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So I don't really know what's going on re the federal election. I heard a bit of the coverage last night but not much. This morning I find out it's still a bit undecided, or something; I dunno. Something to do with being in a situation we haven't been in since worldwar 2, but my not knowing as much about politics as I'd like, I've no real idea. I think it's something about Labour nor Liberal getting in but independent seats (whatever that all means). I'll be sure to ask my experts to explain all this to me, because I do want to know; I've just always been hopeless with politics. :( i so hope this continues to change.
So aside from this, I had a great day yesterday with Michelle at Mysty's. Then we went for a walk up chappel street and looked in a few shops for items she either wanted, or wanted to try and find for me, eg. those talking gnomes she's got; they're awesome! :) -- I was good; I walked to the station, as I stated yesterday I'd wanted to do. I didn't walk back though cos it had started to rain. -- I was still full and very tired when i got home; I spoke on the phone for a little while then I settled down to sleep.
As said on Facebook and Twitter, i had the nicest sleep and lay in this morning; so did Joy; she wasn't complaining. I don't think she's use to such full on days, but she will have too as my days are indeed starting to get busier. This is a good thing. If it doesn't work out with these jobs, i believe afet has some news regarding work experience placements which will take up three days a week or so, while still attending woodwork, so I could quite easily have the five days active soon. -- This week will be busy; Thursday is my only free day. Got the lunch with some of my GD class tomorrow and the technology expo Friday which I forgot to mention in here I think.
I so agree with [livejournal.com profile] uneverreallyno, sleep is indeed, so yummy! -- I'm not even as scared of it as I use to be because with the exception of the occasional night a year, I seem to do it so well.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So, like I haven't had a lot of luck in the past, but, well, i got another offer yesterday; job offer that is! :) -- I got an offer for some shifts working at Silvertop last night. I'm yet to call her back but I don't think i'll be able to take them up as they're afternoon/evening shifts. I wouldn't mind if some of the rotating shifts ended at like 8 or something at the latest, but nothing after that. -- Ah well, at least I'm being rewarded for putting myself out there again, yeah! :)
Am off to Mystys later with Chelle. She hasn't been there before so thought I'd do that since I'm no longer going out tonight; my choice though.
I've decided I really, really want to be strict about walking everywhere again. It was a bit disappointing for me to find that some of my old work clothes are getting too small for me; evil chocolate; it shouldn't be there making my clothes shrink. Lol
Monday is the day Joy meets her brother again as we're all catching up. Hopefully the weather is nice and then we can find somewhere to let the siblings play. :)
Today is election day. Even though I'm still mostly anti-political, I'll be curious about who gets in and will listen to the coverage tonight on 3AW.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well yes I have had a couple of very full-on days, tiring but lovely.
Tuesday morning was the usual group with Emilie. I had fun socializing over lunch, and I even got to see J for a few mins Lol!
I then made my way to Kooyong where I voted using the telephone system. I still prefer the computer system; much much easier to have everything in front of me at my instant demand, not that the people minded repeating, but I've just always hated trying to work verbally with someone. -- Anyway that's a job I don't have to worry about Saturday.
I then went to the cafe and ordered a sandwich for dinner later and waited for rB to show up, which he did, followed shortly by John and P M. -- We then just waited around for our room to open, ate dinner, set up the audio equipment (though I didn't do much of anything this time), and had the AGM. Highlight was the food of course! Pau and chris did a lovely job of dishing out the food, sandwiches, keish, sausage rolls and Carrot cake! -- Chris gave me a lift home, but fortunately it's more in his way than before as he's now in Ringwood.
Wednesday I went to woodwork which was great as usual, though unfortunately a little less productive as Brett got a few interuptions. I did use the Wide Belt Sander to sand all my timber down, then Brett helped me with gluing them all together -- if I had to do it myself, I certainly could; it's just very messy. We then had them in metal clamps to dry.
Bret then got me to set up the drop-saw at a certain measurement just to keep my practice up which is a good idea, as I do forget bits and pieces from week to week sometimes, not too much but a little.
In the afternoon, bret started to show Richard and I the pannel saw but that's when he kept getting interupted so a lot of it was just standing around. But I know how to set it up for different cuts; I'm just yet to learn how to actually cut. Lol. So looking forward to next week. -- Also looking forward very much to bringing Dad into have a look at how the workshop is set up.
Michelle (who was able to start the metal work class yesterday) and i then went out to a lovely Greek restaurant in Heidalberg for dinner. As we were too early, we went into the pub and had a hot chocolate and just chatted until dinner was due to start at the other one; then we just walked over. it was a lovely meal; in fact, as I couldn't eat all mine, i took mine home. we'd even shared the meal and it was still way too much! It was my first time at a Greek restaurant and I will def go back there. Chelle had been there a number of times.
And I really ought to do some job applications. -- Think I'm meeting up with Chelle at Boxhill this afo, (if it's not raining too much i guess).
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Bet they're sorry they did that; Lol! -- I couldn't imagine it actually.
This is where my week gets more productive, from tomorrow onwards; though I did actually apply for three jobs today; that's a record for me lately as I'd been so unmotivated. But I am constantly networking with people etc. Don't leave anything un-turned if I can help it. -- There's a woman I'm calling back tomorrow though about a position at the RCH.
I'm also going to Kooyong to cast my vote tomorrow so should be interesting, especially considering I still haven't made up my mind who I want to vote for; damn politics. Then I have the AGM of Puter group; I'm a member again but this will be my last year.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Oh btw, before I get started, the meatloaf turned out OK. It was nice (haven't finished it obviously) but i don't think it cooked right. It just seemed a bit too moist and crumbly; but I did all the right things so am thinking maybe I had my oven rack too high or something. anyway, it was actually in for a lot longer than the recipe said as i knew it didn't feel right when I checked it. ah well; maybe next time, but yeh, it tastes pretty good so that's the main thing I guess.
OK I'm constantly surprising myself. When asked the question last night "would I be watching the Great Debate" tonight, I replied "Look i'm thinking of it." -- I'm just amazed that I have all of a sudden become more interested in learning about it, taking it in and figuring out who's the good verses the not-so-good verses the bad.
I know a bit of my interest grew when electronic voting became available, but I have noticed more since Julia Gillard got in, that I'm even more interested. -- maybe cos she's the first female PM? who knows! Lol
Not sure if I mentioned in here that the day she became PM, I had turned the TV on for Doctor Phil and got her speech instead. but I found myself continuing to listen; that was totally out of character for me.
But I think it's good that I am showing more of an interest. I should know what makes our country tick.
Anyway in other news, it's my LJs seventh birthday tomorrow; yeah! I'll come up with a reflective entry for then as per tradition, i'm sure. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, this is about the second time I've mentioned politics most recently in my LJ. But we got a new prime Minister today, voted in by the labour party; Julia Gillard -- our first female prime minister ever! I reckon that's pretty cool!
I only knew of the reason why we didn't have to vote, because i asked dad this morning. See, i so know nothing about politics at all! I knew Kevin Rudd decreased rapidly in popularity recently, but that's about all. I didn't know today was going to be the day the labour party decided on the fate of this country, or something. anyway. .. ahem .. nah seriously, i just happened to hear her speech then and she sounded really good and inteligent, which is always a good thing for running our country. :)
Well, Heartly seemed to have an upset stomach yesterday. I got home from VA to a lovely smell of Diarrhoea. She had about four more bouts of it (one other inside) and she was fine after that. I was able to get most up, but dad came to see if I'd missed any.
So yeh, just been to VA Tues and wednesday, and off to meet Ang tomorrow. But will prob see her tonight as the family is going out to celebrate the fact that ang and Trent may have their house by the end of today. Also have O&M with Joy around ForestHill later.
til Next time, RdFreak
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I just got off the phone from L! I am feeling kinda quite positive as far as school goes. But I'm wagering that won't last all afo tomorrow when we have to do our essay for public Life! I just found this awesome web site all about American politics -- from citizenship to electing the president and it is plain english. actually there's no real excuse for me not to do this well tomorrow. It gave so many resources from various American political encyclepedias; talk about awesome stuff! .. Well maybe that should be continued in my bed time reading tonight! ha yeah right I say :)
This afo we all worked on our debate and have just the concllusion to work on tomorrow. Hopefully we can get it done so us speakers can go over our parts Wednesday! Before that was stories cultures where I gave my presntation on witches! O was really lovely - as always. She was telling us how we've come this far and just take life in stages, which is actually what I'm practicing more of. It is a better way to stay sane I think! But she honestly makes us feel so good about ourselves. There needs to be more teachers like that around! -- she sees the best in everything/everyone. At the end it led me up to explaining to her how I have really tried so hard this semester, but don't think I still mannaged to do as well as I could have. Then I gave her the brief History of my schooling and how I never did as well as I could have. So she was talking to me about how I can comprimise on the things I enjoy doing, and there always being subjects we're not so good at - Lol ya can say that again! politics! aaah! and we don't get away with it with economy and Society next semester! So yeah today wasn't a bad day even though I suffered from the usual Monday Itis!
I had an awesome voice chat on the Zone with ppl yesterday. It was sooo much fun, but me being on dialup and from aus compared to everyone from the other side doesn't help! There is such a huge delay between me and them! but oh well! can make out most things.
Oh my gosh! get this for almost a laugh! ST was logged into the zone when I logged in, so what does he do? immediately log out! I almost laughed! I mean; am I missing something, or am I being avoided?! Am I not trying my hardest to be sensible about this and sort stuff out so we can just move on and be friends. Did I not buy him a 34 US buck game? Am I being too nice? Am I being unreasonable to be curious of whether my money made it to a good home? I mean I'm sure it did, but damn! there is just something I am missing here! something I do not understand! Sure, I didn't have to do it but I wanted too. Why can't he handle the truth of my email? I'm not saying that it's my policy that everything I give requires a "thank you" but since this is kinda biggish bucks involved, do i not have a right to know it hasn't just been thrown over to some charity? I mean yeah .. I dunno! There's obviously a lot of things I must learn about this place we call a world!
Anyway yes I know this is public (but I thought I'd give my *friend an opportunity to reply annonymously of course :) Like I always say, I am always open to the other side of a story, but in this case, I have not been able to get one.
Anyway .. today was a kinda high day. let's not spoil it!
Well yeah I told ya bout my day! Heartly is a naughty Pup. A has competition; she is now on to J! and so now I can't control her in front of J as well. not cool!
While I was walking home today Mum passed me, so she gave me a rest for about a minute Lol! haha!
Neighbours on soon! Wasn't Jack meant to die last week? Lol! I don't want him to go though. He is cute! though he's a cheat-artist!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Nan left this morning after staying over and giving me a hand with housework and all. Parents came over yesterday and Dad explained to me all about Aus politics again and ... think I actually took it in this time! "the upper house, the lower house - senate" oh forget what the upperhouse is called :( how the voting all works, yeahness! I actually know where everything fits now! It's just retaining it to memory! Then I got to learn about the US presidency! :( oh well!
Well not done a lot apart from that. It's been absolutely freezing, and I'm still avoiding MSN but am trying to still deal with it all.
Tomorrow is public holiday and I will do work then. i planned to break away today :) Lol
Oh and it is really time to go tonight Paul! If anyone else goes I will be sooo sooo annoyed! I didn't even want Krystal to go and am still upset about that and is half the reason I don't watch it any more :) Lol
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So I am contemplating purchasing another payd account, but then I think - well it's pointless. I can create poles which is nice and all :) and the only other thing I have access to is the phone posts but I'd still need to call internationally so not much point. Though I was told by the support ppl when I wrote to them that they are planning to extend to numbers outside the US so if they ever get one here, maybe I'll consider! Still I love this site still and I have no probs with showing my greatfulness!
Oh, also I gotta write to Justin from BSC games and see if he will kindly send me the three registration codes for Troopanum, Pipe and Hunter cos stupid me didn't save them. And I do miss playing My BSC Games!
OK, another meme (I got from [Bad username or site: nowhereisfree) @ livejournal.com]
Ten things I hate or love about you! )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Man who do I blame now? I just don't know.
I have been less than happy with VTAC and the dodgy VCE system for their yearly increase in tertiary scores one has to compete with in order to get into their chosen course in their chosen tertiary institution the following year.
I still think the VCE system has a lot to answer for in this regart, but Steven Bracks is also as much to blame (as i heard on the radio news this morning). Since he has been in government, 6000 (think it was) tertiary places have been taken away. As usual I don't understand a thing about politics. It gets me so mad! Oh well! all I know is it's all to do with cutting costs, etc. then adding costs to un-necessary things.
Why can't it all be how it was before??
I am confident for myself this year but I can't be too confident like last time!
My prediction is that I will get a first round offer at Swinburn TAFE liberal arts, and hopefully second will be Vic uni or something similar and/or better.
OK now do I have anyone to blame for my rollercoaster or just myself?? Again, I am resorted to thinking myself. Me me me it's always me!
I feel better than I did yesterday. Lunch will be good at Boxhill today! M and I seem to have a kind of renewed relationship and think we'll get along really well!
Right had to rant and that is done and out of my system!
Livejournal rocks!!! :)
Off to have breakfast!
Yeah I'm feelin good now!
Til Next Time, RdFreak


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