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On my way to breakfast this morning, I thought of doing this poll to help me decide whether I should re-enable my loudtwitter account. -- I use to have my daily tweets come to my LJ, and though I use to have them under an LJ cut and I wouldn't include any @replies, I felt that maybe they are just annoying. I can get sick of seeing tweets on my friends page, especially if they're not LJ cut and if they include @replies (as they don't make sense to us as we're only getting one sided conversations).
But as I am tweeting much more now, I guess I want readers' opinions. i don't care one way or another, so Please vote in my poll )
til Next time, RdFreak
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I've been feeling a bit tired today like the previous days, but I'm sure that it's cos I've been limitted to staying around here not doing too much.
I installed the latest version of Klango this morning because it's where I listen to all my fave podcasts on a regular basis without having to download them, and for some reason, the only realspeak voice Daniel I had on here was lost, and microsoft sam came back, and here's where the subject line comes in.
Right, it got done installing Klango, then Sam said to me in it's amazing oh-so-sexy voice "finished installing; I will now restart your Klango", and I replied back unto him "oh thank you Sam; you've been very helpful!" -- OK one just had to be there; it amused me.
poll to vote in )
And with that, I'm off.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I forgot to mention in here yesterday, it was Dad's birthday, so Nan (who visited with me) and I called him in the afo which he appreciated.
We went to Day Lite Savings time last night, but my puter didn't go forward; I guess because Vic can never seem to make up its mind when it starts and finishes.
Yesterday, Nan came up with a brilliant suggestion for a new name for Joy if she'll be my dog. This one isn't taking away from her original name she'd use too, but to me it sounds better; it's Joybelle. Her late sister was always nicknamed that.
I was so excited, I called Mum to tell her, but alas she didn't like it. of course she said, she's my dog, I decide, but I's aim to please everyone; so for something completely different, here's a poll under the cut )
That poll took me a while to do actually, and now I's go.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Five days to Cairnes. Heather called me yesterday and asked me what sort of food I like! :)
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So my trip to boxhill with Nan and Heartly wasn't recorded for some reason. Unlike yesterday, I did use my MD but I never seem to bother finding out with headphones if it's recording, and it's a bad mistake! so I will from now on! A while ago I found a one-piece ear phone so am not sure if it broke off or what but it works and it's handy!
This morning I was reading the archive from a bit of that Esmae's journal (it was mostly not saved but the comments from the 15th August), and she got a lot of her friends supporting her, and the rest, well, naturally were angry and bewildered.
And I asked Nan at Boxhill where she'd be if she were in a situation of being a close friend, and she didn't really know but did think she'd totally walk away from the friendship.
It would be sooo hard to judge this if you're not in the situation, but I guess this has a lot to do with morrals and values personally.
I am curious so if you can, please fill out this poll )
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current consumption: redskin! yeah!
I just finished reading my friends page. Had a lot to catch up on. while doing this I was eating a bananna, and a string must have fallen off and got on my puter keys and it grosed me out! I'm scared of fruit hair, or fruit strings, or whatever one feeled enclined to calling them!
I must be gain to check out the BB streams again though nothing will be any different. i am just wanting now to work out how to turn off this firewall, but even that's too much to ask! aaah! I better get it workin sometime today else I'll miss out on too much cruelty! yes BB is being cruel this year! like man! it's barely two days in. it's scary!
Nan came last night as she was at Mich and J's for mother day (the day after even) .. she stayed here and just left before.
last night's dreams )
am not going to Psych til 1 today! then my course! yeah! :) I need success soon!
OK missing out on my BB is evil and bad, and I don't like it so off I go to get worked up again?!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. Eudora isn't very happy of late! :(
P.P.S. I was laying in bed this morning, remembering that time at CAE where I made all these friends who I thought would stick around forever, and .. well none of em have! all my fault? yes major! I was so hung up on the net with only dialup then I never got the cance to talk to people! Teresa I was due to clal her back, may still do it. Alice, well .. I never could be stuffed getting my braille note out just to write down her new mobile number from my answering machine, and others like Geremy and Melinda which wasn't my fault. AJ? mostly me! the only one I talk to now on a kinda regular basis thing is Barb? though even that's not too regular now. Only when I'm thinking I'll write. And she wasn't a friend. she was my teacher - my fave teacher, but then she was a friend so it's all good lolafter that!
anyway .. I was thinking .. friends indeed come and go, .. and maybe come back again if it's meant to be?! Lol but just got me curious! Lol not that this )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well Mum and Ang played the biggest April fools prank on me this morning - guess that would be getting me back from all those other times, but I just couldn't think of anything to do this morning. and they rang me and:
Mum: Hi Rachel bla bla bla I was going to call you when Angie went out.
Me: why what's wrong:
Mum: Well she's down feeding the chooks now. but between you and I, alright? Ang is pregnant.
R: (at first feeling excited) oh no! bet -- did it to stay with her.
... ...
and as I was panicking only further they both said "April fool!"
and man it took me a while to get over my shock! and i kept saying "I don't wanna lose my little sister" and she's like "I'm 24 now" and I'm like "yeah still"
oh yeah and Mum had said that I was gunna be an aunty and that she wanted to keep it, heh. man that shocked me! twas kinda sad!
I've got to confess to mine today heh.
Was meant to go to RVIB today to see the Meistro but didn't wanna battle the heat. am lazy as!
Yesterday I went to music. twas pretty good. I played the recorder a bit, and I tried to play a trumpet and a claranet. heh, the trumpet was amusing. B and I were in absolute stitches, as while I actually got a note a few times, I could not hold it, boy, it certainly is very hard to play! only has three buttons, but it's all in how ya blow with the lips, and what shapes they are, etc. Lol at one stage it sounded all crackly and very rude! I can not believe how hard it is to play and can't get over it!
I got a little tad more out of the claranet. actually mannaged to play a fourth octive BAg. wow they were definitely hard! Oh and B's got her little harp there. have tried playing that before.
anyway I looove the sound of the claranet (no not when i try and play it :) when it's played properly. :) but I wanna trumpet. Even though I almost found it impossible to play I think I could kinda learn! maybe? one damn note wore me out though, let alone a whole freakin song, Lol!
This morning I said to JH "and then I'll tell you about my adventures with the trumpet" Lol and the way she chuckled and said "woh" it made me feel like i could have chosen my words a tad more carefully haha, but ah well! I kinda was like 'um, yeah" Lol
so most of the time yesterday was spent trying to play them (oh, and not to forget the Treval recorder), but then we spent some time reading music, and I'm going to try and get a lot of that worked out as well as that other song from verdi (E E E G E D) that one .. Lol can't be stuffed going to get the book to clarify. they would have long names *grrrr
here's a poll question I'm curious about ... )
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Because I can, I created this poll, so do it do it do it! :) .. just for shits and giggles - as my friend M says (not that I will do anything about any negative results; it's my journal and I'll cry if I want too! :) Lol
but be honest! :)

[Poll #201668]


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