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I've just taken the dogs out and fed them.
Parents are coming later on their way to the airport so dad can say his final goodbye until he gets back in december. :(
As soon as I have my breakfast, I'm going to start chopping the vegies; I am going to cook today.
I've also started adding to my Neighbours collection with the episodes from October 2009 to the latest.
Last night I dreamed about RVIB Burwood; prob cos we were talking about it last evening! I was just walking along the big pool (which no longer exists as with the entire rest of the building. :(
Anyway, I woke up from one of my many sleeps last night, and was regretting, as one of the only things I've regretted a few times lately, going to work at the ANZ. I had worked so hard to get into primary teaching at deakin, even having to apply for an extra time as I stuffed up my Vtac offer which I'd successfully got intoo. -- As previously mentioned, most of my time at ANZ was miserable anyway because of certain people .. ahem .. so if I didn't defer my course and then later on, withdrawing from it completely to stay with ANZ, I'd probably be almost finished my degree now, (not sure how long primary teaching went for). Despite what everyone said at the time, I certainly would of had a much better chance of finding work afterwards than the situation I'm currently in; Thanks Lorraine. :(
I know I was over study, but since it's something I wanted to do, I probably would have some how done myself very proud; of course teaching rounds would have thrilled me.
Of course, I wouldn't have as much overseas experience under my belt, but that really doesn't matter; I still would have been twice on my own anyway.
Now, the best and closest possible way of working with kids is if I can become a receptionist at a school, (something I will be looking intoo).
We can't turn back time, but I just wish that I stayed at deakin. Of course, the only downfall of that is, I wouldn't have met RB; at least, not had the close friendship with him i did, (we've drifted a bit now).
So yeh, not much I can do, I know; *sigh* but at least I wouldn't be stuck in this rut now.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I am so angry right now I could kick a whole right through this wall that is directly in front of my right foot! When I read a comment to my previous post (which mind you wasn't in any way related to the original topic), i screamed and shouted in anger! Maybe this person is trying to do the right thing by me! maybe they aren't! who knows! who cares! But well .. I thought having an LJ was perfectly safe as I can pretty much trust my LJ friends except for one ... and I am not sure who as they decided to not leave their name! .. what a pity everyone has to be ruined by one freak who may know another well-known freak to me! what a flippen shame that while I was starting to trust my net friends with my life, someone has to let me down!
Sure, if you thought you were just doing the right thing, think again! I have learnt not to get others involved; it's my journal and that's what I was using it for! If someone can't damn well appreciate my $34 US gift, let me deal with it. Because if I find that they haven't even played it let alone, acknolleged it, well .. I will be going insanely mad!
So, thanks! I can safely say I am sooo mad now! and there i was, about to write in this LJ with such a positive day I had! yeah ha! scrap that!
Anyway while I'm here ... not that I'm in any mood to be postivie now, but our economics and society teacher is brilliant! he's from Los Angelas and while talking to him during our afo break, he seemed quite willing to do the right things by me so of course that was a bonus! In my good books right from the start - we need that! But the class finishes at 5. we are trying to get it to an hour earlier since we really would rather not have the long hour and a half lunch break.
Right, off I go to kill my victoom! nah but people certainly know how to make my life miserable!
When will people ver co-operate with me?
Til Next time, An extremely pissed off RdFreak
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I really don't want to go back to school next Monday! I can say that I have really enjoyed me damn self this week. at least I have enjoyed being lazy; getting up, switching on the puter, getting online and downloading my email while getting ready; watching Judge Judy, having made my breakfast (now I'm on to wheatbix still with a few nutral grains to make that horrid taste of the littles milk go away). then after that I come back here to the puter, either go on the Zone, check through and reply to emails, or maybe go directly to livejournal to read me friends page - and man that is growing of late! Gone are the dayd mostly where I do random Journal surfs though I still enjoy doing that occasionally. Face it, I have met soo many wonderful people through doing that - horray for Livejournal! it is the best! ever! it's changed my life/world to an extent!
I have also met wonderful people through the zone. as I pointed out earlier, some of whom I'm sure will be long-term friends! I love everyone at the moment! I know I go through strange-arse moods!
Great great human life forms can exist on this plannet! Lol! ya just got to know where to look!
I have discovered a new accessable games site -- vipgameszone.com. I was sooo impressed with what I have been hearing that I wrote them a note.
Read more... )
Needless to say I have quite a few game sites to add to my list on my web page. in fact, I think I am gunna dedicate a whole page to the games, cos there's getting to be soo much out there! Yeah for the blindy programmers! it's all so fantastic!
Man I haven't even had my zoloft yet for the day. what is wrong with me?
I was doing some singing exercises before, not that I am taking singing lessons right now, but I reckon I am gunna take R up on it when he gets back from music camp. Also try and better me braille music skills so I can start to muck around with the piano again. afterall, I am getting our piano. may as well make the best use of it! who knows; might even be good enough to enter the land of the mystirious Braille Music Camp one of these years heh! I couldn't wait to get home when I was last there in 95 but now it's different. i'm not as shy! but then again, I don't and never will get so into that snobby world of music that some of them sorta get like there! And H is the worse out of em all - only associating with those who are good musos - makes me sick! and the way she and a few others talk about braille music - it's like only "goody goodies" can join their clan, and oh my gosh it's something so wonderful and clever! and no-body else can be quite as clever as them! it's a special thing that only a few have! oooh!
OK I will quit now! Please, what is up with me?! Lol um, as true as that is, I just felt i had to stop myself from going crazy! haha!
My headache is gone! Nurifen does wonders - maybe that's what's happened to me. it's had some strange affect on not only my physical pain but my mental state!
So yeah last night and this morning it was the groviness of the vip-games. Last night Dad brought pizza from Michael angelos for tea. Oh I got me hearing back yesterday too wohooo! And TPG went down. i was on the net yesterday afo and it all of a sudden wouldn't let me talk on msn or go to any web site or check mail. so me thinks there's no point in being on line. so I disconnected then I couldn't connect again! but luckily I didn't panic too much as I knew it was their end! So poor little me was off the net for a while! :( oh no! after tea I tried logging on again and mannaged but nothing was working so I got off and about 9 it seemed to work again so yeah! Love tpg though. hardly ever has probs.
Heartly went back with dad last night, so i don't have to worry about her being bored. Tonight I'll take her back after my appointment. As tomorrow now I am going to visit Ricky Ricky! Lol!
Then I'll be sad as it will be the last day of my holidays! I sooooo soo don't wanna go back! even though I didn't do much, the routine I described earlier has been great and this week, has done me wonders! I also feel like I want the troop to stay at music camp Lol! I'm sure they'd love it too, but reality is ... they have to come back! Lol! doh and double doh! :( Lol haha but like the reverent mother from "Sound of music" says: "I can't let camp solve all my problems; I've got to face them" so that I will do and it will work out just fine! you wait and see! ;) haha
Heard from J a few times on SMS and I made a point of saying to her "shout out to everyone I know, and i do mena *everyone I know" haha! then I said "luv to everyone who luvs me" haha! I know, I am crazy! but what can ya do?!
Things will work out! they will!
I was going to write up "my book of friendship rules" but I am feeling too bouncy to do that so I will save it for a time when I'm feeling a little more bitchy Lol!
ha he hi ho hu I do I have to feel blue.
why can't everyone luv me, like I luv them - and stuff and that - and that didn't rhyme one little tiny bit!
.. ahem .. me go and have breakfast now!
I hate jaws! it doesn't backspace and announce letters unless i do it slowly. Must be a setting I can ajust somewhere but who knows where?!
Til Next Time, RdFreak


Jul. 1st, 2004 10:12 am
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Since everyone else was doing it:
My best LJ friend is: )
Forgot to mention, that I didn't end up going to visit [livejournal.com profile] rickybuchanan Tuesday; she had an appointment which was completely understandable. We'll catch up again soon! then I can do my bragging and all that I actually made it - without even asking anyone for assistance - even better!
Well yeah I've become a Net Nerd unfortunately with my days of being cooped. But tonight I might go and stay with parents. I think I need company. then tomorrow I am going to meet M at Boxhill for lunch so that should be nice! I'll stock up at that cheap discount lolly shop (of course :) then .. yeah and that! will probably do the catching up of people more next week! man next week shall be interesting??!?
I miss A! She gets back from Tiwon (excuse spelling) on the 12th - day I start back at school! crapedy crap crap! but we are definitely going to catch up! Speaking of school, last semester I tried even harder to work and not procrastinate. I actually feel I did achieve a little, but next semester I will do even better damnit! No work these holidays; plenty of opportunity to be slack and stuff, so yeah I will *not be making any allowances next semester like I've done in the past.
I've been going to bed quite early every night, and waking up what most people would call early. Sleep is always good when you're in crazy states!
Neighbours - old series is on in another hour! yeah! tis all I live for Lol
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well a lot to update on but guess I just haven't felt like writing in here sooner. hmmm, maybe working from when I last wrote to now could be a good thing! Well, tuesday was the lovliest of all lovely Public life essay. Not sure how I did. Guess I should be finding out really. Um, well before that was worse as S teacher decided our debate again was crapedy crap and he pulled it all apart and told us to basically fix everything. So, there went our Wednesday off, but most of us (I hope) settled on the fact that it was the final week! anyway so we were at TAFE all day Wednesday working! I was sooo zonked from having not slept much the night before. S (wrote his whole name then woops :) made it pretty clear he wondered why I was talking and he wanted T too instead - well that's how it seemed! I was soo mad! In fact, we were all quite mad and it just felt better to be going home that wednesday night with the debate the following day, and after all this, who gives a flying (bleep bleep) what marks we got. I felt awful though, cos I felt I didn't contribute enough. But our group got a high distinction - highest in the class. so go them! Oh, speaking of high distinctions, I did find out tuesday that that's what I got for stories cultures - 83! :( I actually had expected a high distinction, but .. can't have it all I guess!
Anyway Thursday I was just really upset during class, and I tried to contribute in the counter arguments during our debate, but it seemed no-one was hearing me. so after class I just left, feeling even worse because we'd gotten those essays back and don't think I did all that well! I am just not cut out for writing all that crap - the way he expects us too. Then friday everyone went to the Pub but I just stayed home. Haven't heard from anyone from then since, but then I am hardly on msn where we see each other the majority of the time! hmm don't know how I feel about all that now! I am just not gunna worry about any of that annoyance til next term. Might talk to s about my essay and about how he upset me quite a lot and ask him what his deal was with me?! *sigh* I I went to Psychologist that night.
Then friday .. um .. yeah Nan came over to give me a hand as I had been so stressed - what's new? Then I worked on getting a counter for my site, and I put it on the front page.
Yesterday was OK. spent the whole day on the Net - as was today! This morning I ended up putting the counter on all my web pages, and, and and, I revamped my whole web site since it was in bad bad need of updating! Then Dad came to pick Heartly up. She got a bath! Then tomorrow I'm home again - just enjoying relaxind and stuff, and Tuesday I'll be visitting [livejournal.com profile] rickybushanan so that will be cool! Lol it will be an interesting venture finding it meself! Lol! I haven't gone to an unfamiliar terrortry much but when i have it's always been extremely rewarding when I've actually made it there - with only verbal directions of course! yeah! I'm actually looking forward to seeing how that goes. It's on the Sandy line so it's only really from the station that I'm following directions!
Well that's about all. Guess that wasn't as bad as all that. Have just been an emotional roller-coaster this week. Getting there with it all?! Holidays good be extremely good, or extremely bad!
I did have the sidescroller level music of Pipe2 going around and around in my head - now it's the bonus round music Lol! i still haven't won the thing yet, but it sure is addicting!
I've been hanging out in the zone lately and meeting a lot of great people - a few of which will probably become great buddies - if not more than a few! Lol! And I find that I have so much support from everyone. It really makes me smile how much ppl care and want to try and help!
OK me freezing, so will go turn my heater on. It hasn't been on all day actually; how cool is that?!
Oh, and this morning, dad brought over their water filter that they never used, so now it's mine and it's great! My water, for some reason doesn't seem as nice as theirs, but now I seem right! It had to go up on top of the microwave, I've got so little room for everything in that kitchen - one thing I hate!
Dad is dropping Heartly back later and he also asked if I'd like him to bring me around some of the famous Roast that apparently Mum's cooking, so of course that goes down well! Guess I could have gone over there tonight if I'd known sooner, just to get out of the house! My parents though freak out if they know I have to use my cane! I won't admit that I don't feel safer with Heartly!
OK enough of the chatter and let's get some heat into this joint!
Oh man, I will never know why/how Paul has lasted this long! But I hope the intruders got stuck into him Lol! didn't watch much of the intruders show, so don't really know them. Guess I may meet them tonight.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I just got off the phone from L! I am feeling kinda quite positive as far as school goes. But I'm wagering that won't last all afo tomorrow when we have to do our essay for public Life! I just found this awesome web site all about American politics -- from citizenship to electing the president and it is plain english. actually there's no real excuse for me not to do this well tomorrow. It gave so many resources from various American political encyclepedias; talk about awesome stuff! .. Well maybe that should be continued in my bed time reading tonight! ha yeah right I say :)
This afo we all worked on our debate and have just the concllusion to work on tomorrow. Hopefully we can get it done so us speakers can go over our parts Wednesday! Before that was stories cultures where I gave my presntation on witches! O was really lovely - as always. She was telling us how we've come this far and just take life in stages, which is actually what I'm practicing more of. It is a better way to stay sane I think! But she honestly makes us feel so good about ourselves. There needs to be more teachers like that around! -- she sees the best in everything/everyone. At the end it led me up to explaining to her how I have really tried so hard this semester, but don't think I still mannaged to do as well as I could have. Then I gave her the brief History of my schooling and how I never did as well as I could have. So she was talking to me about how I can comprimise on the things I enjoy doing, and there always being subjects we're not so good at - Lol ya can say that again! politics! aaah! and we don't get away with it with economy and Society next semester! So yeah today wasn't a bad day even though I suffered from the usual Monday Itis!
I had an awesome voice chat on the Zone with ppl yesterday. It was sooo much fun, but me being on dialup and from aus compared to everyone from the other side doesn't help! There is such a huge delay between me and them! but oh well! can make out most things.
Oh my gosh! get this for almost a laugh! ST was logged into the zone when I logged in, so what does he do? immediately log out! I almost laughed! I mean; am I missing something, or am I being avoided?! Am I not trying my hardest to be sensible about this and sort stuff out so we can just move on and be friends. Did I not buy him a 34 US buck game? Am I being too nice? Am I being unreasonable to be curious of whether my money made it to a good home? I mean I'm sure it did, but damn! there is just something I am missing here! something I do not understand! Sure, I didn't have to do it but I wanted too. Why can't he handle the truth of my email? I'm not saying that it's my policy that everything I give requires a "thank you" but since this is kinda biggish bucks involved, do i not have a right to know it hasn't just been thrown over to some charity? I mean yeah .. I dunno! There's obviously a lot of things I must learn about this place we call a world!
Anyway yes I know this is public (but I thought I'd give my *friend an opportunity to reply annonymously of course :) Like I always say, I am always open to the other side of a story, but in this case, I have not been able to get one.
Anyway .. today was a kinda high day. let's not spoil it!
Well yeah I told ya bout my day! Heartly is a naughty Pup. A has competition; she is now on to J! and so now I can't control her in front of J as well. not cool!
While I was walking home today Mum passed me, so she gave me a rest for about a minute Lol! haha!
Neighbours on soon! Wasn't Jack meant to die last week? Lol! I don't want him to go though. He is cute! though he's a cheat-artist!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Nan left this morning after staying over and giving me a hand with housework and all. Parents came over yesterday and Dad explained to me all about Aus politics again and ... think I actually took it in this time! "the upper house, the lower house - senate" oh forget what the upperhouse is called :( how the voting all works, yeahness! I actually know where everything fits now! It's just retaining it to memory! Then I got to learn about the US presidency! :( oh well!
Well not done a lot apart from that. It's been absolutely freezing, and I'm still avoiding MSN but am trying to still deal with it all.
Tomorrow is public holiday and I will do work then. i planned to break away today :) Lol
Oh and it is really time to go tonight Paul! If anyone else goes I will be sooo sooo annoyed! I didn't even want Krystal to go and am still upset about that and is half the reason I don't watch it any more :) Lol
Another quiz :) )
So I am contemplating purchasing another payd account, but then I think - well it's pointless. I can create poles which is nice and all :) and the only other thing I have access to is the phone posts but I'd still need to call internationally so not much point. Though I was told by the support ppl when I wrote to them that they are planning to extend to numbers outside the US so if they ever get one here, maybe I'll consider! Still I love this site still and I have no probs with showing my greatfulness!
Oh, also I gotta write to Justin from BSC games and see if he will kindly send me the three registration codes for Troopanum, Pipe and Hunter cos stupid me didn't save them. And I do miss playing My BSC Games!
OK, another meme (I got from [Bad username or site: nowhereisfree) @ livejournal.com]
Ten things I hate or love about you! )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So after my previous entry I got 28 more anagrams! so I got 101, then I got tired and went to bed at about 6.30 heh. then I got up about 9.45 (the time I usually have to leave on a Friday) but I just SMS'ed T to say I'd be late. Got to the room in the library and found it! yeah! then I apologized to everyone for the day before and they pologized to me too and said they'd been discussing how upset I was, so all's well that ends well I guess! Lol! Mmm then would just rather not remember public life, but do I ever? :( We are going to hopefully finish our debate next thursday or something. otherwise we can have some meetings here.
Queens birthday weekend Monday - yeah day to catch up on some more workness! Two weeks to go before holidays, yeah! but in another way it will give me a chance to think think think and I can'[t be doing that right now!
today's GMT word is )
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hmmmmm well I have been sleeping so well lately but .. it still appears that sometimes I just wake up for whatever reason and get bored of laying there. Anyway I did go to bed at 9 last night, so just hope I'm not doing another round of stuffing up sleeping patterns, cos yeah lately sleep has been good to me, and at the proper times too!
But I do think it got me in a bit of strife yesterday. We were working with our debate team in the morning, and I just got extremely frustrated. It just seemed that every time I tried to contribute, no-one was listening to me and/or they were contradicting me. :( I dunno if it was just me or what. But like I was joking to L that she was being "the typical bossy mother" but she kinda was, and that just got to me. I just felt like I wasn't being heard. and I felt bad cos after a while I just thought "ge it'd be better if I didn't speak" so I didn't and it was when they were working out my part! anyway *sigh* they are friends who I usually love, so .. maybe it was just my bad-hair-day or something! Anyway, I will compensate by working out another speakers piece. This is my first real debate so-to-speak cos previous ones haven't been proper ones - just subject understanding kinda-sorta. (sorry love ya TE, K, L J and J but eye contact really *grrrrrrr* me sometimes cos you can use it to talk/get each others attention and I just can't!) anyway, it's all good! this morning we will meet again - hopefully I don't fall asleep!
Yesterday I got home and I watched Neighbours and my silly VCR only just got the start - even missed out on the first few seconds of the previews! *getting worried about that one* oh well! then I finished the final touches to my L2L essay and emailed that to him! gosh hope it's right! stupid me forgot to read the criteria and all after all that! When will I learn??!! *sigh* and I decided to do my infotech assignment this afo when I get home, then I will have finished my more outstanding pieces and I only have what's due in the final week to go! yeah only two more weeks! much excitment is to be had! :)
Anyway I then went on the zone which I had just started revissiting after about six or seven months of staying away and decided to follow [livejournal.com profile] canadian_diva's advice and play the anagrams! And she is right; very addictive! and I think it's especially made fun when other ppl come on and we can kinda chatter a little. It's quite cool actually! Man! I am stumped. I only got 73 words out of "orchestra" out of a possible 407.
view my results so far! )
And yeah me agrees with CD. those apparent "anagram generators" ppl find on the net is just not fair! I don't like cheats either! I wanted to be one of the leaders for the day but guess if I go there now and start on today's word, i may, just may have it later tonight, who knows?!
man ... it is sooo time to go Paul! What is up with his damn attitude to Merlyn?! No wonder he has two strikes; it upsets him all sooo much! :( Merlyn has to stay. In fact he is one of my predictions for winning.
OK i go and see if today's word is up yet. I am not quite sure as yet how they'd handle "the word of the day" when all these different time zones would come into play. Oh well, will find out I guess!
Hmm wonder how long I'll stay awake this session? Lol
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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mmmm so the blind guy came this morning to put up my sunblinds that were made for my windows during summer! (I knew that sentence started out in a dodgy manner, but couldn't be bothered going back to modify it as I knew it would be OK :)
And he came at like 7.45 on the day I can sleep in?!?! ah what on earth is up with that one?!?! Anyway Heartly cracked me up soo much! she gave one little agressive bark, as she does, but remained on her bed as she knew I'd get mad if she tried to bound up. (she is learning :) but the whole thing got me curious, so i looked up "how do dogs bark?" on the net, and it came up with all these "why" answers! aaah, but it answered my questions. Poor little Heartly aims to take control of the puppies.
I forgot to mention a while ago that while Nan and I were at Mitcham station, someone walked by us with a small puppy. Heartly barked and the poor puppy started whimpering! ah what a bully Heartly is! Lol but my questioning to the Wise and wonderful google explained it all!
A is coming to pick up some sheets to scan, and then i have to finish my essay and .. those extended bibs! If I have to do them all through uni, I will need to call for insanity, really! they are just extremely pointless, and it's my theory that the teachers/lecturers love to see students suffer! suffer suffer suffer! anyway!
I don't normally like to paste jokes in here, but this really made me chuckle so early in the morning )
Til next time, RdFreak
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Just got back from Psychologists and my email has just downloaded! two things happening in the one sentence, yeah?!
Well didn't go to stories cultures this morning as predicted, but hardly anyone else did either. I will start my last assessment task there when I have my essay out the way and my infotech assignment. So tomorrow I'll be a good girl and work on finishing my essay, together with those stupid annitated bibliographies!
And I just realized, speaking of tomorrow I should have called A (volunteer reader) before I connected! ah me and me damn internet! Well I might SMS her instead. I got some stuff to get scanned!
Well not much else I wish to blabber about now. I woke up this morning in rather a cheerful mood but then ... ... yeah just back to the old ways, and what made it even better was that Neighbours wasn't on today! I mean the old series. I keep forgetting it's not on a Tuesday. So much for sleeping in and staying put here!
OK another fun test )
OK I go.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well I am meant to be watching BigBrother but I am honestly getting kinda bored of it, (whoever thought I'd say that"? I wasn't even that clear on who got evicted last night; shame on me! It was Al! This is sooo not fair! What happened to 'GIRL POWER!!"!! I do have it on in the background though, so that's still one good thing I guess, Lol! I wanna go on there; I want something good to happen, oh, how I do!
But I felt I got a bit done today! I had recieved an email from O last night and she said that she wouldn't be there today so am glad I didn't go in for no reason. Then, I thought, being the damn freakin nice person I am, I'd try and let everyone else know so they wouldn't have to go in. So between SMS and email, I got around to most of the chicks (and one poor guy R :) in our class, but L had also got the news and did the same! so yeah between us both, think we got around to all of them, go us! :)
So today I worked hardcore on my essay for L2L go me! :) full on man, I got carried away! haha! but hope it's alright. I haven't quite finished, and I am dreading those damn pointless annitated bibliographies somewhat!
Tomorrow morning I think I'll be home as well working, as we are working on our last assessment for stories cultures. it's so sad; we don't have O next semester. That is really really suckiness hardcore! Our class will lose their sanity! Lol! oh well
I'll go in tomorrow afo for Public life. We are looking at the democracy system in australia and in the meantime have to research another one of our choice and then comparing them in the essay which will be our final two outcomes! man was I pleased to hear the two outcomes will be combine! ah, ppl have no idea how much I hate politics! But I might be right! I am going to look at America and compare the presidency to our Prime Minister system thinggies, or something! I still don't really get the difference, but I guess I'll learn! Lol
oh yesterday I was sooo pleased! I had to read and answer questions on the History of British politics and instead of flowing over every word with it all not making much sense, I was able to, for the first time use my language master to look up every second word that I didn't understand! And, I was actually able to make more sense of it! go me! So I emailed the answers to M and man I don't think I have ever, ever felt so confident handing in a politics piece of work! go me! aaaah, am soo happy with it! except for the limitted vocab! *grrrr* that really really shiets me sooo soo soo soo soo much! oh well! not much one can do! And then on the other hand, I've been playing a few of the games on there and had no idea about so many small words. I love playing annagrams with the hope it's enhancing my mind and my problem solving skills! and the most I've done so far is come up with nine words out of 18 average words and I've only played with five-letter words! I'll get better i spose!
heh, the BigBro nominations are on! I am not supporting my Grettel; shame on me! But, it is still on in the background. She just drags it on too much! not that it's her fault! It'd of course be in her script and all, but it just really bugs me! Man I wish I was in there! :(
Happen something, happen damnit!
Oh tomorrow will be Heartly's big test. for some reason she was limping on Saturday but she seemed to come right yesterday so who knows?! was going to take her to the Vet, but she sprung back to life! Thanks Heartliness!!
OK i go.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So I am starting to learn a lot about myself that I didn't really know -- as of last night in my appointment. It's kinda sad. I'm trying to change but, really, I am not clear on how easy that will be! Oh well ... sh-- happens!
I had a little insomnia last night so I got up and actually got on here for ... literally not very long at all. Then .. I went back to bed, ha! Then I dozed off nicely but I had, not surprisingly a few dreams. One though was about my old buddy NB1! heh, she never new I nicknamed her that but ... (if you happen to be reading this, please give me a tingle on the electric telephone! :) heh. I often wonder what she's up to and .. well .. we were such close friends in secondary school, but I know she started resenting me in year twelve because of my clinginess. :( I've tried to reply to her emails yet I don't hear from her any more! man i think the last time we hung out was in 99 or 2000 or something. I am guessing, hoping (if not sooner) that we will catch up at our ten-year reunion. and that's in four years - scary stuff! tmeans I'm gettin an old fart! But then again, I could make meself feel better by saying that I just finished my VCE last year, which is damn true! :) heh.
Anyway last night wasn't the nicest dream I could of had about young Nat. She got mad at me, like really mad, because we were going to go to this event together (I full on can't remember what it was now)
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So there ya go. Much weirdness!
I looooooove Win XP. Best thing I have done in a while! :) heh.
Dad is coming tonight for tea.
And later on, I got to read a small chapter on a democracy and answer some questions - the handout from friday which A kindly scanned for me.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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A survery to start with:
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Yeah so I am cooking spaghetti! haven't done that in ages! well I'm cooked the meat, it's just the noodles to go - yeah! smells nice, tastes nice and i just burnt my tung. :(
Today I haven't done a lot though I will be doing my review a bit later for stories cultures. then will continue my essay tomorrow.
Yesterday I saw SB (teacher) and while I thought I'd written a great intro, he thought it was crap basically! I mean it's all about structure and mine is wrong. Guess it would help if I read the guidelines and criteria he sent me! So that's all I went there for yesterday as M had come up to say that they were going to be working on a chapter and answering some questions on another democracy (forget which) so she gave me the handout to scan which I'll probably see if my volunteer reader can pic up for me and scan, then will email it to her!
Ha it was funny yesterday though. at lunch, a few of my lovely friends (C<, J<, , etc.) photocopied the sheets and went home too! M would kill me if she knew I did that! :) But it's sooo kinda amuzing! When C asked me originally if she could take my sheets to photocopy I said "not at all" and I'm thinking later, man that sounds like BB! haha! Not that I've heard from her for ages. She leaves it up to me, but .. yeah .. I know we kinda have different priorities, but still .. she calls me a friend and I only hear from her when I write (and once a year, ring) her. We haven't been out for a coffee or anything in a while either cos I refuse to be the next to be the one to initiate that line of thinking. guess that means it will never happen. Lol! I mean for all I know she is just doing this as she doesn't want to interupt my school happenings, but whatever I guess!
anyway it's funny cos I didn't even realize I say that now! but it's something i'd say anyway -- I mean I'm acomodating too really. :)
mmm pasta nearly ready! Nans over so she'll have some with me then drive home "before the dark!"
Oh, I did join a few more communities today, and likewise the other day! As if I need extra reasons to procrastinate, but holidays in a month! :) Yeah so I joined a couple of Aus Neighbours ones the other day (yeahness) and extra BigBrother one and today a couple of Beatles ones and a pill-popping one. meh.
That's about all now!
Me excited about my spaghetti! But wonder how long my tung will take to feel better? :(
By the way "It's time to go .... .... Paul!" No-one speaks to my Merlyn like he did!
I listen to the stream later. I downloaded realplayer on this puter.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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mmmmmmmm rocks does the food, but coffee is evil!
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So I went out with Mum, Dad and A to the Blackburn hotel. We never have gone out much at all as a family to restaurants; mainly purely for special occasions so we enjoyed this. Dad had bought a book of restaurant coopons, (it would appear I've never had to write that word in my entire life, so excuse spelling if it's incorrect. I hate spelling things wrong! I guess I am a perfectionest after all!)
Anyway they all came back here after that and we bought some icecreams and stayed a while then they left.
Earlier R came to check out my puter. No luck with trippletalk but he did install some free virus and spy-wear protection and after doing a scan and finding no dilemmas I feel like new. Puter all nice and clean and fast! well most of the time. I am at a loss to know why it lags on the net though?! *grrr*sometimes!
Yeahness no schoolness for me tomorrow, but some hardcore essay research then off to Nan's for padietry appointment in the afo then will stay over and go from there to school friday.
The End!
I am now off to bed. I am looking forward to not shivering like a leaf as I have my loveliest of all lovely electrick blanket on, so I will just melt into warmness! ha! My hands are soooooooo freezing; as always!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So I have successfully mannaged to stuff up my sleeping patterns again, just when I had them so nicely on track! aaaah, hate that! But I guess it's better in that it wasn't til 4 I was wide awake. But I hate that I am gunna wanna doze off later! maddening stuff! My unintentional and unavoidable daily sleeps probably have directly atributed to this! *pouts*
So right now I am on line, trying to figure out this new ftp client and why I can't register it! I need to get Norten on here. It's sooo dangerous being on here without virus protection. I don't want to stuff this installation of windows up any more than I have too.
After Swinburn today I have that appointment that Mum is insisting on driving me too. so I guess I come all the way back to Blacky station only to have to drive me into Caberwell again! oh well, she insists!
*me getting sleepy*
suckiness to my emsomnia and hiccups of before!
I guess I might lay down and read journals.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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yeahness! Now have a brand new puter! well it seems like it's new anyway. It's still my old puter with XP pro on there now and a new case (a lot bigger than my other one so I can upgrade quite easily when it does come time) and of course, a brand new power supply which is way bigger! and Man it's faster! Dad just brought it back today and I've just been reinstalling my programs and I got my 11 gig of music off my other drive, though I still have access to my other drive! No crashes, wohooo!
This morning I went to stories cultures and we watched a bit of west Side Story, but I didn't stay for all of it. I was feeling achy all over, headachy and even a little nausiated! I just felt sooo crap for some reason so after our break I spoke to O and she ordered me to go home and go to bed! Lol! She's sooo awesome! because she told me to go! Lol nah! but she's really cool! She said that I'd looked pale. I was asking her about an extension for my review and she had no prob!
So miandered home by train and I ended up sleeping a little after I watched my Neighbours (which my kind VCR kindly recorded for me :) My back is still aching. It's weird cos yesterday it was aching on the low left, and now it's top right. I am just hoping I'm not getting the flu as quite a few ppl in my class have unfortunately had it! But like I said to J today I actually more so think it's cos I've been so mentally rundown, my body is starting to find it hard to cope. But oh well!
I still have me argumentative essay to start, my democracy one (though I think we need further instruction on that) my outstanding MY PLACE review and my group story for Stories cultures - the final assessment. Usually I'd be stressing major but I have got Wednesday to work and Thursday cos I will show S Friday what I'd done. I have been working out contentions and premmices in my head! *grin* i really think I am finally getting the hand of this essa-writing stuff. It took me a while. that's probably why I did sooo poorly on the SACs (and CATS before hand)
Oh well, me going to see what this norten download is doing.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So after my previous entry I went to get breakfast, but I just felt sooo sooo strange! My head felt like it was a thousand kilos and I kept wobbling it to see if I could move it myself cos it seemed like my shoulders would have a hard time doing so. Just the weirdest feeling! and I felt extremely heavy all over! I hoped for one split second that I wasn't having a stroke. I've heard so much about symtoms before they can happen. and it seemed my left side was heavier than my right.
But I mannaged to have breakfast and I had my zoloft which i forgot to take yesterday so was thinking that was maybe the problem though I was surprised it was affecting me physically as well as mentally. Anyway after my cocoapops (as I am still getting use to the Liddles milk :) I came back on here for a while and then decided, after having caught up on my friends page, to read the rest of my new LJ bud [livejournal.com profile] fred_girl's LJ. So I went to lay in bed and I was reading but it was annoying as when it got to the end of the page I'd have to force myself to get up and click on "back" so after doing that a few times I gave up. I felt really good laying down and very peaceful. i ended up going to sleep and woke up later and felt heaps better! I heard the puter turn off into "standby" mode which is useless as I can't get it back up and running, (think that's a jaws prob half). anyway I looked at the time and it was 1.30. I had been laying there, trying to guess the time and thought to meself "if it's 1.30 or later I am going to be sooo sad for wasting my day!" but anyway, I got up and got some nibblies for lunch with my faithful friend shadowing me as per usual (the Heartly girl)! What would my life be without my black four-legged shadow?!
Anyway so there and stuff! I feel a lot better now! maybe I just got up before my body actually wanted to or something, or got up too quickly or was because of the lack of zoloft!
I was debating on whether I should make a start on my designer babies argumentative essay as S will be there for anyone to go and talk to him Thursday and Friday so, I plan to, maybe, like small possibility of getting started on some research now, and then I'll have tomorrow afo, all day Wednesday and all day thursday to hopefully do a draft so I will show him Friday. Since S only wants those who will be talking to him to actually show up, and the fact of me not going to info tech in the afo anyway, I will stay home and work on it then late afo will make me way to Nans as I have another padietry appointment over in Oak Park. And I am pleased to say I am wearing my trusty supports but I haven't been able to bring meself to walk long distances yet! Cos my feet do get sore after a while but I am still adjusting to them.
OK, quiz stolen from [livejournal.com profile] wishin_on_stars
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So now I'm going to get a drink and then off to read random journals again :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak


May. 21st, 2004 10:23 pm
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OK so that subject has two purposes and they're both quite amuzing to say the least. This morning in L2L we were looking at sample argumentative essays and he, funnily enough shows us an HD essay, a creddit, a pass and a fail! aaaah! so sad, and he made us mark them! I never failed one. I gave an HD, a creddit and a pass! But it was soo funny, T who was next to me decided to fail one and as she announced it to the class, I whispered to her "T you're sooo harsh! and she's like "I'm not harsh!" in this really cute little whiny kinda voice! But it just cracked me up as she was in the middle of her explanation as to why then she came out with that! hahaha! anyway, back to the story, when S had given everyone a copy of an HD essay, he told us not to write on them as he'd keep the photocopies for the other class. Then someone, forgot who it was; think it was d said "there's crap all over this though!" so he grabbed it off her and said "WTF?!" (except didn't use the acrinim but literally said it! it did take us all by surprise! Lol anyway ..
In the afo we'd just got to Public Life and I turned my braille note on, and I'm not kidding, i read a brief message on the display and then it disappeared "how are you?" in grade two braille and all! So I kinda let out a little shreak and T (who was next to me again) asked me what was wrong.
R: Well, Um, something kinda strange just happened. I got a message on my braille display that read "how are you?" then it disappeared and brought me to the Main menu.
T: Really?? ... weird.
R: Um, yeah, ya could say that. It reminds me, have you read harry Potter?"
T: yeah. It does, doesn't it?
R? When Lord Vuldimort/Tom Riddle writes back to harry!
T: Yeah (laughs*
R: (typing and reading at the same time) Is T--- a good person to hang out with?
I pretended my braille note said something which I recited "no, she's evil!"
T laughed along with me!
man I still can't work that out though! it's kinda weird! .. .. ..
Yeah then we just watched a vidio on .. um ... on ... um ... the Greek revolution. Heh it's on my braille note (if tom Riddle hasn't taken it over! :) Lol
Then I went back to parents for tea. Nan came. we met at Mitcham station actually and caught the bus and walked back together.
Tomorrow parents pick us up and we're off to Rhy.
Heartly just sighed on her bed, and so she should. I swear she was a bit of a naughty puppy today! *grrrrr* she's just like a naughty child sometimes! They're all like that though, but most of the time she is a little angel! and it's sooo easy to forget she's a dog!
Well i am off to bed. I am quite tired!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Lol yeah whatever
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I really wish i could do a phone post. even though I had to call a damn freakin US number! I was trying to find an Ausie aud blog thinggy yesterday but no luck!
Yeah for my vidio timer! at first I thought it didn't record but it did! that was cool stufficles! I am sooo tired! I did go to school today but I was late! I slept in. I just found it kinda hard to get up this morning so I left here at 9 (when I am usually there - half an hour before class). But that was fine. actually it was rather annoying cos the transport part consisted of me just missing a train and waiting for *ages for all of them! and, I was sooooo embarrassed! I got on the train at Blackie and put my hand out as I do to try find a seat and put my finger on this guys' eyes or lips or something wet! uuuuuuuur I felt disgusted and embarrassed! He did move but my finger felt really yuck the whole time. I kept wiping it even though I was carrying on way too much! It reminded me of my old singing teacher and how she'd mnake me feel her lips so I knew which shape she was trying to explain to have them when singing certain ways bla bla! I felt so disgusted and could *not wait to get home and wash my hand! aaah! and then when I got to Learning to Learn finally about 10.15, I forgot all about it it would seem! S teacher was explaining about our argumentative essay which is due 4th of June and I am not going to leave it to last minute this time. In fact, me thinks i'll start this weekend! ha! how new is that?! :) I think I wanna do designer babies and I am not sure what side I am on yet! Do we always have to have sides? what's wrong with "sitting on the fence"?? oh well! Man it's so much stricter than VCE. We got to get our refferencing absolutely correct throughout the whole thing and it's got to be what Swinburn uses, meh for that! and for each refference we have to do an annitated bibliography; what crap! Oh well, ya get that!
Afterwoods i spoke to Bern in the canteen. She was OK today though she has a funny way about her. That's what ya get for an ex-primary school teacher I guess! ha! I asked her if she had her favourites and she said "she did but they weren't allowed to show it". well it would be hard not to have them really! She kept saying to me today "well as long as you're happy" after everything i told her I was studying Lol! yeah, happy?! heh. I am contented cos it seems the teachers have been OK with current happenings with me in class and haven't pestered me any more this term about note taker! yeah!
As I was walking out I saw C and his notetaker and she understood where i was coming from! Everyone else can for that matter!
Well Saturday will be kinda fun! We're all going down (including Nan) to rhy to see our new Unit. Not exactly good beach weather though, but it will be fun! I'll learn how to walk to the beach so Heartly and I can take off when-ever we want. I love that beach! the same one we use to all play at with cousins, and where they and A dared me to skinnydip! oh well! can't believe they didn't accept it then a boat comes and I could get bathers back on, go me! aaah little kidlets!
Oh dear! I just looked at the time and realized I should start getting some tea ahappenin so I can sit down to it while watching Neighbours.
Oh, I didn't end up watching Uncut last night and I'm kinda pleased. I heard they were showing ppl throwing up in the toilet, how ferrol! Oh well not me darlin grettel's fault. She doesn't choose the content, I don't think?!
See long time, no write, huh?!
Til Next Time, RdFreak


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