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So Im here again. Just started work not long ago actually, and it's fairly quiet compared to usual, so I thought I may use this time to write something else in here.
My work here is extremely different to aNZ. I was never so busy there, even when I was in the head office.
I still had bad memories of Lorraine and still wish I can write to her and say "ha ha, I have a job now where they appreciate me" but I know i just need to get over it and just accept it was one bad experience and move on.
Only last week, M was telling me what a great job I'm doing; so refreshing to be at a place where I am so appreciated.
Anyway, to last weekend: Melbourne has sure had some strange weather; in fact all of australia has really. Queensland had major flooding, as in the worst on record where a few people actually died, and then they experienced their worst Cite Clone where fortunately no-one died.
Then on the weekend, we got the edge of it which just meant flooding in Melbourne; never experienced anything like it. B and I were wading through water up to our knees in the station carpark of Paky; we were sopping. Then it was so bad Saturday that no-one could get in or out for most of the day.
Anyway, i'm wondering if that's why I have this minny coldy thing.
Then Sunday Joy and jarve had decided to have a bit of an adventure without us. We were letting them rompse in the yard when they took off; they'd never done that before; very unusual. They wouldn't even come back to our calls.
We ended up wandering up the street and they had been seen running to golf courses, playing with kids at the bus stop, you name it. A kind neighbour who we spoke to ended up driving them home to us, not before I started imagining every bad thing possible.
Joy was certainly in my bad books all day; she was made to sit by me and not move for a few hours; think she did realize what she did wrong.
Well, that's all for now. even though it is quiet, it is quite a bit harder riting at work because constant interuptions too sometimes make me forget my streams of consciousness, but I def want to keep up to date with this cos I love my LJ, so I shall find the time for sure, even if it means smaller updates because, I do use the internet inbetween times, as the other team members do. They are often glued to the age site whereas for me, it's LJ all the way! Lol
Til Next time, RdFreak


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