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I just feel i could scream at the world right about now! But this is probably largely because I've been a bit lapse with my meds for a few days for some unknown reason that I am angry myself about.
Despite this, yesterday, valentines day when I happened to be single once more and was scared I'd be at home all depressed, I had an ironically full day; infact, I was out the door at 8.30 AM and didn't open it again til about 11 PM.
After practically jogging to Blacky station yesterday morning to make the Glenwaverly bus, I was full on dripping with the humidity! woh it was bad.
I met up with [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat on the 850 bus, and we went to our new church in dandenong. Was totally awesome and practically as soon as we walked in the door, we were met and made to feel welcome.
We spoke to the pasta's wife who immediately invited us to their Young adults group who meet once a fortnight on a Tuesday. Unfortunately I can't make tomorrow cos of the puter group; it sucks. If I wasn't doing the final bit of my audio games presentation, i'd skip it as I'm no longer secretary, not sure if I mentioned that in here.)
Anyway the church service we went to that started at 11 was extremely busy! The music is very modern played by a live band; drumkit, keyboard etc. We liked that aspect.
Once it was over, we spoke to another girl from the Young adults group before one of the head deakins kindly walked with us out to the bus stop just to confirm where it was. -- Church is so easy to get too.
We're told a lot of the young ones attend the 6 PM service so think we're both going to try that one next sunday.
Once back at Glenwaverly, Brat and I went to Moccajoes for lunch, then I caught a train back to Syndel to go back that way; by that time, it was four, so by the time I got back, headed into safeway to get nibblies for that night, I don't know why I didn't just stay in Glenwaverly or go back to J's place. Anyway, I bought some nibblies then waited a while at the bus stop and met up with J on bus when we made our way to E's!
We had an absolute fab night, and she let me feel the inside of a puter while she went over all the components that we were currently studying. she also showed me a power supply and pointed out the Molex, Berg and all the other conectors that are also currently being studied. So it makes much more sense to me.
I'm starting to think now that building a puter in my future, may not seem like a fantasy afterall.
We then had a lovely dinner over great conversation and heaps of laughs!
J and I caught a cab at about 11, when it finally decided to show up, Lol! Both E and J were falling asleep and I, who always usually is the first to fall tired at such get-togethers, felt wide awake.
I consequently didn't end up hitting the hay til 12.30; was checking email and all that jazz.
So, thanks to some cool friends of mine, I didn't end up spending an ounce of valentines day pining and alone. In fact, Brat and I were joking that as we were dining together on the day, we were each other's valentine! :) Lol hahaha! -- I looove my friends!
Though I'm still annoyed at the whole situation with the ex, again; again again again. *grits teeth*
OK all for now I guess. Ah, I got 100% on assignment 1, but as it was more to help the others who were having trouble finding things on the site and no actual course content, let's hope I can still keep up the top marks with the actual course content.
That's about all for now I think!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So yesterday Lucy, our (or ang's to be exact), crazy cat who lived with us for 16.5 years very sadly had to be put down.
She had a tumour on her back which was causing her much pain, but at first the vet wasn't 100% sure if it was that, or if anti-inflamatories would fix the problem. she wasn't getting any better, so, yesterday, she was finally put out of her pain.
Lucy was always so head-strong, much more than my cat Molly (who's fate I don't know about either, as she's now extremely skinny and toilets all over the house). Lucy was always the adventurous one, whereas Molly was scared of her own shadow!
In the end though, lucy developped dementia, we believe, as she use to walk around the house wailing for all she was worth. Molly then thought it was a good idea to follow in her footsteps, so there were the two cats, wailing and wailing as if they were being totally neglected!
I always relate the story of valentines day in 93 when we got home from school. Mum, who had given us chocolates in our lunch boxes every year on this day, had told us she had another present for us. Then, as Ang was given her supposed chocolate, i wondered why she was so excited over it? I mean, as I say, only I should get so excited over such things. But then, as Mum handed me my little ball of fur, i knew what it was all about.
Both cats were sick for ages for some reason. they came from the RSPCA, but who knows why they were sick.
Molly and Lucy had great fun picking on our then-10-year old cat Zoe; poor thing! (I unfortunately can't remember when she was put down, but it was after we finished year 12).
Lucy was a funny cat. She loved being smacked on the buttox and having her tail pulled; no kidding at all! She always had the loudest purr known to man, .. I mean cat! Lol
I will always remember my Lucy lu, whom I always accused of being in the sky with diamonds; guess it's true now! R.I.p!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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til next time, RdFreak
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I've got, what I believe to be, extremely bad tonsil litus. Throat started to hurt thursday; personally wonder if it was the smoke that triggered it; not sure why, as it wasn't strong back then, not like it is now unfortunately.
anyway, could hardly sleep thurs night; I felt so nauseous and sick. Yesterday I felt nauseouss for most of the day, and the bad thing is, I couldn't go into Kooyong like we'd planned to test the ventrilo server there. I felt so bad as they were relying on me to go and set everything up including the audio desk, but I SMS'ed everyone very early yesterday so that was alright and understood.
I also had another gig I originally was going too, but had forgot it was on that day when I said I was free for the computer group testing. Was going to see [livejournal.com profile] loscha and co perform some nifty music with our casios. that would have been cool, and sooo annoyed that I'd double gooked. -- as it turned out, didn't go to anything, which was just as well; boy I felt bad.
But, I ended up drifting off to sleep and the nausea went away last night, and had a much better sleep. Then Mum came over at about 7 and gave me four little chocolate valentines day hearts as per her tradition! that is such a nice idea!
Just called my singing teacher and told her I kinda couldn't make today; feel bad as it's been a few weeks in a row now but she understands.
Oh, I rang for my pathology results thursday and was told doc wants to see me bout them, so am going in on Monday.
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guess that's about all for now. may go and read some LJ friends page and take some tablets.
til next time, RdFreak


Feb. 11th, 2009 09:19 am
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So now our state bush fires are said to be not only the worst our country has ever seen, but the worst the world as a whole has ever seen.
The death toll currently stands at 181, and we are told that will only rise above 200, possibly 300. The fires are still actually spreading and killing more and more townships. -- I just want to help in any way, in every way I can! -- If I were sighted, I'd be driving up to as many of the vaccuation points as I can, and delivering goods. I can only donate all that in money!
In other completely unrelated news, it's valentines day in three days; sure, it's an american thing, but many aussies celebrate it too. As I put in my Facebook status, I will be having yet another crappy one this year. Indeed, i have never been with anyone on a valentines day. And even though people assure me it's commercialized and they don't celebrate it cos it holds no purpose, which I agree; I guess for me, it's more about the celebration that we have a partner. -- Unless things happen quick quick, i will be still single! course I need to update my LJ privately on the latest there.
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That's about all from me; writers block entry coming soon.
til next time, RdFreak
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OK, not sure what that means, but basically, I thought I'd click on writers block and see what happens. Since I'm going to write about yesterday anyway, why not?
Well, just went to work. didn't end up sending that message to B, (much to the relief of some people, it would seem, who probably cringed for me. I plan to call him tonight though, and I also plan to mention I was thinking of him and that I had planned to text him to say what it was.
After work I met [livejournal.com profile] k29 at Syndil station, and we caught the bus back to my place. then [livejournal.com profile] golden_sands came back from her trip then [livejournal.com profile] jordina arrived.
After trying to control very naughty playful puppydogs, we went down to order takeway from indian and brought it back here!
We had so many laughs over dinner, including the bestest funniest quote made by [Bad username or site: k29. @ livejournal.com]
See i started a convo asking the gals if they remembered those valentines day messages that were written on the Blindkiss site. We were laughing over them, then K randomly said "can you mount my batten?" After trying to get my breath back from absolutely killing meself laughing, I exclaimed that I hadn't read that message, to which she replied that she'd made it up! Lol man! I couldn't breathe.
so I guess that was the highlight of the evening! Lol
then we went in my room and listened to random stuff (including some valentines day comedy) on Youtube.
Today I finalized my O&M for Monday to queens, and I basically had my last working day at South Yarra (well, with the two of them together at least.)
Got a busy few dayas comin up; tomorrow, not a lot except doctor to clear my ears again, (my right one blocked! *grrrr)
YBCV parenting session sunday, O&M Monday and PC users group Tuesday. M leaves Monday for her dad's.
The biggest Loser has been interesting to watch, to say the least. Let's see .. Monday saw the voting out of JJ (forget his real name, but that's what he was called on the show), and tuesday the trainer of the red team (think it was) - forget her damn name; it will come to me again soon - chucked a hissy-fit. I am uncertain as to why they are more like contestents sometimes, but I haven't watched it other years, so am not sure of how it all works properly!
Then on same day in the wearhouse, the teams had to choose between unmarked canned food and Cabbage as their staple diet for the week!
The week before it was red meat and seafood.
Then Wednesday they played a game of temptation with some pretty delightful diserts and main meals!
Guess that's about all for my awaited entry.
til next time, RdFreak
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I went to bed, maybe around 7.30 and was listening to one of my books, (can't even remember which one it was now) but ended up falling asleep, never to get up except to turn that horrible noise off much later. I was sooo tired as I'd had trouble getting up yesterday and was quoted saying to Mum "I'm getting sick of this getting-up-early" thing, when it had only been three days. but, of course, it's more money! :) anyway ... so at about 1.40 I was feeling much more awake than I normally should be at that time, so I got up to check valentines messages.
I wanted to say a thanks to the anonymous one, and, add a very sarcastic, yeh sure, that would be my freakin luck. always.
And, to the others, thank you; you're so sweet! :)
And to that other ... ... personage, huh! I'll deal with you later!
OK that's done; off to get ready.
I'm hot! temp hot that is!
til next time, RdFreak
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valentines letter )
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, it's been ages! and correction re: my previous entry, that was on the Monday I wrote it, not Sunday night as I'd thought at the time, Lol oh well!
So I went to orientation day and I find out, contrary to my belief we started the following week, I asked and was told we started classes the next day! Well, that happened, didn't it? Lol!
I would have damn well been on time Tuesday but I got extremely lost going to my building. But eventually I discovered where I went wrong so got there. Then didn't know where my room was so K from admin helped. Stories Cultures was good. O teacher was funny! I made my grand entrance and was making everyone laugh with my delightful tales of campus wandering!
We have a lot of the same group for all the classes, though a few of them vary. Public life was OK. Wednesday as I didn't have any homework just chilled here. Was already glad of a day off though! These long days are so tiring! am still ajusting again! Yesterday Learning to Learn was alright. Man we've got a big class though! Word processing was OK. didn't do anything. We set up our Swinburn accounts. So me now has two email addresses, not that I could log in to mine last night for some reason! *grr* will try again tonight and think I'll set it up to forward everything to my TPG one. Also if we know all and want to get exempt from the word processing class, we have to do all the assignments to prove it to her D.
Today, well am just tired! I didn't have to be there til 11 so I had a nice little sleep in. Then I met K at Blackburn station and we had a lovely chat. She was on her way to RVIB. So yeah today went alright. Learning to Learn and Public Life.
We have written pieces due next week for both those classes.
I feel like a different person. I am going to be sooo so so motivated this year! I am surprising myself actually as I am already taking down more accurate notes. and so far it's been great where the teachers will read out what they're writing. So this year, it's gunna be hopefully High distinctions baby! :)
So far, I am a drifter in our group. I'll hang out with different ppl at different times, but at the same time, stick to myself still a lot. That will change though, but another aspect I have changed in. I use to always have to have friends from the start, but now I realize I go there to study and that is number 1 for the time being until I do just click real well with someone.
Most have come out of year 12, some had come out end of 02 and had tried another course last year and didn't like it. and a few are mature aged! But going around introducing each other in Learning to Learn yesterday, it was amazing how many ppl were aiming to get into secondary school teaching!! It was literally like half the class! I was sooo pleased. I mean I thought I'd be the only one eventually going there from this course; but not by a long shot!
So yeah things are going along smoothish though I haven't spoken to the DLO yet. maybe next week! I still just love having no notetaker. I mean all through CAE it was like that, but I dunno, just love feeling like everyone else. Guess Vermont really started to haunt me for ever!
OK in other news Valentines day tomorrow! yeah yeah whatever. i remain hopeful! but that's my second name - Hopeful! lol!
OK I go! just thought I should update this then get on to my friends page. I will break tonight and do my writing tomorrow I feel!
Til Next Time, RdFreak


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