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So we've had some mad weather lately. Last night, we had severe gail force winds. I literally hadn't heard winds so strong since we had that minny tornado several years ago, so I'm wondering if we in fact had another, though I didn't hear anything about that on the news.
And after over a decade of drout we have experienced a very wet winter and spring thus far. It's been flooding in the north-east of Victoria and people have had to evacuate with more expected to have to do so today. -- It doesn't rain, it pores! -- I pity the flood victoms but am glad it appears we're over the last drout. However, to my utter disgust, our water restrictions have been lifted from 3A to 2; that sucks. Just because our water is greater, I don't see why it means we can take it for granted again; it makes me mad. :( -- The media have said the daily household target will still be 155; it's just that people can water more freely; don't see how that can work myself. :(
Anyway, we'll see how it goes.
Happy Father's day! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Guess I haven't felt like writing in here lately, but anyway, have an update.
Yesterday I went singing which was good; was the first time I'd been in a few weeks after my cold and all. -- Then had lunch at the Syndel bakery and came home.
Went out to the movies last night with tim to see "TAKEN". was pretty cool; got most of it.
We then came back here for a while and chatted. He took my photo which I sent in with my Application for "TAKEN OUT" SO, UM, YEH, WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH THAT! Lol
Next time, Tim and I are going to do some tandem bike riding. It's a good idea since he loves riding, and i pretty well haven't done that since "THE GREAT VIC BIKE RIDE" in 97. So, I will actually motivate myself to start walking everywhere again, to build myself up.
today has just been relaxing. looking forward to trying out these new sausages I had forgotten Mum got for me a while ago from foresthill. they're Tanduri chicken which sounds nice. the actual sausages feel a lot thicker and longer; so will ahve them with vegies.
work was work last week; was interesting (as my previous friends only entry suggested, *grrr). I got over that in time though.
I am working fulltime shifts for the following two weeks, filling in for RB. So I had asked dean if he wanted to do early's this week, since he preferrs them and I don't. However, I'll do them tomorrow as I need to make a docs appointment again for tomorrow afo since my stupid ear has blocked again.
That's about all i think; wondering and hoping if I'll hear back from the casting crue this week? :)
Oh, and the weather is absolutely brilliant and Spring has definitely sprung earlier than other years. I mean usually when Spring hits, it's still colder for a lot longer, but, well, yesterday it got up to 25, and it's been surrounding the 20 mark and a tad beyond all week! -- so glorious! definitely ideal for our future bike ride/s.
The other day, it was of course the 7th year anniversary of "9/11", and as I've seen quoted from my American friends, "we will never forget!"
til next time, RdFreak
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Well, welcome to the 1st of september here in Ausie! It's 1st of september, and! first of sspring! yeah! Now now, it always puts me in the best mood, regardless of what's going on with me or around me!
I swear, the best of moods! It's a whopping 23 today! it's soo nice! It's been up around this temp (or a bit lower) for a few days running now!
And as of a few weeks ago, I started hearing blackbirds in the mornings - very early mind you but I looove it! Unlike [livejournal.com profile] yorkshire_tea's little poem joke thing of a few days ago:
Read more... )
Now is that horrible?! shame shame shame on him! Lol hahahahaha!
Well, Mum took my duckling to the RSPCA Wednesday morning and they said they'd reer it and release it back here when time is right. (hopefully it comes here and thanks me; what a lovely fairytail that would be?! :) Lol I was happy that it was OK but in another way sad that I couldn't keep it. maybe I could have raised it myself. Mum wouldn't have aproved but I've raised ducks before and I should be able to in my own house if I want. So yep I should have done that! *grrr I still call it "my little duck" along with the other ones I've kept in my time -- PeckPeck and Melody! aaah I love baby chicks and ducks!
Anyway Wednesday I met H at Chatham station and we walked to Baas home where I met the lady I was matched with J. She was very talkative, and despite her scottish accent, I could surprisingly understand her perfectly. so got to wait and get feedback from her as to when I go there next. but it's a good short walk from station especially in this lovely wheather.
aaaah this weather does good things to me. am thinking of going out to city today (for something to do to get out).
yeah! I loooove Spring!
Til Next Time, RdFreak
Oh, I've been trying unsuccessfully for a while now to get higher with super Liam and yesterday, I got up to level 5. my past attempts only stopped me at levels 1, then after a while, 2, then 3. I keep thinking I'm not cut out for some of these games, but when I get the chance to keep practicing, I can do anything! of course, listening to Raul's games helps a lot too I think!
Likewise, I've been getting better at Super Deekout as well! I am getting through the levels much quicker.
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yes yes yes yes! it! is! spring!
Spring has sprung!
Spring is here, spring is here,
Life is skittles, and life is ... cheer! (well that wasn't the word but it's not "beer" for me :)
I haven't heard that song as yet - only a singing decktalk singing it.
Well Well well i didn't venture outside on my first spring day. it was too cold! I don't have Heartly; she is at my parents. I get her back tomorrow.
I am off to the doctors to get pilled (man that sounds strange but ya know what I mean :) and also to get my friggen ears sarrindged out. my right ear is blocked again (cry cry). when will this infection ever leave me alone? But then when will I ever learn and take the full course of medication?? Of course I can't just go off the pill otherwise bloodings everywhere. (anyway that's probably too much information to cope with right now - will get that lecture again tomorrow) *sigh*
Well today I read and reread a couple of articals, trying to make sense of this Wik decision. it's all dutch to me! :(
I also spent a bit of time re-downloading songs of which I'd already had crappy versions but never got around to redownloading them previously. I can say I have perfect mp3's on my puter now!
Yesterday I had Dad here to help me scan articals (as the quality is so bad; he fixes a lot of it up) and went to my parents for tea. I hadn't been there for a while actually!
Last night we watched Australian Idol (as we always do - mum and I) and honestly the judges are sooooo harsh! I actually can't get over it. They literally have not got a nice word to say to anyone unless their hearts have been captured completely, and I mean completely. They reduce so many of the contestents to tears!
I couldn't get over one inparticular. Michelle. Now she sang "MY HEART WILL GO ON" and I did think it was quite good. But nope, not according to the judges at all. They'd say things like "If I paid to see you, I'd be requesting my money back" or "you look like something from next door" (what-ever that means) just what-ever they are thinking, they will say it.
I actually didn't watch tonight to see who made it through. but will find out soon enough.
I have been thinking far too much of late! I mean there is never a time when i don't annoy myself with over-doing it, but just weird, random stuff has popped into my head.
Like, I can't think of a single word that rhymes with "of". It's been puzzling me!
Oh, I miss a radio station in Brisbane. forget what it was called damnit, but it was like the sister to Mix FM and all that. Anyway on their breakfast show once when I was there, the chick mentioned at a party she and her friends were replacing all words "heart" in songs for "bum" so you get:
"Don't tell my bum; my achy breaky bum" and
"listen to your bum. You know it's calling for you" Lol hahaha, ya just had to be there!
Speaking of when I was in goldcoast, I think T is ignoring me now. I have tried several times but obviously I hurt her too much. (T if you're reading this ... write to me girl! :)
Yeah not that much else to ramble about at this time of night. I am off to bed now.

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