Aug. 22nd, 2011 02:26 pm
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Someone on [community profile] datinandrelatin posed the question of what guidelines warrents a friendship and a deletion on Facebook, so here's my response; just for the record as it stands to date:

I find a lot of "friends of friends" add me and I may or may not have heard of them. I usually add them back but if they don't talk to me in the following month or so, I will remove them.
I tend to have various rules for adding people to my list and I can't quite work them out yet. I mostly don't add just acquaintences but occasionally I do if I feel I want to get to know them better or if we use to be pretty good friends. However, as with the above, if they don't talk to me, or if I try commenting and they never ever reply back I remove them again.
I use to have a whole heap of school people on my list and I noticed a lot of them were never replying to my comments, so I've removed a lot of them. Furthermore, a lot of "friends of friends" like to add me to beef numbers on their list; I'm on to it!
However, there's a couple of people from school I now click with better than i ever did at school; in other words, we've established a much more stable friendship as a result of facebook.
I do like to network and also try and get to know people from my work places etc. So I added a few people from work recently and don't regret most of them as I've become good friends with them in real life.

Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. Am writing this on Dreamwidth as I'm not able to get to the "post" page on LJ at the moment. :(


Aug. 16th, 2011 10:32 am
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So, I just created a Dreamwidth account as I've noticed more and more people are doing. I'm never changing the way I use livejournal; not at all; But I can't deny I've been a bit fearful with the increasing amount of times Livejournal has been attacked of late; so as we speak, hopefully dreamwidth is importing all my LJ entries, comments, friends list (journal ID's at least), custom friends groups, tags, icons - the works over. -- It will also be a great backup when LJ is down; I can post to DW and then hopefully it will sinc over to LJ once this is back up. I thank [livejournal.com profile] silly_singer for the invite code as with the early days of LJ, it requires one in order to join.
Haven't really looked around dW to a great extent yet; just enough to read up on how to do the import. But it seems to me like it's presented better than LJ now. LJ use to be very good but they've changed over the years; it's still not bad, but in terms of accessibility, DW might just beat LJ now.
So, simply a backup to my years worth of online journalling; probably won't be concentrating much on socializing over there.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I don't usually watch Australia's Got talent, but Mum had recorded this from the show and played it to me when I had gone there for dinner one time about a month ago.
We watched him on Sunday night last night; what an amazing young man; he's 14! He sounds very down to earth. I wonder if he will sound as good when his voice breaks; don't mean to sound harsh but true. At any rate, I believe he has a wonderful future ahead of him. :)

Til Next Time, RdFreak
P.S. I couldn't find out how to embed this vidio; seems like with everything else these days, the site has been changed around *grr
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"Belated" because good old livejournal was down all yesterday and half the day before; so I had written the following birthday message yesterday morning but couldn't post it. (note it's the longest time in my LJ history LJ has been down.)

26th July: 8.45 AM
It's my Livejournal's 8th birthday today! A lot can happen in eight years; on some levels I have achieved a lot, but on other levels, I don't know if I have. Of course the highlights have been the overseas travels, all of which have been documented in here; so that's one reason to be proud of this here LJ. -- The only overseas travel I haven't documented in here were my trips to New Zealand as a baby, and the trip our family made in 94, though I have got a lot of recordings on tape which I'm sure I'll find again one of these days.
Of course LJ has seen me through my first job and now, my second which is proving to be a huge huge success. Unlike the previous time, my boss is fantastic, not to mention my increasing amount of friends!
I only moved into my unit a little over a year before this LJ began and soon, just short of the ten-year mark, I'll be moving again; that will be a huge change for me.
of course some of my low lights throughout this LJ was obsessing/loving people who couldn't give a damn about me, but .. ya know .. I guess I wouldn't have been human if I didn't experience that crap.
After a lot of heart-ache and disappointment, I'm now in a very stable committed relationship and I definitely couldn't be happier there.
Health of course is starting to prove a challenge but I can only remain positive and it won't stop me from completing my lifelong goals and dreams.
I have, and continue to make some great friends through this LJ, who have prooved very surportive of me. I have likewise lost a few along the way (generally online and real life), but .. hey .. that's OK; The ones that stay are the ones that really matter at the end of the day.
As mentioned in my recent bio update, this LJ went from being mostly public to mostly protected from the beginning of this year but regardless, I am proud of most entries; speaking of which, more news coming soon.
So happy birthday to RdFreak's LJ, and let's hope it's around for many many more years!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
2541 entries up to date.
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Happy 13th birthday darling Heartly! Hope you have a great day with Nan and Grand-pa.
Mummy is so sorry you are going through all these health problems now but unfortunately, we all have to get old sometime. :(
Mummy got you something on the weekend; a natural product which will hopefully help you with your stiff joints. Will give it to Nan when i next see her; either that or will start giving it to you myself if we are minding you at my place on the weekend.
Wishing you a continued happy retirement.

Your loving Mum, Dad, little sis Joy, Nan, Pa, Great-Nan, and Ruby. xox
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Just a public note to say I have finally updated my LJ profile; it was certainly in bad need of it.
I took a lot of rambling out and stuff that was no longer ralivent in my mind.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well today in my happy july month, it's the 12th; sixteen years since I met Celine dion. Even though I am def not obsessed with her like I was back then, it is still a day that will always stand out. (Read my diary six years ago today that I'd written; some unrelated drama insued after this entry but we won't go there now. :)
In other news, Can of Worms was highly amusing last night. We didn't watch the first episode but last night it was a crackup; go Don Bourke!
OK off I go now but shall come back tonight with the rest of me goings on; cos there's a lot to update on; I've been slack or something.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Today is the 1st of July in Melbourne Australia; what I've started to call my "lucky month". It's sixxteen years from the 12th since I met Celine dion, Heartly's 13th birthday on the 20th and my LJ's 8th birthday on the 26th. It's winter though; that is unlucky.
Tomorrow I have Trudi's party and I'm really looking forward to it; getting back into it all after so long and putting trust into people again feels good. :)
Oh, and I haven't got a cold like i thought I did; yeah! it must have been alergies or something; had been sneezing for like three hours from the time I got up.
Lol before:
me: We're now into the second half of the year.
C: Yes it goes so quick.
Me: Goes way too quick these days; soon enough i'll be 85 and in a nursing home.
C: Lol you're thinking very far into the future there (friendly laughs from others around us).
me: And all I'll want is my computer and a good internet connection (laughing from around again); so I can chat to other people in nursing homes far and wide.
Yes I'm mad.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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P.P.S. Looks like I'm getting another cold; why me? :(
Why did I forget to take my Garlic tablets to keep the buggers away? :(
Til Next time, RdFreak
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(mainly for my own record)
In light of my getting more and more into the AFL, namely Carlton but certainly getting a good idea for the other teams, I am practicing my footy tips for the first time. for next year. As I am halfway through the round, B suggested I use this year to practice and next year i can start at fresh. He read me out the games for next weekend and i tipped the following: (usually, this is all going to be under a cut as I certainly would have hated seeing this stuff in the past and I want to show my friends the same respect.)
clicky for my tips for round 15 AFL )
B disagreed with me on just a couple of them. And apart from yesterday, Carlton are doing very well hence my tip that may have seemed bias.
And since it's totally out of character for me thus far to talk any sport, i am now outta here; back with a personal touch soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I'm typing this at work minus a Carol (anual leave day) but it doesn't seem too busy right now so I'll see how I go.
Yes, I made honeyjoys last night; after all the inspiration Karen gave me, I gave it a go; had tried them with Amy before but not on my own; it is simple but messy if you don't clean up straight away. Mine did stick to the patty pans a bit but that's because they were in the oven a tad long; they taste delicious though. I ate too many last night and handed some out to my team members today (aka Isabella, Karen, Judith, Jess and even Megan). I will make more soon and they will be an improvement. :)
clicky for my recipe )
Karen also said that she doesn't bake them at all as she likes them softer; I'm the same, so think I shall skip that step as well next time. :)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Meme stolen from the Space Fem herself.
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In other news, I downloaded the new RS games client the other day and found a brand new game on there called Battleship, and man it was addicting; I played with some bots for a while until I was familiar enough with it and then I played with a few others.
Yesterday I went back there to play another game of battleship and discovered they had put yet another game up called 1000 Miles which I learnt how to play half from instructions and half myself as I do find the game instructions a tad vague on that site, or maybe it's just me I dunno. I don't always seem good at following documentation for some reason. anyway, regardless it was such a fun game; I likewise played with a few bots at first and then an actual person "KD6K" who is a mutual friend of a few of my LJ friends but I don't really know him personally. anyway it is such a good game, maybe even better than Battleship; and they're made even more awesome by the sounds!
I was also listening to the footy in the background, not that I had a choice or anything; Lol but I am getting more and more into it, it's kinda freaky actually; I'm surprising everyone. :)
OK it's clicked over to my lunchtime so now I's go. :)
Til Next time, RdFreak


May. 30th, 2011 03:14 pm
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Poor Joy was sick under the desk before; Megan kindly cleaned it up though I felt bad about it.
I am having my regular blood test Thursday (have to swap shifts), a renal ultrasound (different from the one of last year; how I don't know yet) and my kidney specialist appointment the following Wednesday where he will read my results and give them to me in English; just sayin
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!!
If you are under 30, learn a lesson and count your blessings!
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Well since I last wrote, I've been of course working and getting to know my apple mak. It is so much fun, the mac I mean; work can really drag some days; not sure why some and not others; think it depends how tired I am.
I have been pretty good though over the past two days. It might even be fair to say I prefer the later shifts for the reason that I can sleep in a bit in the mornings; of course, I do like getting home early as well, so it's a win/lose situation. But next week I'm on the late shift, except for next thursday when I swapped with Suzie so I can get to the Austen hospital in time for my iron infusion.
Well, so far, I've mannaged to connect my mac to my wireless network, and I must say it is a lot easier than windows; in fact, a lot of things seem easier than windows. I am yet to get skype and adium; but I plan to do that sometime this weekend.
Last night I went to the parents for dinner and I brought the mac to show Dad. After a lovely dinner of chicken schnitzel, home-made potato chips, and cabbage mixed with bacon and onion, I learnt how to navigate Safari. Then I went home.
I shall go back to the parents for mother's day Sunday with my mac in toe. Good times; and it's the weekend after today; yeah! :)
Am glad I'm on the late shift next week; I will be off to the docs Monday morning to get my stupid ear unblocked; grrr!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Well, tomorrow is the final day of the three-day week.
Yesterday seemed to drag a little more than today for some reason.
This Saturday, we shall be going up to get my Mackbook if they have my particular one in stock; can't wait!
Not much to report really from since I last wrote in here. A pretty quiet mood greeted me as I walked into work yesterday; think everyone had been wishing the same as me; that we could have gotten the five days off; ah well.
Heartly is still very active and happy, so at the moment, we're just taking it day by day; if she gets too bad, we'll obviously be doing something but until then, if she's happy, we're happy; it's sad; I am still deciding what to do; still wondering if I should get her those further tests; i almost think I might despite my reluctance before.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Well, I guess I lied about yesterday's entry being the final one of my being 31.
I want to copy Fran's farewell email here because it was very very clever. Speaking of fran, her morning tea was absolutely amazing yesterday; she's the best-ever cook I know of; sausage rolls, pies, cheesecakes, slices; there was nothing that wasn't there. and she tells us it only took about a week! amazing!
Anyway, Fran left about 3 yesterday, and not before she presented me with a birthday cake that she'd made (an orrange one) with candles and the group singing happy birthday to me.
As everyone was so full from the earlier morning tea, it was decided that I would take the cake home, and I thought we'd all have it today.
I was in very good spirits last night after dad had been around to give me my injection (not so fun but he did it well) and he went shopping with me to get the party stuff for today.
Mum and her friend sue had been around earlier and tidied the remainder of my house I hadn't got to from the night before, so, it all left me in a very grateful mood with everyone last night; my partner, friends, family and the awesome people at work that made the day before my birthday so special as well. :)
Actually L had joked that I must have been injected with some kind of happy drug yesterday.
Just before I paste fran's excellent email in here, I had forgotten to mention yesterday that unfortunately poor Heartly has been bleeding internally. She got some tests done but they were, for the most part, inconclusive; she'd have to have more which will cost up to $2000 I'm told. They think one of the many lumps now on her back is sadly cancer. Still deciding what to do. they also guess that her kidneys might be not working properly; poor dog. but she's not in pain I'm told. Think I'll pay for the tests but I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.
Anyway, here is Fran's email (Note that though this is public now, I may change it to friends only in a few days for privacy reasons.)
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Til Next time, RdFreak

LJ rules!

Apr. 8th, 2011 12:14 pm
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LJ rules even more than before. I can now work the LJ filter feature so easily, unlike before. -- I just added two more additions to my filter.
Tonight is Fran's retirement dinner at Chinese; I don't want her to go *cries*
J showed me where the bank was before; it's easy to find.
Busy weekend coming up; blood test tomorrow, catching up with Heather, and Ike's b/day Sunday; and somewhere in the midst of all that, got to tidy up my house bigtime in preparation for my big day next weekend, oh, and cook.
And now I go; I am busy answering a ton of calls and reading LJs when I can.
Til Next time, RdFreak
Sipping my herbal tea
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As my LJ would suggest in the past, I've been known to link to youtube videos of songs that just get me.
I've been thinking of making it a weekly post where I link to my favourite music; maybe I can have a "music Monday"? :)
The following song is one i'd definitely heard when I was little, but it had faded from my memory up until about five months ago when I was listening to some twitter audio from blindbargains.com. They were hoasting random rewards, and during one of them, this song was playing in the background;
having remembered it from long ago, I decided to find it, and so I did! I'm in love with it all over again. :)
Lea Salonga-I'd like to teach the world to sing )
Til Next time, RdFreak


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