only have highlights rather than the entire meeting. -- I love history and audio archives so I will have so much fun listening to these.
Heartly went home Monday. Joy is just continuing to amaze me with her work. And the workshop was freezing yesterday (no heaters though I think they plan to rectify this soon) and Joy didn't complain at all; I did though. It felt a lot warmer after lunch though thank god!
Oh, it was Heartly's birthday Tuesday and I had forgotten to come on and mention it before I left; She's 12 now! Happy birthday to my darling Heartly and I hope she has many more years! Joy myself and family love her heaps!
Think that's about all I had to mention. -- It's fast approaching my LJ's seventh birthday! Everything happens in July!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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OK so before I get all sentamental about my LJ's 6th birthday, I will just write about what's been happening over the weekend.
But first of all, an article snagged from [livejournal.com profile] catdraco about a return of HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY!
Read more... )
Like Cat, i do have mixed feelings about this.
I thought the show was just fantastic! Love Love Loved it. It was so nice to be able to sit down with the family every saturday night, and be garanteed of entertainment for us all.
I was deeply saddened when I heard it was finishing up? Why must all good things come to an end? I thought. But over the years, i have realized just that; that all good things do have to come to an end, but in that way, other good things come.
Of course, I was extremely saddened when I heard there would be no more YOUNG TALENT TIME at the end of the 80's, but, I had no choice but to get use to it.
And that's the thing. with both these examples, I did get use to them, and I think now, that if these shows were to come back, they would kind of be out of date.
I remember, "they" tried to bring that TV show BLIND DATE" back earlier this decade, but it totally didn't rate, so it went off again. But back in the 80's that, (formally Perfect Match) rated very well, and went on for ages.
It will be interesting though to see how "HEY HEY" goes.
Right, to my weekend. i did go out to timeout on friday with M, S and Jess. Man that restaurant is brilliant; absolutely wonderful food! We sat outside as there was no room inside, and, it was pretty cold, though fortunately not unbearable.
I really needed to get out and socialize; with the recent crap that's happened, I hadn't allowed myself to get out.
Saturday I went to singing.
Sunday I went to Ghinesh with M and new girlfriend J; was lovely to meet her; she's really nice!
I found out that sadly Jumbos (where I had my 30th) had been closed down. We were originally going to go there, and I was so saddened to hear it was no longer there, as their food was the bestest chinese food I've tasted! it was popular too, so who knows why it's gone.
OK, this day six years ago, I decided to make my life semi-public, (I say semi, because of course, while i put the day-to-day stuff in the public view, I still limit my private life to friends only, and even more these days, just for me.
Six years is a grand milestone in my opinion for one to keep an online blog, but while LJ is here, i intend to keep on using it. I do hope LJ is always around. I shudder to think of trying to archive this thing!
OK let's see; I've fallen in and out of love -- hmm let's count -- four and a half times, (the half refers to the situation now which is still not entirely over); had one little crush in between. -- I've learnt a lot about myself and other people since I began this LJ in 2003, but something I will never learn is why "love" makes life so difficult? Maybe one day I'll learn that it's not. .. ahem .. Oh, and let's not forget, i had a relationship that lasted over a freakin month! go me!
I've travelled; within the country twice, and over seas four times; landing myself in America once, the u.K three times, and Germany and Dubai once, (I never thought I'd wland myself in a non-English speaking country, but there ya go!)
I've learnt, well I learnt a while ago, that I looove travelling overseas on my own; it's awesome! and I want to try and do it about once a year.
Oh, apart from the ACB convention I went to in america, I went to my first BCA convention last year; the state one, and this October, I will experience my first national one in Brisbane. -- I havve my flights organized for that and Cairnes by the way)!
Though I've had many LJ friends come and go over the past six years, many have also stuck with me, and hence, some pretty awesome long-life friendships have been formed.
I have 134 mutual friends on here now; the most I've ever had! I looove reading their lives too! I benefit a great deal from the sharing.
OK enough about all that.
Yes I guess I've changed for the better! I still adore my friends, on and off line! They're my rocks!
And, as I did when I started, I loooove LJ! it is my rock too! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. i almost forgot; the all-important stats taken from my user info page:
4,765 comments received, 7,399 comments posted
2,067 journal entries to date.
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Happy 11th birthday Miss Heartly!
We have been so blessed that you have absolutely no arthritus, and that you are still the for-ever bouncy little thing you always have been.
As i said yesterday, your work may be a bit slower now, but off harness, you still go like the clappers!
You're still very cheaky, yet have become much more timid and wary around other guide dogs, with whom you actually use to raz up.
I want you to stay my working partner forever, but, you deserve a good long retirement which you will begin when i hear about my next dog. But you will always and forever be my special little sweet Heartly!
I looooove my first doglet! <333 xoxoxoxoxo

In other completely unrelated news, sorting stuff out with B remains impossible; i've tried and tried.
I am sick to death of putting all my trust in people, only to have it shattered not long afterwards. So, however depressing my life may be at times, I will just stay single and try to be happy with my lot alone; not that I was looking for B or anything, but I am *not going to try any more. If it comes to me, great, but I won't go looking for it again; don't have the energy any more.
I guess if I'm meant to have kids, it will be, if not, I guess it's not meant to be.
Til next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I just had a guy from next-door over here, asking me if I was OK cos he heard me coughing. He said he was over staying at his parents place for a while. So with his Chinese accent, and the fact he reaked of alcohol, I struggled to understand him. But, I couldn't get rid of him; he was wasted me thinks!
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Hmm, the last time I posted in here was to say we were shortly off to pick up Dad from the airport. Oh, how infrequent my LJ life has become, but i always recap when I do post, so it's all good!
First, this month sees my LJ's sixth birthday! yeah, here's looking forward to balloons and party poppers! yeah! It's also the anniversary of when I met celine Dion, which I always said I'd never forget, yeah! It's also my wonderful Heartly's 11th birthday! So, July is quite a significant month for me, oh yes it is! :)
So last friday Mum, Ang and i drove to airport where dad was already waiting for us. we then went to see Nan who was naturally very pleased to see her son again. But it wasn't long before she was insisting on him going home to bed as he looked very tired. So we went home to our respective houses; well I think Ang actually went on to party somewhere else, but being the self-proclaimed party pooper that I am, I did go home, and wasn't too long out of bed actually.
Oh, and i keep on forgetting to mention that I bought a ticket to see doctor Phill at the rod Labour arrina; that's on the 5th of august. I didn't even ask anyone if they wanted to come with me, cos I knew no-one would. So, for the first time, I am going to the place on my own. The tickets are a bit expensive though, and apparently they're not selling, so radio stations are running competitions. B keeps on joking how it would be better if he did his gig in a toilet block, which is cruel but amusing at the same time! Lol! It does seem true that he's not quite as popular over here as he is in America, but all the same, I do know a lot that love him! Even though I'm kinda regretting paying that much now, it should be fun! :)
So Dad is really enjoying being home. He does not want to go back. He's come over a few times to make me breakfast so that's nice. we'll probably be going to rye next week too, not that it's beach weather at all. Ang will have a week off too, so while they'll prob be all going down Monday, I will train it down after work tuesday, and then come back wednesday as I'll be working that thursday and friday.
I'm working today actually. i originally didn't think i was, but L (boss) called yesterday and said I need to make up my 25 hours, so it will be all three of us today. I woke early; couldn't sleep, so I got up and put some washing on, which I had originally planned to do today.
Last Saturday I went singing in the morning, then nan, who had arrived, picked me up from station and helped me do some shopping in the afo. Then we went to parents in the evening for dinner. dad cooked spaghetti; very different it was too as he put like every type of vegetable you could think of in there.
Ang makes me laugh, cos after we finished our disert, she says "OK let's all go to the good room!" (which is our lounge room, Lol! that will forever crack me up as it always reminds me of "KATH AND KIM". hahaha! man I looove that show! so glad I have it all on puter now!
B came over the following day, and I'd went up and bought bread and a couple of pies for the occasion. Pies weren't that nice though, or so I thought.
OK off to get me washing which has done. i guess I'll be hanging it on the clothes Horse today as it's forecast rain later, and only 15 degrese; cold much!
Til next time, RdFreak
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well it's the 12th of July today -- nine years ago today i met Celine Dion! and I have just spent the long evening transcribing it from a braille copy of my diary back then. so I thought, since it is the! famous anniversary (Lol) I would put it in here! Also, I joined [livejournal.com profile] celine_fans yesterday so I got all reflective!
Anyway, here goes:
This is slightly longish! )


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