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Yeah OK so am listening to the Beatles so early in the morning. I am downloading their anthologies. even though I have most of them already - there's one I haven't got!
Now I can say I am a huuuuuge Beatles fan - like am collecting everything they have - well hopefully! John Lennon could have been mine any day baby! :( What more could a girl want?? -- lovely sexy talking and singing voice, lovely fingering with his guitar, --- but maybe I should have been in his generation. To the person who shot him, there is no words, only .. hope he's still in Jail! Hope they never let him out!
Anyway not much new has happened really! It's the first day of our easter holidays today, wohooo! I've got quite a busy schedule -- well today I have D comin over (hello Furball - the nosey freak who only has an LJ account to spy on me -- and Bigbrother will die btw! :)
Tomorrow J is comin round and we're doing easter shopping together at my SAFEWAY, Wednesday am doing an around the institute interview with A and J (about study group) Thursday t and I are catchin up (hi and welcome if ya decide to read this :) Friday good one! and I will probably try doing my work then and over the weekend oh and I have Monday. Tuesday S comes over! and ya know, it's not nice to bore people, Lol! they may never come back again Lol! Wednesday S (confusing but I'll know what I mean :) wants to catch up with us both in the city. thursday am not sure, maybe dinner and Swish. Friday is my birthday! and also my party night :)! that will be awesome as! Then I am guessing sleepiness or much tiredness wil entail saturday - we'll see how we go!
So there's my holidays in a nutshell! incase I don't write, we have the rundown! Lol
Oh and I won't even begin to mention the problems I am having at Swinburn at the moment and how my teachers are trying to force me to have a note-taker just because they only are employed part time and can't be bothered going to that little extra effort to make material available to me. Am I asking them to learn braille? no! Am I asking them to purchase a braille embosser and transcribe my work via that? No! All I'm asking is that I can either have the handouts emailed or scanned for me earlier?! Anyway looks like that will be happening thanks to me, myself and I for now! After the holidays I'll start that. I can go to the library when i get them in class and get help to scan!
Well I had been sooo soo upset about all that so I won't go into it more. but damnit, an intergration aid is the last thing I need/want!
I went to parents for tea on friday as Mum got back from NZ Thursday night.
OK, am off to see who that email is from!
Til Next time, RdFreak

Date: 2004-04-04 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] missmojorisin.livejournal.com
I'm guessing you didn't get into big brother :( sorry bout that.


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