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Well I guess i shouldn't call her old since I'm 17 months older than her, and i'll hit 30 first *shudders* and .. according to ourselves when we were little "I'll die before her!" .. ahem! .. anyway, just got back from parents. We had Ang's choice, lasanya (excuse spelling). Trent was there as well and it was nice! Ever since she has been with him, her humour has really sparked through. Sometimes I still don't get it or find it too funny but most times, she comes out with this random stuff that cracks all of us up - even though sometimes I may seem jealous that they laugh at her most of the time .. ahem). anyway, most of it I couldn't do justice if I put in here but an example that would do was: over dinner someone asked what the weather was tomorrow. and I'm like, all knowledgable "28 tomorrow, 31 Wednesday and 32 Thursday" and Ang said "thanks Rob Jell! Lol I thought that was funny!
Then course I'll say something I won't think is funny and they'll crack up. ah well!
Parents were gentle on me today; guess cos of my being a bit down.
I'm not long out of bed tonight. am rather tired; still way too early for my own good but ah well!
Spent a lot of time on skype with my new bud [livejournal.com profile] irish_glitter lately. We seem to have a bit in common so yeah, we have a lot to yabber about.
ah and on neighbourrs tonight (which I watched in ang's room as dad had for some reason taken the arial up stairs), Skye told Dill the baby was stingray's, and course he went nuts and took Stingray out to a club (or something) where he will eventually break the news - probably tomorrow - stupid soapies. Lol! but he had been treating him very normal up til the end (where he started to illude to his feelings.) Now, I know some people in RL can do that; they can hold their anger in until the right moment where they will explode on their un-suspecting victom. this, is course better for revenge purposes in the end, but I absolutely couldn't do that. when I get angry, it's always straight up and out front! hmmm
Til next time, RdFreak


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