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Well since I last wrote, I've been of course working and getting to know my apple mak. It is so much fun, the mac I mean; work can really drag some days; not sure why some and not others; think it depends how tired I am.
I have been pretty good though over the past two days. It might even be fair to say I prefer the later shifts for the reason that I can sleep in a bit in the mornings; of course, I do like getting home early as well, so it's a win/lose situation. But next week I'm on the late shift, except for next thursday when I swapped with Suzie so I can get to the Austen hospital in time for my iron infusion.
Well, so far, I've mannaged to connect my mac to my wireless network, and I must say it is a lot easier than windows; in fact, a lot of things seem easier than windows. I am yet to get skype and adium; but I plan to do that sometime this weekend.
Last night I went to the parents for dinner and I brought the mac to show Dad. After a lovely dinner of chicken schnitzel, home-made potato chips, and cabbage mixed with bacon and onion, I learnt how to navigate Safari. Then I went home.
I shall go back to the parents for mother's day Sunday with my mac in toe. Good times; and it's the weekend after today; yeah! :)
Am glad I'm on the late shift next week; I will be off to the docs Monday morning to get my stupid ear unblocked; grrr!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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They were the words I uttered on Thursday when I got back from my job interview in Abbidsford. It wwent reasonably well, but as usual, the only concern is that they use stupid Miob which doesn't work too well with jaws i'm told. However, I must actually get someone to run through why it doesn't; or maybe I can get a demo from somewhere and find out myself since I've had mixed answers on it and that is no good when I'm trying to sell Jaws. Anyway.
When i got back, I had an email inviting me to a group interview on Wednesday; I was overwhelmed I must admit. -- I'd also had a call from a recruitment agency Monday who seemed pretty happy with me and was going to pass my info on to the company and they'd get back to me with an interview time, but they never did, so I presume that fell through for some reason.
So I have been applying for heaps and heaps of work and been rewarded by hearing back from a lot of people.
In other news, off to the docs Monday. I've been feeling very very tired again a lot of the time; sleeping in on the days I'm able but still feeling tired when I get up. Going to have some blood tests again even though I've been taking my pills.
Also, lately I've been very conscious of my weight. As I keep assuring people, I am not going anorexic; Our family has been through enough of it and i just know it's a path I'd never ever go down; it's just simply being conscious for once that I am eating more than I'm currently burning off, so I reluctantly went up a size. I'm always smacking my belly; i feel like I'm pregnant. -- I know I'm not obese; I'm still 59 kilos on the scales, but i just know that unlike when I was younger, my metabolism may not be as good as it use to be so I have to be careful and exercise more. --I need to start walking everywhere again seriously. I also need to learn where that gym is at foresthill which is much closer to the one I was going to in Glen waverly.
I'll ask the Doc Monday what a good healthy weight is for someone my hight.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Go The Pies!! :) -- again, not that I'm into footy but I must keep up my silly tradition. :)
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So not long after I wrote the previous entry, Mum called to give me a Heartly update. She's fine. She had her tablets this morning and is content now. She wasn't happy last night though. she wouldn't even come near Mum. Think she was wondering why they put her there. If she has to blame anyone it's me, why no? Lol - ah well, I felt i had no choice as the vet advised it'd be better in the long run if this lump was out. still, I won't be putting her through it again unless it's absolutely necessary.
I asked Mum for the sausage roll recipe. She feared that it may be still packed away from the renovations but said Ang may remember it so I texted her before.
OK, I got this forward before. Some of these facts have been circulating for years and others sound new to me; very new. :)
little facts )
Til next time, RdFreak
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I forgot to mention a couple of Joy related matters in my phone post yesterday, (which btw, even though it lasts for the standard five minute time, is not the best quality; it's a bit muffled; anyway).
My family and I will be attending the graduation ceremony at GDV in November. I'm very much looking forward to this as they didn't do such an event when I got Heartly. So the formal details will involve me and Joy getting a certificate; after a whole year of working her mind you. But there's only one graduation a year and our class was unfortunate enough to be the first one after last year's ceremony. So I look forward to meeting Joy's puppy raisers there as well as spending time with family and friends at a picnic style event. (As my faithful LJ readers may recall, I did speak to Joy's raisers on the phone earlier this year but still haven't met them).
Also, I've decided from now on, by hook and by crook, I am going to be very strict with Joy while she's working. In the past, I have found it very hard to deny good-intentioned members of the public pats of Joy and Heartly, but, I had a good talk with myself last night after Joy did a very non-Joyish thing and ate something off the floor of charkhole chicken. Yes, that's a sign of her basic training already slipping, and it won't happen again; in fact, she will get back to the high standard of class and remain that way.
In other news, heartly is going in to have a couple of lumps removed tomorrow. I had a couple checked out Monday and the vet is especially worried about one under her tail. It is benign but the vet thought it'd be better if it gets taken out now rather than later when it's a lot bigger and makes things hard for her.
Iljin had a malignant lump removed Tuesday and fortunately he came through OK. Obviously [livejournal.com profile] jordina was rather worried, and I was too. Was very grateful to receive the text from her telling me he'd pulled through OK. -- Heartly is twelve; fortunately though she's very healthy despite her deteriorating hearing and eye sight, but to say I won't be worried tomorrow is a complete under statement. I shall be calling up (as per my usual tradition when she goes under) at mid-day to make sure everything is going OK still.
So more stitches for poor Heartly I guess. I'm unsure how she'll toilet but it's something I'll call the vet about today as I forgot to ask that the other day.
til Next time, RdFreak

P.S. I was doing a spellcheck in MS word, and i hadn't noticed the sounds before; I didn't think there was any when a word not in the dictionary came up. :)
On that note, i just learnt something new; If there's a grammar problem it picks up, there's a button that says "explain" and, it does just that when we click on it. My grammar has totally slipped unfortunately. :(
P.P.S. After I'd created a new job seek profile last week, i was no longer getting the emails; they just started coming through again yesterday; yeh; time to apply for even more jobs.
I did get a call from a recruitment agency yesterday but unfortunately, though she actually seemed quite interested in me, the place was not near public transport at all. :(
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So there's an add campaign that's started up on the radio (not sure about tV); have only heard it a few times as yet. -- Apparently, random people (I'd imagine more youth than any other, but I could very well be wrong) will be randomly searched in the city by police for knives and other weapons. if any are found, there will be a $1000 fine issued! This is awesome; it's sad that it has to come to this certainly, but it's had too and it's the best thing I've heard to happen re crime in a while. -- I heard a shocking statistic a few days ago; one in four teenagers carry knives around; that is just so so disturbing; unbelievable in fact.
Also in other kinda related news, i just heard this morning on 3AW news that there has been discussion of having armed guards on each train after 6 PM. Again, sad it's had to come to this, but getting more and more necessary. -- Each time parents have protested about my occasionally catching the train at night in the past, I've told them that I'd always felt safe due to the shorter trains and therefore, more people, which had certainly been true. as there has been heaps of people, i did feel safe; I guess now I'm not so sure.
Will be making an appointment soon to have me ears cleaned.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Oh btw, before I get started, the meatloaf turned out OK. It was nice (haven't finished it obviously) but i don't think it cooked right. It just seemed a bit too moist and crumbly; but I did all the right things so am thinking maybe I had my oven rack too high or something. anyway, it was actually in for a lot longer than the recipe said as i knew it didn't feel right when I checked it. ah well; maybe next time, but yeh, it tastes pretty good so that's the main thing I guess.
OK I'm constantly surprising myself. When asked the question last night "would I be watching the Great Debate" tonight, I replied "Look i'm thinking of it." -- I'm just amazed that I have all of a sudden become more interested in learning about it, taking it in and figuring out who's the good verses the not-so-good verses the bad.
I know a bit of my interest grew when electronic voting became available, but I have noticed more since Julia Gillard got in, that I'm even more interested. -- maybe cos she's the first female PM? who knows! Lol
Not sure if I mentioned in here that the day she became PM, I had turned the TV on for Doctor Phil and got her speech instead. but I found myself continuing to listen; that was totally out of character for me.
But I think it's good that I am showing more of an interest. I should know what makes our country tick.
Anyway in other news, it's my LJs seventh birthday tomorrow; yeah! I'll come up with a reflective entry for then as per tradition, i'm sure. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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It's wednesday and I still haven't figured out what I want to cook on Saturday; but I will figure it out soon methinks. I think I also want to search on taste.com.au for a nice cupcake recipe. Don't think I even have the right tin for them, but I shall buy some on friday.
I also just paid all my bills; this makes me happy! I'd already requested braille bills with aGL once but I didn't get it last time hence my being late, but this time, apparently that's been rectified; let's hope. Why they can't get it right the first time is beyond me. ah well; all paid up now!
Yesterday I went to VA and we had a skincare/makeup session. Just confirmed that I'm still not into makeup but I know I shall have to continue wearing it for job interviews and other special events; I'm happy with that. I enjoyed the cleansing and the exfoliating though. It really made my face feel so nice and I shall organize to get these products soon.
I had a visit from [livejournal.com profile] khoath Monday. we had a good talk and sorted out a lot of stuff that was still lhanging from March; he's a good guy, we can just be very different which is a good thing I guess; as he said Monday, the world would be boring if we were all the same.
I've got some O&M at forestHill later but apart from that, it's all for today.
Last friday I mentioned to Ang that we should meet up every week. This may sound weird, but I think it's good for our relationship; and it's not exactly like we can fight much, as we're in the eye of the public, Lol.
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, this is about the second time I've mentioned politics most recently in my LJ. But we got a new prime Minister today, voted in by the labour party; Julia Gillard -- our first female prime minister ever! I reckon that's pretty cool!
I only knew of the reason why we didn't have to vote, because i asked dad this morning. See, i so know nothing about politics at all! I knew Kevin Rudd decreased rapidly in popularity recently, but that's about all. I didn't know today was going to be the day the labour party decided on the fate of this country, or something. anyway. .. ahem .. nah seriously, i just happened to hear her speech then and she sounded really good and inteligent, which is always a good thing for running our country. :)
Well, Heartly seemed to have an upset stomach yesterday. I got home from VA to a lovely smell of Diarrhoea. She had about four more bouts of it (one other inside) and she was fine after that. I was able to get most up, but dad came to see if I'd missed any.
So yeh, just been to VA Tues and wednesday, and off to meet Ang tomorrow. But will prob see her tonight as the family is going out to celebrate the fact that ang and Trent may have their house by the end of today. Also have O&M with Joy around ForestHill later.
til Next time, RdFreak
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Go me! it's out of the oven. possibly wasn't generous enough with the cheese, but that's OK; we live and learn. Next time, I will just go nuts, well more nuts than I did this time around, lol!
Now it's boosted my confidence. sure, i know things will possibly go wrong in future, but this is a great start! -- now what to bake next week? Decided to do something each week to continue building my confidence. :) this is fun! he he he!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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It is so darn hot in my room, that my computer fan is squealing out at a fourth octive B, with occasional seconds of B sharp, and sometimes even C's and C sharps depending on how much pressure I'm putting on the poor CPU (ha, I am learning something Lol hahahahahahahaha :) nah I kinda knew that one before but I can say I didn't know why or how or anything like that.
I am chatting on the latest post in [livejournal.com profile] australians right now, and every time I load the website from the links in my email, my poor puter does the C thing, and jaws will stop talking for a period of time; ah my poor old hot puter!
Well I'm turning it off and going to bed in a little while so it, and I, will be extremely greatful! i hate this noise honestly! it's enough to send one batty!
til Next Time, RdFreak
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I may have well raved about solona.net in here before, but it's sooo damn cool! When I went to last.fm, what would I know? a capture; guess it's pretty standard for joining sites lately, and there is an audio option with some of them, but it's so much quicker just to get a sighty to solve it, so that's just what I did; it's simple with the capture tool downloadable from website!
And what I am now doing is leaving my immages turned off in IE all the time except when I'm capturing an immage; saves on bandwidth. I stupidly had them on from when I used the service last time which was about a month ago!
So, awesome! I left feedback for my anonymous helper and I'm now happy.
Last I heard, they still only had one volunteer, but for all I know, that could have changed now; hope so; it's too much of a good thing!
anyway, thanks to solona, I'm signed up to last.fm now; to the next step! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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And that is all!
Til next time, RdFreak


Apr. 27th, 2009 08:29 pm
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OMG! :) Literally, just as I was typing the subject for this entry seconds ago, when i pressed my capslock key, I saw a light come on my keyboard! -- I then wondered if it only in fact, did come on when the capslock is on. This is because unfortunately my eyes are on the move constantly, so if I am lucky enough to see a tiny light, it is only for a split second as i obviously am not able to focus on it. Anyway, I was able to focus on the light with a lot of concentration, so, i turned capslock off, and sure enough, the light went off! wow! I never noticed that before; I'll be damned!
anyway, I made ANZAC biscuits yesterday, and at the time, I didn't think they came out too great but I was pleased with myself anyway that I didn't burn them this time, and they actually did taste like ANZACs.
Next weekend when i try them again, I will make the biscuits smaller so they don't look like a truffle, and I will flatten them out, so they actually look and feel like biscuits.
But today when I took the first tray into work, I noticed that the biscuits were less crumbly as they had actually set quite a bit compared to yesterday, and they were crunchy as! So my efforts weren't too bad for my first attempt if I may say so myself.
[livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi told me before that she also found the mixture hard to combine together to form the biscuits, which made me feel relieved; I was doing as well as she was, and that is saying something, because she is the cooking expert compared to me who has definitely not got the confidence like she has.
Anyway, that's my bragging for the day!
Til next time, RdFreak
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In other news, I can smell smoke quite strong this morning! It's forecast to be 36/96.8 degrese today; not great conditions for the fires that continue to burn out of control since Black Saturday, (as they have officially named that day now).
loser news )
Also, i have a classic overheard from the other day on the train; cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] overheardinmelb
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and that's about all up to date, and if I can cope with the strong smoke, I'll be outta here soon, before it really warms up.
Five days til I'm off!
Til next time, RdFreak
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long-time readers will remember that, as a result of signing up to the baby centre emails several years ago because I was curious to learn, I kept getting email updates throughout my supposed pregnancy and young bubs life. Now, I get this!
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Off to williamstown today with the family for Nan's b/day.
til next time, RdFreak

pinch punch

Feb. 1st, 2009 09:18 am
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] loscha's latest entry, I discovered that our recent heat wave has made it on the front page of wikipedia; go us! :):)
i had some very weird dreams last night, mainly this morning. Read more... )
I have been on msn a bit lately, catching up with old and new contacts, and making much more of an effort, but it pays! I have made so many supportive new friends of late! -- I love friends! I just find it hard sometimes to be tied to the puter these days! but once i get a skype phone, I should be right, and I can have more skype calls with these people, instead of msn.
Writers block entry coming.
til next time, RdFreak
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So tonight, when I return from work, I will have my new m-power in my hot little hands, (probably literally hot as it's forecast 30 degrese today.)
We mannaged to get the delivery forwarded to work today, and I can't wait for the occurrence!
Course I will know the basics of how it works from my sorry old braillenote, but I'll have a lot of new features to explore; the games! awesome! I am so glad they have them now, as there didn't seem to be much planned in that respect when i got my original BN.
so since I now have my wireless router, i'll be able to look forward to sitting in the sun outside and being online; cool! :)
And in completely unrelated news, I was meant to mention yesterday in here that I'd heard tuesday on the 3AW breakfast show, that the outter-Melbourne suburb Diggers Rest was named that because the gold diggers on their way to ballarat would stop there to have a rest! wow, I didn't think of that! -- speaking of which, I heard this morning, that last night, there was a suspicious fire to the 150-year old Diggers rest hotel, so there goes some more History; that annoys me! I hate History dying! stupid people!
ah well, later
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, i had a successful singing lesson this morning. I actually had the ingenious idea of putting the karioke track of "MY HEART WILL GO ON" that I had downloaded from good old Youtube a few days ago, on my mobile. Only thing is, I should have turned it up louder when I recorded it on puter as, yeh, wasn't that loud, but until I get my new m-power, this will do well!
G (and i for that matter) are pretty pleased with my improvement, though I still am having trouble admitting that yet, and believing it might be true! Lol :)
After this, I met Nan and we went back to Syndel station, but as per usual, we just missed the buss, so I took nan down to the Swiss bakery (that Mat introduced me too all those years ago), and we had a pie each, and I bought some melting moments and a couple of chocolate truffles.
I got back here, and received news that my sanity order was in, so now I have that thankfully! I am just about to go encode it now.
I'd say I went to the cinemas to see ONE FINE DAY about 12345 times when it came out! Lol! and, I tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully to download the torrent, so not sure what was going on there, as the downloads were complete, yet, the files would not play. I think I will try downloading something else, just to make sure the error isn't me!
Going out with tim tonight to Mumma Mia; should be much fun. actually haven't been to the forest Hill cinemas for years!
Dinner with P last night was pretty good! The meal was lovely! Mine was something which i can't recall the name of, but it consisted of marinated beef and chicken strips, along with capcican and onion on a cizzle plate, with four torteas along side that, and rice and salad! I'll be having that again!
J will be here tomorrow; will be good, as I haven't seen her since camp. -- I did see her on the bus this morning; she caught my bus! what a cheak! Lol :)
So nan has just left, and I'm encoding!
Oh btw, something i failed to mention in here was the other day, I found out on radio that because of the high population and therefore, heavy pollution in China, they have to limmit the traffic on the road, by having the odd numbers driving one day, and the even, the next, just like we have to do with the watering routine. -- though, I am not sure what the odd and even numbers for them exactly referr to; it wasn't said; maybe the numberplates, or maybe it's their street number, as with us. interesting.
til next time, RdFreak

good news

Jul. 31st, 2008 07:46 pm
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A. I have my hearing back,
B. I got both my Casio SK-60 and MT-520 today from postoffice. -- I went to get double A batteries for the two on my way back from docs, so was able to try out the SK-100, but alas, the MT-520 take different batteries, and that seems the best out of the two. -- The SK0100 just seems hard to work out though, that's all. But they are both a lot bigger than all my other casios. so I need to try out the MT-520 soon somehow!
Was at Southyarra today; was good to be back amongst friends, but am going to let L have it; will have to unfortunately be in the nicest possible way if I want to keep my job for now, which atm, I'm still debating; depending on whether I want my overseas holiday next year or not.
Yesterday's knowlege was that L will always be the same horrible person, and she can't stand me.
And today I discovered that during my absense, a shop opened up next door to ANZ, so will ahve to go check it out sometime soon. Also, a new chocolate store on chappel street! :)
til next time, RdFreak
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Still training with F this week.
I was in the process of transferring this guy to someone today, and he kept on coming out with these random comments, obviously to his coleague, but, .. um .. no idea? The first was the funniest. -- I was having a bit of trouble locating the correct area for this gentleman, who sounded rather professional, and all of a sudden, in the midst of my anxieties, i heard him say the following:
"Oh look, this has fur on it!"
mmm? :)
and unfortunately the second random outburst escapes me, but that was nearly just as funny! -- you had to be there!
One thing i learnt today (apart from work-related, uninteresting stuff regarding different areas for ANZ etc) is simply:
  • made huge mistake having let un-greatful interstaters live with me for threemonths, especially just starting out a relationship, also especially if I expected to continue a friendship with said boarder/s; impossible.

Therefore, morral of story: never let anyone live with me again, unless they are my future partner.
til next time, RdFreak


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