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Well since I last wrote, I've been of course working and getting to know my apple mak. It is so much fun, the mac I mean; work can really drag some days; not sure why some and not others; think it depends how tired I am.
I have been pretty good though over the past two days. It might even be fair to say I prefer the later shifts for the reason that I can sleep in a bit in the mornings; of course, I do like getting home early as well, so it's a win/lose situation. But next week I'm on the late shift, except for next thursday when I swapped with Suzie so I can get to the Austen hospital in time for my iron infusion.
Well, so far, I've mannaged to connect my mac to my wireless network, and I must say it is a lot easier than windows; in fact, a lot of things seem easier than windows. I am yet to get skype and adium; but I plan to do that sometime this weekend.
Last night I went to the parents for dinner and I brought the mac to show Dad. After a lovely dinner of chicken schnitzel, home-made potato chips, and cabbage mixed with bacon and onion, I learnt how to navigate Safari. Then I went home.
I shall go back to the parents for mother's day Sunday with my mac in toe. Good times; and it's the weekend after today; yeah! :)
Am glad I'm on the late shift next week; I will be off to the docs Monday morning to get my stupid ear unblocked; grrr!
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I just remembered another dream I had besides those extremely vivid yet extremely disturbing others I wrote about in the private post.
BigBrother was over, after only two weeks! no way! -- indeed, it's said to be a shorter season this year, but not that short! I'd go insane man! :)
In other nnews, happy happy mothers day! :) As parents are at rye, we're doing a dinner tomorrow night instead! so may give Mum a call now, but good chance of that being she won't have her mobile on, and course since dad is in-between jobs, he doesn't have one, cos for some reason, he always relied on his work mobiles, so does not have a personal mobile!
Speaking of dad, I am really not wanting him to go to Dubai. Having gotten use to him going off to sydney was OK, but the other side of the world for twelve months or more, and only seeing him hopefully at six month intervals, I won't be use to that. :( ah well, he's doing it for good reason I know, but it just won't be the same.
til next time, RdFreak


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