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I slept in til 10.20 today; still not altogether recovered yet, but am making great progress. Nan offered to come over this afo to help me with some shopping since I'm still not quite energetic enough, so that will be good. Then tomorrow I should be right. I want to go into the city just to work Joy to make sure she hasn't lapsed in the area of busy work which I'm sure she hasn't, but still, I aim to do this; not to mention hopefully meeting up for pancake parlour with Salix next week prob in city anyway.
I probably won't be able to wake up in time, but I would like to go to the new church Sunday, though maybe I may go in the evening; I shall see.
was sure there was something else but can't recall now; ah well, later, as they say in the states.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Just finished about a five hour game of monopoly with a woman from California; man it wouldn't end! We got to a time when the bank had no-more houses it could give us so we were both selling our cheaper ones and buying hotels on the more expensive ones. Then more became available. But I was getting so carried away with that, i didn't check how much I had as I thought it would take ages to get through what i did. So alas, I ended up with not much money, landing on all her hotels, so having to then sell my hotels/houses and mortgage my properties. So I went bankrupt but if I was concentrating it prob wouldn't have happened the way it did.
But as I told her, i learnt so much through playing that game, so am greatful for that! At one stage I thought she got annoyed at me as she'd wanted to do a trade with conditions and i'd forgotten those conditions. anyway she seemed OK again after a while and we were chatting and joking around again.
Before this game started, her and I were in another game briefly with five other people; it was mad, but then they all left, including one who didn't quit properly so it meant the game was stuck on his turn and no-one could do much about it! Lol
But the amount of socializing and meeting new people is awesome, and of course the conversation doesn't need to be awkward as we are all aiming for one goal; it's cool! though five hours may be indeed a bit much; could have been more; didn't check the time we started.
So right now, i am cooking a chicken kiev and roast potatoes and onions for dinner, and will enjoy that while I'm watching Loser and 60 minutes which starts again tonight.
I obviously didn't make church; I will start again properly when I get back from trip, though now I am contemplating going to perth to see [livejournal.com profile] tibiania and other such people while I'm there, but don't know for sure yet! I'd have to come back here first as it'd be cheaper than changing it now, plus I'd want to take Joy since it's only interstate, and she'd be such a help! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I just feel i could scream at the world right about now! But this is probably largely because I've been a bit lapse with my meds for a few days for some unknown reason that I am angry myself about.
Despite this, yesterday, valentines day when I happened to be single once more and was scared I'd be at home all depressed, I had an ironically full day; infact, I was out the door at 8.30 AM and didn't open it again til about 11 PM.
After practically jogging to Blacky station yesterday morning to make the Glenwaverly bus, I was full on dripping with the humidity! woh it was bad.
I met up with [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat on the 850 bus, and we went to our new church in dandenong. Was totally awesome and practically as soon as we walked in the door, we were met and made to feel welcome.
We spoke to the pasta's wife who immediately invited us to their Young adults group who meet once a fortnight on a Tuesday. Unfortunately I can't make tomorrow cos of the puter group; it sucks. If I wasn't doing the final bit of my audio games presentation, i'd skip it as I'm no longer secretary, not sure if I mentioned that in here.)
Anyway the church service we went to that started at 11 was extremely busy! The music is very modern played by a live band; drumkit, keyboard etc. We liked that aspect.
Once it was over, we spoke to another girl from the Young adults group before one of the head deakins kindly walked with us out to the bus stop just to confirm where it was. -- Church is so easy to get too.
We're told a lot of the young ones attend the 6 PM service so think we're both going to try that one next sunday.
Once back at Glenwaverly, Brat and I went to Moccajoes for lunch, then I caught a train back to Syndel to go back that way; by that time, it was four, so by the time I got back, headed into safeway to get nibblies for that night, I don't know why I didn't just stay in Glenwaverly or go back to J's place. Anyway, I bought some nibblies then waited a while at the bus stop and met up with J on bus when we made our way to E's!
We had an absolute fab night, and she let me feel the inside of a puter while she went over all the components that we were currently studying. she also showed me a power supply and pointed out the Molex, Berg and all the other conectors that are also currently being studied. So it makes much more sense to me.
I'm starting to think now that building a puter in my future, may not seem like a fantasy afterall.
We then had a lovely dinner over great conversation and heaps of laughs!
J and I caught a cab at about 11, when it finally decided to show up, Lol! Both E and J were falling asleep and I, who always usually is the first to fall tired at such get-togethers, felt wide awake.
I consequently didn't end up hitting the hay til 12.30; was checking email and all that jazz.
So, thanks to some cool friends of mine, I didn't end up spending an ounce of valentines day pining and alone. In fact, Brat and I were joking that as we were dining together on the day, we were each other's valentine! :) Lol hahaha! -- I looove my friends!
Though I'm still annoyed at the whole situation with the ex, again; again again again. *grits teeth*
OK all for now I guess. Ah, I got 100% on assignment 1, but as it was more to help the others who were having trouble finding things on the site and no actual course content, let's hope I can still keep up the top marks with the actual course content.
That's about all for now I think!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I've still got my old lovable Heartly here. I told Mum I didn't mind keeping her another night to give her a complete break; plus, of course, I naturally love having both my pups here, though I didn't have any food for her. So this morning was weird; after toiletting them both, I had to make them wait for their breakfasts; didn't think it was fair to feed one without the other, so, I saddled Joy up and we went to get some more supercoat for Heartly at safeway. Before this, since I'd just got up, I took a big drink of water to hopefully prevent any fainting feelings; it worked I'm pleased to say, plus the deep breathing that I did, Lol!
So when I got back, I fed them both.
I do have my employment appointment soon, but I have decided to cab it there, and then walk/train it back as I don't want to leave Heartly for too long; prob would have done that anyway though. Don't really feel like going as up til now, they haven't done a lot for me; all she does is talk to me and set goals; um, I have started to wonder what sort of disability agency they are? Wise (my old agency) market for their clients etc. I'll talk to her about that today. When I come back, I'll be applying for that job I really really want; told the gang jokingly that I'd give em cookies if they succeed in putting in a good word for me; however, I don't see why it has to be a joke if they do! This will be ideal! :)
I didn't end up going into the city yesterday; ended up a bit tired instead but there's always another time. [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat and I have been talking about both attending church together; since I have wanted to go back, and she read about that, she has been talking about churches she's found. She told me she went to a modern-style one in dandinong, and that it was easy to get too on the bus, so next week, we'll go together; squee! As I said to her, it'd be so nice to go with a friend; never done that before. unfortunately due to my shyness in my younger days, I never really made friends in my sabbath school youth group years ago. Brat says there's people from her age to mine, so I'm very excited about that as I am pleased to say, i can make friends so much easier now! :) I kinda like the idea of branching out as well, instead of sticking to my local area.
Also, yesterday I found the remainder of the neighbours eppisodes from that english chap. they were in a different folder as they're better quality now. since I don't need the video and just the audio, I'll need to find a way of converting a whole decades worth quickly; into ogg or something. So I've been downloading months at a time with freedownload mannager. It is an awesome program, as I don't need to constantly set up the downloads after each file! :)
After I finish my job application today and am happy with it, i will continue reading chapter one of Ite 1. People seem to be racing ahead already, but there's no way I'm going to do that. I want to be able to at least wait til the lectures and ask anything I don't know first.
So, am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jordina Wednesday night, Friday brunch with [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 and [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak (if she's feeling better; sounds like she has got what I had during training with Joy sadly; it's a bitch of a thing; Had never been in so much pain with my glands in all my life.)
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OK since i feel i've typed the house down, I'm off for now.
til Next time, RdFreak
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I've just applied for about four jobs this session, only one yesterday but several hundred (slight exaggeration) last week.
Hope it pays off.
I'm going to my employment agency again Monday so may see if i can get her to market a few of these places for me as they'd be ideal.
That's it for today methinks. I figure two, or three, or four applications a day will get me up to fifteen to twenty a week!
Now before Judge Judy starts, I'm going to research churches, as I'm thinking of going to one around here again; maybe the one just up here so I can walk.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I should be at work as we speak. but I'm not. I'm going in later today to Southyarra because RB has had to go into Queens today to help with e-train. Budget hasn't got enough money to pay me for the 7.5 hours so I'm still doing five but need to do late shift. I hope this will change considering I was always promised of the 7.5 hour shift anyway.
Before I get to the subject, last nights dreams before I forget )
um, speaking of gretel, not sure if I really offended her, but that's the risk I took. for goodness sakes, it was nothing bad, but ah well! shite happens, as they say!
Probably not going to go to BACC no more, as I preferr to do singing Saturday, and transport is better then; more busses etc. I will probably check out the church near me for Sunday's. it's not seventh day adventice; think it's baptist, but that's alright.
and now to the subject. M made J and I wonderful pizzas saturday. previously, M and I had gone up to safeway and bought up the storm, and as she had wanted to be let loose in the kitchen for so long, she insisted that she was OK to not need help, so I just chilled and talked to her!
My new oven proved very successful! :)
J and I enjoyed our pizzas imensly, and I am definitely going to make them again, very soon, oh yeah baby! :) We also enjoyed minny magnums, M&M choc chip cookies, tea and playing with the sampling function on my SK-1 - just to name the highlights! (some of this was recorded, and when I get time, I'm going to put the highlights up here, cos the sampling was very amusing! :)
yesterday I made choc chip cookies (to enjoy the benefits of my finally having my full-sized oven, for the second time. M helped as I hadn't baked much on my own before, but I will be right as I get more confident.
OK I was trying to find a canister to put my brown sugar in, that I had bought. In doing this, I came across one with a bit of old coffee stuck in the bottom. who knows how long it'd been there as I couldn't get it out.
so M filled the jar up with boiling water, and exclaimed with a laugh "the world's biggest cup of coffee; who wants it?" This was sooo funny, considering there prob would have been about a cup or two of coffee in there.
anyway, I am finding canisters and jars for all my ingredients, and it seems I've got it mostly sorted, though I think I will get a few more for my uncanny amount of sugar and flower I seem to have accumulated for some reason.
anyway, cookies turned out very good, though quite rich.
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right, hiho, hiho, it's off to work I go in a bit. will have some breakfast though first.
til next time, RdFreak
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OK let's just start this journal entry off by saying, it is absolutely damn freeeeeezing in Melb atm; 7 degrese I hear! so, I got me two jumpers on and me heater cranked.
Yes, I'm up far too early for my liking. but as usual, I was wide awake after my ritual of daily morning sneezing.
I was going to go out and meet t for lunch today but am not now since we'd only get 45 mins before he goes back to work, and I would have then gone to sY to see the boys, but rB won't be there, so will give it a miss.
OK from when I left off sunday, I ended up getting a call from the current minister at BACC (where I was baptized and use to go regularly .) he asked if he could come and visit; course, I was a bit hesitant at first cos I didn't know him, but I did agree, and he came. unfortunately he wasn't willing to hear any major stories from me, but was just intending on recruiting me back to church.
As it was something I've been contemplating going back to on and off anyway, I thought I may give this a go, but as there is no transport anywhere near there, and I'd have to rely on some kind soul to pick me up every week, I don't know if this one will last. but indeed, there's a church in walking distance from me to think about as well.
So yeh, this week John himself actually offered to pick me up, but I might skip this week as I've got to talk to G (singing teacher) about if I can swap it to sundays. Recent conversations with her about others has led me to believe she likes as much time as possible to swap lessons and indeed cansil, and I decided I'd rather talk to her about it on Saturday. I think she keeps sundays as her days off, so we'll have to come up with another arrangement. I think she does a few lessons sunday but not many, so I will have to see if perhaps I could do sunday afo.
Yesterday morning dad came over here in time for the evaluator; all went well there. -- He had also picked me up another headset after telling me about this great deal he saw, as my old mic had appeared to quit working. However, I notice there is a low hum whenever the mic is plugged in, so not sure if something is wrong with the sound card or not.
Then Dad spent a lot of time up and down from my roof yesterday, fiddling with wires and stuff that electritions do, as he has installed a smoke detector that is powered from the mains. He started, and will come back today, to continue wiring up me oven, which will be so good! I asked if this could be done before he leaves for dubai, and man am I going to be able to cook up storms now, yeah! :)
I spent a lot of time chatting to people on here yesterday, which is something I rarely do these days, probably not as much as i should anyway.
Spent a lot of time on facebook, shooting messages back and forth and getting to know the lovely [livejournal.com profile] thecrazykiwi a bit more.
Also, after asking [livejournal.com profile] blindpeople and vip-l about Facebook chat, it would appear that my best bet would be to upgrade to jaws 9, as the general concensus is that, if it's going to work it all, jaws 9 seems to do the trick, so may well do that today!
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still haven't got my casio and I want it! The US priority mail that mostly ebay ppl usually use do say five to ten working days, so I have to give it that time I know!
Well guess that is about all for now!
as I keep saying, I can't wait for my oven, then I can do long-awaited chockchip cookies, yeah! ;)
til next time, RdFreak


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