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Well, tomorrow is the final day of the three-day week.
Yesterday seemed to drag a little more than today for some reason.
This Saturday, we shall be going up to get my Mackbook if they have my particular one in stock; can't wait!
Not much to report really from since I last wrote in here. A pretty quiet mood greeted me as I walked into work yesterday; think everyone had been wishing the same as me; that we could have gotten the five days off; ah well.
Heartly is still very active and happy, so at the moment, we're just taking it day by day; if she gets too bad, we'll obviously be doing something but until then, if she's happy, we're happy; it's sad; I am still deciding what to do; still wondering if I should get her those further tests; i almost think I might despite my reluctance before.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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So I forgot I could post through Frank, the lJ bot who appears on my miranda contact list, but ah well. I have been extremely tired since I got home from Perth; very strange since it's not like I had to get use to a whole new timezone again. I was feeling fine in Perth. It must have something to do with the lack of sun here since I've gotten back, because as well as everything else, I am very low in vitamin D. must get a blood test for all them again soon.
Perth glorious perth; I didn't do a lot of updating while there cos I was on the go a lot and didn't have a lot of energy when I came back from outings. But yeh, as mentioned in here previously, I had the bestest time and everyone was so great to me. Yes, the fight with kh put a dampener on things temporarily speaking, but we've sorted it out mostly now anyway.
So I shall recap from when I last left off here. (had forgotten to mention, a friend of Kerry and Grace' cameran came over friday; he seemed like a real fun guy!)
So sat night, we did go out with everyone; Felix (who's a loud guy, but very lovely and patient with us) drove us to Nicki's where bianca was already waiting with her. Ben and Julia were to meet us at restaurant. So we chatted; and I went into Nick's room at one stage and chatted some more girly stuff! Lol
Then after a while we walked to restaurant with felix making sure everyone was following. I was so glad I had Joy; she was just marvellous (as she proved to be throughout trip).
Anyway, got to restaurant, the others arrived and we had a lovely dinner over wonderful chatter and laughs.
We then went back to Nick's where we did a bit more chattering, laughing and eating easter eggs that Nick kindly had bought.
We left though when we were all starting to get tired.
Sunday was a relatively quiet day really, but it was fun as I was with awesome people. We were going to meet their friend Chris that night for dinner, but I did feel rather tired and regretedly told them I'd give it a miss though I felt bad for being anti-social.
I called both parents from skypeout to wish them a happy easter with no real success. Mum was at Rye, as I later remembered she would be, and Dad couldn't hear me properly because I didn't have my headset mic plugged in; duh!
Anyway, Grace and Kez left for Chriss' at about 4 only to return a few mins later; "good night?" I'd asked them sarcastically. They ended up missing the bus and then didn't think they'd bother going after all that. Poor Kez's server had crashed so he was understandably a bit over it all because of that.
The following day, Bianca and her cousin Jade came over to take us out. Kerry decided to stay home and fix the server and have some quiet time.
Jade turned out to be a lovely guy and very patient with us all, though Joy and I just followed them the whole time. we went to a few wineries which of course didn't do much for me, but we had a bit of a cheese tasting, and Grace and I bought some garlic and chive cheese (which was sooo nice! :)
We also went to the chocolate factory; all in Margret River, and all got some stuff; I got milk chocolate covered dried apricotts (which i've now finished sadly).
Bianca had bought back for me a couple of boxes of kinda chocolate from Germany which I looove.
Anyway we then went for lunch and had a kinda food platter to share.
We then went to my first sex shop; I can't remember how it started but then they started joking saying they were going to show me! Lol! so that was, um, interesting; I got bored after a while but ah well, Lol it was interesting.
Tuesday saw their friend Kyle coming over for a while. He drove Grace and Kez up to the shops while I stayed home and spent too much time wandering around the front yard as we got slightly disorientated on our way back from the bin shed.
Redrooster was brought home for a late lunch which was nice;and Kyle left not long after.
Kerry cooked each of us a lovely juicy steak that night and some chips; sooo nice! never going to do steak in the george forman again, seriously it cooks so unevenly.
We spent the rest of the evening talking and listening to comedy and other such computer files. Kerry recorded an interview with us on his olympus, just mucking around, but when he sends it, i will put it up here as a voicepost; it was funny and some great memories of course!
Wednesday Kerry went to work, and grace and I woke at a reasonable time to wander down to Bianca's. we went into the city with Jade in the end. Their trains are cool in the way that they're level with the platform.
anyway, we went into Perth and went to KFC while Jade went off to do his chores he went in for. Poor Nick was meant to meet up with us but she was playing phone tag with grace and Bianca, (my phone was left at the house). But we ate, then happened by accident to meet up with Jade again who walked with us to the crystal shop where Kerry and Grace shop. I bought a lovely smooth stone to remember Perth by; I don't use them for any other purpose; not really into that.
Then Grace wanted to take me to the rock candy shop, so I got some of that; mm.
Then we caught a train to City west to the shopping centre there as Jade had to go there for something. After he finished that, we went to have a drink at a CAFE while a few of the owners were marveling over Joy.
We then made our way home; Bianca ended up coming back with us to see their cleaner, and, the fight happened at this point, (for my record, i will explain more in a protected entry).
So I went to Nicki's in a big burst of upset and anger; anger at him; if our friendship was going to end, there was not much I could do about it.
anyway Nick made us feel very welcome and insisted that I had no need to apologize for lumping on her without warning. We had pizza that night as it got late.
The next morning, I stuffed around online while Nick was at work. wrote an email to Kerry explaining that unlike what he obviously thought, it wasn't my intention to end our friendship etc.
Nick then came home, and we Felix drove) went up to the deley and got a lunch roll each.
We thought we'd stay in for the rest of the day and go out for Chinese the next night. But we had fun catching up; playing monopoly with her b/f Tim etc.
Felix went to work and we continued to have our fun and serious chats over a frozen meal which was quite nice.
The next day, Felix slept in as he'd worked late the previous night, so we didn't end up picking the remainder of my stuff up from B's as originally we'd planned. We thought we'd do it tomorrow after our Sizzler meal.
Turns out that Ben c and his friend came with us to chinese (as already has been mentioned in here). And then, as I'd also explained, we went back to Ben's and had laughs over playing the pinaola and other such things.
Saturday we picked ben up and had a meal at sizller; was awesome. I figure as we're unlucky enough to no longer have it in Melbourne, I will make the most of them when I'm accessable to one!
We then went to B's where Kerry, Grace and their friend Mark L (who I'd heard a bit about, but never met) were there. We had a great chat and more laughter before we left and went back to Ben's for a great afternoon of even more music, chatting and heaps more laughter!
We all went down to get some of their local fish and chips as they wanted to introduce me to the cool owners; they were characters!
Then we went back and ate out the back of ben's at the table and chairs. It was a nice night, not warm, but not cold. We must have been there til about 10 maybe; didn't have me watch.
Then we went back and I started to pack. I thought I'd just take an extra bag this time instead of trying to cram everything into one since I had extra stuff.
The following morning, I finished my packing, then Felix kindly drove me to the airport; It was good as i unfortunately had no interstate voutchers left but had still offered to catch a cab, but felix loves airports apparently; reminded me of [livejournal.com profile] enchanterglen actually.
Anyway the flight was quite good though unlike when I arrived, Joy and I were a bit more squashed in the second row back from the front; I think two wheelchair people took up the front rows which was understandable.
I listened to my Iriver. Kerry had voiced all the directories/files which had made it easy.
I cabbed it back to Nan's where Mum was waiting after little Ike's first birthday which I unfortunately missed. So she drove me home.
So that was my first trip to Perth.
Monday I did nothing, and tuesday I went to meet up with Dave (from guide dog class) in city for lunch at timeout. Then we ended up going to VA in Kooyong where i bought myself a penfriend labeler.
And today I still got no energy; thanks Melbourne! I did call up employment person at VA to talk about my transfer over to them, but he wasn't there so left a message; hope he gets back soon.
I shall shortly publish a few audio files up here; one of the interview when I get it sent to me, and another as i promised of "the Betty Tear's Nitpic" that ben had us in stitches over!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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My jet lag hasn't improved.
Was wide awake last night, so I turned on 3AW and decided on impulse to call up Simon Owens. So we had a lovely natter on air about my trip, red chulip chocolate, guide dogs and pillows!
Unfortunately I couldn't record it as my Tape recorder is out of action. And I have attempted before to find the "listen" link on the site, so I can record such phone calls I make, continuing my tradition of recording all my phone calls to radio stations, but alas, have never been able to find it.
I am going to ask Simon though if it is at all possible he can provide me with a recording of it.
Anyway, as a result of my night time nattering, I woke at 12.1 this afo! -- spoke to RB for a while.
Then Nan came and gave me a red chulip easter bunny as per tradition; mmmm! my favourite!
I purposely made myself stay up today.
We both went to Mum's for tea. She gave us a carton of cadbury chrunch eggs each.
I am anxiously waiting for news of Bec's new arrival! She's been in and out of labour all day, and the latest news was, the doc was going in at nine to decide if she should get a cesarean or not.
Nan dropped me home and has left to go home herself.
At Mum's we were watching this story on 60 minutes about this 13-year old British girl who has battled with leukemia, and as a result of all the treatment she's had to finally get rid of that, she has now got a cardio condition which she's been offered a heart transplant for. She has decided she doesn't want the transplat, and instead, wants to die regardless. Her parents fully support the decision; (note, I plan to link to the 60 minutes artical when it becomes available).
I actually can't get over the parents! How could they just stand back and support her decision. afterall, the success of these transplants are at 90%, and then, as we saw with someone else who had the same disease who had a transplant, she could go back to living healthy and happy; no more hospital visits.
She sounds like such a cute little thing too!
I just hope and pray she will reconsider before it's too late!
Til next time, RdFreak
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Happy Good friday!
Happy Easter weekend for that matter!
I've now got food back in the house. didn't have energy to shop after I came back!
I'm still doing too much sleeping! I got up for a few mins this morning at about 9, and went back to bed and slept for about six hours! I think it's a combination of remaining jet lag and my Iron defficiency. I am going into hospital on the 24th of this month for an infusion; will be there most of the day. Looking forward to that actually, not the needles, bbut the energy-boost afterwoods.
Today is the cut-off date for RSVP's to my 30th. if ppl don't reply in a couple of days, I'll consider them not going as every year this happens, but this time I need to book the restaurant, yo!
I installed jawter on here last night; only weird thing is, I have no sounds. I have a feeling this maybe due to the fact that I am not using my default sound card, and as with eloquence, I had to manually write the name of my new sound card in the .ini file. But of course, I wouldn't know where I can do this in the jawter.ini file, so am still waiting on some advice.
about all for now I think.
Til next time, RdFreak
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So now that I got my previous excitement out the way, and watched me some neighbours and ate me early dinner, time to talk about my long weekend at Rye - found at this link
Thursday night Dad picked me up and we left here at 9. I had my trekker on motorized mode to get an idea of the travel route.
Friday morning, was a slow but relaxing start. Dad and I walked to JJ's (a CAFE in the town where he wanted to introduce me to the Devine bacon and egg toasted sandwiches. - and, man they were nice! also had a hot chocolate and dad a coffee. I had walked there using my trekker, and was totally amazed at how accurately I was recieving information. -- this was to help me navigate my way around in the streets without footpaths. The main town (Point Nepean Highway) had footpaths though fortunately.)
After this we walked to Aunt Julie's, Peter's and rebeccah's. Twas good to see Bec, as she'd be travelling home later that day for work.
We then went home for a while, and as I kinda got restless, Dad and I drove to Rosebud as I felt like walking around the shopping centre. this was closed though, as Dad had assumed.
That night we went to Paul-Loui's for a lovely Chinese meal.
Saturday saw our breakfast at JJ's again, but this time, we walked along the beach and back.
We travelled into rosebud where I bought some beach thongs; unlike regular thongs, very comfortable! (though I normally don't bother translating, thongs are our version of flip-flops, -- just so the Americans don't think i'm rude! :)
anyway that night, Dad and I met Julie and Peter for tea at Larpochettas (excuse spelling.) we then went to buckley's for dessert.
Sunday morning Dad left to pick up Nan, Mum and Ang. I walked to JJ's and J and P met me there (we'd planned that the night before.) I was very pleased I was able to make it into town without the footpaths. Trying to navigate streets walking only along the grass makes it kinda tricky, but between Heartly, my trekker and memory, we got there; I was wrapped!
Then we all went to our place for an easter lunch (and also Aunt Julie's b/day!)
All us gang then went to the rye hotel for dinner, followed by Buckleys again.
Monday Dad, ang and I went to the beach. It was boiling and I would have swum if I'd brought my bathers. ang had a swim though, trying to teach Ruby, her lovely Chihuahua
to stay up in the water; she did not take to it too well though.
We all drove back here about 8 that evening and Nan stayed here, dropping me at the station yesterday for work!
so that's what happened, and as mentioned before, my trekker is a God Send. I'm so so so so glad I've got it!
til next time, RdFreak
P.S. it's now very very cold. Only Melbourne knows how to drop from extremely boiling temps in 24 hours or less! boy Oh boy, got the lecki blanket on tonight.
P.P.S. I am buying a Nokia 6120 classic from barry on Friday. I am looking forward to this. Main reason was kinda weird; I was sick of not having an mp3 option. 6600 only does damn wav and middi. but also my 6600 turns itself off frequently now when batery isn't flat, and I don't like the speaker. so yeh, the upgrade will be great! :)
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Got back from rye not long ago. Overall, it was a good holiday and surprisingly, I am mostly sad about having to leave that amazing place! As I say to family, I'd be right down there if I had the computer and internet! -- I am quite mobile around there now, thanks mostly to my dad and my darling little trekker!
I have a lot of details to relate, but at the moment, my eyes are all squiggly which means I guess I'm overtired! not use to sleeping among people (as the whole family were down last night)any more, and multiple interuptions to my sleep leaves me feeling this way, plus I need some more iron tablets me thinks. -- so more tomorrow, after work!
To get to sleep, think i will put on one of me lovely little Jeeves plays for my bed-time-listening.
til next time, RdFreak
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So I admit I haven't been reading all of the news posts of late; must get up-to-date. I guess they're talking about stopping Basic accounts. It is their right to do this since they need more and more server space.
I've read a couple of entries about striking on a certain date, hahahaha! what's nthat gunna do? Lol gosh people, really!
In other news M left here before (though for some strange reason, she did not mention me once in her last post; weird considering she was writing from my house but anyway...)
Last night, we went to have taccos followed by some wonderful, absolutely amazing chocolate nachos. They consisted of vanilla chips covered with a lot of yummy cimimen and sugar - mmm -- these were stuck in blobs of chockchip icecream and poured over the top of all this was a yummy chocolate fudge and whipped cream. -- I thought it'd be too rich for me, but it wasn't! man! nice as!
We did some easter shopping at Safeway before that, so i've got the goodies to take to Rye.
Despite our family upset of earlier, I am going down to Rye with Dad late tonight (leaving about 10 cos the traffic will be lighter) then, Mum and Nan will come Sunday - prob Ang and t too dunno.
R is going down tonight so hopefully will see her tomorrow! Oh C is going down too, so may catch him too! will take me trekker and explore.
Forgot to mention in here, I had requested to volunteer in the phone room of the Royal children's hospital good friday appeal but they're full up this year, so he's going to put my name down for next year. it'd be a lot of fun!
Back to sY again next week, Lol
Oh and Tuesday night was the computer users club. twas very good, though the audio of skype died halfway through for reasons no-one could tell. Something else needs to be figured out me thinks.
til next time, RdFreak
Happy Easter to all! :)
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easter meme snagged from friends page )
btw, movie site is sooo slow now, and I never get a chance to download movies no more, so had the idea that I will leave computer on to download the one little movie while i'm gone! that way, I can leave msn up and everyone gets to see my happy screen name, how exciting; yep I know?!
til next time, RdFreak
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So I haven't mentioned much about easter in here, but after a bit of decision making, I'm off to Rye with dad and Nanna. Aunt J aunt P, Bec, Jake and Kev are down there too, so that will be fun. but Mum isn't going cos she got Heather comin, and Ang not coming, cos who knows? so won't be complete family which will kinda be disappointing but ah well! think dad plans to do some work down there as well, and knowing J and all, we'll prob go out for easter and that.
I got my easter shopping, for the first time in me life; go me!
and apparently dad will be here between 9.30 and 10 which means he wants to get off early. Got me mp3 player and will take phone so can be contacted on SMS and likewise I dare say I'll send out a few!
It's usually a tradition to watch the good friday appeal which we probably will when we're down there.
No beach weather though Heartly will love it of course, since she can run on the beach any time; no limits like summer! It's forecast 25 and 26 over easter though which will be nice!
bad news: my right ear blocked, and am trying to medicate it with those drop things that are meant to be good.
good news: Got my tickets yesterday for U.K. yeah! :)
Happy easter! :)
til next time, RdFreak


Apr. 14th, 2006 09:20 am
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Well happy good friday! :) I seem kinda a bit excited and refreshed! it's amazing! We're waiting for the good friday appeal to start. now I think Highfive is on for the kids.
Nan is not going down til sunday now as she's minding the kids tomorrow night.
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Well think I am listening to an amature radio frequency. was listenin to police before. .. lol just heard one of their callsigns as something-a-rather Harry Potter Lol! hmmness!
Well o5 days til US! :) 9 days til astral-course, one to two days til Izzy gets her but kicked on Neighbours (Lol! - we hope)!
Well I got my talks phone back today as I went to RVIB to pick it up. good old Geremy did fix it! :) or Nick too I think! then had lunch with q-E down in Chapel street. was nice! Then went to visiquip to talk to shaz for a while then I came home.
Tomorrow I am going to Nan's to watch the appeal on friday - always lovely tradition! and I'll be sure to take my scanner to hear difference! .. then Saturday I think we'll drive back to my house, and Easter sunday Mum and A will pick us up and we'll be driving down to Rhy where Dad is taking walls out and heaps of cool stuff ( Lol) and Aunt J and them will be down at their house too so we'll meet up for a tasty easter lunch I bet! tis gonna be fun! .. ah, I'm going to get Nan to show me how to get the bus there, as there's a stop just at the end of our street! gonna be good. I know that ya have to go to Frankston on train then catch the portsey bus! .. but I need the little where-things-are showen to me!
Wow, silence on this frequency now but someone just came on and announced their call sign and asked if another call sign was there. but doesn't look like it!
Well, not long outta bed for me don't think. am quite tired! I feel kinda happy and cheerful! :) Things aren't going too badly at all at the moment, and yeah for easterness! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
P.S. I feel I haven't been this cheerful and content with my general life for a while. Guess I know I've got a bit of stuff to look forward too over the next few weeks! - always good to be busy!

web surfin

Apr. 10th, 2004 12:49 pm
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I changed my password on LJ so I can finally tell you what my other one was (as promised in my second LJ entry) so here it is. Lol "ifartalot" lol! that's the thing I found so funny! Lol
Not doing a lot today. just kinda chillin! I am eating my first red chulip easter bunny from Nanna. she stayed here last night and is helping me a bit today. She cleaned my windows! and later will go to safeway with me to help me get in some munchies for my party! I can't wait for tomorrow. In fact the whole week will be good stuff! If only i'd start my homework! *sigh*
I have been searching everywhere for Smarter child and all that as I wanna chat to it some more Lol! but unfortunately I think there is now a fee! who wants to pay for chattering to a robot?! Lol not me!
Anyway just then, I mannaged to accidently stumble upon this article:
It is kinda an interesting read:
Read more... )


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