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I don't usually watch Australia's Got talent, but Mum had recorded this from the show and played it to me when I had gone there for dinner one time about a month ago.
We watched him on Sunday night last night; what an amazing young man; he's 14! He sounds very down to earth. I wonder if he will sound as good when his voice breaks; don't mean to sound harsh but true. At any rate, I believe he has a wonderful future ahead of him. :)

Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I couldn't find out how to embed this vidio; seems like with everything else these days, the site has been changed around *grr
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As my LJ would suggest in the past, I've been known to link to youtube videos of songs that just get me.
I've been thinking of making it a weekly post where I link to my favourite music; maybe I can have a "music Monday"? :)
The following song is one i'd definitely heard when I was little, but it had faded from my memory up until about five months ago when I was listening to some twitter audio from blindbargains.com. They were hoasting random rewards, and during one of them, this song was playing in the background;
having remembered it from long ago, I decided to find it, and so I did! I'm in love with it all over again. :)
Lea Salonga-I'd like to teach the world to sing )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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This is the 2500th LJ entry; go me! anyway ..
I heard the following song on 3AW's overnight show with Allan and just fell in love with it.
Josh Turner - Why don't We Just Dance )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well my Joy has redeemed herself! we had our anual follow-up this morning; walked to the station with Donna watching from her car, occasionally testing Joy's traffic skills, and she was great; Joy was i mean; go Joy!
I had been a bit concerned with Joy's speed lately; it had appeared that she had slowed down a bit from how she use to walk but I've just put it down to when we're in the city and she's a bit more cautious.
So Joy was speeding along this morning; I am so getting back into my walking. have even decided to start walking from B's to the station. I need to get fit again and remain that way.
In other news, Donna gave us O&M to the food court in Melb Central a few weeks ago and we go there all the time now. I discovered a German bakery a few days ago and I'm addicted. The ladies were talking about it and, just by accident, i found it that very same day. Their meat and salad rolls are awesome not to mention their pastries which I need to be better and not have every day; maybe just a treat for fridays.
That's all my news for now.
Oh, I am getting rid of all my casios i bought from ebay as I don't use them. I am only keeping my original PT50 and all the cartridges I'd collected over the years, including the ebay ones. Even though loscha and i no longer talk (am not even sure what happened still but anyway ..) I decided to write to him to give him the first option of buying them since he still collects them, i'd assumed, and i was right.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I am so digging this song by The Cowsils.
have ever since I heard it a few years ago. ;)
listen )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Celine Dion: Christmas eve )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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OK first of all, I can't sleep. I turned this puter off earlier as it's screeching but I kinda was restless so it's back on and screeching again.
OK, Music time; haven't done this in a while.
I mnentioned in here sometime ago that I like some LadyGaga stuff which is totally weird for me.
Lady Gaga - Alejandro )
I wanna sleep. :(
Til Next time, RdFreak
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This is now being directly recorded via line-in. Stupid me hadn't actually selected it in volume control; go me!
This is with about fifteen layers.
I'm just getting the hang of how this looping works, and then I can actually be more creative, though it is somewhat limitting with only a touch pad.

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Produced this on my second attempt on my Korg Kaossilator.
Unfortunately, I had to record this on to my puter using headphones and microphone as I couldn't get it to work when I plugged a line-in cable into the unit; not sure if I need a different one or not, thus, unfortunately, it's just monno.
But there's about eight layers. :)

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They were the words I uttered on Thursday when I got back from my job interview in Abbidsford. It wwent reasonably well, but as usual, the only concern is that they use stupid Miob which doesn't work too well with jaws i'm told. However, I must actually get someone to run through why it doesn't; or maybe I can get a demo from somewhere and find out myself since I've had mixed answers on it and that is no good when I'm trying to sell Jaws. Anyway.
When i got back, I had an email inviting me to a group interview on Wednesday; I was overwhelmed I must admit. -- I'd also had a call from a recruitment agency Monday who seemed pretty happy with me and was going to pass my info on to the company and they'd get back to me with an interview time, but they never did, so I presume that fell through for some reason.
So I have been applying for heaps and heaps of work and been rewarded by hearing back from a lot of people.
In other news, off to the docs Monday. I've been feeling very very tired again a lot of the time; sleeping in on the days I'm able but still feeling tired when I get up. Going to have some blood tests again even though I've been taking my pills.
Also, lately I've been very conscious of my weight. As I keep assuring people, I am not going anorexic; Our family has been through enough of it and i just know it's a path I'd never ever go down; it's just simply being conscious for once that I am eating more than I'm currently burning off, so I reluctantly went up a size. I'm always smacking my belly; i feel like I'm pregnant. -- I know I'm not obese; I'm still 59 kilos on the scales, but i just know that unlike when I was younger, my metabolism may not be as good as it use to be so I have to be careful and exercise more. --I need to start walking everywhere again seriously. I also need to learn where that gym is at foresthill which is much closer to the one I was going to in Glen waverly.
I'll ask the Doc Monday what a good healthy weight is for someone my hight.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Go The Pies!! :) -- again, not that I'm into footy but I must keep up my silly tradition. :)
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First up, I called the Vet about an hour ago, and Miss Heartly came out of surgery OK but she's still pretty dopy and on the pain meds; poor thing. we'll pick her up tonight. Yeah.
OK I've had the following song in my head all week. I have all the albumns from steps and just love the majority of their stuff; but this is prob my favourite song, hence not being able to get it out my head all week as I was listening to it last Sunday. :)
Steps - Love's Got a Hold On My Heart )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I reflect on the following track of late. I've heard Nicky Webbster a few times recently. -- "Ready Steady Cook" last year and on the "7 PM project" last week; Boy she sounds very mature now; I guess people can change a lot in ten years. I never did end up hearing her sing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics ten years ago but at the time, it seemed like it was a pretty big thing for her.
"Strawberry Kisses" was when I was first introduced to her and a lot of ppl use to think it was quite daggy, well that's how it seemed at the time. I still like it; think she did a great job.
Nicky webbster - Strawberry Kisses )
Til Next time, RdFreak


Aug. 28th, 2010 06:02 pm
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A song that I took from a tape I use to have called "The Kids Praise albumn".

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My old favourites are back; what I thought I invented back in approx 87 now bigger and better. Tape recorders are replaced with soundforge and winamp.


Aug. 14th, 2010 08:33 pm
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It's really weird for me to post this now considering it's not christmas, but I just found it on YouTube. I looooved this last year when i heard it on the repeat of Carrols By Candle-light on christmas day while with the family; it made me smile. :)
the Jersey Boys - santaClause Is Coming to Town )
til Next time, RdFreak
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So it took me a while to work out who this one was by, but when I first heard a snippet of it on an add, I loved it. :)
Vanessa Amorosi - Mister Mysterious )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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safety dance )
-- It's one dance track I actually like! -- I got this clip when I posted the query of what the track actually was, as it's a promo ch10 seem to be using at the moment. But, I seem to like that version better than the above studeo one.
But I love the melody; it's catchy and gets stuck in ya head; and there's a lot of key changes which always get me; mmmm! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. The direct link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxKidx-Jgjc&feature=related
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[Error: unknown template qotd]
Read more... )
In other news, Kaz came over yesterday; it was fun. she went shopping with me, which i appreciated heaps!
I was thinking of going down to rye this weekend, but parents understandably decided they wanted a weekend to themselves; I do understand that since Dad's been away for so long. Yesterday, Mum had said I could go down there, but I'd said I had plans; now I don't; ah well; will give me a chance to get more job applications off. I decided to get really strict with myself and do the minimum of two a day.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Following, is my absolute favourite song right now!
Michael bubli - Haven't Met You Yet )
Just had to share my favourite song with the world; it rules! :)
Til next time, RdFreak
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It's been mentioned before, not sure about LJ but twitter, that despite not normally liking the type of music, I have become a bit attached to certain tunes from Lady Gaga of late. But that's just it; it's the beat and the sexy melody all combined into one big musical orgasm; well, not quite, but I have found myself attracted to her music, including the awesome "telephone" track. But the following youtube embed (under the cut) is too awesome! I found it on a post yesterday in [livejournal.com profile] australians.
Telephone featuring beyonce - classical style )
Have just been recovering this weekend; not done a lot. But taking Miss Joy to the vet to get her bathed and to check out one of her du claws which is slightly ripped; it's not worrying her, but I think that if we don't get it cut, it might rip even more eventually and hurt her a lot. I wish GDV still got their du claws cut out when they were babies; it was worth it I reckon. :(
Also, I'm excited to be finally transferring job agencies; I know I'll have a lot more luck with this one as intergrated, as i mentioned before, did nofin for me.
OK now I go and listen to the above clip again; I love it! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak


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