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OK so this week will be my first full week at Maxxia and this is because there were public holidays contained in last week and the one before.
Friday was the first day I actually took calls on my own with Fran listening, and today I was completely on my own for most of the afternoon and will be this way from now on, except for when Michael W makes a few corrections to the jaws scripts in the program which give me the full access to it all in which case, Fran will prob just sit with me until I get them right. For now I have to just settle with putting callers through to a couple of numbers without asking them for their car registration numbers.
I went on some new iron tablets mid-way through last week and man they have made a difference; I think that combined with actually working as oppose to just listening all day.
Friday morning Donna (from GDV) came out to give me some O& M to a few chosen food places at Melb central so am feeling very confident about it now.
And I stayed over at B's on the weekend as I did for New year's. We went out for Chinese then went back home and just basically waited up for the new year then went to bed.
Happy new year btw.
I am still trying to get to bed early each work night so I can be assured of as much sleep as possible.
Michael W is still working on perfecting jaws so I can actually use my computer to its full potential (at the moment, due to authorisation issues, I haven't been able to use the ult key in conjuncction with any other key; in other words, can't switch programs which has sucked; no email for me though I certainly have an account set up and will have stacks waiting when it all gets sorted out; should be all sorted by the end of this week we're told.
Tomorrow glen H is coming out to do my work place assessment; I want a focus blue braille display; how awesome would that be, but whether we could convince him of that, who knows.
I got told today by Matt that another client of VA is being interviewed wednesday for the other switchboard position that's been advertized. Apparently "they" are so impressed with me, they called up to give someone else a go, so that's nice. Was just thinking before though, it may have been all my fault as I did happen to mention to M (team leader) in passing conversation that a lot of employers get scared off by blindies; woops. ah well.
More as it happens.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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So had no-one over yesterday; slept for a couple of hours and am starting to be good about taking my tablets again, even taking multi-vitamins.
I want to be all fit for work so just taking it easy til wednesday when I start.
At this stage, thinking of declining both my new year's invitations as I can't afford to stay up til all hours at the moment considering I'm trying to recover from this thing.
Joy loves her christmas present; cute! :)
anyway, here's a borderline personality meme: Read more... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Wow, a lot has happened and it's only the 3rd of January! wow wow wow!
Working backwards. It turns out basically Ang and T's engagement yesterday turned out to be a surprise wedding; they sprung this upon us during the celebration yesterday, so we all went outside, and a registered wedding celebrant married them in the ritunda. And the rest of the time, before this and after was spent chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and having photos taken.
So me little sis is married! didn't obviously see it happening so soon, but it was a very creative way of doing it i thought.
New year's was spent with B, as I mentioned in here before; dinner and back to his; was a great and extremely amusing one. Didn't end up taking my Acer like I had also mentioned in here as I didn't think i'd need it; may take it when I go over tomorrow though. I start orientation to the new school wednesday.
Because i had such a good time new year's, I didn't get as emotional as I usually do; just another year; 2010, which will just keep getting better and better.
Oh, Joy hurt her tail unfortunately; the top of it is pretty swollen so will take her to the vet tomorrow; she has trouble sitting down. Think she did it on Friday when chasing her mate around the yard, *grrr* anyway that's about all; shall go and update myself on the friends page now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. I shall not let internet drama affect me; unfortunately I'm finding it a bit hard at the mo which is funny cos it didn't for a time there. This stupid girl Shea on the Zone has always thought she was so high and mightty; above the rest of us; so she patronizes forum posts she doesn't agree with; real ego-tisticle. I view this as a real shame since I use to be friends with her husband (who wasn't at the time). He was a lot of fun, but from looking at his interactions, it seems she's brainwashed him; such a shame; ah well; if people want to be like that, they can, I guess. some people will never grow up it would seem, *sigh*
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Here is that "year in review" meme that's going around where I write the first sentence of my first post in the month for the past twelve of them.
Read more... ) so wasn't that just so cool!
I'm going to take my Acer tonight to see if I can find any wireless somewhere at B's; prob not though; it'd be cool if I did.
Happy new year everyone!!! :):)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well yesterday ended up being a strange one. I didn't end up doing anything by the way, except talk on the phone. I had a bit of a headache which I thought was one of those ones that would pass quickly but I was wrong; so wrong in fact, that I ended up getting up in the middle of the night to get myself two panadols. So, didn't go shopping but I'm going to today; in fact, I'm going to do so probably this morning; I wrote a list: read list )
A nice supply for me to go on with. Butcher prob won't be open on this public holiday Monday as I usually only get my meat there now.
What I did do yesterday is start listening to The Diary Of Anne Frank. I can't believe I hadn't bothered listening to it before; the title certainly sounded familiar to me, but not being into audio books as much in the past, (even though I've now got thousands of titles on my puter), I just had always went past it. So, i went to the above link so I could get the URL to write about it in my LJ and read the rest of the story after she stopped writing in her diary and was immediately taken back. I didn't realize her life had such a tragic ending. I went from being in rather a cheerful mood to quite sad. It was just simply awful what happened during the war. :( Anyway, even though I know the unfortunate outcome to their short lives, I haven't finished listening to the actual diary and still plan to do so.
So I shall have breakfast and tablets, better put some washing on, may decide to stay and watch Doctor Phil and then go out, come back and put groceries away, rejoice in the fact I have lots of food again, (always a great feeling) and probably do my vaccuming.
So will I get to the park today? who knows! Lol
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well [livejournal.com profile] jordina came over yesterday for our traditional boxing day; twas a good day. And I saw her tripple E PC, as well as finding out that my Acer's wifi still works. It wasn't connecting to Dad's, and as he had no trouble with other puters, we were keen to see whether it would work with mine, so dunno; maybe it's a setting with Dad's wifi.
I also had the two dogs here last night which has been a lot of fun; I looove my dogs! Mum and Dad thought, since they would be out all day with no Ruby at home to at least provide Heartly with some dog company if nothing else, she may be better off here, so they dropped her off on their way out yesterday, and of course with j and her dog here, there were three! Rob and Joy were very playful together; Heartly was a bit unsure.
J gave me an audio book and some honneycombe from Haigh's and I gave her a lush voutcher, (didn't hide that one too well since I wrote about visitting Lush last week). I of course finished my favourite chocolate first, the lint balls; sad times. :( but I've got quite a bit of other good quality chocolate to go which is comforting.
These dogs of mine are very competative of my attention, but they both mannaged to sleep in my room fine. but this morning, I shut Joy in while I toiletted and fed Heartly, and then I let Joy out and got her organized. Now they're both quiet; think Heartly's laying on one of the beds in the lounge, and Joy is in here. I may give Joy a run in the park today if Heartly gets picked up early enough. I've heard of some people being able to walk their retired guide on leash while working their current one, but don't know how it's done since they always crave to be on the left side even on leash. J may come with me to the park.
Now to my subject line; including today, there's only five days of 2009 to go, and I'm wanting to make the most of them. There's been so much positive change in my life lately that I'm thinking I won't be as emotional as other years about the transition into the new year, but still, I just want to see this year off in style as it's been one of my better years (having got my boy back, permanently it seems; yeay); as well as getting my new bundle of Joy and finally kissing my old job and evil boss goodbye for good! :) I don't mean actually on new year's eve as I'll be with my boy, but I mean this week leading up to it. B will be working, and I just don't want to spend the final days doing nothing. Me thinks I should and could get in touch with some friends and hang out a bit. It's funny, I've never felt that way before, but I guess for the reasons mentioned above, I feel I want to honour this year not by being a TV couch potatoe in the final few days. Weird? I know.
And next year promises to continue seeing change in my life, starting off with my new job where I already know I'll be appreciated.
So, how to start ending my year in style? I know I do need to do housework today; vaccuming after the three dogs yesterday, washing me clothes and shopping as I haven't got a lot of stuff here except for turkey (which is good stuff), chips and biscuits. Then, if I have time I will give Joy the run in the park, or maybe I can do that tomorrow with J and Rob, and contact other old friends to possibly get together Tues, Wed and/or Thurs.
So this has been my contemplative entry for the weekend; God bless us all! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I'm about to go to bed but saw this on my friends page, so thought I'd amuse myself before bed.
Read more... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, it's now 2009, and I didn't even get a chance to bid 2008 farewell in here, but not to worry.
I had meant to write in here last night, but I was too busy listening to music in the attick with dad, and time just got away from me.
We didn't end up going to Rye, so i spent my evening with them at home since they didn't go out either. We had a roast for dinner, then I spent a while with Mum watching tV then Dad and I went up to the attick to listen to music on the puter!
Then at about 11.50, we went down and counted down with Mum.
i went to bed not long after.
I was glad; I never like dwelling on new year's eve; as is known, I find it all highly emotional.
This year, I'll be 30! *shudders* what's that all about? seriously!
I go overseas in two months and three days, and I can't wait! -- I will be doing some wserious planning for my big 30th bash before this.
I have a couple of new year's resolutions (and as usual, I have forgotten how to do bullet points, even though shaz has shown me, again! so anyway, here they are, in no particular order:
1. Go overseas (which I am doing :)
2. get another job! a good one, where i'm appreciated and respected,
3. Be a better friend. -- learn to let go of the ones who expect me to do all the work.
4. Continue to let go of past loves/relationships.
5. At least start to really think about my future, in terms of children; I am not getting any younger (as said to dad last night).
6. Meet up with the couple of LJ friends I've wanted too.
7. And, as always, last but not least, possibly finally finding my partner.

Dad and ang will be driving down to Rye this afo, Mum will drive down tomorrow, and I'll trainand bus it down tomorrow after south Yarra. Speaking of SY, I accidently left my mobile at work yesterday. it meant I couldn't do my traditional newyear's SMS, but will do it tomorrow instead. I could have gone back to get it last night, but decided it wasn't worth the trip in again! Lol!
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. I found Matilda on BS a couple of days ago, and have been trying to download it ever since, but it keeps timing out on me, *grrr*
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Well I've been home for a few hours now.
Christmas this year was pretty good! spent it at my aunty's.
Mum got up quite early this morning to put the turkey on; bless her; while the rest of us were still tucked up in our little cots, Lol!
I got up about 9, had breakfast, got ready, and we all left about 10.15 with poor hot stuffed turkey on board.
We indulged in all kinds of yummy nibblies on our arrival, then, we enjoyed the main meal of turkey (with the apricott stuffing), chicken, lamb and roast vegetables.
We then went in lounge to unwrap the presents! I did quite well this year with my usual money, chocolate and clothes. I also got a handbag which I needed; a bigger one than my current one which is falling apart anyway! -- Mum and dad also bought me the FM transmitter I picked up a couple of months ago! -- still haven't figured out how to work it, so must remember to take it out to rye so dad can maybe take a look at it.
After presents, we had disert, of which there was a large variety as usual.
i recorded the whole thing minus the last ten mins or so, with my olympus. it worked out so well, but unfortunately the batteries ran out at the very end. I had been recording other stuff with it, so I should have changed batteries over but ah well; I got the main thing!
Fun day was had by all. and, I always say it, but I can't believve it's another year gone.
Oh, dad wore the arab gear, and it sure got a laugh! -- he also did it and got a similar reaction when he went out with family friends on Sunday.
J will be coming over tomorrow for our boxing day traditional visit. Shall be great!
I will probably be spending New year's eve down at Rye with parents and J, P and hopefully the cousins if they can get time off work. so glad I will be actually doing something this year; not that I didn't have the opportunity last year, but, probably as explained in here at the time, it was sooo hot, I decided to pike, and I didn't like it much. Spending new year's by one's self is just totally not good for me!
til next time, RdFreak
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Well it's weird for me not posting as much in my LJ of late. I guess I don't like much of what is going on with me personally, as oppose to what was making me most happy but I couldn't confide to the public yet.
anyway, apart from feeling sooo sooo angry with him, i haven't known what to do with myself, my friends and continued support from family have been much appreciated.
as I've said to a few here though, I have become very sick and tired of the blind community as I know it from Melbourne. seriously, I only get along with so few now. I'd much rather be in NSW, or QLD, or anywhere but here. the ones here have such an attitude, and are so blind (not in that sense). They're all so set in their ways, and like to put others down in the best way they know how! They're insecure and bitchy. I don't need that, so I stay away, well try too. with stupid aussie discussion lists (who's topic interests me in general), it's a tad hard!
first of all, another classic transport moment )
man some of these drivers make me laugh. there were a few sniggers, and a lot of em from me!
anyway I caught the bus to J's where I met M and M there, and we had a swim, dinner from fish and chips and another swim. twas pretty fun, and I was able to forget about crap for a while.
Thursday was a quiet day at work (though life there is slowly picking up again.)
Wednesday after work I took the long trip (insert sarcasm) from southYarra to Prahran where i met up with M and M, J, L, and M and P from interstate, and we went for a Vietnamese restaurant which was pretty cool despite their amount of fish dishes!
Tuesday I spent new year's day at home with M and M.
Today I'm wanting to go out with M's to meet C and [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat but it's gunna be 37 today so not entirely sure if I will yet, even though I definitely want to meet them both.
I will meet up soon though, we can be sure of that.
Friday the gang is going to the cricket finals, but I need to work, so maybe I'll catch them for dinner or something.
til next time, RdFreak
Happy new year!!!


Dec. 29th, 2007 08:08 pm
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It is so so so so hot here! 33 yesterday, 36 today, 30 tomorrow (so far) and 41 Monday (new year's eve)!
I had J over boxing day, and she gave me six wine glasses. so they will serve two very important purposes, instead of the one common one. They will provide my future guests with their juices, and they will provide me with some musical entertainment! :) .. I had to laugh as J had told me how her Mum went into the store and asked "do these wine glasses sing?" Lol anyway she tried them when she got home, and, they are so much fun! :)
J and I had a bit of my leftovers plus some dessert, then M arrived home.
Thursday I worked, did the lates, and yesterday we were allowed to knock off at 3.
today was a chill day, and tomorrow wil prob be too.
then I am working this week (except for new year's day of course). up at 6 AM again. finishing at 3 again Monday, and I am off to dinner and movie with M, M, K and K (hopefully) then back to K's house for a new year's eve get-together! should be fun!
We had a rough Thurs evening but
then friday we had a good chat! I miss him though, even though we both need to decide what's best! it's hard though!It's all about compremise, communication and listening; all the way!
guess that's about all.
til next time, RdFreak
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so am I the first to write LJ in 2007? am i am I am I?
I somewhat felt lonely as I welcomed in the new year, cos I always feel, in these situations, I should be conforming to the norm; that's the problem! .. but course nan was here, and I counted down with Gretel on TV and 3AW!
Wow we could sure hear fireworks everywhere, not just on the TV, but outside all over!
And, I am still listening to 3AW, and as Keith just said "may this be the year we've all been waiting for!" and yes, I can echo echo that a thousand and one times!
I feel this year is going to be bigger and better for me! I feel it! let's just hope I'm right, in every possible way!
I should not be feeling so emotional; this same routine happens every single year! actually, I had just been thinking while listening to the fireworks, now we're just counting down til the next year! off we go again!
course I am glad that I'm not at any party and I can just go to bed with my Mother and son (oh dear, that sounded bad! Lol .. well yeah! no parties for me! and no talks phone! I do miss it, but it's cool, i just feel I haven't done something!
I love G! :)
til next time, RdFreak
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Guess I am typing again, sort of!
new year's meme )
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Hmmm, so last day of the year, and what am I doing? ripping Nan's Mother and Son DVDs. all of them, as Nan got volumes 3 and 4 for christmas. OK, I hadn't played any dVD in here before, so last night when I tried, automatically assuming it would play out of the box, I found that I was missing the DVD decoder. Well, i'd have no hope of finding it on my own, and though Nan was here and could read me out the cDs, I didn't really know what I was looking for. anyway, to cut a long story sshort, I had tried to find decoders on the net, but nothing I downloaded worked. so this morning, thanks to my new bud [livejournal.com profile] loscha I mannaged to download power DVD and, not only that, but DVDaudio extractor. I was originally planning on playing all DVDs through and recording from sound card. I did know we could do it better ways, but yeh .. so .. that was a bonus! Then, once I had encoded disc 1 of volumes 1 and 2, I realized that as well as volumes 3 and 4 being double sets, volumes 1 and 2 were as well! yeh! more eppisodes! probably actually the lot in this! so that's good! am in the middle of disc 2 volume 2, then will go back to 4 where upon I'd stopped to try and catch up with the previous disc 2's. gee I gabble babble! Lol So yeah for having all of the epps! :)
On Friday M and M decided to change their new year's eve plans which meant that I'm now spending tomorrow with them instead of tonight. Another lot is having a big party, but that's cool. I'm happy here. I could have seen what A and M are doing, but no doubt they wouldn't want to do anything. Nan is here anyway! my family aren't doing anything either; guess they can't be asked this year! .. so I'm going to spend the evening watching my Gret! She's doing the Sydney fireworks party with tim Macferson!
I always feel emotional on new year's eves though, of course! my LJ knows this much! But, though I have stated in so many words, I won't be sorry to see it go, I shouldn't wish my life away. it sounds like I am I guess when I say that! and hey, I'm not even use to 2006 yet let alone 2007.
so yeh, all I can reitterate is I can feel next year will be bigger and better for me! let's hope in every way I can imagine though!
In slightly more shocking news, Saddam (will check spelling later; can't be stuffed now) was hanged yesterday! I'm still in two minds about capital punishment, it hasn't changed. it's just too final, and, as I've said before, no chance for any such redemtion! yet, having to keep them alive in jail can be considered bad for tax payers, though am not sure how they do things over there.) It still makes me shudder!
Well, I just got an SMS before, but course I can't read it on this non-talks phone. according to Nan I have three more messages! hmm! interesting. I am not sure how to use those phones to get them displayed. I'll do a bulk email after tea, as I do anually.
well, I guess, last time I write in here for 2006! *shudders*
Happy new year! party or sleep!
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, not exactly, but I have already attempted this huuuge post last night, since it's now been a week since I updated, apart from the christmas audio two short entries ago.
Last night, while proof reading my proud entry, it all of a sudden disappeared in a cloud of smoke, (which probably isn't too unrealistic since yesterday we were under a cloud/haze of smoke, again!)
however, I shall start from the very beginning, a very good place to start .. ahem ..
last saturday, I went to the carrol rehearsals with M and M, J, K J and a. At first we were on the grass but then M was able to snag us seats near the stage.
My highlights were delta, Marina and, somewhat, the Newton's. I also was witness to heaps of awesome different coloured lights dancing all over the stage. There was also this random flashing light over us audience. Man it looked good to me!
We left about 10.30 and I went back to Nans that night.
then sunday we watched most of volumes 3 and 4 of the Mother and Son DVDs, then, I kind of had a breakdown. I was just feeling a bit sad and rejected. Aunt J was to have Nan and I up for nibblies that night and wanted Heartly on a mat. then when talking to Mum and wondering out loud why Bec hadn't spoken to me much this year, I find out that a long time ago, her and K dropped in here, and I was evidently unwelcomming. I finally did recall the visit to which was spoken about, and I was in fact pleased they dropped in, invited them in and spoke to them. maybe it was my lack of conversation? who knows? anyway it brought back the stupidity of certain former friends W and D! .. hello, if you have an issue with me, talk to me instead of everyone else behind my back! I am course over the friends bit, but ya can't choose your family. besides, I missed Bec this year. we use to get on really well. anyway, I may end up mentioning it to her, just to let her know she can talk to me. I
anyway Dad came to bring my riciprinal, then i drove back to parents with him. We had a roast that night and t was over with A.
And dad has kind of made an entertainment room up in the attick. he brought their computer up, the surround sound system and a TV and comfortable chairs from our galery suite. So Dad and I spent a bit of quality time up there before and after tea, chatting and listening to music from puter.
However, he is yet to build stairs up to it which means it can only be accessed by a scarey ladder. needless to say I'm still not good on those! but I'm still alive! *shudder* Also we have to remember to keep crouched while up there cos some of the beams are below head hight.
The next day we all went to Bec's (as audio would suggest) and I had one of the best christmases to end an otherwise not so good year! I didn't feel left out at all; fitted in perfectly. laughter, goss, food and bonbons went down well with all of us.
then we came home and I discovered my ADSL modem/router had kicked me off line. the next morning dad came around to help me reboot it, only to have it kick me off again not long after he left. So I mannaged to fix it myself. I had J over that day and we went to Safeway and got a chicken and rolls for lunch. then, i had waited for her (after showing it off to parents who were very impressed) to open and start to sample the famous gingerbread house. it's soooo nice! the decorations. we even, somehow, among all the decorations got to sample some of the delicious gingerbread itself!
We also listened to music and chatted before she left.
Wednesday was a chill day here. my moden killed my connection again and after rebooting it, I was wondering why the router page was still refreshing every three seconds. I had thought it was a jaws issue, however when I turned that option off, it still seemed to do it, so I had to end up going to the edit box, turning jaws off, entering the info, then tabbing to the next box and doing likewise. then i turned jaws back on, submitted it and saved changes, (which we hadn't done before). complicated process, but haven't had any more problems with it.
Thursday J came over again to pick up my phone. I told her she could borrow mine while in U.K since hers had carked it for good! .. the only times I really use SMS and all that is christmas, new year and birthdays but I figured I could quite happily go without it for a month to help out.
Then yesterday I met up with [livejournal.com profile] golden_sands and her hubby at Fairfeild station where we went to guide dogs to have a look at the famous memorial garden. She's thinking of putting a plark there for her late Harmony. I'd of course seen it before, but I looked at some new ones and new quite a few of the dogs! it is sad and a real shock! Harmony's Dad bred 256 pups in his 15 years, wow!
then we went to city for lunch. I had a chicken pizza. then we walked next to the yarra for a bit, then caught train to USA foods where we were seen only in the chocolate and confectionary section. I got some sherbert sticks (forget what they're really called), a huge pack of Hershey kisses (of which I did try a hersheys bar in florida), a few salt water taffies and some cinimen tictacs. I know where the store is now, though we can also order over the phone or online. anyway, it's a good place to know!
then we just went back on the train, and I went home.
So, today, second last day of the year. won't be sorry to see it go must say! though I had the best time at the start in u.K.
I am positive next year will be much more furfilling for me, yeah!
so J would have got to U.K last night. going to miss me best bud, but I know she'll be having a month's worth of good time over there. And, though I should have gone too, I will be back next year, ha ha! once I get me some more damn dosh.
and speaking of pacmates (as I kinda was in the previous entry though I didn't write that piece), I had a dream that I found all this money -- $2100 to be exact, and I was going to put the rest towards it. Let's hope I win the bursary though I had requested an upgrade to M-power not pacmate. though I could do with either, or both! and a Meistro, yeah!
that's about all the writing for me. if this text disappears I'll be .. doing something drastic!
Happy new year! :):):)
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] neighbours_aus I found out that neighbours starts back on the 8th of Jan! yeahyeahyeah! can't wait! :) that keeps me sane!
should finish downloading the epps huh?!
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I know I don't write as frequent as I use too but that's OK cos I just don't feel like always doing it.
Christmas was awesome! Mum went to too much trouble as always! :) I got clothes, chocolate, sleeping bag, talking watch, talking keyring clock and another little musical hurdey gurdey to add to my collection.
I had A over on wednesday night. We went to see "Meet the Fockers" which was totally and utterally awesome stuff! better than Meet the Parents in my opinion.
then yesterday A left in the afo and i went to parents for tea. Then on the way back dad and I had a huuuuuge fight. I expressed illegal language for me and he was shocked, not to mention even more worked up but I can say and do what I want, the same as everyone else in this world!
Mum is being quite good to me, trying to give me lessons on remaining positive.
Today just mucked around on the Net. and in about an hour I will leave for my parents where they are having some friends over for a BBQ. so I'll see the new year in with them! Of course a few of my other little friends are off at M's but that's alright. I never want to associate myself with people who need to cause further drama by trying to get involved with other people's. .. ahem .. OK I will stop now. I don't care what people say or think about me as long as they will understand, support and love me! have got no time and energy to waste on other people any more! As said already, i know that I have done my best at being honest with people this year; can't ask for more than that, right?!
anyway, I promised this survey which I found so will do again and we shall maybe compare them to last year's (from the 24th of Dec).
Read more... )
OK it's now 6.49 and i am going to get ready to leave for parents. was soo hot today (34C) so will be awesome to walk in the lovely summery evening. Got to pack some chippies I brought, and might take my scanner to see if I can pick up anything remotely interesting from the second floor of my parents house.
Yeah I guess anyone reading that above survey would tell me that I probably can't wait to see the back of 2004 and they are probably right. Ah, this year had some good aspects to it. Main lesson being that I can truly love people for not just their voice and intriguing personality, but for the upmost respect they can show me!!
So .. happy new year!!! goodbye 2004. sorry I couldn't treat you with more respect! May 2005 be all that myself, and everyone else reading wishes for.
Til Next Time, RdFreak


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