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Where is my love of writing in my LJ going?
It's not that I don't love it, i jus don't have time these days; what with my work that I'm there 8.5 hours a day and at B's for the weekends etc. And when i do get home to blacky, I am zonked and will listen to Neighbours online that I've missed, eat dinner and crash.Occasionally I have been able to catch neighbours live on my new set-top box I bought a few weeks ago.
Also got a digital radio in Paky a few weeks ago. idea is to see if I can use it at work but haven't had a chance to ask M about it yet.
Everyone here is still lovely.
My technology is almost all there but there is one aspect which isn't quite working yet. i can use everything else, just not the pulse call cue thing; jaws goes a bit spaz when i switch between my remote desktop and that program.
So Michael W has been here prob about half a dozen times since my first and only entry (up til now) for the year.
George from VA has also been here to help me click on unlabeled buttons on the elearning thinggy. By next year, the outsourced company will be required to have it sorted.
Since it's the end of the FBT year, Maxxia have rewarded us with plenty of fun things like popcorn, games with fun prizes and today, a free lunch of a subway meal; they are good to us and I can't complain.
I am also no longer the newest kid on the block as of yesterday. Sophy seems shy, but that's how i was; now I'm not; lol
I am having to drink heaps more water than i use to to prevent headaches; it's weird; I get them so easy now.
I will write in here more often as I use too.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I keep up to date with LJ friends page between calls, though this takes me a very long time since it's so busy.
My individual record so far is 501 calls in a day!
P.P.S My health is better in general since B insisted we visit this health food shop so I have better iron tablets, and they do seem stronger.
in saying all this, i think i have a minny cold; not one to hold me down at all, but just one to give me more sneezing fits than my usual annoying alergies, and now, a sore dripping nose.
P.P.P.S. I keep remembering things to add. It's was Miss joy's 3rd birthday yesterday. I will write an entry later about the adventure Joy and her mate had Sunday; not happy Jann!
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In other news, the past two days, as usual, were quite productive; except for the fact afet wasn't there Tuesday but Emilie's group as usual was good, and she's also given me hope that if I don't have a job soon, she'll be happy to spend some time with us one-on-one going through papers for work which is something the individual employment consultants apparently don't provide. -- Another guy in my woodwork class has also offered to use his contacts to try and find me something so yeah for networking as well; that's what it's all about! :)
The whole Metro system was in Chaos Tuesday as there'd been a power blackout at southerncross at about 5 AM, so that meant delays for pretty much the whole day. Took me 2.5 hours instead of one to get into VA.
Yesterday was fun, except of course for the workshop being so damn freezing. Fortunately though, I'd rugged up more so I didn't feel it so bad! -- We went over the safety stuff of last week for half the day which was more boring but definitely necessary. Then we got shown how to use the drop-saw, (I forget the proper term for it; Google came up with 'Miter saw" but that's not what he said I’m sure). Anyway, when it came to my turn, apparently I looked very natural using it, like a professional. Of course wasn't so good with my left hand but still pretty good. I think I must have freaked Brett out a little because I was doing it so fast and he thought I was quite strong. They didn't believe me when I told them in fact, I was pretty weak; Lol! -- Unlike last time I started woodwork, I wasn't nervous at all; it's all so safe. In fact, Ed (the guy I mentioned above who offered to speak to his contacts) cringed when I was feeling the blades of the saw; power was switched off of course at that time. -- But I found using it pretty good.
We also practiced using the talking tape measures, and I was very accurate with that, as well as this other thing (which I forget the name of now; *grr*) which is a steel object with a digital readout. There's a voice box that plugs into it though. This can measure even more accurate than a tape measure, but more the width and thickness of a piece of timber, as well as the perimeter of holes etc. -- it was interesting and I do wish I could remember the name of it; starts with V; I’ll find out next week for the sake of this blog.
When Ed was fully sighted, he worked in the mines. He actually was one of the guys in charge of building the city loop so I was talking to him a bit about that yesterday.
Well guess that's about all for now.
Oh, Neighbours has been exciting of late. Tuesday was the start of the fallout from steph's lies, finally! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, seven years, (that's 2370 LJ entries later) I'm still goin and plan to for a while.
Some people say I take LJ very seriously; this is correct; by gosh it's correct. I don't write in any other journals; this is it, so yes, I will take it seriously when my trust is betrayed. It has still made me a lot more cautious though; I do make a lot more private entries now-a-days that absolutely no-one but me ever sees.
This LJ has seen many things happen, many many things. It's with me where-ever on this globe I happen to be.
It's seen friends come and go, many of them in fact. But I have also equally made many good friends who have stuck by me through all these years, and for that, I am truely greatful. :)
Happy birthday to the LJ of RdFreak and may LJ itself be around for many many more years as I couldn't think of a better blogging community. :)
In other news, today I was semi-productive. I didn't call up about any more jobs though it was one of the things on the "to do" list; ah well. I compiled my list of work experience places as more information was needed.
Steph's huuuge lie finally came out today in Neighbours. We have to wait tomorrow to get the fallout; it's gonna be sooo good man. :)
That's about all for now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Speaking of Neighbours, I thought Steph and Todie's lies were going to be revealed this week but they haven't yet; looking forward to that! :)
Going into meet ang today for lunch.
Going to cook again soon. Don't know if i will be cooking this weekend.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So my new pasta bake is simmering nicely. It's the same as last time except it's got slightly more mixed herbs (cos I love that flavour), celery and mushrooms. It will also have the amount of cheese the recipe says.
I'm hoping of course this will turn out just as good, or even better than last time; mmmm it smells so nice! -- healthy and tasty; what more can I ask for? :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. Dad has gone to the airport now; he takes off at 3; so sad. He came to say farewell to me and also taught me how to properly put my oven racks in my oven as I didn't know how to do it. :( I'd never had to before but this casserole dish I'll be putting in the oven is quite tall so have to move them around accordingly.
P.P.S When I finish downloading, i will be all up to date, as far as England is concerned with Neighbours! :)
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I'm so bored and bla today.
I did go out for breakfast to Enricks with the family and bro-in-law which was good but then I just came back here and crashed while listening to a podcast - can't even remember which one. i slept and I didn't wake up.
I've got all my ingredients for my pasta bake but am too tired to cook it; maybe I should do that now but am thinking tomorrow when I'm more with it; what's wrong with me?
It's just way way way too cold to go out so that's out of the question. I wasn't wrong when I said in here that this winter has been the first one in a while; it's on the records baby!
I'm meant to be bored during the week, not the weekends. But Saturday is the most boring out of them all because there's absolutely nothing what-so-ever on tV; I think of the "HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY" days and so so miss them. I wish I appreciated that show more; Those days will never be the same; who wants to watch "HEY HEY" on a wednesday? It just doesn't work. -- but speaking of tV, I missed most of Neighbours last night because Ang picked Nan and I up, so off I go to watch it on the ch10 site; yeah for now being able to watch the episodes we missed.
And I'm still yet to download the eps from that other site that I'm missing from end of 2009 and onwards; luckily I've got the ones from 2000 as they've been taken off. -- OK so I've all of a sudden got plenty to do; sort of.
Oh, and Heartly is here til Monday.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I never turn the TV on in the mornings, but since I was here on the puter, and Joy was out in the lounge, i thought I'd go turn it on just to keep her company; wasn't planning on staying out there to watch anything as there's nothing real interesting on in the mornings, but, when I turned chanle 10 on, I was immediately stopped in my tracks as the word "neighbours" was mentioned. They spoke about Dan Paris and the fact that he's now doing something totally different to acting; he lives and works on a farm. -- they interviewed him and it was awesome to hear him again. -- he was yummy! :)
Just thought that was kinda cool timing!
And speaking of TV, my portable TV is working well now! Trent (and later dad as it lost its memory), auto tuned the channels for me.
[livejournal.com profile] salix_03 is coming over later for a cuppa and some lunch, and we're going shopping together. She had kindly offered a while ago to help out whenever i need it, so, I asked if she wanted to come with me today since I'm due for my weekly shop; Of course, I told her she didn't have to by any means, but I thought it might be a fun thing to do together, since, for some reason, we always seem to have fun when we all shop together! Lol!
So more later
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I enjoyed that entry; but go figure when it's something I know heaps about. I still should play around with this at fanfiction.net.
In other news, I've got a cup of wellness tea next to me; oh, i think i'm getting addicted; must find out if one can get addicted to tea; if so, i shall change my ways before it's too late, though, i don't believe i have an addictive personality as a rule with chocolate being the only exception!
I also had forgotten to mention in here that it seems i have lost the sim card for my optus broadband dongle; I honestly don't know how that could have happened as it was inside the dongle and hadn't been touched til I took it to Mon's a couple of weeks ago, and had attempted to use it before discovering the damn card wasn't in there. so guess I will have to ask optus for a replacement.
So yeh, as I say, off to Mum's Sunday, then to the funeral Monday.
Til Next Time, RdFreakt

OMG! :)

Mar. 24th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Current consumption: cadbury bunny (that Mum bought me before I left ;) I did have a lovely dinner (chop, sausage and last potatoe in house) though despite the lack of food here.
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I'm actually feeling OK now. That little sleep to get over the worst of it probably helped then tonight I can go to bed as normal!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, Salix did bring Joy back and boy was she excited to see me; but I am so greatful as she was obviously very well looked after. I was def excited to see her too though; sounds weird but I forgot her exact height and how soft she was!
I felt like a complete bitch because I told them I was so tired and without actually saying the words, I think they thought I was kicking them out; well I did go back to bed but I feel bad none-the-less. We're going to catch up soon anyway.
Hopefully I should be fine after tonight anyway; don't see any reason why I shouldn't. I slept til about 4.30; then I went to take Joy out and wondered what I could do to stay awake but i feel reasonably OK now. I don't have a lot of food here but got some meat out and one potatoe; will go shopping tomorrow; I love to have food in the house!
I was about to get my acer out and have a game of monopoly but don't know if I feel like it.
I wonder if I'll understand neighbours tonight; didn't end up downloading any episodes while away. ah well; should pick it up, hopefully! And it'd be interesting to see biggest Loser again. Lol
Til next time, RdFreak
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Last night, I kept having reoccurring dreams about fanfic.net. I think it's cos I was thinking of writing some fanfic on Neighbours. As I know that show like the back of my hand (especially from the last decade) I may have heaps and heaps of fun with it! :) -- I need some fun in my life.
Also, a few weeks ago, dad and I were discussing the possibility of my visiting him again when I was all down and out. I thought it was a great idea but I shouldn't escape my problems by escaping. But, I don't care; whatever makes me happy. And I see nothing wrong with making the most of my opportunities.
Therefore, I have been really thinking lately (as in only for about twelve or so hours) that if I don't get this job that I really want, I might escape to Dubai for a while; for how long? i don't know. It would be nice to be there until Dad finishes in May. he is then going to England to stay with C and J in Cornwall (where i was last year) so ideally, i could go there as well the same as I did last year, and then naturally, catch up with everyone (the Londonites etc) again. Also it'd be nice to do some touring around with dad. .. but .. I mustn't get too carried away .. this is again, if I only don't get this job.
The thing is, I’d feel bad for having to leave Joy so soon after I got her, *sigh*
I'm thinking of introducing myself to her puppy raisers soon, so either they may be an option or another trusted person in my life; with all the renos going on, Mum won't be able to have the two dogs; I'd possibly end up boarding her at guide dogs since they know the correct way to walk her to keep up her skills etc.
Also, I'll need a good solid internet connection to still do my IT courses if I go.
It's really a good opportunity, since the English gang are asking when I'll next be there, and since I won't be guaranteed of holidays for at least twelve months when I get a job, and it's nearly twelve whole months since I was there last time, it sounds like it could be a go'er!
So, one or the other can happen; this job or trip! squeee!
In Ite1 news, we have to do this assignment which will contribute to 5% of our grade; easy 5% as the task is only for those people who have been asking repetitively on the list where things are located on the cucat site. I don't know why they do that since it's been told to us many times that we need to explore the site; it's not that hard to find things. I'm of course more worried about the course content; I can find everything I need too. *sigh* ah well; having this as a prac that goes towards our grades won't be a problem for me then.
last nights loser episode )
After loser, I watched Bondai rescue; funniest quote ever to come out of that; the life guards are so funny! :)
Sadly this nine year-old boy was dragged from the surf having got into a bit of trouble with his dad out swimming; he'd swallowed a large amount of water. The light-hearted life guards asked him "do you feel like a spew?" he replied softly "no", to which funny life guard asked "do you feel like spewing when you see Nick?" (obviously pointing to another life guard; (I can't remember what his real name was.
OK that's it from me. Unfortunately I got up too late which means it may be now too hot to go out for a walk with the dogs. I'll just go and check and if it's not, I will go and get a drink from Pumkins. -- did I mention in here I hated summer? *sigh*
til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. I made another tag; never before have I published the fact that I did so, but when I write about a topic more than a few times, I think another tag becomes necessary. :)
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I've still got my old lovable Heartly here. I told Mum I didn't mind keeping her another night to give her a complete break; plus, of course, I naturally love having both my pups here, though I didn't have any food for her. So this morning was weird; after toiletting them both, I had to make them wait for their breakfasts; didn't think it was fair to feed one without the other, so, I saddled Joy up and we went to get some more supercoat for Heartly at safeway. Before this, since I'd just got up, I took a big drink of water to hopefully prevent any fainting feelings; it worked I'm pleased to say, plus the deep breathing that I did, Lol!
So when I got back, I fed them both.
I do have my employment appointment soon, but I have decided to cab it there, and then walk/train it back as I don't want to leave Heartly for too long; prob would have done that anyway though. Don't really feel like going as up til now, they haven't done a lot for me; all she does is talk to me and set goals; um, I have started to wonder what sort of disability agency they are? Wise (my old agency) market for their clients etc. I'll talk to her about that today. When I come back, I'll be applying for that job I really really want; told the gang jokingly that I'd give em cookies if they succeed in putting in a good word for me; however, I don't see why it has to be a joke if they do! This will be ideal! :)
I didn't end up going into the city yesterday; ended up a bit tired instead but there's always another time. [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat and I have been talking about both attending church together; since I have wanted to go back, and she read about that, she has been talking about churches she's found. She told me she went to a modern-style one in dandinong, and that it was easy to get too on the bus, so next week, we'll go together; squee! As I said to her, it'd be so nice to go with a friend; never done that before. unfortunately due to my shyness in my younger days, I never really made friends in my sabbath school youth group years ago. Brat says there's people from her age to mine, so I'm very excited about that as I am pleased to say, i can make friends so much easier now! :) I kinda like the idea of branching out as well, instead of sticking to my local area.
Also, yesterday I found the remainder of the neighbours eppisodes from that english chap. they were in a different folder as they're better quality now. since I don't need the video and just the audio, I'll need to find a way of converting a whole decades worth quickly; into ogg or something. So I've been downloading months at a time with freedownload mannager. It is an awesome program, as I don't need to constantly set up the downloads after each file! :)
After I finish my job application today and am happy with it, i will continue reading chapter one of Ite 1. People seem to be racing ahead already, but there's no way I'm going to do that. I want to be able to at least wait til the lectures and ask anything I don't know first.
So, am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jordina Wednesday night, Friday brunch with [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 and [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak (if she's feeling better; sounds like she has got what I had during training with Joy sadly; it's a bitch of a thing; Had never been in so much pain with my glands in all my life.)
finally in loser news )
OK since i feel i've typed the house down, I'm off for now.
til Next time, RdFreak
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It's forecast 35 today, so I'm up early in hopes of taking Joy for a longish walk before it gets hot!
Maybe it's my iron defficiency, but I notice lately that if I try and go to safeway or something first thing, I feel really faint, so if this walk is going to happen, i will have to sit a bit and drink some water before I actually go.
I am apologetic if it seemed like I was generalizing blind people last night, but I just get sick of the power trips some of them like to go on, and it's been said before, I'll always be a part of the blind community, whether I like it or not, (try not) but sometimes I find it hard to deal with.
I've got a few really good blind friends though, and hey, they can't help it if they're blind, Lol!
nah seriously, I'm over it.
But the reason that I made that minor friends cut (and may expand on it later simply for the fact that some people hardly write, yet they get all my protected ramblings; hardly seems fair), is because my so-called friend, showed me a large amount of disrespect last night, humiliated me on the list (which is a big no no) and then attacked me privately for defending myself with him. I do not tolerate that.
But anyway, enough of that; it wasn't my intention to discuss that stuff today.
Neighbours is going to be interesting tonight; oh yes it is! Ringo discovers that Donna has been cheating on him! Can't wait for that one! :) -- It still must be said that the earlier the eppisode, the better the show was. Not that I'm complaining or anything; After 30 years, it's no wonder the writers run out of good storylines that haven't been delt with before.
in Loser news )
K that's about all for now. I hope to go for our walk soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well Heartly's final working week has been pretty busy, despite my thinking it should be kept quiet. But there is nothing stopping the little darling really.
We didn't go to J's Tuesday; Heartly, though had pretty well bounced back, was still resting.
Wednesday she was pretty much back to her old energetic self. Nan ended up coming over, and gave me a lift to our appointments, so I didn't have to stress about her ear. We went to the Vet first to make sure everything was recovering smoothly, which fortunately it was; no sign of swelling etc. Nan then drove us to my Doc's appointment where my ears were flushed out. Then we came home, and at one, we left for my Employment appointment at Boxhill. I told Andrea about my job interview and how positive I thought it went, which she was pretty pleased to hear.
Thursday [livejournal.com profile] jordina and [livejournal.com profile] irish2007 came over as Irish was going to stay the night preceeding the Neighbours tour. So J had dinner with us, (divided the remainder of the spaghetti I'd cooked last week, and cooked two sausages each; went down like a treat; followed by a vanilla drumstick each.) Fun times was had by all. J left bout 9.30. Irish and I copied some audio from each other and went to bed.
Next morning, we had a fine chat over breakfast, got ready and left for the Neighbours shop.
Travellers aid (to help us out of the nightmare which is Southerncross station) were delayed in coming for us, but the Neighbours coach waited the five/ten mins for us which was very good. I was the only Ausie there, apart from the driver.
We drove to the high school, but unlike last time, we didn't get out. Then we continued, she described the studeos and the sets that are used.
We got out at Grease Monkeys, where Scott Major (Character name Lucas) was there to meet us. He was lovely, and I had to put my character immage of him away for good, Lol! We all got a photo taken with him.
After shooting him with questions and so forth, we said goodbye and went on to Ramsay Street. As with the previous time, we all got out and took photos outside the various houses, including Irish and I getting individual photos taken with the "ramsay street" sign outside the Kenedy house.
After that, we went back to the coach, where we drove back to various dropoff points, including the Neighbours shop where Irish and I got off.
Irish bought a shite-load of Neighbours magnets, and a couple of Alan Fletcher CD's. I bought one of his CDs and a neighbours drink bottle.
We then went to a CAFE where I had a lovely pizza (which was my dinner) and she had a drink only as she was taking the Howell's out for dinner later on that evening.
We then made our way back. It was 7 by the time we got back here. I think I looked out for my Heartly's ear rather well if I do say so myself. She was very good yesterday; it being her final week day in her job. still highly emotional of course.
Last night I had a committee meeting on the phone which went well. Miss Secretary (myself) took the minutes.
Then, called B, and went for bed at 10.15; I was quite tired.
Gave Heartly her tablet this morning, as I've been doing twice a day for the past four; today is her final day for them. She coughed it up; landed conveniently on my leg, ha ha! :)
I packed for my first week at guide dogs, and will shortly get ready for J's 30th. After that, we'll trip off to B's.
So There's our week.
Will write tomorrow or monday morning about Heartly's upcoming retirement, but I am forever grateful to her for her absolute marvellous work over the past nearly-ten years! You will *never be replaced Miss Heartly! May these two final working days, (today and tomorrow) be fun ones for you.
I looove you my Heartly darling!
Thank you! And I dedicate the rest of my journal to you.
Til Next Time, RdFreak


Aug. 3rd, 2008 08:27 pm
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Well just been chillin today. I've actually started with my frequent Neighbours marathon again. Am currently up to February 2003, but this is for the second time in, say, three years I have listened back on the archives back to back; actually, I got to download the most recent epps yet. It's funny though, I'll go through a big gap, and then, have an urge to listen to some more of the archive. -- These earlier years are a lot better than today I reckon. it seems as if they've just run out of storylines now, so are recycling old ones; hate to sound so negative, but is kinda true. Still religiously watch it though, but unlike before, don't have a breakdown now if I have to miss an evening.
Yesterday I went to Mystys with Kat and some of her gang; was pretty good. i got some chocolate poptarts, which I keep forgetting about, so may go and ppop one in the toaster after this entry.
This week I will enjoy doing nothing after the stressful few months I've had working alongside boss.
I keep changing my mind, but I have decided I think, while i technically do not appreciate how she's treated me at all, I need to bite my tongue to secure my future; cos for some strange unknown reason, mannigers will always be believed, even these lying ones! *grrr* that makes me so mad!
I just entered a few 2005 entries into my Memories; just tributes that should have been there, and weren't.
til next time, RdFreak
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I will write a text entry of yesterday in case my readers missed the audio, and i know Facebook doesn't always capture them.
Right now, I am listening to the recordings Miss [livejournal.com profile] irish2007 captured with her Iriver; Unfortunately I never ended up being able to record, but we've certainly got some great memories. Unfortunately we didn't capture any of the Neighbours night, including meeting the stars (real real shame that) but ah well, we got quite a lot of photos with them all!
Yesterday started off with Irish, Miss J, M and I going to Mackers, so A could experience the aussie place, then M left, and we three caught the bus to the station. J decided she wanted to come along for the ride, instead of going the other way. We like to say that this is because she wanted to be apart from us as shorter time as possible! Lol!
anyway A and I caught the train into flinders, and walked to Mackers where we went to the loos. i was amazed as Heartly found the loos upstairs completely on her own, guiding both of us! A lovely young guy who had been watching us debate whether we should risk taking a stab as to whether we'd be opening the door of the female toilet, came to help us.
After this, good old Heartly made her way out for us.
we walked up to the town hall and waited on the seat there. Sure enough, the lovely tour guide came up and asked us whether we were there for the Neighbours tour. She helped us to the bus, and after a while of waiting around to pick up passengers, we were off to the neighbours shop where I got out to check our names off.
Then, as yesterdays phone post explained, we drove to the eastern suburbs; to blackburn in fact, where we'd left from that morning! We went to the BLACKBURN ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL, which was, for ours and neighbours purposes, the great "erinsborough high" school! We got our photos taken under the sign that is just put up when neighbours filming is taking place there.
After this, we drove to Ramsay Street, otherwise known in reality as "PENOKE" court. We got our photos taken outside each house in turn, then holding the "ramsay Street" sign.
After about fifteen mins of doing this, we travelled to the studeos, where we got a chat from Declin, aka James. He was very amusing to listen too, just telling it like it is!
He signed some postcards for us, and we had our photos taken with him.
This brought us to the end of the tour, but tracy (the tour guide) kindly drove us to the pub in St. Kilda, where we ended up having our meals before we were met by a few of the people helping to run the trivia evening.
We were escorted to the room, off the pub where we sat at tables and chairs. It wasn't long before the room got quite full (probably about 300 though it sounded to me more like 1000)! We waited for one and a half hours before it started, and as it got nearer, the music was getting louder and louder. In the beginning, it was easily barable for Heartly, but as time wore on, i was getting more and more worried. I just hate thinking about my Heartly baby in discomfort.
anyway, i did say to A that I may have to just go home but she was welcome to stay, of course, and cab it back later.
However, after trying to put up with it for a while longer, A and I made our way out the room. The ladies who'd been helping us before asked if we were OK. I explained that I felt it too noisy for Heartly. She then asked us to wait and she'd try and sort something out.
next thing, we were escorted up the stairs, and into the room above where the stars were waiting; Dylan, Carl (aka Allan Fletcher) Michelle Sculley (aka Kate) and Steve Parker (can't remember all their names.)
before we sat down on some really comfortable couches, the woman who'd escorted us informed us that there were a few people wishing to meet us; of course, I knew who these were.
we sat down, and were greeted by Steven Parker (aka Steve Bastoni). He was lovely; shaking our hands and greeting Miss Heartly too!
We then shook hands with Kate and spoke to her for a while. She was so lovely!
It was then allan fletcher's turn to come up and shake our hands and have a yack! -- it was so funny; these actors found themselves introducing by character name! :) was cool!
A bit later on, we met with Dylan who apologized to me for having cold hands. and he informed us that he still had all this makeup on, as he'd come straight from work with another film.
All these lovely actors came and had a photo taken with us. -- (all the photos were courrticy of A's father's digital camera, by the way! :)
Then, the music (which was now much quiter,) stopped, and the formal night started.
It wasn't long before our room was flooded with people as the doors were opened and the ones who hadn't got a seat down below, came up.
The hoast of the evening then asked the stars some questions that the audience had previously submitted by pen and paper. The answers given were quite halarious!
The mic was now so loud, so the compare was just booming!
anyway, the trivia got under way, and it was in the middle of this, Allan came over to us, grabbed our hands and made sure we were OK! It was all I could do to smile and reply "yes, thank you!" :)
After simply ages of the loud proceedings, I started to notice Heartly, who was laying on my foot, quivering whenever the compare boomed in the mic.
A and I both then decided we would leave. We made our way down the steps, and were in the process of asking the girls to call us a cab, when who should come over? We heard "Hi, It's Doctor Karl!" (he didn't really need to give his character name, as I recognized him every time he spoke to us!)
So I guess I turned around to smile. and I started to explain that it was a bit loud for the Dog. We hugged and he gave me a peck on the cheek. A then informed me later, it was then that she gave him a big hug and she said "I just can't believe this!" I then put my arm around him again, and he likewise then put his around me again. I asked "please say hi to Jackie woodburn for me? I really like her." He replied "I'll do that. am seeing her this week."
After this, we were able to catch a cab. A and I kept amazing over the fact that Allan came down especially to say bye to us! we thought it was soooo sweet!
All the actors kind of sounded slightly different to their characters which we were a little surprised about.
We then got home and went to bed not long after.
The day was totally amazing for both of us, probably especially A, as it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for her more so. She just kept on exclaiming that she couldn't believe it! -- I was sooo pleased to have been able to give her this rare opportunity. It was my pleasure to buy that for her as a present!
She payd for last night's meals and our Mackers breakfast this morning; as she wanted to go and try our breakfasts.
It was awesome spending more time with her today. I introduced her to Kath and Kim, and she absolutely loved it; laughing through both the first two eppisodes of season 1! :) -- I was so pleased she liked it, as it is the best comedy, and while a lot of English love it, some of them don't get it!
We also swapped some audio between her Iriver and my computer. I grabbed all her neighbours DVDs, while she grabbed several of my albumns and some singles.
L came to pick her up at 3, and, I was to go to computer users, but in the end, I thought I did need an early night as I was up late last night, and up early this morning due to a headache! -- I also had felt a bit of queeziness come on for some reason; feel OK now, just tired.
so that's the awesome story! man, it was unforgetable!
tomorrow I'm sadly not going to my parents for the birthday dinner, as Mum and dad both have the flu quite bad! wonder if they picked it up in Dubae; more than likely. -- so b/day dinner is postponed til another night.
I got to spend tomorrow or thursday getting supplies in for my get-together saturday; am looking forward to it! I've sure got a lot of lovely friends showing their support and i'm extremely greatful! one does not realize how greatful!
til next time, RdFreak
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Well yesterday, didn't really do a lot. It was 33 C, and I ended up crashing for a couple of hours from the time Doctor phil ended. I watched that for the first time, I think this year. it was rather depressing - about couples, who have different fighting styles.
anyway, D (from gDV) came over to give Heartly a new harness since she thought the other one was too big for her, even on the last hole. She then reminded me how to put the toiletting harness on, as well as the gentle leader. We then just went out the front and she dropped some food as we were walking so she could try and avoid it.
Then I just caught the end of neighbours! caught up pretty well, but I had known Stingray was going to die, and I didn't want to miss that! well, I didn't. he died just at the end, from causes, we'll find out tonight. but I sooo didn't need him to die! he was awesome both a character and actor! so yeh, I will be very sad tonight!
Wednesday I went to show C where sweet as was in boxhill! It was a usual nightmare trying to navigate the shopping centre but we found it in the end. I think forestHill would be better as there's one just inside from the bus bays - a lot easier to find! - stupid shopping centres! So we (well only I) had lunch there, then we ended up going for a ride out to belgrave just because.
thene today C and Shell are coming over! hmm. then we'll probably go and have indian tonight, yeah! I'm a fan! :)
tomorrow I'm going to pay for my flights in full, and may do some easter shopping while I'm there. next week will be the last time I see RB before he goes away.
til next time, RdFreak


Nov. 16th, 2006 09:50 am
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So Dylan is the father of Skye's baby afterall, though I was hoping it was Stingray. We had a lot of disturbing fun theorizing here and here Lol
and that is all for now. i just got up and the back of my neck hurts for some reason.
showers are meant to be easing today. yeah can go out tomorrow.
might email J from Wise cos they haven't got in contact with me yet for an appointment; talk about slow service! *grr
til next time, RdFreak
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... JP's afterall!
lately Neighbours haven't ended on suspending words, meaning that the overnight wait for the result of the pending drama is not too exciting or mystirious, but, tonight it was. damnit! .. Karl was just waiting to announce the father and then .. it brought us to the end, and all will be revealed tomorrow. But the previews then said we will be surprised so that's why I'm wondering if it's JP afterall!
BTW forgot to mention before I got up at 10 today; rather late. am not sure what's wrong with me. I'll be awake now by 5 with the oh-so-lovely blackbirds (I use to love) and sometimes it will just change my status completely to being wide awake. if this happens so early like that, I will fall tired again later in the morning and hence have my "sleep ins".
til next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. Thanks to a largely unsuccessful high-low session on the zone, I now got no points and I wanna play blackjack! I'd be a hopeless gambler so thank god I'm not one.


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