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I reflect on the following track of late. I've heard Nicky Webbster a few times recently. -- "Ready Steady Cook" last year and on the "7 PM project" last week; Boy she sounds very mature now; I guess people can change a lot in ten years. I never did end up hearing her sing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics ten years ago but at the time, it seemed like it was a pretty big thing for her.
"Strawberry Kisses" was when I was first introduced to her and a lot of ppl use to think it was quite daggy, well that's how it seemed at the time. I still like it; think she did a great job.
Nicky webbster - Strawberry Kisses )
Til Next time, RdFreak


Aug. 28th, 2010 06:02 pm
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A song that I took from a tape I use to have called "The Kids Praise albumn".

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My old favourites are back; what I thought I invented back in approx 87 now bigger and better. Tape recorders are replaced with soundforge and winamp.

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OK so before I get all sentamental about my LJ's 6th birthday, I will just write about what's been happening over the weekend.
But first of all, an article snagged from [livejournal.com profile] catdraco about a return of HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY!
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Like Cat, i do have mixed feelings about this.
I thought the show was just fantastic! Love Love Loved it. It was so nice to be able to sit down with the family every saturday night, and be garanteed of entertainment for us all.
I was deeply saddened when I heard it was finishing up? Why must all good things come to an end? I thought. But over the years, i have realized just that; that all good things do have to come to an end, but in that way, other good things come.
Of course, I was extremely saddened when I heard there would be no more YOUNG TALENT TIME at the end of the 80's, but, I had no choice but to get use to it.
And that's the thing. with both these examples, I did get use to them, and I think now, that if these shows were to come back, they would kind of be out of date.
I remember, "they" tried to bring that TV show BLIND DATE" back earlier this decade, but it totally didn't rate, so it went off again. But back in the 80's that, (formally Perfect Match) rated very well, and went on for ages.
It will be interesting though to see how "HEY HEY" goes.
Right, to my weekend. i did go out to timeout on friday with M, S and Jess. Man that restaurant is brilliant; absolutely wonderful food! We sat outside as there was no room inside, and, it was pretty cold, though fortunately not unbearable.
I really needed to get out and socialize; with the recent crap that's happened, I hadn't allowed myself to get out.
Saturday I went to singing.
Sunday I went to Ghinesh with M and new girlfriend J; was lovely to meet her; she's really nice!
I found out that sadly Jumbos (where I had my 30th) had been closed down. We were originally going to go there, and I was so saddened to hear it was no longer there, as their food was the bestest chinese food I've tasted! it was popular too, so who knows why it's gone.
OK, this day six years ago, I decided to make my life semi-public, (I say semi, because of course, while i put the day-to-day stuff in the public view, I still limit my private life to friends only, and even more these days, just for me.
Six years is a grand milestone in my opinion for one to keep an online blog, but while LJ is here, i intend to keep on using it. I do hope LJ is always around. I shudder to think of trying to archive this thing!
OK let's see; I've fallen in and out of love -- hmm let's count -- four and a half times, (the half refers to the situation now which is still not entirely over); had one little crush in between. -- I've learnt a lot about myself and other people since I began this LJ in 2003, but something I will never learn is why "love" makes life so difficult? Maybe one day I'll learn that it's not. .. ahem .. Oh, and let's not forget, i had a relationship that lasted over a freakin month! go me!
I've travelled; within the country twice, and over seas four times; landing myself in America once, the u.K three times, and Germany and Dubai once, (I never thought I'd wland myself in a non-English speaking country, but there ya go!)
I've learnt, well I learnt a while ago, that I looove travelling overseas on my own; it's awesome! and I want to try and do it about once a year.
Oh, apart from the ACB convention I went to in america, I went to my first BCA convention last year; the state one, and this October, I will experience my first national one in Brisbane. -- I havve my flights organized for that and Cairnes by the way)!
Though I've had many LJ friends come and go over the past six years, many have also stuck with me, and hence, some pretty awesome long-life friendships have been formed.
I have 134 mutual friends on here now; the most I've ever had! I looove reading their lives too! I benefit a great deal from the sharing.
OK enough about all that.
Yes I guess I've changed for the better! I still adore my friends, on and off line! They're my rocks!
And, as I did when I started, I loooove LJ! it is my rock too! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. i almost forgot; the all-important stats taken from my user info page:
4,765 comments received, 7,399 comments posted
2,067 journal entries to date.
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Hmm, the last time I posted in here was to say we were shortly off to pick up Dad from the airport. Oh, how infrequent my LJ life has become, but i always recap when I do post, so it's all good!
First, this month sees my LJ's sixth birthday! yeah, here's looking forward to balloons and party poppers! yeah! It's also the anniversary of when I met celine Dion, which I always said I'd never forget, yeah! It's also my wonderful Heartly's 11th birthday! So, July is quite a significant month for me, oh yes it is! :)
So last friday Mum, Ang and i drove to airport where dad was already waiting for us. we then went to see Nan who was naturally very pleased to see her son again. But it wasn't long before she was insisting on him going home to bed as he looked very tired. So we went home to our respective houses; well I think Ang actually went on to party somewhere else, but being the self-proclaimed party pooper that I am, I did go home, and wasn't too long out of bed actually.
Oh, and i keep on forgetting to mention that I bought a ticket to see doctor Phill at the rod Labour arrina; that's on the 5th of august. I didn't even ask anyone if they wanted to come with me, cos I knew no-one would. So, for the first time, I am going to the place on my own. The tickets are a bit expensive though, and apparently they're not selling, so radio stations are running competitions. B keeps on joking how it would be better if he did his gig in a toilet block, which is cruel but amusing at the same time! Lol! It does seem true that he's not quite as popular over here as he is in America, but all the same, I do know a lot that love him! Even though I'm kinda regretting paying that much now, it should be fun! :)
So Dad is really enjoying being home. He does not want to go back. He's come over a few times to make me breakfast so that's nice. we'll probably be going to rye next week too, not that it's beach weather at all. Ang will have a week off too, so while they'll prob be all going down Monday, I will train it down after work tuesday, and then come back wednesday as I'll be working that thursday and friday.
I'm working today actually. i originally didn't think i was, but L (boss) called yesterday and said I need to make up my 25 hours, so it will be all three of us today. I woke early; couldn't sleep, so I got up and put some washing on, which I had originally planned to do today.
Last Saturday I went singing in the morning, then nan, who had arrived, picked me up from station and helped me do some shopping in the afo. Then we went to parents in the evening for dinner. dad cooked spaghetti; very different it was too as he put like every type of vegetable you could think of in there.
Ang makes me laugh, cos after we finished our disert, she says "OK let's all go to the good room!" (which is our lounge room, Lol! that will forever crack me up as it always reminds me of "KATH AND KIM". hahaha! man I looove that show! so glad I have it all on puter now!
B came over the following day, and I'd went up and bought bread and a couple of pies for the occasion. Pies weren't that nice though, or so I thought.
OK off to get me washing which has done. i guess I'll be hanging it on the clothes Horse today as it's forecast rain later, and only 15 degrese; cold much!
Til next time, RdFreak
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And that is all really. tomorrow at computer club, I am doing a presentation on twitter and McTwit. Should be interesting.
Also tomorrow, I have to do another online course for work. This one takes a while but I should be right.
And that is all for now I think.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, it was queens birthday holiday yesterday and I had RB here in the afo. we'd ordered pizza for dinner which was actually the best I'd had from Pizza Hut.
Sunday I didn't do a lot; just relaxed around here and stayed warm, entertained and full of food (as I recall I would be doing on <a href="http://www.twitter.com/rdfreak.</a> Saturday morning I went to singing; Nan was over and dropped me at the station. Then I came home and ended up going to Peter s' with RB for the afternoon/evening. RB copied a lot of old music that he didn't have and I was introduced to some more as I'd left my good old WD (Western Digital) at work, but copied everything from RB on here yesterday. There's also some hilarious parities/novelty songs and comedy skits in the mix too which are awesome! :) We ended up having dinner at Gormae Girl which was OK but not the best. dinner consisted of a Tapered menu and the stuffed mushrooms I had were nice! Friday morning Heartly and I had the re-assessment. We first sat down and went through the paperwork including the specifics of my travel and my preferences for my next dog. -- I did request the same height as Heartly, as I'm use to that. he did ask if there was a match slightly bigger, would I be willing to try walking him/her before hand, and course I said yes for sure. -- I said I'd prefer another female, but if they found a male who was a good match, that would be OK; afterall, I said, I shouldn't be sexist! Lol :) We then went for a walk to the station and had a coffee/hot chocolate at Pumpkins. AA acknowleged to me that he could definitely tell Heartly was suffering from the old-age energy-lack I guess you'd say. Although Heartly is still more than willing to pplease which is always evident when I get her leash and harness, she stops and sniffs a lot, and generally can't keep up with the pace i always need. AA does acknowlege though that she still is perfect with her traffic work, so I'm definitely not in any immediate danger, but he will be keen to put me into class ASAP just so Heartly can have a long and smooth retirement, and of course so I don't have to have a gap between dogs. I have to send in my updated medical forms though before they can officially put me on the list again. And he told me that because I'm coming back for another, I'll be priority (which is always how it has been. course it use to annoy me when waiting for my first dog, but I would never regret having to wait for Heartly now.) As I said, it will still be undoubtedly the saddest day of my life when I do retire Heartly. I of course will probably be at my parents a lot to see her, but it won't be the same. If I could keep her here with me at least, i so so so would, but it wouldn't be nice for her in this unit. AA spoke to me about this, but I still wonder how I won't compare the two dogs. And, though I don't want the gap between dogs, it's going to be hard to bond with the other so soon after Heartly. Everyone finds it extremely difficult and I can't see it being any easier for me. The love I have for Heartly, for her work and her companionship couldn't ever be replaced. Anyway, that's pretty much all; now that I have worked back. Just updated to McTwit 1.9, and unlike last time I tried it, the bug has been fixed, and it's working great guns! Til Next Time, RdFreak
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My LJ entries are so infrequent these days. i'm kinda not use to that, even though i have the control over it. Lol!
Starting now and working back: I went to singing this morning; always good! -- Then, I have a feeling the tarronga station bus passed me as I was patiently waiting for it, so I decided to walk to the station which was quite enjoyable. I'd planned to try it before hand, but had just decided I didn't want to wait another hour for the bus, as I would of had to do, being a saturday timetable.
So Nan, who had been here last night, picked me up from Syndel station and drove me here before she left to start packing for her trip that she leaves on tomorrow.
Was going to protect this entry, but don't think I will now; may just put some observations in a separate entry after this one.
Apart from being confused as to exactly why B is contacting me daily again, and my snapping of Tuesday, this week has been pretty eventful except for Wednesday when I didn't go into work, and decided I needed to stay here and do nothing.
[livejournal.com profile] jordina and I did Mexican for dinner thursday night, which was awesome!
Tuesday; RB, Frank, myself along with Dale went to Kooyong to do a test of the audio for Computer Uses. We had ordered pizza for tea, and, as we got a free bottle of creamy soda, i went to pour everyone a glass. I accidently let one overflow, then in my annoyance, I flicked my hand up and it knocked the open bottle over, and soda went flooding across the table.
D went to get cloth, I offered to clean, he snapped he was fine, then he demanded in an aggressive voice I get up, before snapping at me that I spilt yet another glass.
"Don't you dare talk like that to me", i shouted through tears which I tried to control, "you don't even know me. Do *not take your stresses" (of which I knew he obviously had a few) out on me." i went on and on, so by the end, hopefully he knew he shouldn't have given me such a hard time so un-necessarily, when all I was doing was trying to help, despite the accidents.
Anyway was upset for rest of night. I hadn't realized it, but maybe I'd had a bad day and was feeling drained. I normally wouldn't get so upset.
But in saying all that, i decided my first impression of the guy wasn't too pleasant and I would rather not have to deal with him in the near future.
More later.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I'm having a meltdown. My passport is not in it's usual place.
Nan is over as her and Mum were going down to Rye tomorrow, only they're going next weekend now. anyway, before I left for singing she was helping me to try and find it; no go! I'm hoping it's at my parents place, though at the moment, Mum doesn't know where. She can't find her passport or A's, so hopefully this means Dad has put them in a safe place, and we're waiting til day light over there so we can call him on it. Please God!
I should have known that things go walking around here, hence my hunting for it ages ago, not four damn days before I'm due to leave!
I think maybe the parentals took it home before the borders arrived last year, prob with the idea it wouldn't have a chance of going walk-about.
*grrrrr* Hope I find it, that's all I can say! *grr*
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. yes, just came home from me last singing lesson before i leave; well, if I find the passport I did tell her!
P.P.S. going to email out 30th invites this weekend!
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I've got, what I believe to be, extremely bad tonsil litus. Throat started to hurt thursday; personally wonder if it was the smoke that triggered it; not sure why, as it wasn't strong back then, not like it is now unfortunately.
anyway, could hardly sleep thurs night; I felt so nauseous and sick. Yesterday I felt nauseouss for most of the day, and the bad thing is, I couldn't go into Kooyong like we'd planned to test the ventrilo server there. I felt so bad as they were relying on me to go and set everything up including the audio desk, but I SMS'ed everyone very early yesterday so that was alright and understood.
I also had another gig I originally was going too, but had forgot it was on that day when I said I was free for the computer group testing. Was going to see [livejournal.com profile] loscha and co perform some nifty music with our casios. that would have been cool, and sooo annoyed that I'd double gooked. -- as it turned out, didn't go to anything, which was just as well; boy I felt bad.
But, I ended up drifting off to sleep and the nausea went away last night, and had a much better sleep. Then Mum came over at about 7 and gave me four little chocolate valentines day hearts as per her tradition! that is such a nice idea!
Just called my singing teacher and told her I kinda couldn't make today; feel bad as it's been a few weeks in a row now but she understands.
Oh, I rang for my pathology results thursday and was told doc wants to see me bout them, so am going in on Monday.
loser news )
guess that's about all for now. may go and read some LJ friends page and take some tablets.
til next time, RdFreak
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Believe it or not, I just haven't had the inclination for writing in here of late, but it will get done soon as I still want to detail the weekend that was our convention.
I've just been working hard, and sleeping harder (no not like that geeze! :) -- It did take me all of last week to get over my tiredness from convention weekend, and the result was lateness to work every day. But, i am OK now.
i arrived home yesterday to a note on my screen door. luckily someone came to talk to me and was able to read my note. My M-power had arrived but as I was not home, I now ahve to ring this number, and make other arrangements I guess.
Am meant to be meeting c for tea tonight and Tim tomorrow after work for dinner and perhaps a movie (as he SMS'ed me yesterday and told me he has some hoits tickets).
Singing went well last Saturday; was good to go back after two weeks leave. Then i went back to the swiss bakery at Syndil and had my usual goodies.
I called yesterday to complain about the rude bus driver, so I'd say he'll get spoken too.
More later.
til next time, RdFreak
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It was Wednesday night when I last left this thing, and i mentioned that I'd be lunching With W, R and co; well yes I did that. it was as yummy as tuesday; with my duck rolls. I even tried some quaile, (I hate to admit that i like trying new meats; I feel bad!)
I had a pizza for main and chocolate slice for dessert.
good food, good company and good weather equaled great time!
I then went back to Mum's. didn't eat though as I'd had so much for lunch, but it was nice chatting to Heather again. we were chatting a bit about my trip up there next July or august.
Yesterday I went to J's. we had lunch at the CAFE near her place, off the book store, then went to get ourselves some sugary goodness from the seven-eleven before returning back to her house while being unlucky enough to cop a minny downpore; we timed that one extremely terribly.
M then dropped me home later on and i pretty much crashed out not long after I got back.
Mum picked Nan up last night after dropping Heather at airport, so she came with me on my journey to singing this morning.
singing went well! I've made a new friend, (one of her other students) which is always nice! -- G got caught on the phone, so Jenny (who was there when i rocked up) and I were chatting. we'd met a number of times before, and we had the chance to swap email addis.
This morning I couldn't sleep. I checked the time, and it was 2. I realized that fortunately it was still dad's b/day in dubai. I'd meant to call, but then it slipped my mind before bed. so I called him right there and then! -- at least I didn't miss it entirely! Lol!
Now reading some topic two [livejournal.com profile] thebrenljidol entries and started to vote on them. I copied the rest into my idol notes and sent them to work, so I will be able to finish reading and commenting Monday while bored at work. will then come home and just vote and add my comments into LJ.
have had some very strange dreams that I was saving up to document, but now it's come to the crunch, I only remember the crazy one I had Wednesday night about Izzy (aka Natalie Bassingthwaighte.
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I am off to see a miss [livejournal.com profile] rickybuchanan tomorrow. it's been literally years since I visitted her, so it will be good. she is having a bit of a get-together which will be nice.
OK now I go!
til next time, RdFreak
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I finally got my new casio M-520 working yesterday; finally got two packets of size D batteries. It is indeed my biggest keyboard so far! -- it sounds really good. haven't figured out everything yet, but the chord accompaniment's sound really good!
Still haven't worked out all of the sK-100 yet; it seems a bit trickier.
Singing went well yesterday. after my usual exercises, I started on another song; "CRAZY" performed by Patsy cline and written by Willie Nelson. -- it's actually a pretty good song to sing. at first I didn't think so when it was suggested to me, but I thought I'd give it a go.
So, if I can get the mic on this current bulky headset working right, I will record "MY HEART WILL GO On" to my perfection.
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, i had a successful singing lesson this morning. I actually had the ingenious idea of putting the karioke track of "MY HEART WILL GO ON" that I had downloaded from good old Youtube a few days ago, on my mobile. Only thing is, I should have turned it up louder when I recorded it on puter as, yeh, wasn't that loud, but until I get my new m-power, this will do well!
G (and i for that matter) are pretty pleased with my improvement, though I still am having trouble admitting that yet, and believing it might be true! Lol :)
After this, I met Nan and we went back to Syndel station, but as per usual, we just missed the buss, so I took nan down to the Swiss bakery (that Mat introduced me too all those years ago), and we had a pie each, and I bought some melting moments and a couple of chocolate truffles.
I got back here, and received news that my sanity order was in, so now I have that thankfully! I am just about to go encode it now.
I'd say I went to the cinemas to see ONE FINE DAY about 12345 times when it came out! Lol! and, I tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully to download the torrent, so not sure what was going on there, as the downloads were complete, yet, the files would not play. I think I will try downloading something else, just to make sure the error isn't me!
Going out with tim tonight to Mumma Mia; should be much fun. actually haven't been to the forest Hill cinemas for years!
Dinner with P last night was pretty good! The meal was lovely! Mine was something which i can't recall the name of, but it consisted of marinated beef and chicken strips, along with capcican and onion on a cizzle plate, with four torteas along side that, and rice and salad! I'll be having that again!
J will be here tomorrow; will be good, as I haven't seen her since camp. -- I did see her on the bus this morning; she caught my bus! what a cheak! Lol :)
So nan has just left, and I'm encoding!
Oh btw, something i failed to mention in here was the other day, I found out on radio that because of the high population and therefore, heavy pollution in China, they have to limmit the traffic on the road, by having the odd numbers driving one day, and the even, the next, just like we have to do with the watering routine. -- though, I am not sure what the odd and even numbers for them exactly referr to; it wasn't said; maybe the numberplates, or maybe it's their street number, as with us. interesting.
til next time, RdFreak
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OK this wasn't quite as funny but, here goes )
Singing was good. worked on the usual; scales and "MY HEART WILL GO ON", and have pretty much got that to perfecction, well, for me anyway! I need to find a karoke track of it and record it; I think I'll take it upon myself to do that with my songs. It's not always easy to find karoke tracks on the net though!
After this, Nan and I went to Pancake parlour at foresthill, then I stocked up on some more chocolates, and ordered in a dVD at Sanity "ONE FINE DAY", a movie which i use to looove at the cinemas.
can't think of much more to say atm so will go.
til next time, RdFreak
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so I sMS'd singing teacher last evening to see if she'd recovered for today; I kinda said "how are you going? you OK for tomorrow?" to which she replied "you bet baby!" hahahaha! so yeh, am leaving for that shortly.
and tonight I am having a DVD night with a Tim who offered to pick up some pizzas on his way here, so that should be fun!
I decided that since tomorrow is my LJ's fifth birthday, I will introduce a new aspect then.
When I come back from singing, I am going to do a meme which I will be snagging from my friends page, which I actually found quite hilarious.
oh my gosh last night's dreams )
So a lot of dreams to occupy my little mind last night; well at least, ones I do so remember.
My lover could have well been Julie Andrews, but of course it wasn't her that was being threatened.
now I should go.
til next time, RdFreak
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There's a pattern in our family when it comes to birthdays; we get a lot in the beginning of the year, (Jan, feb, March, April), then due to family deaths, there's now a rather long break til September, when the birthdays start up again, several each month til christmas!
But July is a significant month for me! I don't think a lot of people would understand the significance of some of these things.
But, today, thirteen years ago, I met celine Dion; I was shy, I was a different person to what I am now, but, I met her on a Wednesday, (I was going to link to an entry I wrote on the day in 04 where I related every detail in a diary I'd written not long after the event, but, unfortunately, some unrelated drama entailed in the comments, so I shell keep it quiet for now, but it's in here of course, as all my entries are that I've written since I began this LJ in 03).
Heartly's birthday is on the 20th, and she turns the big 10 this year! I'm actually contemplating maybe a bit of a celebration where I invite some humans, and maybe some dogs along to mark the occasion.
Then, my LJ's birthday is on the 27th of this month, and it turns five years old! :)
In other news, it's absolutely freezing outside. i went to singing this morning, where I was pretty pleased with my efforts, and Glenda was as well! Did the usual scales and sung all of "MY HEART WILL GO ON" and she was quite happy with the progress! man I love that song though; it's so pretty! So yeh, was all happy that she was so happy about it, and even my warmup scales were at such a high standard compared to other weeks.
We then went back on bus and train (I can safely say thanks to Nan, I finally know the way now!) We went to foresthill where we had that lovely mushroom pizza, and I stocked up on some more quality chocolates.
last nights dreams )
I've decided to take the plundge and get a plumber in here to reinstall a bath in place of the massive shower! I miss baths way too much, so I am going to do it once and for all! can prob have the smaller shower over the bath.
I wrote to [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac for plummer recommendations, but then I remembered Anita had a plummer there for a while, so am about to call and ask her about it.
til next time, RdFreak
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First of all, I reckon bianca is going to be evicted from BigBro tonight. I liked her for a while; thought she was quite mature for her age, but her recent outbursts will get her out the house me thinks!
Second, I will be, very soon, the proud owner of yet another casio - the SK-8 which I was alerted to by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] loscha. so I bid high and I won. I will also be getting five extra rom packs so my collection will be doubled to ten, yeahness! rom packs are soooo much fun! I am so looking forward to playing them all on the sK-8, cos even though the PT-50 was always my original baby and my fave passtime when young was always to listen and be in such ore of the music, it is a cheaper sounding synth than the SK series I was to later discover! So, I'm hoping to get it sometime this week, and since I paid fed-express, I'd hope to get it soon! -- actually really, the guy originally told me he charges $6.99 for international packaging and stuff, but, I guess he thought I was good to deal with so he told me he'd instead use the money for the fed-express fee, so that was nice of him!
For some reason, work dragged on last week; wasn't really too stressful til the end. always the ongoing super-visor issues, and when I do something wrong, all eyes are on me I can't help feeling. Not sure if I want to stay after last week; I thought I'd be OK, but I dunno. RB and i had a mis-communication on friday relating to an issue regarding the braille consol, which did make me stressed; he doesn't know how I'm feeling about it as yet, but I guess he will soon enough. He's such a good friend, that I wouldn't want to lose that; I know he feels the same way, so no doubt we'll sort it out soon enough.
It's very important to note that I now have lots of good quality chocolates that I bought at forestHill after my singing lesson! These chocolates from sweet B, are the same as the ones that I use to get in Myer, so I spent up big on them! man, they're the best! -- all the fillings I love, and love some more!
Singing was much the same as last week. We worked on exercise and technique, then worked on a bit of "MY HEART WILL GO ON", with emphasis on pronounciation etc. -- Nan showed me where the bus pulls up etc, and we waited over an hour for the one at toronga station as a driver told Nan the wrong times, *grrr! but we got there, and afterwoods, drove from Syndal station to Foresthill, where we had some lunch and I got my huuuge chocky supplies. I also got a couple of tobblarones for my nightly dessert while watching me TV! I need a break from the usual safeway cadbury sessions!
I met up with P last night (who is a new reader to this blog apparently, so lucky for him! :) We enjoyed some lovely Indian and chat at Ghenesh (and I probably spelt that wrong.) Came home to a phone call from J who wanted to let me know she was back in town, oh no! Lol .. just kidding! Lol Always good to have me "oldest and dearest friend" back!
I still can't find my braillenote. I can't understand it; it doesn't seem like it's here, but I don't think I would ahve taken it anywhere since it was half dead!
and now I updated, so now I go. (another private word later).
til next time, RdFreak
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I just got back from tim's house where we had pizza and watched the DVD of "SENT OF A WOMAN". It finally dawned on me that, I infact do have this movie on my puter but hadn't seen it yet. It was good. took me a while to get into it, but I eventually did and liked it pretty well; (it's his fave movie.)
I already feel like we've known each other for ages even though we only met in person for the first time last Monday. He picked me up from east Molvyn station and we went to pick up the pizza.
He just dropped me home, and I'm doing an email check before bed.
Singing was interesting too. After working on my usual warmmup exercises, I started on a new song "MY HEART WILL GO ON" by the one; the only Celine Dion! mmm yeah! :) it feels good to sing that song officially, if that makes sense; well it does to me! :)
Then, thanks to the help of Nan, I discovered that instead of two long tram rides, we could take one short bus ride along Taronga road to the station then back on the GlenWaverly train; much better, but only if we don't miss the bus from Syndal (as we then did, just by a few seconds, *grrr*).
I was, instead, blessed with a train being on the platform as I approached it this evening going to meet T; I love it when that happens!
ah well, off to bed for me now, to start listening to my DVS verssion of same movie. I prob won't get through it though knowing me; I fall asleep so quickly.
Before I left this evening, I listened to "MEET THE FOCKERS" for the 999999th time this month; I just love it! Got sick of it for a while so had a break but now can't get enough of it again! it's so funny; prob me fave movie currently, and I looove Barbara Streisand in it; she's just way too cool! :)
til next time, RdFreak


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