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So we've had some mad weather lately. Last night, we had severe gail force winds. I literally hadn't heard winds so strong since we had that minny tornado several years ago, so I'm wondering if we in fact had another, though I didn't hear anything about that on the news.
And after over a decade of drout we have experienced a very wet winter and spring thus far. It's been flooding in the north-east of Victoria and people have had to evacuate with more expected to have to do so today. -- It doesn't rain, it pores! -- I pity the flood victoms but am glad it appears we're over the last drout. However, to my utter disgust, our water restrictions have been lifted from 3A to 2; that sucks. Just because our water is greater, I don't see why it means we can take it for granted again; it makes me mad. :( -- The media have said the daily household target will still be 155; it's just that people can water more freely; don't see how that can work myself. :(
Anyway, we'll see how it goes.
Happy Father's day! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I am angry; Just wrote a huge-ass entry on LJ and something happened and I lost it all; *grrrrrr "damn it all to heck" as I've been known to say. *grrr *grrr and damn double *grr all at once!
First off, RS Games has released a brand new client, and I downloaded that Thursday. Uno has also been released with it and have been playing it obsessively yesterday and Thursday; my job applications had taken a back seat, but I do plan to apply for some today to make up for it. -- I applied for more than ten Monday; was so proud of myself!
Tuesday I went to see afet where she gave me a couple of job adds she'd found, and she also updated me on the work experience progress; something should come up soon which will be good; fingers crossed.
Wednesday was of course my woodwork day. I spent the first little while feeding my board through the wide belt Sander again to get some glue off that we'd used the week before to fill in a small dent. then brett helped us all route out a handle and also use another router to round off the corners and edges. we then were introduced to another kind of electric sander to smooth off the edges. We shall be finishing the board next week.
We all then had a late lunch and the others went home. Myself and Eddie however were asked to do a photo shoot for Assist, so we got our makeup and hair done and then pictures got taken of Brett demonstrating to us how certain tools worked, like the router. Then one was taken where I was holding a philips head screwdriver above a screw on a jewelry box (that we all get to make as our final project for level 1; can't wait for that! :) -- Am told these photos will prob be published in some popular magazines like "New Idea", "Woman's day", 'Gardening Australia" etc etc next year.
Dad finally got home Thursday evening. Think it will take a while for him to believe that he's home for good. Right now it's like the previous three-week holidays he's had out here, Lol! -- Myself and ang went over for dinner last night; dad cooked his vegetable spaghetti; it was really nice and I brought some leftovers home for dinner tonight. But we'll all go over for fathers day tomorrow as well as Nan who was going to visit me anyway.
So about all the news for now and I shall post this before I lose it again. I used notepad this time.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. There was a pretty severe earthquake in Christchurch NZ this morning measuring 7. Buildings have gone down and everything. :( No deaths thankfully but reports of a few injuries. My relies and friends are all OK which is a good thing.
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So there's an add campaign that's started up on the radio (not sure about tV); have only heard it a few times as yet. -- Apparently, random people (I'd imagine more youth than any other, but I could very well be wrong) will be randomly searched in the city by police for knives and other weapons. if any are found, there will be a $1000 fine issued! This is awesome; it's sad that it has to come to this certainly, but it's had too and it's the best thing I've heard to happen re crime in a while. -- I heard a shocking statistic a few days ago; one in four teenagers carry knives around; that is just so so disturbing; unbelievable in fact.
Also in other kinda related news, i just heard this morning on 3AW news that there has been discussion of having armed guards on each train after 6 PM. Again, sad it's had to come to this, but getting more and more necessary. -- Each time parents have protested about my occasionally catching the train at night in the past, I've told them that I'd always felt safe due to the shorter trains and therefore, more people, which had certainly been true. as there has been heaps of people, i did feel safe; I guess now I'm not so sure.
Will be making an appointment soon to have me ears cleaned.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Oh btw, before I get started, the meatloaf turned out OK. It was nice (haven't finished it obviously) but i don't think it cooked right. It just seemed a bit too moist and crumbly; but I did all the right things so am thinking maybe I had my oven rack too high or something. anyway, it was actually in for a lot longer than the recipe said as i knew it didn't feel right when I checked it. ah well; maybe next time, but yeh, it tastes pretty good so that's the main thing I guess.
OK I'm constantly surprising myself. When asked the question last night "would I be watching the Great Debate" tonight, I replied "Look i'm thinking of it." -- I'm just amazed that I have all of a sudden become more interested in learning about it, taking it in and figuring out who's the good verses the not-so-good verses the bad.
I know a bit of my interest grew when electronic voting became available, but I have noticed more since Julia Gillard got in, that I'm even more interested. -- maybe cos she's the first female PM? who knows! Lol
Not sure if I mentioned in here that the day she became PM, I had turned the TV on for Doctor Phil and got her speech instead. but I found myself continuing to listen; that was totally out of character for me.
But I think it's good that I am showing more of an interest. I should know what makes our country tick.
Anyway in other news, it's my LJs seventh birthday tomorrow; yeah! I'll come up with a reflective entry for then as per tradition, i'm sure. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, this is about the second time I've mentioned politics most recently in my LJ. But we got a new prime Minister today, voted in by the labour party; Julia Gillard -- our first female prime minister ever! I reckon that's pretty cool!
I only knew of the reason why we didn't have to vote, because i asked dad this morning. See, i so know nothing about politics at all! I knew Kevin Rudd decreased rapidly in popularity recently, but that's about all. I didn't know today was going to be the day the labour party decided on the fate of this country, or something. anyway. .. ahem .. nah seriously, i just happened to hear her speech then and she sounded really good and inteligent, which is always a good thing for running our country. :)
Well, Heartly seemed to have an upset stomach yesterday. I got home from VA to a lovely smell of Diarrhoea. She had about four more bouts of it (one other inside) and she was fine after that. I was able to get most up, but dad came to see if I'd missed any.
So yeh, just been to VA Tues and wednesday, and off to meet Ang tomorrow. But will prob see her tonight as the family is going out to celebrate the fact that ang and Trent may have their house by the end of today. Also have O&M with Joy around ForestHill later.
til Next time, RdFreak
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ha, how many times has this LJ of mine contained entries relating to politics? I can count on one half of my right hand, but I wanted to share the following because it seems like the world is finally moving forward (even here in Australia) with electronic voting.
For years I had to go along with parents to voting booths on election days and just simply tell them to 'vote for anyone" because I didn't know or care about it, and I was not happy that I couldn't tick them myself, but, since we have had the option to electronically vote, i have really tried to take more in so I can feel happy when I've been able to cast my own vote.
article from BCA under the cut )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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OK so before I get all sentamental about my LJ's 6th birthday, I will just write about what's been happening over the weekend.
But first of all, an article snagged from [livejournal.com profile] catdraco about a return of HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY!
Read more... )
Like Cat, i do have mixed feelings about this.
I thought the show was just fantastic! Love Love Loved it. It was so nice to be able to sit down with the family every saturday night, and be garanteed of entertainment for us all.
I was deeply saddened when I heard it was finishing up? Why must all good things come to an end? I thought. But over the years, i have realized just that; that all good things do have to come to an end, but in that way, other good things come.
Of course, I was extremely saddened when I heard there would be no more YOUNG TALENT TIME at the end of the 80's, but, I had no choice but to get use to it.
And that's the thing. with both these examples, I did get use to them, and I think now, that if these shows were to come back, they would kind of be out of date.
I remember, "they" tried to bring that TV show BLIND DATE" back earlier this decade, but it totally didn't rate, so it went off again. But back in the 80's that, (formally Perfect Match) rated very well, and went on for ages.
It will be interesting though to see how "HEY HEY" goes.
Right, to my weekend. i did go out to timeout on friday with M, S and Jess. Man that restaurant is brilliant; absolutely wonderful food! We sat outside as there was no room inside, and, it was pretty cold, though fortunately not unbearable.
I really needed to get out and socialize; with the recent crap that's happened, I hadn't allowed myself to get out.
Saturday I went to singing.
Sunday I went to Ghinesh with M and new girlfriend J; was lovely to meet her; she's really nice!
I found out that sadly Jumbos (where I had my 30th) had been closed down. We were originally going to go there, and I was so saddened to hear it was no longer there, as their food was the bestest chinese food I've tasted! it was popular too, so who knows why it's gone.
OK, this day six years ago, I decided to make my life semi-public, (I say semi, because of course, while i put the day-to-day stuff in the public view, I still limit my private life to friends only, and even more these days, just for me.
Six years is a grand milestone in my opinion for one to keep an online blog, but while LJ is here, i intend to keep on using it. I do hope LJ is always around. I shudder to think of trying to archive this thing!
OK let's see; I've fallen in and out of love -- hmm let's count -- four and a half times, (the half refers to the situation now which is still not entirely over); had one little crush in between. -- I've learnt a lot about myself and other people since I began this LJ in 2003, but something I will never learn is why "love" makes life so difficult? Maybe one day I'll learn that it's not. .. ahem .. Oh, and let's not forget, i had a relationship that lasted over a freakin month! go me!
I've travelled; within the country twice, and over seas four times; landing myself in America once, the u.K three times, and Germany and Dubai once, (I never thought I'd wland myself in a non-English speaking country, but there ya go!)
I've learnt, well I learnt a while ago, that I looove travelling overseas on my own; it's awesome! and I want to try and do it about once a year.
Oh, apart from the ACB convention I went to in america, I went to my first BCA convention last year; the state one, and this October, I will experience my first national one in Brisbane. -- I havve my flights organized for that and Cairnes by the way)!
Though I've had many LJ friends come and go over the past six years, many have also stuck with me, and hence, some pretty awesome long-life friendships have been formed.
I have 134 mutual friends on here now; the most I've ever had! I looove reading their lives too! I benefit a great deal from the sharing.
OK enough about all that.
Yes I guess I've changed for the better! I still adore my friends, on and off line! They're my rocks!
And, as I did when I started, I loooove LJ! it is my rock too! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. i almost forgot; the all-important stats taken from my user info page:
4,765 comments received, 7,399 comments posted
2,067 journal entries to date.
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mmm heard that joke several times. It's almost as bad as that joke that the lovely Neil (Danielle's other half) told me while in London. he said unto me:
"Australia wanted the ashes; they sure have them now!" yes, quite tasteless, yes, somewhat amusing at same time; maybe i'm just a cruel little B! ah well!
In all seriousness I am honestly starting to worry about the Swine flu as I woke up to the stats of 96 confirmed cases in victoria; man that's scarey! Schools and a few other places have been closed.
I guess in better news though, I did hear some caller say that he was told by the medical experts that the flu is not really any riskier than the normal flu we would see each winter.
So I would hope that the only real difference is that this is a new strain, and, though it may not be as deadly as once thought, maybe it is more contagious hence the drastic measures being taken.
In other news, forgot to mention last night, I am meeting up with Maz tomorrow at Mysties. I think it's important to end any silly issues we have with each other.
Work shortly, then on to Mum's for a Roast; it was meant to be Monday but I was told to ease back into food gently.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well now, I am not going to cut my writers block entry for today, because this was a subject I was going to prattle on about in here anyway.
Since I last wrote in here I've been hearing news about this flu starting out in Mexico and there being suspecting cases and deaths beyond, in America; which causes panick.
I am starting to panick, especially when I know that people are coming and going from this country every day, not to mention I heard we have over 90 suspected cases; 24 being from Victoria.
Sure, we're not exactly as prone to it, because we're a country to ourselves, but people will still insist on travelling.
If i had of known about this flu outbreak while I was stuffed-up with the cold in the U.K, I may have been really scared!
I guess I needn't worry though unless there's a proven outbreak around here, then I will simply stay put in here for a good long while, and have a mask for when I absolutely need to go out.
In other news, I haven't been very well at all this week. From about Monday or tuesday i have had absolutely no energy, and everything i did, every which-way I moved made me tired. I did go to work anyway though.
I thought eventually, maybe it was some kind of reaction from my Iron infusion, but I called up one of the nurses yesterday, and she said that if at all, people will only experience things 24 to 48 hours afterwoods.
Yesterday I felt quite sick at work, and it resulted in my upchucking (lovely, i know!) but the boys were good to me and fortunately, understanding. I did feel better after that little outburst though, but I caught a cab home, just in case.
Nan came over yesterday, and in her usual fashon when she comes over, she'll have a lovely tea cooked for me, but I didn't really have that; I did have some toast, and was in bed listening to Neighbours. I've got the extra tea in the fridge though, so that's good!
I feel fine now though!
Got a docs appointment Monday.
I will be going to Lilydale hospital on the 25th for a Gastroscopy and a colonoscopy requested by me specialist to make sure I'm all OK there, and here! Lol -- Not looking forward to the bowel cleaner the night before.
Til next time, RdFreak
P.S. I feel most of this entry was about sicky stuff; wow! I guess it's too late to warn my readers not to read if you're eating! Lol
P.P.S. I am going to try some more ANZACs tomorrow I think. Oh, I gave one to my boss yesterday; how nice of me! :)
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My jet lag hasn't improved.
Was wide awake last night, so I turned on 3AW and decided on impulse to call up Simon Owens. So we had a lovely natter on air about my trip, red chulip chocolate, guide dogs and pillows!
Unfortunately I couldn't record it as my Tape recorder is out of action. And I have attempted before to find the "listen" link on the site, so I can record such phone calls I make, continuing my tradition of recording all my phone calls to radio stations, but alas, have never been able to find it.
I am going to ask Simon though if it is at all possible he can provide me with a recording of it.
Anyway, as a result of my night time nattering, I woke at 12.1 this afo! -- spoke to RB for a while.
Then Nan came and gave me a red chulip easter bunny as per tradition; mmmm! my favourite!
I purposely made myself stay up today.
We both went to Mum's for tea. She gave us a carton of cadbury chrunch eggs each.
I am anxiously waiting for news of Bec's new arrival! She's been in and out of labour all day, and the latest news was, the doc was going in at nine to decide if she should get a cesarean or not.
Nan dropped me home and has left to go home herself.
At Mum's we were watching this story on 60 minutes about this 13-year old British girl who has battled with leukemia, and as a result of all the treatment she's had to finally get rid of that, she has now got a cardio condition which she's been offered a heart transplant for. She has decided she doesn't want the transplat, and instead, wants to die regardless. Her parents fully support the decision; (note, I plan to link to the 60 minutes artical when it becomes available).
I actually can't get over the parents! How could they just stand back and support her decision. afterall, the success of these transplants are at 90%, and then, as we saw with someone else who had the same disease who had a transplant, she could go back to living healthy and happy; no more hospital visits.
She sounds like such a cute little thing too!
I just hope and pray she will reconsider before it's too late!
Til next time, RdFreak
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The breakfast boys on 3AW got people voting on 190091010 whether or not we as individuals would sue the parents of our mate if we were staying with them and fell off a bunk bed. I was pleased to hear that 88% of respondents said "no" and, i guess 12% would be greedy.
Anyway, that was the case in NSW apparently where this ten year old boy was suing his mates parents. ridiculous! If you decide to sleep on the top bunk, it's your problem, no-one elses. If you're prone to falling out of bed, even more the case!
Furthermore, it wasn't clear on the situation surrounding this case. eg, a rumour was that the boys could have been jumping from a near-by chest of draws on to the beds! if so, suing is obviously ridiculous!
When stupid boss and myself were in a disagreement about occupational health and safety a few years ago, I was trying to explain that if I got injured either accidental or on purpose on the way too or from work, I would *not sue them because it's not their problem; they had nothing to do with it! More so, if it were an accident, it would be entirely my fault; no-one elses.
Same goes for any other situation; I'm not going to sue if they had nothing to do with it.
OK, if i was walking down the street and someone deliberately tripped me up by sticking their leg out, yes, I would sue.
Maybe even if I had nicely asked people for days to get rid of a particular overhang outside their property, they didn't and I walk along and cut my eye on it.
And unlike what boss thought, I am honest. No, i haven't been in any such situation, but, it's just me and how I feel!
People sue for so many stupid reasons these days, and more often than not with the few cases I have heard about, it's their own fault!
I don't think it's fair to bee finding any and everything to sue for.
In other news, as i will be away at puter club tonight, I asked Nan if she could kindly tape ten for me. I especially don't want to miss the hour long loser tonight for the continuation of fallout, and also because another major event will be taking place, and I don't want to miss out on what it is.
Oh, and before I finished paying off the KNFB reader. i did it over these two days cos my bank will only allow limitted transfers at a time.
til next time, RdFreak
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A few days ago, I posted a few links on How we can help the bush fire victoms. only thing was, afterwoods, I tried to go to that redcross link, and jaws would only read out the url, and that was all; nothing else loaded, as far as I knew, so luckily I just got the link from [livejournal.com profile] halo_of_thorns's LJ. The direct link to donate to the 2009 bushfire fund is here:
and that is where I'm going right now to donate as I couldn't get to that link, and kept forgetting the number when I'd hear it on radio.
In other news, I am ordering a KNFB reader finally. I wanted one for ages, but as I usually jump headlong into these things, i waited, and the price has come down a little, but not too much. But this will be invaluable for me as I will now be able to read food items and how to prepare them. it will give me so much flexability that I didn't have before.
My account will take another huuuge bashing though, but if we try and wait for prices to come down, we may be waiting for the rest of our lives. (only added that comment in because some people I've spoken to, understandably think that if we don't buy, the prices may come down!)
My old bulky HP scanner and Nokia 61.20 classic will be obsolete. I want to try and sell my phone, but don't know if I will be able too.
Sixteen days til i leave for overseas.
til next time, RdFreak
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I smell smoke from the horrid bush fires.. this aint good.
I haven't done my LJ comment stats in a good long while, so thought I'd paste them as they stand to date as they are constantly changing as friends disappear and new ones appear.
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OK off I go to work, and i am going to start walking to station to get my weight down and strength up.
til next time, RdFreak


Feb. 11th, 2009 09:19 am
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So now our state bush fires are said to be not only the worst our country has ever seen, but the worst the world as a whole has ever seen.
The death toll currently stands at 181, and we are told that will only rise above 200, possibly 300. The fires are still actually spreading and killing more and more townships. -- I just want to help in any way, in every way I can! -- If I were sighted, I'd be driving up to as many of the vaccuation points as I can, and delivering goods. I can only donate all that in money!
In other completely unrelated news, it's valentines day in three days; sure, it's an american thing, but many aussies celebrate it too. As I put in my Facebook status, I will be having yet another crappy one this year. Indeed, i have never been with anyone on a valentines day. And even though people assure me it's commercialized and they don't celebrate it cos it holds no purpose, which I agree; I guess for me, it's more about the celebration that we have a partner. -- Unless things happen quick quick, i will be still single! course I need to update my LJ privately on the latest there.
in biggest loser news )
That's about all from me; writers block entry coming soon.
til next time, RdFreak
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(I don't normally do these things in my LJ, but I feel strongly about this)!
I will be donating money to this cause, and I am providing links for readers to do the same if they wish. I thank [livejournal.com profile] rantingjules for compiling this list.
And I thank anyone in advance for supporting my cause with me:
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til next time, RdFreak
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Well, i was listening to 3AW last evening and been listening all this morning, and there's no normal programming, but it's all about the bushfires! -- there's still so many burning out of control, and apparently the whole town of Kinglake is non-existent any more.
More than 100 houses have burnt down.
Up to 25 lives are lost, and it's said to rise today.
We had very heavy rain before and thunder, and it's fortunately a lot cooler here, but it's so sad listening to all the devastation on the radio.
Us people in the city don't realize how lucky we are in these situations.
OMG, I just heard that Tagety no longer exists. We use to visit a farm up there in my RVIB Burwood days; man! :(
here's a highschool survey )
til next time, RdFreak
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well today a new record has been set for our state temp wise. It got up to 46/114 degrese in the city of Melbourne and, indeed, higher in other parts of Victoria! wow!
man it was hot! My aircon helped more than i probably knew, but the compressor shuts off when it's real hot for a time, then comes back on after a while.
anyway, even though the cool change is sweeping over now, many many bush fires are still out of control, and I have my fan and aircon on. May go out soon to see what it's like outside.
til next time, RdFreak
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I posted the following to several contacts this morning, and will paste it under a cut for anyone who wishes to read and sign.
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Proper update coming later.
til next time, RdFreak
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I remember when I was little, i went through a stage where i would wash my hands so much, they'd constantly be as rough as anything.
But, I was alerted to this article and thought Id take a read.
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. Yes, I am finally getting around to catching up on me friends page. doubt I'll get the whole three weeks back some how! but am waiting for ang to pick me up.
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I've heard others mention such things, but this kinda hits home a bit!
full )
til next time, RdFreak


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