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Well, Salix did bring Joy back and boy was she excited to see me; but I am so greatful as she was obviously very well looked after. I was def excited to see her too though; sounds weird but I forgot her exact height and how soft she was!
I felt like a complete bitch because I told them I was so tired and without actually saying the words, I think they thought I was kicking them out; well I did go back to bed but I feel bad none-the-less. We're going to catch up soon anyway.
Hopefully I should be fine after tonight anyway; don't see any reason why I shouldn't. I slept til about 4.30; then I went to take Joy out and wondered what I could do to stay awake but i feel reasonably OK now. I don't have a lot of food here but got some meat out and one potatoe; will go shopping tomorrow; I love to have food in the house!
I was about to get my acer out and have a game of monopoly but don't know if I feel like it.
I wonder if I'll understand neighbours tonight; didn't end up downloading any episodes while away. ah well; should pick it up, hopefully! And it'd be interesting to see biggest Loser again. Lol
Til next time, RdFreak
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Just finished about a five hour game of monopoly with a woman from California; man it wouldn't end! We got to a time when the bank had no-more houses it could give us so we were both selling our cheaper ones and buying hotels on the more expensive ones. Then more became available. But I was getting so carried away with that, i didn't check how much I had as I thought it would take ages to get through what i did. So alas, I ended up with not much money, landing on all her hotels, so having to then sell my hotels/houses and mortgage my properties. So I went bankrupt but if I was concentrating it prob wouldn't have happened the way it did.
But as I told her, i learnt so much through playing that game, so am greatful for that! At one stage I thought she got annoyed at me as she'd wanted to do a trade with conditions and i'd forgotten those conditions. anyway she seemed OK again after a while and we were chatting and joking around again.
Before this game started, her and I were in another game briefly with five other people; it was mad, but then they all left, including one who didn't quit properly so it meant the game was stuck on his turn and no-one could do much about it! Lol
But the amount of socializing and meeting new people is awesome, and of course the conversation doesn't need to be awkward as we are all aiming for one goal; it's cool! though five hours may be indeed a bit much; could have been more; didn't check the time we started.
So right now, i am cooking a chicken kiev and roast potatoes and onions for dinner, and will enjoy that while I'm watching Loser and 60 minutes which starts again tonight.
I obviously didn't make church; I will start again properly when I get back from trip, though now I am contemplating going to perth to see [livejournal.com profile] tibiania and other such people while I'm there, but don't know for sure yet! I'd have to come back here first as it'd be cheaper than changing it now, plus I'd want to take Joy since it's only interstate, and she'd be such a help! :)
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I just read the second module of the course in time for the lecture tomorrow morning; it was much much easier to read and understand than the first; we were told this.
Still haven't done my components work sheet, but that shall get done.
Went to the gym today and did my program that was worked out for me; wasn't too bad; it was challenging but I felt good afterwoods. And it's going to make it so much easier for me to walk and function in general.
Anyway not really much else to report; short and sweet but I decided I will update every day with at least something.
Of course, still watching the Biggest Loser but guess I don't feel inclined to update the goings on; will just enjoy it in silence. It's taught me a lot though and I still very much enjoy all the little twists and turns.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Don't remember when i last did this, but I have certainly since modified my friends page a bit so was interested:
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Lol seems little [livejournal.com profile] caitlin45 (now known as the much older and wiser, but still as darn lovable [livejournal.com profile] amor_demi_alma) is stuck there up the top, for ever! Lol haha
And also, while I'm here in loser news )
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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Another project I'm going to enbark on is a gym. I haven't been to a gym in my life, but there is one near the bus stop we were taught to use near what's existing of the Insight building/s so i am planning on going to check it out.
Thing is, I am kinda waiting to see if I hear word of the job this week cos if not, since I'm planning on being out the country for a while, it may not be worth it til I get back.
The people there are quite good I hear. They are good with blindys! They create a program for you; as I haven't had experience with public gyms before, they all probably do this for all I know.
Also I hear that the pool is for swimming lessons only. down the track, I may even take up that option.
I seriously think Loser is bad for me, or maybe good, depending on ones perspective. I forgot to mention in here in the previous entry that Saturday I walked the dogs up to Pumkins where I met up with P for lunch. i ordered a chicken seizer salad that I really didn't like, and i actually suspect that half that reason was because of all the bacon, croutons and rich dressing in it that I'd heard on the show a few days before, was like 900 calories.
So I ordered just a plain salad which was just as bad as it still had bacon in it, 8grrr* -- wasted 15 bucks; good one.
Now I better rescue my Joy from out the back. I put her toilet harness on, and left her out there cos sometimes she'll do one after a while.
Oh, speaking of guide dogs, got a call to be a guest on "GET ABOUT WITH GUIDE DOGS" (the radio show about GuideDogs Victoria). so recording on the 1st of March. about my experience transitioning from first to second dog, etc.
I have got Heartly here. She did go back to Mum's yesterday but is back here as Mum is out today and of course i love having her!
bout all for now I think.
Til next time, RdFreak
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woh, i just took Heartly to the vet; it involved my working my joy while Heartly walked on my right side; She still tried to get back to the left, but she got use to it.
I thought I'd get her bathed and also checked out by the vet while there. It turned out she was due for her vaccinations so she got them done!
Walking home was interesting; they kept getting tangled up!
Also, got my furminator. AA had told me he found them cheap on ebay but unfortunately I couldn't find much and plus this had come in so thought I may as well.
Before this I caught up with [livejournal.com profile] monsqueek (who informs me that I'd been spelling her name wrong; woops; I wonder if I'd been linking to the nasty one who use to fight with me on MM?) and also met up with [livejournal.com profile] salix_03.
Twas a great day. We spent a while having, what turned out to be brunch at our fave Fed Square hangout, timeout, before wandering somewhere else to have a play with the dogs and some more chatting and laughing.
Mon introduced me to Lord Of the fries near the station, then we left.
Joy and I got home to find Heartly hadn't ruined the place! (still have her obviously, while renos are going on at parents). I was so proud of her being on her own for that long; don't think she's ever been left that long before.
Oh yes; nearly missed out the most important thing, or one of them; Joy successfully used escalators today! Jane had said she couldn't use them as she was too short, but finding I had no other option today, thought I'd try her, and the woman behind me told me her little tail was wagging, and she jumped off at the end as Heartly use too, so methinks she's fine with them; as long as I'm careful of course. :)
in loser news )
More as it happens.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Last night, I kept having reoccurring dreams about fanfic.net. I think it's cos I was thinking of writing some fanfic on Neighbours. As I know that show like the back of my hand (especially from the last decade) I may have heaps and heaps of fun with it! :) -- I need some fun in my life.
Also, a few weeks ago, dad and I were discussing the possibility of my visiting him again when I was all down and out. I thought it was a great idea but I shouldn't escape my problems by escaping. But, I don't care; whatever makes me happy. And I see nothing wrong with making the most of my opportunities.
Therefore, I have been really thinking lately (as in only for about twelve or so hours) that if I don't get this job that I really want, I might escape to Dubai for a while; for how long? i don't know. It would be nice to be there until Dad finishes in May. he is then going to England to stay with C and J in Cornwall (where i was last year) so ideally, i could go there as well the same as I did last year, and then naturally, catch up with everyone (the Londonites etc) again. Also it'd be nice to do some touring around with dad. .. but .. I mustn't get too carried away .. this is again, if I only don't get this job.
The thing is, I’d feel bad for having to leave Joy so soon after I got her, *sigh*
I'm thinking of introducing myself to her puppy raisers soon, so either they may be an option or another trusted person in my life; with all the renos going on, Mum won't be able to have the two dogs; I'd possibly end up boarding her at guide dogs since they know the correct way to walk her to keep up her skills etc.
Also, I'll need a good solid internet connection to still do my IT courses if I go.
It's really a good opportunity, since the English gang are asking when I'll next be there, and since I won't be guaranteed of holidays for at least twelve months when I get a job, and it's nearly twelve whole months since I was there last time, it sounds like it could be a go'er!
So, one or the other can happen; this job or trip! squeee!
In Ite1 news, we have to do this assignment which will contribute to 5% of our grade; easy 5% as the task is only for those people who have been asking repetitively on the list where things are located on the cucat site. I don't know why they do that since it's been told to us many times that we need to explore the site; it's not that hard to find things. I'm of course more worried about the course content; I can find everything I need too. *sigh* ah well; having this as a prac that goes towards our grades won't be a problem for me then.
last nights loser episode )
After loser, I watched Bondai rescue; funniest quote ever to come out of that; the life guards are so funny! :)
Sadly this nine year-old boy was dragged from the surf having got into a bit of trouble with his dad out swimming; he'd swallowed a large amount of water. The light-hearted life guards asked him "do you feel like a spew?" he replied softly "no", to which funny life guard asked "do you feel like spewing when you see Nick?" (obviously pointing to another life guard; (I can't remember what his real name was.
OK that's it from me. Unfortunately I got up too late which means it may be now too hot to go out for a walk with the dogs. I'll just go and check and if it's not, I will go and get a drink from Pumkins. -- did I mention in here I hated summer? *sigh*
til Next time, RdFreak
::edit:: P.S. I made another tag; never before have I published the fact that I did so, but when I write about a topic more than a few times, I think another tag becomes necessary. :)
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OK OK, now I'm officially sick of summer? can it please end now? It keeps me and my dogs cooped up in the house and it's not a lot of fun. I can't go out with my friends and hangout cos it's just too hot. :( *whinge whinge*
I plan to take the dogs out early in the morning; it will be forecast much cooler but still 30.
Sent the job ap off this morning; ("Pick me; Pick me???? :) seriously, I do want the job; have I mentioned that in here before?
last night in Loser )
I've got my fan and cooler on, but I'm still hot as the cool air never comes in here from the lounge for some reason. and my computer is screeching so high it sounds like it's gunna burst at any minute; Dad did clean it and both fans out for me when he was here a bit over a month ago too. Yes well kiddies, if/when one finishes Module one of the ITE1 course, said one should be able to clean her computer out herself! .. ahem .. ahem! why is that an amusing thought? Lol
K I'm going. Will be having these awesome Rissoles for tea from Melbourne butcher.com.au (as I have the jingle in my head. ;)
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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I've still got my old lovable Heartly here. I told Mum I didn't mind keeping her another night to give her a complete break; plus, of course, I naturally love having both my pups here, though I didn't have any food for her. So this morning was weird; after toiletting them both, I had to make them wait for their breakfasts; didn't think it was fair to feed one without the other, so, I saddled Joy up and we went to get some more supercoat for Heartly at safeway. Before this, since I'd just got up, I took a big drink of water to hopefully prevent any fainting feelings; it worked I'm pleased to say, plus the deep breathing that I did, Lol!
So when I got back, I fed them both.
I do have my employment appointment soon, but I have decided to cab it there, and then walk/train it back as I don't want to leave Heartly for too long; prob would have done that anyway though. Don't really feel like going as up til now, they haven't done a lot for me; all she does is talk to me and set goals; um, I have started to wonder what sort of disability agency they are? Wise (my old agency) market for their clients etc. I'll talk to her about that today. When I come back, I'll be applying for that job I really really want; told the gang jokingly that I'd give em cookies if they succeed in putting in a good word for me; however, I don't see why it has to be a joke if they do! This will be ideal! :)
I didn't end up going into the city yesterday; ended up a bit tired instead but there's always another time. [livejournal.com profile] brattier_brat and I have been talking about both attending church together; since I have wanted to go back, and she read about that, she has been talking about churches she's found. She told me she went to a modern-style one in dandinong, and that it was easy to get too on the bus, so next week, we'll go together; squee! As I said to her, it'd be so nice to go with a friend; never done that before. unfortunately due to my shyness in my younger days, I never really made friends in my sabbath school youth group years ago. Brat says there's people from her age to mine, so I'm very excited about that as I am pleased to say, i can make friends so much easier now! :) I kinda like the idea of branching out as well, instead of sticking to my local area.
Also, yesterday I found the remainder of the neighbours eppisodes from that english chap. they were in a different folder as they're better quality now. since I don't need the video and just the audio, I'll need to find a way of converting a whole decades worth quickly; into ogg or something. So I've been downloading months at a time with freedownload mannager. It is an awesome program, as I don't need to constantly set up the downloads after each file! :)
After I finish my job application today and am happy with it, i will continue reading chapter one of Ite 1. People seem to be racing ahead already, but there's no way I'm going to do that. I want to be able to at least wait til the lectures and ask anything I don't know first.
So, am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jordina Wednesday night, Friday brunch with [livejournal.com profile] salix_03 and [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak (if she's feeling better; sounds like she has got what I had during training with Joy sadly; it's a bitch of a thing; Had never been in so much pain with my glands in all my life.)
finally in loser news )
OK since i feel i've typed the house down, I'm off for now.
til Next time, RdFreak
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I have Heartly here while Mum is out most of the day.
I was contemplating taking Heartly to the vet to get her bathed, but decided against it in the end, as she'll just get dirty again with all the kitchen renos still going on at their place.
But before this however, i wanted to see if I could walk Heartly while still working Joy; had heard others say they've successfully done it (work their current while walking their retired), but i'd never tried it. so, I went up the street a bit and they went really really well. As they are use to being on our left side, Heartly did try a few times to get over, but then she realized she wouldn't get there, and she was fine! can't believe how well it worked actually! so with this in mind, may take them up to the park later.
Tomorrow, I have decided I may go to fed square to meet and talk to that guy (featured on MM who is doing that homeless project). He's going to be in fed square, and I thought, why not? He sounds nice and funny from his posts. I, along with so many others, do have mixed feelings with what his doing, but I do understand his sentaments for doing it. So, I already emailed [livejournal.com profile] monsqueak to let her know I was doing that, just in case she wanted to meet up, but anyone else who specifically wanted to meet him would be welcome to meet me. so )
in Loser news )
Someone (not for us) just drove into our driveway and both dogs raced to the door; silly things, Lol!
that's all for me for now. Time for breakfast/brunch methinks.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Like a thief in the night, there goes ... the commando! in loser news )
In other news, had the orientation in ventrilo for the Ite1 course yesterday; I was on time two; eight on the dot. After some initial confusion with worksheets verses labs etc, I finally figured everything out on my own.
The instructors are very supportive which is encouraging. I plan to have chapter one read before the next lecture so I can raise any questions etc. I will make sure I don't lag behind.
After orientation I walked down to the station with Joy and had brunch with P at Pumkins. then I walked back and lazed around.
I saw sophie (my old Visiting teacher) who now lives in the area with her hubby and three young children.
This morning I started to read chapter one and freaked a bit; it's so technical. As much as I want to be, i'm not a technical person, but hope this will change me. We must remember all components to a computer, what everything does and how everything connects to everything else! -- I stay positive of course, but I hope I can take it all in.
Then I went into the city and met up with [livejournal.com profile] alice320 and David T (for the first time.
We went to .. timeout of course .. Lol! and had lunch and lots of laughs; it was so much fun!
Then David when to a pub near the station clocks as he was to meet up with others there, and A and I walked to daryl Lee where I picked up some liquorish; plain and new black current.
Then A went to the library and I went back to the station to get on the train.
Despite it being boiling all this week, it was only 21 and rainy today; can't win, *grrr*
ah well, enough typing from me for now I think.
Til Next Time, RdFreak
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It's forecast 35 today, so I'm up early in hopes of taking Joy for a longish walk before it gets hot!
Maybe it's my iron defficiency, but I notice lately that if I try and go to safeway or something first thing, I feel really faint, so if this walk is going to happen, i will have to sit a bit and drink some water before I actually go.
I am apologetic if it seemed like I was generalizing blind people last night, but I just get sick of the power trips some of them like to go on, and it's been said before, I'll always be a part of the blind community, whether I like it or not, (try not) but sometimes I find it hard to deal with.
I've got a few really good blind friends though, and hey, they can't help it if they're blind, Lol!
nah seriously, I'm over it.
But the reason that I made that minor friends cut (and may expand on it later simply for the fact that some people hardly write, yet they get all my protected ramblings; hardly seems fair), is because my so-called friend, showed me a large amount of disrespect last night, humiliated me on the list (which is a big no no) and then attacked me privately for defending myself with him. I do not tolerate that.
But anyway, enough of that; it wasn't my intention to discuss that stuff today.
Neighbours is going to be interesting tonight; oh yes it is! Ringo discovers that Donna has been cheating on him! Can't wait for that one! :) -- It still must be said that the earlier the eppisode, the better the show was. Not that I'm complaining or anything; After 30 years, it's no wonder the writers run out of good storylines that haven't been delt with before.
in Loser news )
K that's about all for now. I hope to go for our walk soon.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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loser stuff )
wow, a lot of typing.
I am now getting some course material on email, (ie, introduction documents etc) *shudders* it seems overwhelming already. But, I will see how I go. As I said in my application form, since computers are my world, it's just natural that I want to know everything about them, which I don't. Wouldn't have a clue how they fit together, plus not to mention how they operate once they are built. Dad has tried to go into the binary numbers in the past, which is the language they are made from, so who knows if i'll get it this time; I sincerely hope so, because i so want to know how it all works! How cool would it be to actually fix my own computer, in and outside it.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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Since I have no job, I have no routine to speak of atm, and I've always hated that with a passion. I thrive on routine. I am always therefore trying to plan my days out; ie, before, I was thinking while wandering up to the doctors, maybe I should work on job applications before Doctor Phil, watch that, then go out with Joy to give her the exercise, then if I'm back in time, watch Judge Judy, and go out again for Joy's sake; of course that being, when I don't have anything on.
Also what I'm going to do tomorrow is call the volunteer co-ordinator at GDV and ask about working in the kenles, as I made mention of in class last year; yeh, i love animals and to work/volunteer with them would be so awesome! :)
Joy got a bath at the vet's today.
Also, today RB told me that Cisco is still taking enrollments, so I thought, on a wim, i might actually enroll this time since I had been half-hearted about it for so long. But this time, I thought, perfect opportunity since I'm not doing much else ATM. I downloaded a lecture from a previous class a few weeks ago and listened to a bit of that, so know what I'll be getting intoo. Will do the IT essentials 1 course, and if that doesn't kill me, I'll do the second one. Will be good on the resume too! :)
in loser news )
Not sure if I will continue my eppisode descriptions; course it depends on whether I can be bothered.
Til Next time, RdFreak
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I just came back from Mum's where I had dinner with her, Nan and ang. Nan drove me back then continued off home herself. Passport still hasn't been located so Mum is going to look in Safe tomorrow.
If worse comes to worst, I will just have to fork out some more dosh to apply for an emergency replacement Monday. If I have to resort to that, well, I've got no choice, but at least I know it's there if I need that.
loser news )
OK, am off to take this shirt off now. Mum kindly trimmed me hair and as a result, I need to change as I'm being prickled by former rachel hairs.
Til next time, RdFreak
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In other news, I can smell smoke quite strong this morning! It's forecast to be 36/96.8 degrese today; not great conditions for the fires that continue to burn out of control since Black Saturday, (as they have officially named that day now).
loser news )
Also, i have a classic overheard from the other day on the train; cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] overheardinmelb
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and that's about all up to date, and if I can cope with the strong smoke, I'll be outta here soon, before it really warms up.
Five days til I'm off!
Til next time, RdFreak
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So, I hope i do get my new expensive toy before i go away. And, I actually had forgotten to mention in here, my latest doctor's visit told me that I am still extremely low in Iron; no supprise there, but I need to go to the specialist for an Iron infusion. They can fit me in tuesday before I leave, but whether it means i will actually get the infusion, or it's only a checkup, before I go away, is not yet known. I hope it can be the former though, because I can do with the extra strength I haven't had for so long, not to mention not feeling tired and faint at any random time.
loser news )
OK, six days til I take off! In approx one week and two hours, I would be landing in Dubai and meeting up with Dad. -- I did call him last night, and he is looking forward to my coming up!
yeh, i always have been somewhat of a Daddy's girl as a kid. Now we more often have disagreements through stress and/or factors which are not always understood, but it seems when we're by ourselves, we're still good!
OK, need to leave for work soon.
til next time, RdFreak


Feb. 25th, 2009 09:18 am
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While reading my Facebook news feed, my dampened spirits were suddenly turned into one of amusement as I saw a couple of my friends had joined a group set up in honour of our year 12 co-ordinator called the "Mister dwyer appreciation page". so, i joined it. of course, as I use the mobile site mostly now, I was forced to go back to the standard site to join the group!
Lol This is cool! hahahaha!
loser was interesting last night )
I've got a slight headache; this sucks balls! :(
til next time, RdFreak
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OK so yesterday wasn't too bad. We lunched at Sirens, (I had some lamb backstraps done in olive butter). Then we went back to bec's.
Today I went into see the boys at work, and I also went to pick up my tickets; yeahness! nine days!
I was reading a former LJ friends LJ (no, we didn't fall out, but just decided we weren't communicating that much), and came across a ring tone made for the Victor reader stream.
haven't heard the exact day I'll be getting me KNFB reader, but I was told end of this week, so here's hoping!
loser news )
And now I go!
til next time, RdFreak
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