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wow, two posts in two days? what's going on here? :)
Anyway, last night, I hooked up my m-power to use as a braille display for the first time, and it worked; can't believe it! -- only thing is, I fail to find some of the options I want to configure; like I'm now using grade 2, but I don't want dots 7 and 8 used at all. I turned that option off, plus the highlighting, but it hasn't worked. Also, so far, it's not showing an entire line of text, just a few words; may write to [livejournal.com profile] blindpeople about it.
Going to the shops later to get some last minute christmas stuff, then prob back here before I go to parents. decided I now won't do a show til tomorrow night as Chelle is coming here when I get back from parents. She has no family which is kinda sad.
Now I'm going to call Bret to inform him that I unfortunately won't be able to continue level 2 of woodwork next year, and also to see if I can talk to Michael and find out how he went with the jaws installation yesterday at work.
In case I don't get to it, merry christmas everyone! And as usual, I will be recording the family festivities.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I'm still bad at updating this thing, really bad now. It's not that I don't want to update. Mostly, I have been feeling very tired with all my medical conditions that have seemed to be plagueing me of late. As I put it to someone yesterday, I feel like my body is slowly crapping up; feel like an old fart. there are so many issues with me medically atm that it is starting to overwhelm me. I'm going to make an appointment soon with a doctor/natrapath as my dad says an old work friend of his came down from Sydney to see him due to multiple problems, and apparently he feels great now.
The latest is that i finally got my kidney results back. They are scarred and permanently dammaged due to an unknown infection I must have had. It just means that kidney function will never be as good as it was, and that does scare me to an extent, but I don't need medication now, just have them monitored.
And since Monday I've been extremely tired and have no energy so am thinking it's a virus of some sort. I feel like I have what I did in Dubai in March.
I use to be so proud of my overall health and immune system; now I pick up anything; no idea.
Anyway in more positive news, Matt (the marketter from VA) found me this position at Maxxia on the switchboard. He accompanied me to the job interview Tuesday which I appreciated because he can really support me behind the sceens whereas I have had trouble in the past explaining about jaws and so forth to an extent where they feel happy and confident. anyway, they were really pleased with my answers. And I met up with fran who's one of the people on the board and was listening to her take some calls. Unlike my past interviews, I feel so so positive about this. Once I fill out this online assessment, I think i'll hear from them soon, possibly tomorrow. The assessment is flash based unfortunatley which makes it impossible for jaws to read, but I'd asked if Dad can come and help me with it. I was told I wasn't to stress if I couldn't do it, but I of course want to make the best impression I can.
I can't begin to express how excited I am about this job prospect; definitely more details when they come to me; won't leave this LJ hanging like I have done lately.
It's christmas here in nine days; it's pretty amazing actually! Of course everyone is going to parents place this year for christmas lunch, then I am having Michelle over that night.
Dad and I will be driving to vA later so we can drive my completed outdoor bench seat home and so I can show him around the workshop; as my LJ would recall, i'd been wanting to do that for so long.
OK all for now.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So I can't even remember when i last wrote in here. It's not like me, i know. guess I just have felt not up to writing lately.
But I think since I wrote last, i've done three shows for Mojo Radio which have all had their various teething problems, but I am getting better. The Mic on my headset is partly to blame. I will eventually buy myself another one. I've gotten good at uploading my archives as soon as I finish my show; these being at http://mojoradio.us/archives/rachelk,
So yeh apart from that, I've just been hanging out, going to woodwork, been lazy on the job front, but will get back into that.
Last Wednesday I went for my followup appointment at the kidney specialist after I'd had the required blood test. the results weren't good; still much the same as before. so he organized me to have a biopsy at Boxhill Hospital which i had last Monday.
Man the local annasthetic stung so so bad, but I know why they do that now. they tell us to hold our breath as they're doing it, so they don't puncture or kinda scratch the kidney or anything around it; makes sense, but geeze, i was a wimp. But, all went well and i was wheeled out to recovery where I had to stay practically laying still for four hours, of course to prevent any risk of internal bleeding starting etc. I watched Channel 10 and listened to everything else going on around me. The nurses were so so nice, as only I've ever experienced; they were so busy though, run off their feet.
Anyway, dad picked me up about 2.30 and took me back there for the night. ang came for dinner so that was good. I had my acer to keep me occupied where i was mainly chatting on twitter.
Dad dropped me home yesterday afo. I was meant to go out yesterday and today to my various commitments, but I am taking it easy. Even now, the kidney is still tender, certainly not as bad as Monday but still; I will take it easy all week to be on the safe side. I will call the specialist tomorrow as instructed to see if he has the results and we'll go from there i guess; only thing to do right?
Oh, almost forgot, not use to having to remember back so far. Sunday the 7th was our graduation at gDV. I was in the second and final ceromony for the day. dad and Nan came with me, then we went back to Mum's for a roast. The day was rainy with patches of sun here and there, but the ceromony remained dry.
After lunch, we went to Ang and Trent's place; I hadn't seen it before, and it was nice. Ang made a lovely chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Jan was there too which was lovely. Love big get-togethers.
Now I can't wait til christmas. :) We're having it at parents house this year since the kitchen has been done finally.
Anyway about all for now. Hopefully I won't have any more absences from writing in here.
til Next time, RdFreak
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wow, this has to be the record when it comes to the length in which I haven't written in here. Therefore, I am not going to do a daily lookback, I will just be more general.
In the past few weeks, I've been to my woodwork class, and as of yesterday, I've finished my outdoor bench seat. i just need to lacker it next week and the one after, then it will be mine to take home.
I am afraid to say, i haven't done much with job applications but I need to start again. I've got the marketter at VA on my case, and apparently positive things have happened there, so no doubt I'll get an interview as a result of him soon.
I did some O&M with donna last week from the tram stop to the entrance of the tennis courts so that was cool; getting another session tomorrow, and sunday is the graduation! Unfortunately Joy's puppy raisers won't be attending. M called me last saturday; they double booked their interstate trip but will catch up with us for coffee another time.
I've had heartly here for the past week though she went home yesterday.
Been to my parents for dinner a couple of times; Volley vonts are so nice; ang' favourite.
Last Monday I did a test for Mojo radio and was immediately accepted on to their staff, so that was a great thrill for me. When I remember nine years ago thinking I'd never be able to do it! Oh, i'd bought Station playlist studio pro last week and it is damn awesome; so easy to use; not sure why I didn't get it ages ago.
So, after much frustration with working out time zones, I decided my shows are going to be each Saturday mornings my time. This week, it will be from 9 AM to 12, but it will change after this to 10 AM til 1 because the clocks go back in the states. That is Fridays at 4 PM Eastern American time and this week only, 8 PM GMT, but will be 9PM from next week. So yea; I get to show off my colection! :) Everyone seems to be as impressed as I am with my music variety! :) so all that, I shall be playing, plus a novelty hour inbetween where I'm starting out by playing Yes what, as well as other random comedy skits on my puter and anything else i think might go in there. Also, will be taking requests of course, as all good stations do.
So yeh, will be interested to see how the first show goes.
I even recorded a show promo; hadn't done anything like that before, so I must say, I was proud of my first attempt, but shall continue to improve. [livejournal.com profile] wesderby has been very open to the more beginners, and is very accepting. Can't believe I've known him for twelve years; even though we lost touch for a lot of that time. yeah to facebook for reconnecting us again. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, I just got back from woodwork; gee my feet are always so sore after these days as I'm on them for most of it.
Yesterday was an OK one; just went to VA for my employment appointment and then called into boxhill to get some fruit ssalad; I'm getting better around there navigation-wise.
Was so good to get back to woodwork today. (The horizontal boarer is the machine I was trying to think of in my phone post of a few weeks ago). It was only Eddy and myself there today so we had a touch-up lesson on how to use it, and we basically spent all day boaring holes, marking and measuring; woodwork involves a bit of brain work. Mine gets overwhelmed with figures sometimes; *sigh*
But, to get to my subject. I couldn't remember when I bought the Thai chicken soup that was in my fridge, so I took it along in my bag anyway but decided to buy a pie and roll from the bakery for lunch in case said soup was out of date.
I got the courage to ask someone next to me in the train when the use-by-date was on my soup, and as she kindly told me it was the 4th, I thought since it was chicken, I might not eat it; didn't want to risk it.
Also, at lunch, I bit the bullet and spoke to Mel (who I hadn't spoken to in eight or so years due to that major falling out over the cooking when she was staying here) Man I surprised myself. Up til today I'd been quite bitter when I heard her around the place; I don't know what made me start talking to her; I think she was just as surprised as I was.
I've been so bitter towards a number of people lately and I just can't be bothered feeling this way any more. :( I think I'm too old to continue being petty after so many years! -- anyway ..
Also, there's new automated Metro announcements; they've got rid of the guy who served Connex so well and replaced him with a female; think the same one they've got doing the announcements inside the actual trains. I prefer the guy; he's a lot louder and clearer.
Taking Joy to the vet tomorrow for a general checkup.
That's all; I'm tired.
Til Next time, RdFreak


Oct. 5th, 2010 04:16 pm
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Well this morning I went and had an ultrasound of a full bladder, an empty bladder and each Kidney. I then went to have a huge blood test and collected bottles for my urine collection; over a 24 hour period, a mid-stream and a few other random ones for the smaller bottles; good times, Lol
Dad and I then went to forest Hill where we had lunch (well I did; he wasn't hungry so just had a coffee). He then did some shopping for Mum. Then we went to a few places to try and find a funnel and jug for the previously-mentioned test. We were successfull and it's a lot easier to .. ahem .. do it all now.
I'm not going to woodwork tomorrow as I have to be here to finish carrying out the tests. He told me I'll be right as our class is ahead of their regular schedule anyway. Eddie also won't be there tomorrow so we can catch up together on whatever the following week.
I'm not worried now; just trying to stay positive til i know what my results conclude; Then I will worry if I have too, but i am pretty sure it must be just an infection in which case, it can prob be fixed by tablets.
I've got some of Dad's home-made lental potato pie to try for dinner tonight.
Also Sunday of course was dad's birthday. We have our moments but he seriously is always there and will do anything for me. He's always been so supportive and for that, I am eternally grateful. I do love him to death!
As it's also ang' birthday on the 9th, we'll be having a family dinner Friday night for them both. - Despite our sisterly conflicts, she has always been there for me too and I shall elaborate on her actual day.
I was meant to be starting up the tennis program but will be there the following week.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well yesterday the chopping boards were finally finished and we took them home.
I just used an Orditor (may be the wrong spelling) to sand the face and the edges down and that was it; boy did it make a difference, it's all now so so smooth.
Then we did some machine compidencies which we all passed and had a look at our next project which is an outdoor seat. We made our own cutting list by using the talking tape Measures to measure the 17 pieces of wood to make up the seat. So as Eddie wrote them down, he'll email them to me today and I'll braille them for next week. -- We'll be of course introduced to even more machines which will be very good indeed. We'll be still using the drop-saw from last time but not the thicknesser as the timber will be at the right thickness by default.
So brett wrapped our boards up in bubble-wrap for easier transportation and I was making them laugh by already starting to pop the bubbles, and they were saying that I would have poppped all of them by the time I got home; I did make a good effort at this i have to say! Lol! .. but the board was pretty heavy so I was glad to finally get home.
Chele came over tuesday as she is interested in buying my sofa bed; I am getting a double one that was in the spare room of Dad's apartment in dubai. It will take about a month for all his furniture to be out here though; some is by frate, most by ship.
I also set up Chelle's Seek profile and job mail. We then went to greek for dinner again; so so nice. :)
Last night I updated my seek job mail as I finally found out how to use multi-select listviews in Jaws; I had tried everything except the correct combination (shift F8 to get into them). So now at least I've been able to expand on my current employment interests and I may even create another profile to put mentoring/teaching aid intoo eventually.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I am angry; Just wrote a huge-ass entry on LJ and something happened and I lost it all; *grrrrrr "damn it all to heck" as I've been known to say. *grrr *grrr and damn double *grr all at once!
First off, RS Games has released a brand new client, and I downloaded that Thursday. Uno has also been released with it and have been playing it obsessively yesterday and Thursday; my job applications had taken a back seat, but I do plan to apply for some today to make up for it. -- I applied for more than ten Monday; was so proud of myself!
Tuesday I went to see afet where she gave me a couple of job adds she'd found, and she also updated me on the work experience progress; something should come up soon which will be good; fingers crossed.
Wednesday was of course my woodwork day. I spent the first little while feeding my board through the wide belt Sander again to get some glue off that we'd used the week before to fill in a small dent. then brett helped us all route out a handle and also use another router to round off the corners and edges. we then were introduced to another kind of electric sander to smooth off the edges. We shall be finishing the board next week.
We all then had a late lunch and the others went home. Myself and Eddie however were asked to do a photo shoot for Assist, so we got our makeup and hair done and then pictures got taken of Brett demonstrating to us how certain tools worked, like the router. Then one was taken where I was holding a philips head screwdriver above a screw on a jewelry box (that we all get to make as our final project for level 1; can't wait for that! :) -- Am told these photos will prob be published in some popular magazines like "New Idea", "Woman's day", 'Gardening Australia" etc etc next year.
Dad finally got home Thursday evening. Think it will take a while for him to believe that he's home for good. Right now it's like the previous three-week holidays he's had out here, Lol! -- Myself and ang went over for dinner last night; dad cooked his vegetable spaghetti; it was really nice and I brought some leftovers home for dinner tonight. But we'll all go over for fathers day tomorrow as well as Nan who was going to visit me anyway.
So about all the news for now and I shall post this before I lose it again. I used notepad this time.
til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. There was a pretty severe earthquake in Christchurch NZ this morning measuring 7. Buildings have gone down and everything. :( No deaths thankfully but reports of a few injuries. My relies and friends are all OK which is a good thing.
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I can join the club for original subject lines, but "too bad, so sad" as they say; Think I mentioned in here, that that modern saying makes me laugh!
OK now off the track, i'm hoping my aGL account is sorted out once and for all. Just called them for the third time to say the reason why my account is overdue is because my invoices are still not coming to me in braille as I'd requested and was told was there two times previous. So apparently it's all organized now.
I'm now getting all my centrelink documents sent to me in braille now, so yeah for that! -- Accessability for the win! -- I don't want to harp on about it but, yeah!
OK I slept in til 10.45 this morning; that is just so strange. I'd been awake earlier but couldn't keep my eyes open enough to want to get up, even though I did want too if that makes any sense.
Yesterday was productive as I'm always saying about woodwork lately, but it was and it was cool!
The glu was dry of course so I then got an object (nameless cos I've forgotten what it's called; another email to brett I guess) to try and shave the hard bits of excess glu off the wood. Then I put it through the wide belt sander about eight times on each side to totally smooth out the wood so it full on felt like it was one bit of timber except for the fact the ends were still uneven.
After morning tea, Brett showed us all how to use the pannel saw, and told us unlike the other machines we've learnt so far, this will prob take quite a while to learn as there's so much more to it; it's a huuuge bit of machinery; it does rip and cross cuts. So I then squared the ends of my board with it; i think i will feel confident with it before long though, as I have with everything else so far. So there I was with a 421 by 265 slab of timber (the talking tape measure of course gave me that final figure).
In the afo, Brett got me to practice with using the thicknesser which was good as I had forgotten a few things. He doesn't mind explaining again though since he pointed out it's likely we'll sometimes forget as we've only been in there for one day a week for only five of them for five hours only.
We had some Vision Australia photographers come around and take photos of us using the machinery with our written consent of course; so I'm wondering if they'll be used tomorrow at the expo! :)
Then we finished up basically. The boards should get finished in a few weeks; naturally it's a slow process with a group of us, all at different stages depending on if someone has been away for the week etc.
So, i'm continuing to love this class! I'll def do level 2, even though we're still not long into level 1! :)
Chelle and I then went out for Greek again last night, and I have plenty in my fridge left over, yeah! :)
OK off to watch the Doc soon (Dr. phil that is), and have brunch; what a lazy day, total contrast from yesterday, tomorrow and prob the weekend. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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OK I'm bad; bab bad bad I say! I did start playing Q9 properly right, then I thought I'd use some cheatcodes to get to the end, just to see how it sounds cos I'm too curious, but then I'd try and complete it the proper way. So yesterday, I went on to google (who is a good friend of mine btw) and I found the document containing all the codes, so I used a couple from then on. I have no idea how I'll ever complete it the normal way though cos it gets so so hard, but anyway, I beat the boss using said cheatcodes, and instead of getting rewarded, i got the following sniggered in my ears: "ha ha you don't think you're going to get a good ending by cheating do you; ha ha ha; by the way, I'm not really dead; cos you cheated"' classic! -- can't remember the exact words but they were something to that affect! -- i love these games. -- I am not sure how I'm going to complete it without the cheats; I will need to accumilate stacks of lives and weapon amo and strength! --
In other news, I'm taking it easy today and looking for work on my own. was meant to go into VA but I think my time would be better spent applying for more jobs and calling places.
I had a pretty bad experience yesterday. I went out and met Sharon and GinaMaree with joy's bro Jypsey which was good but I ate something which didn't agree with me (which isn't too hard sadly). anyway, I'd felt a bit funny all day but I pushed on. It resulted in my bowel really chucking a spaz, and I also nearly fainted on the train; I felt awful. My ears got to the stage where everything sounded compressed, I was so light-headed and dizzy and I was scared i was going to upchuck. I wanted to be home in my bed, but instead I was on a train, not even at camberwell station as yet. I had contemplated trying to get out at that station to see if fresh air would help, but I also really badly needed to go to the toilet didn't I; and I didn't know where the heck they would be at said station. -- anyway to cut the dramatics short, after a lot of heavy breathing, taking my coat off and feeling sorry for myself (as no-one came to my aid) I began to feel a bit better. -- I mannaged to get to Blackburn, rushed off the train and into the female toilets. -- that was done.
I felt a bit funny again while waiting for the bus so I sat down. -- I did catch the bus home and I felt OK after that, but figure I will stay put today and do some job stuff from home. -- Tomorrow is woodwork and I aint gunna miss that, oh no I'm not.
Still haven't heard back from Fire Solutions yet; I can hope that possibly she's been in further consultation with VA about jaws and so on. -- But we also got along very well so she may be dreading giving me bad news. But like I say, I won't be too upset. I think I'd prefer a busier office environment when it comes down to it; i love more action (whatever, take that how you will dear reader).
til Next time, RdFreak
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Well yes I have had a couple of very full-on days, tiring but lovely.
Tuesday morning was the usual group with Emilie. I had fun socializing over lunch, and I even got to see J for a few mins Lol!
I then made my way to Kooyong where I voted using the telephone system. I still prefer the computer system; much much easier to have everything in front of me at my instant demand, not that the people minded repeating, but I've just always hated trying to work verbally with someone. -- Anyway that's a job I don't have to worry about Saturday.
I then went to the cafe and ordered a sandwich for dinner later and waited for rB to show up, which he did, followed shortly by John and P M. -- We then just waited around for our room to open, ate dinner, set up the audio equipment (though I didn't do much of anything this time), and had the AGM. Highlight was the food of course! Pau and chris did a lovely job of dishing out the food, sandwiches, keish, sausage rolls and Carrot cake! -- Chris gave me a lift home, but fortunately it's more in his way than before as he's now in Ringwood.
Wednesday I went to woodwork which was great as usual, though unfortunately a little less productive as Brett got a few interuptions. I did use the Wide Belt Sander to sand all my timber down, then Brett helped me with gluing them all together -- if I had to do it myself, I certainly could; it's just very messy. We then had them in metal clamps to dry.
Bret then got me to set up the drop-saw at a certain measurement just to keep my practice up which is a good idea, as I do forget bits and pieces from week to week sometimes, not too much but a little.
In the afternoon, bret started to show Richard and I the pannel saw but that's when he kept getting interupted so a lot of it was just standing around. But I know how to set it up for different cuts; I'm just yet to learn how to actually cut. Lol. So looking forward to next week. -- Also looking forward very much to bringing Dad into have a look at how the workshop is set up.
Michelle (who was able to start the metal work class yesterday) and i then went out to a lovely Greek restaurant in Heidalberg for dinner. As we were too early, we went into the pub and had a hot chocolate and just chatted until dinner was due to start at the other one; then we just walked over. it was a lovely meal; in fact, as I couldn't eat all mine, i took mine home. we'd even shared the meal and it was still way too much! It was my first time at a Greek restaurant and I will def go back there. Chelle had been there a number of times.
And I really ought to do some job applications. -- Think I'm meeting up with Chelle at Boxhill this afo, (if it's not raining too much i guess).
Til Next time, RdFreak
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So yesterday was totally awesome right up until last night where i got frustrated with not being able to find barcodes on a few products.
Yesterday's woodwork class was the best yet; I felt so confident and at ease with all the equipment I was using. -- Dad had asked me a few weeks ago if I had told them it must be in the gene-pool since he'd built our house and will fix anything else that needs fixing etc. I'd laughed at him, but there may be an ounce of truth to it. -- Anyway, I'm so impressed that I'm going to bring him into have a look at the setup of the workshop; I think he'll be very impressed, and maybe even, God forbid, set up something like it in his own workshop so i can like help him sometimes. I didn't think I'd be so serious about that, but I am; I'm loving it! :)
First up, we had a review of the thicknesser; I had no trouble remembering how it all worked though. -- Then Brett cut up all our timber for the chopping board at different thicknesses and lengths. We then had to measure the thinnest bit of wood from our pile and put all of them through the thicknesser both sides to dress it. -- It takes a good while to do both sides of each bit of timber. I was lucky as Richard (another class mate) got all mine from the back and handed them back to me, so it saved a bit of time.
Then, I used the drop-saw to cut the wood at all the same lengths. after remeasuring to make sure I'd set it up correctly for my particular cuts, Brett made sure I had good control of the saw and was perfectly safe using it, then he went to help others while I cut the rest on my own. -- i never thought I'd be into this!
As Richard can only use one arm due to recent surgery, he had to use a hand-saw and as I hadn't seen one before, I had a go chopping one of his bits of wood; It was awesome, but very slow; I'd rather the "big scarey drop-saw" thanks. :)
After that, brett showed us how to use the wide Belt Sander as next week, we'll be putting our wood through that, gluing them together and being introduced to a few more machines to finish it all off - so looking forward to that.
After this, I hit record on my Olympus DS30 and it recorded my walking back to reception, Jim coming and giving me my item, a bit in the cab, (the weather was severe yesterday and i feared Blackburn station would be flooded as usual on these days, so I shared a cab home with Ed. -- Then I started a new recording where i opened the boxes and gave my first impressions.
I did have trouble later on though; couldn't find the barcodes on certain items, but Jim offered to help me figure it out more when I take some items in Tuesday as well as good old [livejournal.com profile] khoath.
Til Next time, RdFreak
There's some crackling on this file which is the microphone; i don't edit these things. (goes for about 30 to 40 minutes)

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Jim wasn't available today when I asked, so didn't have a chance to pick up myI.D mate, but, later on when I got home, i got a call to say it's in. so tomorrow (as originally planned) I will pick it up after I finish Assist; yeah, so cool! And I will record this momentous occasion with my Olympus, oh yes I will! :) life-changing events have to be recorded. :)
Em's group was good; took a container of Anzacs that they enjoyed; J also had some afterwards at lunch. -- Met such a cute little girl today who was the daughter of one of the clients in the puter class. -- I hope my kids turn out as sweet as that; sure they will; I mean, I'm sweet after all! ha ha Lol Lol! :)
me: So why aren't you at school today?
M: I'm sick (pause) ahem ahem ahem -- Lol Everyone laughed. -- but she did tell me she had a sore throat and it did sound as much.
Joy also got to see her biological brother again, but unlike last time, they didn't get to play cos her mean Mum kept her harness on. We're all going out thursday though so hopefully we can find a place to let them off.
Oh, met up with another blast from the past today; talia from school. Saw her at the station as she works for Miki now.
And I was all motivated and not only applied for a job that Afet found for me, but called up to speak about it where the "interview process" can be said to start; hope I get it; will be all kinds of awesomeness! :)
About all for now! I'm so excited about tomorrow; woodwork will be awesome too! :) Lol I am really enjoying the class.
Til Next time, RdFreak


Aug. 5th, 2010 04:00 pm
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So, I will update from most recent. -- Yesterday afo, I finally was able to order my ID Mate summit, so I will be able to pick that up next wednesday when I'm there; I so so so so so can't wait! :)
Yesterday's woodwork class was fun. We started anf finished our first project - a bench hook which was designed to give us experience with the drop-saw (otherwise known as the compact Miter saw, so my search of google from last week was right). We also used the chordless drills to screw the pieces of wood together.
In the afternoon we got the Thicknesser demonstrated to us and we each had a turn using it. again, i looked like a natural and I loved it! -- We'll be starting on our chopping board next week; that should be fun! Unlike what I thought, it's not just a bit of wood, it's lots of different woods cut and glued together. -- I'll bring a bigger bag next week so I can take home my bench hook as well as my long-anticipated ID Mate Summit!
Tuesday was productive enough; same stuff happened though really. I've got my appointment with afet next week. Metro has been nice to me, which is always good. :) -- Oh, I did end up going with Michelle to Boxhill afterwards, then I went back to her place for tea; had heaps of fun there and she cooked a lovely meal. :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So in my public post of the other day I forgot to mention one tool I had a look at in the woodwork class wednesday. It was a sander, (not a belt sander; again, i forget what it's called; will have to ask), but it runs on compressed air. I had never seen that particular technology before so it interested me very much. I vaguely knew that it is used for nail guns etc, but I'd never actually been told how it worked. It was amazing; once I'd plugged the hose into the outlet (there's pipes hanging on chains above each work bench), I just connected it to sander and pressed down on the top and away it went in circular motions around the timber. When I was first trying to plug the hose into the pipe, it came out and gave me a heck of a fright as the air pushing it out was extremely loud; I jumped half a mile; Lol! -- anyway so yeh, it's so much fun and am looking forward to making our first project next week. :)
OK I was starting to play RS Monopoly with this guy yesterday afternoon, and he got all nasty with me because I wouldn't trade with him; he called me selfish and unfair; I couldn't believe it. Last I checked, one wasn't obligated to trade, so how is that unfair? Second of all, some people just need to win all the time. I left the game; seriously, i just have to shake my head sometimes. -- Yes, i did use to have a bit of a "sore loser" attitude but it's stupid; it's only a game; No-one actually gains anything from it, except maybe a bit of pride that lasts all of like two minutes!
I'm off soon to meet Michelle (new friend) at boxhill where we'll do lunch then maybe a bit of a shop.
This week, i must call up about more potential jobs, oh yes I must!
And think that's about all for now.
til Next Time, RdFreak
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In other news, the past two days, as usual, were quite productive; except for the fact afet wasn't there Tuesday but Emilie's group as usual was good, and she's also given me hope that if I don't have a job soon, she'll be happy to spend some time with us one-on-one going through papers for work which is something the individual employment consultants apparently don't provide. -- Another guy in my woodwork class has also offered to use his contacts to try and find me something so yeah for networking as well; that's what it's all about! :)
The whole Metro system was in Chaos Tuesday as there'd been a power blackout at southerncross at about 5 AM, so that meant delays for pretty much the whole day. Took me 2.5 hours instead of one to get into VA.
Yesterday was fun, except of course for the workshop being so damn freezing. Fortunately though, I'd rugged up more so I didn't feel it so bad! -- We went over the safety stuff of last week for half the day which was more boring but definitely necessary. Then we got shown how to use the drop-saw, (I forget the proper term for it; Google came up with 'Miter saw" but that's not what he said I’m sure). Anyway, when it came to my turn, apparently I looked very natural using it, like a professional. Of course wasn't so good with my left hand but still pretty good. I think I must have freaked Brett out a little because I was doing it so fast and he thought I was quite strong. They didn't believe me when I told them in fact, I was pretty weak; Lol! -- Unlike last time I started woodwork, I wasn't nervous at all; it's all so safe. In fact, Ed (the guy I mentioned above who offered to speak to his contacts) cringed when I was feeling the blades of the saw; power was switched off of course at that time. -- But I found using it pretty good.
We also practiced using the talking tape measures, and I was very accurate with that, as well as this other thing (which I forget the name of now; *grr*) which is a steel object with a digital readout. There's a voice box that plugs into it though. This can measure even more accurate than a tape measure, but more the width and thickness of a piece of timber, as well as the perimeter of holes etc. -- it was interesting and I do wish I could remember the name of it; starts with V; I’ll find out next week for the sake of this blog.
When Ed was fully sighted, he worked in the mines. He actually was one of the guys in charge of building the city loop so I was talking to him a bit about that yesterday.
Well guess that's about all for now.
Oh, Neighbours has been exciting of late. Tuesday was the start of the fallout from steph's lies, finally! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak


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