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I'm typing this at work minus a Carol (anual leave day) but it doesn't seem too busy right now so I'll see how I go.
Yes, I made honeyjoys last night; after all the inspiration Karen gave me, I gave it a go; had tried them with Amy before but not on my own; it is simple but messy if you don't clean up straight away. Mine did stick to the patty pans a bit but that's because they were in the oven a tad long; they taste delicious though. I ate too many last night and handed some out to my team members today (aka Isabella, Karen, Judith, Jess and even Megan). I will make more soon and they will be an improvement. :)
clicky for my recipe )
Karen also said that she doesn't bake them at all as she likes them softer; I'm the same, so think I shall skip that step as well next time. :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So today was so nice and relaxing. Nan left about 8 in time for church, but I was awake anyway; i got up when she left; had a bit of a RS game of uno as well as skype conferencing with them all; twas fun but very hard to get a word in with all those people. They were my newish internet friend Kelly as well as a whole heap of others I didn't know, but they all seemed nice.
Then I had a breakfast of four hot holemeal English muffins with heaps of butter; quite nice and attempting to be healthy hence the holemeal.
I then heard half a podcast on the android phone and the screen reader but fell asleep in the middle; ah well.
Got up about 12.45 and started to chop the vegetables; I cooked some spagheti sauce, and man it was nice as! am improving more each time. It gave me three containers which I put in the freezer and a bowl tonight for tea with some pasta and cheese of course.
I used )
Iso need to cook more again; had a break when I wasn't too well.
About to watch 60 minutes; well a bit of it anyway as I heard about a story that was going to be on about this virus that only allows one to remember things for a few minutes, or something; sounds bad.
Normal working day for me tomorrow but not the majority of other Victorians; but we get a free lunch.
til Next time, RdFreak
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So I made them. Fortunately Nan had decided to come over for a visit so she showed me how I go about rolling them up; so was greatful for that; I know how it's all done now.
Two trays are cooling and one is still in the oven. Makes prob about .. let's see ..36 depending on how small one cuts them.
Turned out Ang remembered the recipe. read it here )
Note the original recipe didn't have onion, but I thought I'd add it (or some as I use frozen onions).
They turned out a bit greasy unfortunately; greasier than i remember anyway. think it's because it wasn't butcher meat; I find that better quality than supermarket meat.
til Next time, RdFreak
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So this weekend (and i guess the few ones to follow) are going to be so boring. I get sick of the puter. I would have gone for a walk but it's been a tad wet all day, not as wet as was forecast but still. Tomorrow of course we're doing dinner but bleh, especially on my Saturdays I have nothing planned. At least there's good tV Sunday, nothing worth watching on Saturdays. :(
Anyway, i haven't done much cooking for a while, (of course dinners consisting of meat and veg yes, but nothing fancy). So, I know I can also fill in sometime doing more cooking.
Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] budget_barry and [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi for this beef Strogonoff recipe:
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Maybe I should try that sometime.
I applied for a couple of jobs to make up for the past couple of days.
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, my post of a couple of days ago where I'd stated it was the first time I cooked Anzacs, was wrong; at least that part was. I had cooked them before, last year, as rB pointed out to me. guess I put a lot of stuff out of my mind because of Miss evil Madam but anyway .. :) so yeh, going to make them again this afternoon. But in the meantime, I have another recipe which I want to try very soon; anna B made these the other day and I asked for the recipe.
Lime & Pistachio (or hazelnut) Cupcakes )
Never made cupcakes before so it should be an interesting challenge. And sometimes I'm just not in the mood for nuts so I'm sure I can substitute them for something else if that. They would taste good on their own anyway; very lovely and moist!
I get my I.D Mate in two days, or could be even tomorrow if it has arrived at Kenzington already; I will check when I'm there.
Also, just before I go, on Thursday, i finally signed up to Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTk3OTAxMTQ5 ; It's awesome and very easy to use (the previous link is my referral link; anyone who clicks on it and signs up from there will get an extra free 500 megs on top of their two free gigs, and it will also give me an extra 500 megs. :)
til Next time, RdFreak
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As this recipe will be going off the page soon, thought I'd paste it here. I may try this one soon though it seems a bit more detailed than what I'm use too for now. Also, it may bbe a bit spicy for me..
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In other news, Nan came over today. I spent a bit of time labeling canisters which i put various cooking ingredients into so as to make my life easier; I can put the whole measuring cup inside, will safe stuff from falling out of the packets and keep those nasty ants away; so I'm happy about that job! :)
My life will also change so much for the better when I get me I.D mate in just three days now! :)
And finally, Donna (from GDV) will be giving Joy and myself O&M to the family doctors tomorrow on the bus.
Oh, almost forgot, had such a great time yesterday catching up with old friends; was lovely.
Tomorrow I plan to try the Anzacs again.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So today I'm attending the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lauren_kh's belated birthday party, and instead of presents, she had requested us to cook something beginning with any letter of her full name!
I originally thought i would cook honey Joys (since I always loved them as a kid) but then I didn't think they'd spread far enough, so I decided on Anzac biscuits; namely the first recipe on taste.com.au that had a rating of 5; here.
also under the cut )
So I went out and bought all the ingredients yesterday, as well as doing my usual weekly shop while there.
I then made them and they turned out perfect for a first attempt; I was sooo happy with myself, but alas; While taking the tray over to the oven, my oven mits got caught in the baking paper, tip went the tray and off flew the anzacs, everywhere! :( I was so so so so so angry and upset, I admit, more than I should have been, but these were perfect; and I hadn't attempted them before.
As Mum had said she'd come to cut my fringe, she assisted me to clean out the oven as some crumbled in there. and it turned out that two of the anzacs ended up cooking somewhere on the bottom of the oven, so I ate them! They were good, but I think I needed to press them down more.
I was thinking of making them again this morning, but I have no more plain flower. I could duck out and get some, but I'd be pushing time.
Loz understood as I told her I'd prob just bring chips, but it wasn't what I wanted to do. :(
Anyway, I have natcho cheese which does start with a letter in her name, so I'm almost there. Lol! also sweet chili, honey soy, bonus!
I will make some more anzacs tomorrow and then give them to her as a peace offering; she'll prob say "don't be silly" but it's the least I can do.
Ah well.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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This recipe again, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi and [livejournal.com profile] budget_barry
Italian Lamb Meatloaf )
I just pasted it above because it will disappear off the page soon. I aim to try this probably next week; seems very easy; a lot easier than the pastabake which is now easy in itself; sounds good though! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So, in my 8.5 years of living out of home, i haven't ever had my parents over for dinner simply because I haven't felt confident enough cooking. I've certainly cooked for a few of my friends when they've happened to be here but I would have preferred not too. Anyway, I've been OK at it, but I've just done easy things like sausages and vegies and, even though parents probably would have come if I'd asked them, I feel it may have been more out of duty as this kinda food is so simple and, I dunno, not much to it. But, tomorrow night, this will all change. I called them before, and asked Mum if they'd like to come over for dinner as I'll be making the Lamb Saag tomorrow afternoon, as I mentioned last week.
Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi and [livejournal.com profile] budget_barry for providing it; can't wait to try it. after reading the recipe a few times, I feel confident enough with it.
lamb saag recipe )
So I will be going shopping tomorrow and getting those ingredients, plus my usual shopping for the week, plus the ingredients for the previously-mentioned chocolate Chip cooky recipe
Thanks to taste.com.au text of recipe under the cut )
So yeh, cooking cooking cooking tomorrow afo, but, I'm excited about it. getting my confidence up is so impressing me!
Today I met Ang for lunch; it was lovely and her and i spoke like old friends. Lol! Then I went up to the library and the mail room as her friends heard so much about Joy and were dying to meet her; so she very much enjoyed being centre of attention. In the mail room, she even found a little football that gets thrown around from time to time; Lol cheaky dog!
Well, about all for now! I might write my shopping list for tomorrow; don't want to forget anything.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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wow, i forgot to mention yesterday the most pitiful thing that happened to me tuesday; :D -- actually, I did feel pretty stupid; I fell over. I was walking to the bus stop here and I tripped on the little lip between the Safeway carpark and the footpath, and unfortunately, down i went. My hand scraped along the concrete, though not as bad as last year by any means (which is why i probably forgot to mention it). Fortunately it didn't even bleed like last year; I just got a fright as I did scrape my jeans and hopefully didn't wreck any other item of clothing.. My left thumb also got scratched and a bit of my other hand.-- not sure what Joy was playing at but she started bouncing all over me wagging her tail which is all i needed as i was still recovering and feeling sorry for myself. For a second, i wondered if I should just walk back home but I bravely decided to continue, and I was fine really. Haven't had any discomfort from it at all unlike last time when I had to actually get it dressed every day for several weeks, but that time, my entire hand scraped a fair way along the concrete.
In other news, i am going to cook tomorrow. [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi featured a pastabake dish on her and Damo's web site. And it seems easy enough and yummy enough, so I am going down later (after my butcher order arrives) to do my weekly shop, and I will get the ingredients for this dish I don't have and cook it tomorrow.
Since this recipe won't be on the page for much longer, I am going to put it behind this cut, and I thank [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi and [livejournal.com profile] budget_barry for providing it.
Read more... )
So of course i will let this LJ know how I go; I'm actually quite looking forward to cooking it as i know once I do this, it will get my confidence up even more to try other casseroles like this. -- i decided I may try and cook each dish that they have up on their page each week; good plan to build my confidence! -- My only problem is, my talking scales don't work. I don't believe they ever have. I bought them from Prahran (201) bout eight or nine years ago and yeh, never had it working. I just wonder if I ever bothered to put batteries in them. I certainly hope there's no batteries in them to corode it; I will be extremely pissed off; yes, pissed off I will be. -- I'm going out to check soon.
Hoping I get my scales working else I will have to just do a lot of guessing work.
Til Next time, RdFreak


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